Warning! This story contains material of an adult nature and is intended for
mature readers. This fan fiction takes place immediately after the ending of
the film version.

by Trent Wolf


Major Don West finally brought the Jupiter 2 out of hyperdrive. Immediately,
the readings on the console revealed that they were about to enter an unknown
space anomaly. It was too late to warn the rest of the crew, and within
seconds, Major West, Professor John Robinson and his wife Maureen, their
daughters Judy and Penny, as well as their young son Will, were all rendered
into a heavy sleep state, their senses shutting down completely by a strange
wave that passed through the ship. The only one unaffected by the anomaly
was Dr. Zachary Smith, who had already been rendered unconscious by a
stunning backhand blow to his face courtesy of Major West, who had tired of
Dr. Smith's manic state before they went into hyperdrive.

Now it was Dr. Smith who awoke first. It took him several minutes to get his
bearings, but once he was fully aware of his state and surroundings, his
heart began to pump rapidly. At first he was frightened to see the entire
crew seemingly dead, but he checked the vital signs of Judy, who was the
closest to him, and found that she was merely unconscious. He tried to revive
her by shaking her body slightly, but she was out like a light. He swallowed,
and twitched slightly. Here was the beautiful young daughter of the Robinson
family in his hands; unable to resist anything he decided to do. He looked
around at the others and decided he had to move fast. This was an opportunity
he may never have again.

The first thing he did was enable Will's robot by reprogramming it to obey
only his commands, simply by eliminating and rewriting the encrypted codes
young Will had programmed into the rebuilt machine. He had to admire the
young lad. His intelligence was great for one so young. But he was načve and
too trusting as well. He was the only one of the whole bunch that he could
barely stand to be around, and so he instructed the robot to take special
care with Will.

"If you harm one hair on his head, I'll jettison every bolt and scrap of your
clattering machinery into space." Dr. Smith warned while leading the robot
to the stasis pods, where he would place Will, Professor Robinson and Major
West, leaving only the three women to his devices. He smiled and twitched
impatiently, hoping that none of them would awaken before he had them safely
stored away. Just before he closed the lid on Major West's pod, he took
advantage of the opportunity and struck him hard across the jaw.

"Ouch!" Dr. Smith winced and chewed on his knuckles as they stung with sharp
pain. Then he muttered. "That was well worth it."

When the final preparations were made and the three were frozen in place, he
skipped back to the bridge, where Mrs. Robinson, Judy and Penny were still in
their chairs, eyes still closed and breathing heavily.

Mrs. Robinson, was the first to begin stirring, and Dr. Smith moved quickly,
locating a compartment containing several cargo hold down straps, and using
them to tie Mrs. Robinson securely into her seat. He also used a piece of
thick adhesive tape to seal her mouth closed. While he checked her bindings,
Penny began to wake up, groggy and listless. She rubbed her head and groaned,
and when her eyes fluttered open, she noticed Dr. Smith standing before her.

"Hello, Penny." Dr. Smith said with an evil smirk. "Good to have you back
with us."

Penny sat up quickly, as his tone of voice was slightly disturbing to her.
When she turned her head and instinctively looked for her parents, she was
shocked to see her mother, bound in her chair, her wrists strapped to the
armrests and ankles crossed and tightly bound together. Mrs. Robinson was
more awake now, and she looked at Dr. Smith standing near Penny, and began
to scream for him to get away from her, but all that came out was a muffled,

Penny screamed and began to leap from her chair, but Dr. Smith grabbed her by
her thin arms and held her fast. She squirmed and fought to escape, and then
bit his hand in desperation, causing Dr. Smith to grunt in pain and release
her. Penny made for her mother and tried to pull at the straps, and when she
heard Dr. Smith's loud steps approaching from behind, she fled the bridge.

"Come back you little brat!" Dr. Smith yelled after her. "I'm not going to
hurt you."

Dr. Smith almost went after her, but then he heard a soft moan and turned to
see Judy sitting in her chair, her sleepy head lolling from side to side. She
was about to wake up, so Dr. Smith abandoned the thought of capturing Penny
for now and turned his attention to Judy. He picked her lithe body from the
seat and hoisted her over his shoulder. Before he left the bridge, he called
to the robot.

"I want you to stay here and stand guard over Mrs. Robinson." Dr. Smith told
the robot. "Your orders are not to allow anyone to free her except me, do you

"Affirmative, Dr. Smith." The robot replied dutifully. "Guard Mrs. Robinson."

"Very good. I'll be back for her later." Dr. Smith said, and carried Judy
quickly into the infirmary before she could fully awaken. Once there he
placed her stirring form onto a bed and used the restraining bands to hold
her down, making sure her wrists cuffs were tight and secure. Once the final
ankle strap was in place, Judy woke up.

"What. happened?" She said groggily, unaware that it was Dr. Smith attending
to her. When her senses sharpened into focus, she became aware that she was
being restrained. "What's. going on?"

Dr. Smith came into her vision suddenly and Judy's large blue eyes went wide.
"Hey! What are you doing? Where are the others?"

"Don't worry about a thing dear Judy." Dr. Smith said as he brushed away a
few golden curls from her forehead. "I have everything I control."

"Where's my father?" Judy said, her voice rising in panic. "What have you

"I think it would be best if you didn't talk so much." Dr. Smith said as he
took a wad of gauze and packed it into Judy's mouth. Judy tried to resist,
but Dr. Smith held it firmly in place and then used another strip of gauze to
begin wrapping it around her head to hold the wadding tightly in her mouth.

"Mmmnnngggh! Unnngh! Errummmmph!" Judy began protesting as Dr. Smith tied it

"Don't get excited now." Dr. Smith said with a soft voice, as he admired the
curvature of Judy's body within the hard rubber skin of her uniform. "This
will be only temporary until I can locate your little sister. Then I'll be
back for you."

Judy became agitated at the mention of Penny, and began straining at her
bonds. What was this monster planning to do? Where were her parents? And
Major West? What in the world happened when they came out of hyperdrive? She
couldn't stand not knowing, and being strapped down was even more
distressing. She stared back at Dr. Smith's smug expression with burning
hatred and vowed that when she was freed, she would make his life miserable.
All she could do was glare at him as he left her alone to struggle.

"Ta, Ta." Dr. Smith said before he exited the room to look for Penny.


Penny was shaken and frightened, hiding in a storage compartment. She was
still in a mild state of shock by what had just happened. Apparently
something had occurred when they came out of hyperdrive after escaping the
unstable planet only what seemed a short time ago. The last thing she
remembered was getting in her seat to prepare for the jolting and mind
rending ship maneuver. She also remembered Major West knocking out Dr. Smith
with a backhand fist. Now it seemed Dr. Smith was in control of the ship and
her family. But all she saw was her mother and Judy. Where were the others?
She had to find them, and soon. There was no telling what Dr. Smith was
capable of.

Gathering all the courage she could muster, Penny quietly climbed out of the
storage compartment, her heart pounding steadily in her chest. She looked
around for some kind of weapon, but couldn't find one. And so she ventured
out into a corridor to look for anyone, staying well away from the bridge,
where she was sure Dr. Smith would be waiting. She worried immensely about
her mother, the vision of her bound in her seat, her mouth sealed with tape
and unable to warn her. But what really worried her was what might have
happened to her father and Will, as well as Major West. She knew Dr. Smith
hated Major West and the thought crossed her mind that he may have hurt or
killed him.

She bit her lip in distress and moved stealthily down the quiet corridor.
She came to a turn and peeked around the corner. When she saw that it was
empty, she moved on. Something caught her eye to the right just as she
stepped past an open passageway. It was the Vidcam, her personal video diary,
lying on the floor. She stepped over and bent down to pick it up.

"Gotcha!" Dr. Smith exclaimed with a grin as he seized Penny by a handful of
her dark punk haircut.

Penny gave out a loud scream and twisted instinctively to escape, but Dr.
Smith held her fast, yanking her backwards off her feet, and then twisting
her over onto her stomach and then straddling her, placing the full weight of
his body on the small of her back to hold her down.

Penny squirmed, tears bursting from her eyes, as she pleaded in her
high-pitched voice with fear and desperation, "Please stop! Don't hurt me!
Please! Let me go!"

"Shut up you simpering pipsqueak!" Dr. Smith grunted as he grabbed her wrists
and pulled them behind her back. He took great pleasure in binding her wrist
together and even more pleasure in placing a wide strip of tape over her
quivering lips. "I've been wanting to do this ever since I first laid eyes on
you. You're an annoying little brat and that mousy voice of yours has grated
on my every nerve this whole blasted mission."

Penny was blubbering now, her large eyes spilling tears down her soft flushed
cheeks as Dr. Smith stood up and yanked her to her feet, picked up the
Vidcam, and began marching her down the corridor until he located Penny's
room. Once inside the room, Dr. Smith looked around to find the best place to
leave Penny. His attention diverted for a moment, Penny took the chance and
swung her knee upwards, nearly catching Dr. Smith full in the crotch, but
instead kicking him hard on the upper thigh.

Dr. Smith winced and grunted, doubling over from the burst of pain. It was
too close for comfort, and when Penny tried to kick him again, Dr. Smith
snatched her by the boot and lifted upwards, causing Penny to fall back onto
her bed.

"You little." Dr. Smith snarled as he raised a hand to strike Penny. She shut
her eyes tight and winced at the impending blow that never came.

"I'll fix you." Penny heard Dr. Smith say, and opened her eyes to see him
pulling out a set of cargo straps from his tunic. He sat on her legs as she
squirmed on the bed and wrapped the ankles of her heavy boots together with
one strap. Once he checked the bond for tightness, he looked up at the
ceiling and saw what he was looking for. A cross beam that he could used to
loop and secure another heavy strap to. This strap had a hook attached at one
end, and he climbed on the bed to tie it off and let it hang down a foot or
so above Penny. Then he leaned down and seized Penny's struggling form and
lifted her upside down until he was able to hook the strap around her ankles
to the hanging hook.

Then he stepped away to admire his handiwork. Penny was now hanging upside
down about three feet above her bed. Her eyes were wide with distress, and
she gave out a series of pitiful muffled cries and groans.

"That will teach you." Dr. Smith said with satisfaction. Then he noticed the
Vidcam by the bed and picked it up. "What are you using this contraption for?
Recording all your little teenage secrets? I'll bet there's some interesting
things about me, isn't there?"

Penny cringed at his taunts and realized the worst. There was nothing on her
Vidcam that was remotely positive about Dr. Smith. She wanted to plead with
him not to play it, that she didn't really mean a word of it, but the sticky
tape over her mouth prevented her from doing so. All she could do was breathe
heavily through her nose and sniff back tears.

"Don't worry, I won't hold it against you. I know I'm a very.evil man," Dr.
Smith said, enunciating the word as `Eee-ville.'

Penny could only stare back, frightened by the look in his eyes. She watched
as he turned on the Vidcam and began recording her meek struggles. She was
disgusted that he seemed to take delight in her misery. Slowly, her fright
began to turn to anger. One way or another, she was going to escape, and she
would make him pay for this. She grunted and began twisting hard, tugging at
her straps, infuriated when Dr. Smith let out a gleeful giggle as he
continued recording her. When he tired of it, he turned off the camera.

"I'll come back later and check on you after you've calmed down. Then we'll
have a little chat about manners and respecting your elders. Now promise you
won't go anywhere." Dr. Smith said with a crooked grin, trying to contain his
pleasure at seeing Penny angry at being trussed up like a side of beef. He
gave a soft chuckle and left Penny alone in her room, grunting and moaning as
she yanked at her bonds, her body slowly turning dizzily in a circle.


Maureen Robinson could not stand the thought of what may have happened to the
others. She didn't know if they were alive or dead. No matter how much she
pulled and yanked, the straps holding her wrists to the armrests of her chair
were unforgiving. All she could do was wait helplessly and wonder what Dr.
Smith was up to. She almost found herself wishing that they had just killed
him when they had the chance. Then she purged the thought from her mind. She
didn't want to lower herself to his level.

"Hello." Dr. Smith said as he stepped up behind Mrs. Robinson, startling her.
She looked up at him with pleading eyes that he could not resist. Slowly and
painfully, he peeled away the tape to allow her to say what he knew she was
dying to.

"What have you done with my family?" Maureen asked, desperate for an answer.

"Don't worry. I have everything in control." Dr. Smith said, his face inches
from hers, studying her eyes.

"Please tell me you haven't hurt my children."

"Well, I must say, I was tempted at one point to thrash young Penny for her
insolence, but I held my hand." Dr. Smith said with a smile. "You have quite
a handful with that one."

"Where is she? Where's Will? Where's my husband?"

"Hubby is all nice and cozy in stasis, along with your young lad Will and
that." Dr. Smith mumbled a curse under his breath, and then added with
distaste, "Major West."

The words fell off his tongue like slime, and his eyes darkened for a moment.
He realized his sudden change of expression frightened Maureen, and he
resumed his smile again. "As for daughter Judy, she's in the infirmary."

Maureen's face turned anxious. "Is she hurt?"

"Quite the contrary." Dr. Smith replied. "She's resting at the moment. But
she is going to require my attention soon, so I regret that our little chat
must end now. Don't worry, I'll be back later for another visit."

"No. Wait. Mmmmmmph!" Maureen cried as Dr. Smith pressed the tape back over
her mouth. He patted her lightly on the thigh and walked away, whistling a
merry tune.


Judy tugged desperately at her straps, but now her arms were growing tired
and aching. The door to the infirmary opened and she looked over hopefully to
find her father or Major West coming to rescue her. Then she groaned when she
saw that it was Dr. Smith and her head fell back in defeat.

"Ah, dearest Judy. I see you've tired yourself trying to get free." Dr. Smith
said with taunting voice. "What a dreadful waste of energy. You should have
been saving it for what I have in store for you."

Judy didn't like the sound of that. What in the world was he planning to do?
Her imagination began to get the best of her, and so she began pulling at her
straps even harder, her body tingling with dread and mind-numbing fear. She
nostrils flared from her increasingly rapid breathing, and she whimpered
pitifully behind her gag, trying to plead with Dr. Smith with her eyes, which
were now glazed over with tears.

Dr. Smith delighted at Judy's mournful, pleading expressions and muffled
cries, and used Penny's Vidcam to capture it all for his own use. When she
realized what he was doing, Judy became livid, and then cursed him with her
eyes as she froze her body still She knew that he was getting aroused by her

When Dr. Smith saw that she was no longer struggling, he reached over and ran
his free hand over her prone body, giving special attention to her breasts
and the areas between her legs. This caused Judy to begin another long series
of pulls and tugs, this time her body arching upward as she bit into her gag
and gave a muffled scream.

"You have an exquisite body." Dr. Smith said, salivating as he gave her
breast a gentle squeeze through the rubber material of her suit. "I think
I'll enjoy having it very much."

Judy's eyes went wide at the realization of what Dr. Smith had planned. If
only she was free, she could tear him to pieces. But soon Dr. Smith had
enough of molesting the young helpless blonde, and put the Vidcam down on a
counter. Judy breathed a sigh of relief that he had stopped, but her relief
was short lived as she watched him begin going through a cabinet of drugs.
She watched with trepidation as he began looking at each one, studying their
contents, taking some from one vial, and then mixing it with another. She
couldn't imagine what he was doing, but it couldn't be good. All she could do
was watch helplessly and worry.

After an hour of mixing drugs and chemicals, Dr. Smith located three short
metallic hypodermic needle guns and filled the cylinders with his chemical
mixture. Then he brought one over to where Judy lay on the table, and she
tensed up at the sight of it. She began slowly shaking her head back and
forth as her body trembled.

"Don't worry, it will only sting for a moment." Dr. Smith said as he swabbed
Judy's neck with antiseptic and then carefully triggered the hair thin needle
into her skin with a soft pneumatic whoosh. Judy's body tensed as if
electricity shot through it, and when the contents of the syringe were
injected, Dr. Smith pulled it away and dabbed the tiny pinprick with another
swab, and then placed a small round bandage on the red spot.

Judy was breathing heavily through her nose, her eyes clamped shut as the
drug surged through her body. It felt cold at first, and then warmed to her
body temperature, and soon her breathing began to slow, and her body began to
relax. Her eyes opened, and then closed lazily, as if she were intoxicated,
rolling up as her head moved slowly from side to side. As she seemed to calm
down, Dr. Smith removed the gag and packing from her mouth to allow her to
breath more freely.

"Wha.did me?" Judy asked, her words soft and slurred.

"I just mixed you a little cocktail of mine." Dr. Smith whispered as he
studied the soft features of her face. He reached up to touch the edge of her
lip and said. "It's very special. And I only make it for young ladies I'm
very fond of."

"Why?" Judy asked breathily.

"Well, for one thing it cuts past all that annoying nonsense like getting
to know one another. You'll soon find that you will be unable to resist my.
charms, you see. It's very simple really, a mixture of serums, hormones,
stimulants, and a host of other enzymes and the sort. It's really unique. An
old secret family recipe you might say. In time you'll wonder how you ever
lived without it."

"You can' this." Judy mumbled. "I won' what you can't.make

"Tisk. Tisk. Dear Judy. So načve." Dr. Smith shook his head and chuckled. "I
won't have to make you do anything. You see, you'll simply want to do it all
on your own."


Penny was getting dizzy and disoriented from the blood rushing to her head as
she hung upside down in her room. She hated Dr. Smith for leaving her like
this, and no matter how much she tugged and twisted at her bonds, she
couldn't budge them loose enough to free herself. All she could do was wait,
resigned to worry about the fate of her family. She could arch her body up as
much as she could to relieve the blood flow to her head, but each time the
effort became harder and harder on her body. She was exhausted, breathing
heavily, when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. She turned, her
body swinging around slightly in a half circle and her eyes lit up. It was
Yawp, the yellowish alien creature with huge eyes that they had found on an
abandoned spacecraft and adopted as a pet.

Yawp was watching Penny with its saucer-like reflective eyes, its head tilted
to one side as if it was wondering why Penny was hanging upside down and
moaning with tape placed firmly over her mouth, "Ummmm! Ummm! Ummm!"

The alien's ears seemed to expand and open wide in alarm at Penny's cries. It
seemed to sense that she was in distress and so it approached her slowly and
cautiously. Penny moved her feet to try and get Yawp's attention, to show the
creature her restrictive state. The small alien seemed to understand, and
jumped first onto the bed, and then up onto Penny's suspended form. Penny
giggled at first from Yawp's feet and hands digging into her sides to gain a
hold, and then sighed as it scurried up her legs near her bound ankles.

Yawp studied her bonds, tugging at the straps, but Penny's weight prevented
it from even attempting to loosen any of the knots. It could not even gain a
hold to unlatch her feet from the suspended hook. By eliminating each option,
the creature was left to only one device, to begin gnawing at the strap with
its tiny rows of razor sharp teeth. It took nearly twenty minutes to chew
through the strong heavy straps, but soon the material began to rend and tear
from penny's weight and Yawp's continued chewing. Penny's body jounced once,
and then the remaining strands popped and she fell the few feet to the bed,
bending her body at the last moment to avoid landing on her head.

"Unnnnnnnh!" Penny grunted as she thumped onto the mattress, and then
grunted again as Yawp landed on her stomach and then tumbled off. She glared
at the creature as she struggled to catch her breath, and then she began to
groan desperately to get Yawp's attention again. The impish alien, confused
at first, slowly reached for the edge of the tape and began to peel it away.
It ripped painfully from her thick lips and reddened cheeks until it was
completely stripped away, leaving Penny to wince and lick at burning skin.

"Owww!" She exclaimed as tears of pain welled in her large brown eyes. Yawp
looked on in concern while Penny took deep breaths to recover from her
ordeal. Finally she sat up and turned her back to Yawp.

"Yawp. Take this off, too!" Penny pleaded with the alien, who watched with
puzzlement as Penny waved her hands and wiggled her fingers in front of the
yellow creature. Then Yawp's eyes widened, as it understood what Penny
wanted, and went to work again with its teeth, chewing away the strap layer
by layer as Penny waited impatiently. She soon felt the bonds loosen and then
fall away. She sighed deeply and rubbed the raw skin at her wrists, the
feeling returning to her fingers like stabbing electric needles. Now she was
free, and she had to make a choice what to do next. She couldn't let Dr.
Smith capture her again, and so she decided her first priority would be to
free her mother.

"Come on, Yawp." Penny whispered, as she sucked up all her courage and left
her room as quietly as possible.


Dr. Smith was entranced with Judy Robinson. She was young and beautiful, with
large bright blue eyes, soft lips, unblemished skin and golden hair. Her face
was perfect, and from the euphoric expression on her face, Dr. Smith knew
that she was responding well to his mind control serum. He was now about to
begin the process of feeding and molding her now pliant mind with verbal

"How do you feel now, Judy?" Dr. Smith whispered near her ear.

Judy giggled and looked up at Dr. Smith, as if she was just interrupted from
a nap. "I feel sort.funny. What was that drug you gave me? What did you do to

"Don't worry about that right now." Dr. Smith said. "Just listen to me."

"Where's my family? What did you do with them?"

"They're all fine. Don't worry your pretty little head."

"Let me up from this bed." Judy demanded.

"In good time, my dear."

"Why do I feel so.?"


"I." Judy started to speak and then stopped. She didn't want to admit to Dr.
Smith that she was feeling very aroused. How could she be feeling this way?
She should be feeling angry and upset that Dr. Smith was holding her against
his will.

"You'd better let me go." Judy suddenly said, tugging at the straps.

"I'll let you go on a few conditions."

Judy paused, confused and irritated. Why were his words so compelling?
Suddenly she was dying to know what he was going to say.

"What are they?" She asked hopefully.

"First, I want you to promise that you will obey me completely."

"Obey you?" Judy said with her brow furrowed. Was he serious? "Are you out
of your mind? Why would I do want to do that?"

"Because I say so." Dr. Smith said calmly. "You really want to obey me, don't
you Judy? I know deep down you do. I'm very smart. And I'm a doctor. Doctors
are very important and you should always do what they tell you, isn't that

His words did sort of have some sense to them. But it was hard making the
decision to agree with what he was saying. Her instincts told her not to
trust him. He did try to kill her family after all.

"You tried to hurt us." Judy said, trying to be defiant.

"That was before. I'm not going to hurt you now." Dr. Smith assured her with
a hand on her shoulder, which Judy cringed from. "Now, I have use of you. It
wouldn't be in my best interest to harm you anymore, you see?"

"I.I guess so."

"And it would be in your best interest to do what I say." Dr. Smith said. "To
obey me."

Judy could feel herself responding to his suggestion. Now matter how hard she
tried to reason with herself why she shouldn't go along with Dr. Smith, her
mind told her the opposite. That obeying Dr. Smith was good. Suddenly his
hand felt comforting on her arm, and she began to feel a warm sensation

"I care about you very much Judy." Dr. Smith said.

"You do?"

"Yes. I want you to know how. special. you are." Dr. Smith said.

Judy smiled. She didn't exactly know how to respond. She liked the fact that
Dr. Smith thought she was special. Her own father hardly ever told her
anything like that. She gazed deep in Dr. Smith's eyes and asked, "Do you
really think I'm special?"

"Yes, indeed." Dr. Smith said with a wicked smile. "I'll prove it to you."

Dr. Smith leaned down and kissed Judy on the mouth. At first she was shocked
and surprised by his unexpected and bold action. She resisted at first, and
then seemed to slowly melt from the warmth of his kiss. Her body tensed and
arched upward, her arms and legs involuntarily pulling at the straps. Dr.
Smith sensed it and began to rub his hand over her pelvis, over her stomach
and up toward one breast.

Judy suddenly turned away and broke the kiss. "Dr Smith!"


"This isn't.right."

"Why not?"

"I.I don't know." Judy moaned. Her mind was cluttered with opposing emotions.
Why was she feeling so aroused by his touch? Why was she responding like this
to the one person who tried to sabotage their mission?

"Don't you like the way I touch you?" Dr. Smith said, gently fondling her

Judy bit and her lip and sighed. Yes. She did like it. No, she loved it. She
looked at Dr. Smith and nodded `yes.'

"Would you like me to touch you more?"

Judy paused before answering, her heart racing. Finally she moaned. "Um hum."

"And you'd like to touch me wouldn't you?"

"Yes." Judy whispered breathlessly after a moment. It shocked her, but she
did really want to touch him.

"You'd like to do all sots of things with me wouldn't you, Judy?" Dr. Smith
asked the squirming young girl on the infirmary bed.

Judy mumbled a response, and Dr. Smith leaned closer to hear. "What was that,

"Yes... Dr. Smith."

"Ah, that's a lovely little girl." Dr. Smith said, grinning lasciviously as
he let his hand roam down between her legs. There he palmed her groin and
began gently massaging Judy through the rubber material of her suit. She
gasped at his touch, her hips rising upward to meet his grip. "I promise
you that when I free you, we'll get to do all sorts of wonderful things

"We will?" Judy asked with anxiousness in her voice.

"Would you like that Judy?" Dr. Smith asked with a grin.

"Yesss." Judy moaned, her eyes closed, her body responding to Dr. Smith's
touch. She felt as if her insides were melting from a rising heat. She had
never been so horny in her entire life. From the time she was a small girl,
all she knew was her mother and father's work, learning, studying constantly,
later helping to build the Jupiter 2. She never had time for relationships.
All she knew was work and her family. Major West had been a mild diversion
during the mission. She knew he wanted her, and she had to admit she enjoyed
the attention, as well as the opportunity to cool his jets. But this was
completely different. Dr. Smith's touch was touching places in her mind and
body she never knew could be touched like this.

"When I let you go, you are going to obey me aren't you, Judy?"

"Yes. Dr. Smith." Judy gasped. She was restless and impatient now. "I

"You are going to do whatever I tell you."

"Yes!" Judy groaned. She felt on the verge of something.wonderful. Dr. Smith
worked his hand and fingers on her groin, working faster to bring her to
climax. Judy began to breath quickly while her body began to quiver on the
padded bed.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Aaaaaaaaaaah!" Judy gasped, while Dr. Smith fondled her

"Unnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhh!" Judy let out a long groan as her body finally gave in
and she began to shiver with intense orgasmic ecstasy.

"If you do what I say. I'll make you feel this all the time." Dr. Smith
breathed into Judy's reddened ear, fingering her even faster. He then leaned
over to place his mouth over her breast and suckle her through the tight
rubber material of her space suit. The feeling was incredible to Judy, and
she shuddered from the intense sensation.

Judy's angelic face flushed bright pink from the shuddering climax; eyes
clamped shut, mouth wide open in a loud squeal. "Aaaaaaaauuuuuunnnnnhhh!!!"

Dr. Smith looked on with glee and satisfaction as the young girl tensed up
and exploded in multiple orgasms, and he began to slow the rhythm of his
massaging fingers.

After a few minutes of slowly winding down, Judy was breathing hard. "Oh!
(Gasp) Dr. Smith! (Gasp) That was. (Gasp) the most incredible. (Gasp) I've
ever felt."

"Did you like that Judy?"

"Yes!" Judy nearly screamed.

"Do you want me to free you now?"

"Yes! Please!" Judy begged urgently.

"And you'll do whatever I ask?" Dr. Smith said. "You will obey me won't you
Judy? You'll do whatever it takes to please me won't you?"

"Yes, Dr. Smith." Judy moaned. "I promise. I'll do anything you ask!"

"Anything?" Dr. Smith asked with an evilly raised eyebrow and smirk.

"Yes." Judy sighed like an awestruck teen.

"That's a dear girl." Dr. Smith said, delighted by the look of total
adoration in her large blue eyes. Quickly, he began to remove her restraints,
and once Judy was free, Dr. Smith helped her off the table.

"I think we should go to your room now, don't you? It will be much more
intimate." Dr. Smith asked as he took Judy by the hand, and with his other
hand stroked her flushed cheek. She was still trembling from her intense
orgasm. "I'm sure there we will find all sorts of interesting things to do."

"Yes, Dr. Smith. Whatever you want." Judy replied dutifully with a sweet
smile. At that moment, pleasing Dr. Zachary Smith was the most important
thing on her mind. The thought of what Dr Smith might have in mind excited
and aroused her to no end.


Penny saw her mother, still strapped to her chair on the bridge of the
Jupiter 2. She looked around furtively, afraid that Dr. Smith might be
nearby. When it seemed safe enough, she snuck over to her mother's chair and
attempted to first remove the tape from her mouth. Penny was suddenly struck
by fright by the look in her mother's eyes. Then she heard a sound behind her
and spun around.

"Danger! Danger! Stop Penny Robinson!" The robot emitted as he fast
approached Penny, his databanks whirring to life from the diabolical
programming Dr. Smith had inserted to prevent anyone from rescuing or even
attempting to free Maureen Robinson.

Penny let out a high-pitched scream as the robot seized her left wrist with
one robotic arm, pulling her away from Mrs. Robinson's bound form. Then the
robot grabbed her other flailing arm and lifted her off the ground.

"Owwwwwwww!" Penny squealed in shock and anger. "Let me go!"

"Negative! I must hold you until Dr. Smith returns." The robot informed her.

"Nooooo!" Penny groaned with utter dismay. This couldn't be happening. Why
had the robot turned against them? She kicked at the robot, but her boots
were ineffectual against the metallic surface of the robot. It merely sat
still, holding her kicking, squirming body off the ground by her wrists,
which made Penny moan in pain. She continued to plead with the robot, which
only ignored her pitiful cries. "Please! Let me go! You're hurting me!

It seemed the robot was not without total conscience. It lowered Penny down
until her feet could rest on the ground, but it still held her wrists fast
above her head. The young teen, blubbering with tears now, turned to look at
her mother, who could only look on with dread and worry. What would happen
when the cursed Dr. Smith returned?


Dr. Smith sat on the bed, relaxed as he watched Judy Robinson stand before
him expectantly, just waiting for his first command or wish.

"Take off your suit, Judy." Dr. Smith said as he stoked his chin.

Although Judy was under Dr. Smith's control, her basic instincts still
caused her to be slightly shocked by his suggestion, and she blushed with
embarrassment, her hands moving up over her breasts. She smiled widely and
gushed, "Dr. Smith!"

"You said you'd do anything I asked, didn't you?" Dr. Smith said.

"Yes, but."

"Then take your suit off. I want to see you naked."

"Dr. Smith, I."

"Do it, Judy." Dr. Smith said, with a slightly harder tone in his voice.

"Yes, Dr. Smith." Judy said shyly, and began to unseal the front of her
rubber space suit. She turned to the side, trying to hide her most intimate
areas as she began to peel the suit down from her arms and upper torso.

Dr. Smith murmured under his breath as Judy's lithe young female form was
revealed before him. Her breasts were smallish and perky, soft pink nipples
erect from her excitement along with the rush of cool air on her body. She
looked at Dr. Smith as if to say, `Do you really want me to do this?' When
Dr. Smith only stared back at her, she pushed the suit down over her hips
and all the way down her slender legs until it reached her ankles. Then she
unlatched and kicked off her boots and the rest of the suit. When she was
finally and completely nude, she stood before Dr. Smith, embarrassed and
highly aroused at the same time. Her hands cupped the `V' between her legs

"You have a beautiful body, Judy." Dr. Smith said. "You shouldn't be ashamed
of it."

This made Judy feel a gush of warmth inside her body, and she smiled happily.
Suddenly her modesty began to fade, and a new attitude of sensuality began to
overtake her senses. She liked the way Dr. Smith looked at her. Even though
deep down she knew he was evil and most likely insane, for some reason she
didn't care. All she cared about really was that Dr. Smith liked her, and her

"You really think so?" Judy asked, as if seeking his all-important approval.
Her hands moved away from her groin and now she was posing vampishly for Dr.
Smith, who looked on with a bemused expression.

"Yeeesss." Dr. Smith said, elongating the word. "Now be a good girl and come
to Dr. Smith. I think you are overdue for a pelvic examination."

Judy's heart rate began to speed up, and she tip toed daintily toward Dr.
Smith and then stood in front of him, legs spread apart and hands on her
curved hips. Dr. Smith reached between her legs, and proceeded to examine

"Ummmmmmmm! Dr. Smith," Judy sighed deeply as she closed her eyes and bit her

Just then Dr. Smith felt a pulse inside his tunic. He reached into a pocket
and took out a small handheld device. It was a signal from the robot.

"I'm sorry, my dear." Dr. Smith told the sighing Judy. "My presence is
required elsewhere at the moment. I'll return shortly."

"But.Dr. Smith!" Judy moaned in utter disappointment.

Dr. Smith was amused by her expression, and then had an idea. "Lie down on
the bed and wait for me. While I'm gone, I want you to imagine how wonderful
it would feel if I was touching you down there. You'll feel rather pleasant
itching sensation in your most sensitive areas that you'll be dying to
scratch, but I forbid you to do it until I return. Do you understand?"

"Dr. Smith.No.I." Judy's protest was suddenly interrupted by an odd sensation
between her legs as she climbed upon her bed. Indeed it felt like a pulsing
itch that was begging to be rubbed by her own fingers, and just as she was
about to reach down.

"Ah, ah, ah! Not until I return." Dr. Smith admonished Judy with a warning

Judy, her brow furrowed with worry, bit her lip and moaned. She was on the
bed now, sitting up with her legs spread wide, her hips undulating as her
hands dug into her sheets and clenched them tight to resist touching herself.
She looked at Dr. Smith with desperate, pleading eyes. How could he do this?

"Dr. Smith, please hurry back!" Judy groaned, even her nipples were feeling
the pleasant sensations. She really wanted to pinch and rub her pert breasts

"Be a good girl and I'll reward you for your patience when I return." Dr.
Smith said, and then left the anxious and aroused Judy alone in her room,
dying to finger herself. As Dr. Smith headed toward the bridge and thought to
himself how much he was going to enjoy violating every orifice of young Judy


Penny was angry and frustrated that Will's robot would not let her go. With
each second that passed, she became more and more fearful and anxious that
Dr. Smith would soon arrive to torment her and her mother, who was still
strapped helplessly and securely into her seat, looking on worriedly. She
hurled curses at the silent robot as she kicked at it harmlessly with her
boots. Finally she was spent, her eyes reddened and cheeks flushed from the
vain effort.

"Well, well. Look what my trap caught. A squeaky little mouse." Penny heard
a voice say behind her, and she winced at the realization that Dr. Smith was

"Damn you! Let us go!" Penny demanded, angry now that she saw Dr. Smith
smirking at her, his arms crossed casually in front of him.

"You're in no position to make demands, dear penny." Dr. Smith chuckled.
"Besides, you disobeyed my strict orders to stay put. Now you'll be

"Wha.what?" Penny stuttered fearfully. She didn't like the sound of that.

"But first, I think your dear mother deserves my attention first." Said Dr.
Smith. "I'm sure she's had enough of being so constricted."

Maureen looked on with concern and then horror as Dr. Smith approached her
with a hypodermic needle gun similar to the one she used on Judy, and slowly
peeled away her adhesive gag, allowing her to sigh with relief, grateful to
be free of the stifling tape.

"I'm going to give you a choice." Dr. Smith began. "This needle contains a
drug that will cause the host to become completely subservient to me. That
person will do anything I say and follow my every command, no matter what. In
addition, it causes said host to shall I say this.very excited and
anxious, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

"How dare you." Maureen hissed angrily.

"Hush, don't speak yet." Dr. Smith said as he placed a finger over her lips.
"Now listen, this is the important part. I can either give it to sweet young
Penny.or.I can give it to you. It will be your choice."

"You sick animal." Maureen said disgustedly.

"Well, that remains to be seen." Dr. Smith smirked crookedly.

"Don't you dare give it to her." Maureen said.

"Then I take it you wish to be the recipient."

Maureen only glared at Dr. Smith with silent contempt.

"I thought so." Dr. Smith said, and then taunted her with a laugh. "I always
knew you wanted me."

"Bastard!" Maureen cursed as she tugged hard at her bonds.

She tried to cringe away but Dr. Smith calmly placed the needle gun at her
neck and pulled the pneumatic trigger, which injected the contents under her
skin. Mrs. Robinson tensed as the drug entered and flowed throughout her
system. As her body seized up, she emitted a long groan. "Eruuuuuuunnnggghh!"

"Calm down, mother dear." Dr. Smith said as he stroked Maureen's forehead.
She was breathing fast and heavy at first from fear, but then she slowly
began to relax, her eyelids drooping and fluttering as the chemicals took

"Leave her alone!" Penny shouted.

"Quiet her." Dr. Smith instructed the robot as he watched Maureen's sleepy

With efficient precision, the robot took Penny's wrists into one claw and
used the other to place a suction cup over Penny's resistant mouth, and then
clamped its mandibles around her twisting head, successfully securing her
silence. All she could do
now was utter barely audible "Mmmmppphh's."

"There, there." Dr. Smith said to Maureen in a pleasant and soothing voice.
"Soon you'll be a new you."

"Ummmmmmmm." Maureen moaned softly, as she seemed to respond positively to
Dr. Smith's words. She knew this drug was altering her normal emotions, but
she could not resist it. It felt too good.

"Listen very carefully." Dr. Smith began, as he leaned close to whisper in
her ear.


Judy Robinson lay on her back, whimpering and moaning, her body undulating
on the sheets as her pussy ached to be rubbed and fingered. She desperately
wanted to satisfy the uncontrollable and irresistible itch she felt inside
her moist walls due to Dr. Smith's insidious mental suggestion. Even her
supple breasts and ultra-sensitive nipples ached to be tweaked and massaged,
but all she could do was wait impatiently for Dr. Smith to return and
hopefully satisfy all her carnal urges. She began to fantasize about his cock
inside her, rubbing her tender pink lips, his hands massaging and squeezing

As her fingers opened and closed to scrunch the sheets in her fists, a moist
spot was growing underneath her squirming hips, and Judy let out a long soft

"Unnnnnnnnnmmmmmmm!" Judy sighed as she licked her lips. She wished Dr. Smith
hadn't left her like this, although it felt entirely wonderful. She could
only hope he would return soon before she went completely out of her mind.


Dr. Smith had released Maureen Robinson, satisfied that she was fully under
his control courtesy of his special mind manipulation drug. Penny looked on
in shock as her mother stood before the devious Dr. Smith, listening to his
commands and responding affirmatively to each one. His training had been
going on for several minutes, and Penny felt utter doom and despair as she
watched her mother perform every task, such as hopping up and down on one
foot. With each new demeaning action, Dr. Smith would look over at Penny,
smiling sadistically.

Maureen, meanwhile, was feeling no pain. The drug gave her a euphoric
sensation that was making her absolutely excited with passion. She
desperately wanted to resist Dr. Smith's commands, but her body betrayed
her with each new task.

"Put your hands behind your head and straighten your back." Dr. Smith said.
The seemingly innocent suggestion was intended to make Maureen thrust her
breasts out, which made Dr. Smith grin with satisfaction.

Maureen knew what Dr. Smith was up to, and she was resistant at times to his
words, but further prodding broke down her defenses until she had no choice
but to give in to his perverted suggestions. Each time the urge increased as
her resistance decreased.

"Open your mouth and stick out your tongue."

"No." Maureen groaned weakly.

"Do it." Dr. Smith reiterated. "You'll soon like pleasing me. I promise you."

Maureen felt the urge again to do as he ordered and parted her lips and
allowed her tongue to protrude. Dr. Smith took a deep breath and whispered
under his breath as he inserted his forefinger past Maureen's lips and onto
her tongue. "Yes, indeed, I have wonderful plans for this pretty mouth."

Penny watched with disgust as Dr. Smith encouraged her mother to suckle his
finger. As hard as she could Penny tried to pull free herself from the robot,
but it was no use. All she received for her troubles was a sharp pain in her
wrists. She moaned pitifully.

Dr. Smith noticed Penny's distress and grinned. Now it was time for to teach
the little imp a lesson. He took his finger out of Maureen's mouth and
ordered her to remain perfectly still, like a mannequin. Then he strolled
over to where Penny was held by the robot.

"Well, I see I've neglected you long enough, dear sweet Penny." Dr. Smith
said, his words pouring out of his mouth like slime. "Let's see if we can
remedy your situation. I believe I promised you that I would punish you for
escaping, didn't I?"

Penny moaned when she heard the word "punish." She didn't like the way he was
looking at her either, and tried to squirm away when he touched her shoulder,
and leaned close to hiss into her ear. "I think you need a little lesson in
manners, don't you?"

"Ummmmppphhh!" Penny mumbled in fright as Dr. Smith began programming the
robot. As soon as he entered the last command, the robot went into action. It
took Penny over to a console and bent her over it at the waist. Her feet were
off the floor, kicking as the robot secured her with flexible hold down

"Stop! Please stop!" Penny screamed as soon as the robot removed the suction
cup from her mouth and released the hold on her head. She continued thrashing
on the console helplessly as Dr. Smith came around with a roll of adhesive
tape. He tore off a large piece and struggled to place it over Penny's
resistant mouth.

"No! Nooooo! Don't.Unnngh! Ummmmppphhh!" The thick tape silenced Penny's
words and all she could do his moan and whimper, wondering what was going to
happen next. Then she gasped as she was shocked by a sharp slap across her
buttocks. She craned her neck as much as she could and her eyes went wide as
she watched the robot use a length of strap as a short whip.

"Thwap!" came another blow to the rubber-covered surface of her rounded
bottom. The pain was not intense, just enough to be highly irritating,
degrading and tormenting all at once. Penny went ballistic as she realized
the pleasure Dr. Smith took in her discomfort. Her large brown eyes, brimming
with tears of embarrassment, glared hatefully at him.

"Don't worry. I programmed this bucket of bolts for only ten lashes at a
time. You'll get a short break between each series of.spankings." Dr. Smith
informed her and then let out a mad giggle while Penny pulled and strained
at her straps to no avail.

Dr. Smith patted Penny on her rump and told her, "I'll be back for you later.
Your mother and sister require my attention at the moment." With that, he
left Penny alone with the robot as he escorted her fully submissive mother


Yawp could no longer wait in Penny's room as the small yellow alien had been
told to do. It was impatient for Penny's return and decided to go look for
her. Just when it turned down the corridor towards the bridge, its
saucer-like eyes went wide as the impish alien froze. It recognized Dr. Smith
and began to shake with fright. Instinctively, it knew Dr. Smith was a bad
man.a very bad man. It turned tale and fled, quickly disappearing somewhere
into the bowels of the Jupiter 2.

As Dr. Smith led Maureen down a corridor towards her room, he stopped dead in
his tracks, and cringed with disgust as it sped away. He recognized the
yellow creature that the Robinson children had adopted as a pet.

He snarled under his breath, "Hellish creature." He now realized how Penny
had escaped from her first entrapment. He made a mental note that later he
would hunt down that rancid little monster, torture it and maybe kill it. His
anger then subsided when he remembered the robot was attending to Penny,
knowing that worthless pile of refuse would prevent the alien from freeing
Penny again.

"Come along." Dr. Smith told his obedient escort. He led her into her and her
husband's private sleeping quarters. Once the door closed behind them, Dr.
Smith crossed his arms and smiled as he stood facing Maureen.

"Take off your suit."

"What?" Maureen asked, not believing what she was hearing.

"You heard me." Dr. Smith reiterated.

Maureen was stunned. She was married to Professor John Robinson, and she
never revealed her body to anyone other than him. This was an outrage.

"How dare you!" Maureen exclaimed. "I will not."

"You can and you will." Dr. Smith smiled back.

Maureen couldn't understand it. Part of her wanted to refuse, but another
part betrayed her instincts, and soon her hands began to move, pulling open
the seam to the tight rubber suit, and then peeling it away to reveal a
rather surprisingly svelte and shapely body for a woman who had born three

Dr. Smith was pleasantly surprised and delighted to see that Maureen was
shaved down below, her pubic area completely bare.

"My, my." Dr. Smith said softly as he grinned widely while Maureen turned
bright pink with embarrassment, trying to cover herself from Dr. Smith's
wandering eyes.

"What are you going to do?" Maureen asked with defiance and malice in her
voice. "Make me have sex with you?"

Dr. Smith could almost detect a hint of anxiousness as well. He answered with
a chuckle, "If you beg me enough, I might allow you the pleasure of having
sex with me."

"You're despicable." Maureen hissed. "I'll never!"

"Oh, come now, Mrs. Robinson." Dr. Smith taunted. "Don't act defiant. I know
deep down you want someone to give you a good fuck. I also suspect your
husband hasn't been giving your body the attention it so richly deserves."

Maureen's mouth fell open with stunned outrage. Although deep inside she knew
his words rang with truth, she was still galled by his assumption. "What my
husband and I do in private is none of your business!"

"I love your attitude. It will make it all the more enjoyable when I finally
break you down." Dr. Smith uttered with relish. "Within the hour you'll be
begging me to take you."

"We'll see about that." Maureen said, eyes narrowing as if daring him to
think otherwise.

"Lay down on the bed." Dr. Smith ordered her. Maureen refused at first, but
all it took was a hard stare from Dr. Smith, and she finally relented. She
still could not comprehend how he could order her around like this. After she
lay down on her back, Dr. Smith pulled some straps from his tunic and Maureen
whimpered. Not again.

"Lie still." Dr. Smith told his captive as he bound her securely in a spread
eagle position onto the bed. Then she watched with concern as he took a
pillowcase and tore it into a few long strips. With one piece he blindfolded
her, another he rolled into a ball and used it to stuff inside her mouth.
Then he cleave gagged her with the last strip. After he took a moment to
admire her nude bound body on the bed, Dr. Smith leaned down close to Maureen
and began to whisper in her ear all the perverted things he was going to do
to her. The more he talked, the more Maureen wiggled and squirmed. His soft
words slowly began to have the effect he desired, to drive her wild with
passion, arousing her, pushing her to the edge of excitement and ecstasy.

Maureen began to moan, her body moving, her hips attempting to pump upwards,
as if she was trying to meet a body that was inches away. Sadistically, Dr.
Smith never touched her, only filling her senses with his darkest fantasies,
describing in excruciating detail how he would use her body to satisfy his
every lascivious desire. She wanted to beg him to take her, to fuck her hard
and deep, but her gag prevented her from doing so.

Finally Dr. Smith whispered like a snake. "I'll be back in a little while."

Then he left Maureen alone to in engage all her thoughts of what Dr. Smith
would do to her. When she heard him leave, she whimpered pitifully, wishing
he would come back. Between her legs, the tingling wet sensations were in
full force.


Judy was in a wild lather, almost screaming now as the maddening but
pleasurable itch in her tender crotch and breasts threatened to send her over
the edge of ecstasy. Her body was tensed up and quivering when Dr. Smith
finally returned.

"Dr. Smith!" Judy screamed out. "Oh God! Please! Make it. stop! I can't.take

"What seems to be the matter?" Dr. Smith asked innocently, as if he didn't

Judy groaned in frustration. She couldn't believe Dr. Smith was teasing her
this way. She looked at him with large pleading eyes. "Please let me.touch

"And what do I get in return?" Dr. Smith asked as he sat on the edge of the

"Anything! I'll do anything!" Judy gasped. "Just please.make it stop!"

"There's only one way to make it stop." Dr. Smith informed her.

"Please." Judy begged. "Tell me how."

"You must have an orgasm."

Judy moaned and whimpered. She wanted nothing more than that right now, and
to rub herself before she went over the edge.

"And the only way you can have an orgasm is to let me give it to you." Dr.
Smith smiled.

"Ooooooooooh!" Judy groaned. "I'll let you do whatever you want. Please!"

"I thought you'd like that idea." Dr. Smith grinned as he stood up and began
removing his clothes. He stripped down to nothing and then climbed on the
bed, telling Judy, "Now open your mouth and close your eyes, and I'll give
you a big surprise."

Judy hesitated for a moment, knowing what Dr. Smith was about to do, but the
alternative was unbearable.

"I'll let you touch your breasts." Dr. Smith enticed her.

She finally did as he suggested and closed her eyes as she parted her lips,
while her hands when immediately to her breasts, where she began rubbing
and squeezing them vigorously to relieve the ticklish itching. Dr, Smith
straddled her and guided his now erect cock into her waiting mouth, and told
her, "Suck it now you little trollop. Pretend it's the sweetest thing you've
ever tasted."

Judy began sucking and licking, following Dr. Smith's orders. He grabbed her
blonde hair and forced his erection deeper in her mouth, groaning as he did
so. After many minutes of fucking her mouth, he pulled out and moved between
her wide spread legs.

"Do you want your other itch relieved now?"

"Yes." Judy sighed as she bit her lip, as her hands continued massaging her
pert breasts.

He grabbed her ankles and pulled them upward as he kneeled between her
thighs. Then he impaled her hot wet opening and began to slide the entire
length in and out, driving Judy wild, making her back arch upwards as he
penetrated her deep and hard. She bucked her hips against him, urging him on
to relieve the itching sensations within her.

"You're not so superior now are Judy?" Dr. Smith grunted as he flailed away.
"You're just a sweet little plaything for me now. Aren't you?"

Dr. Smith's words bothered Judy at first. She was nobody's plaything. She
was a strong, intelligent and independent woman. She didn't need any man.
Not Major West or anyone else. But his cock felt so good inside her. It was
making her itch go a way a little. Yes, she needed it badly, and she was
willing to give up her pride to get it, no matter what. She moaned,

"I thought so." Dr. Smith said, as he rammed her harder and faster. He
enjoyed taking her lithe young body, watching her pinch her nipples to
relieve the pleasure itch he concocted in her mind. The powers of suggestion
were an incredible thing thanks to his drug. The excited Doctor began to use
those powers to bend Judy to his will, commanding her to perform a variety
of sexual acts to satisfy his perverted desires. He fucked her in multiple
positions, upside down, sideways, on her stomach, on all fours, twisting and
bending her pliant body in different ways until finally he had her on top
riding him fast and hard, her body shivering and shaking as her perky mounds
bounced up and down. He seized them in his palms and squeezed hard as he
thrust upwards, meeting her up and down pumping and rolling hips. Then he
reached around and grasped her ass cheeks tight and began ramming fast and
furious. He began to unload inside her, groaning loudly.

Judy felt Dr. Smith seize up and became even more aroused, screaming at the
top of her lungs as she rode herself to her own climax, relieving the
maddening itch within her. She had never experienced anything so intense her
life. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Ooooooooooh! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Yes!
Yes! Please! Yes! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Don'! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

Her body shuddered from the mind numbing orgasms that racked her shivering
body. After several multiple climaxes, she collapsed on top of Dr. Smith, her
body completely wet, gasping and exhausted. Dr. Smith took several minutes to
recover, and then he finally rolled out from beneath Judy's limp form and
began to dress himself again. He had finished amusing himself with her, and
now it was time to turn his attention to the others.

Dr. Smith looked at Judy as he closed his tunic. She was still in the throes
of ecstasy, smiling dreamily with her eyes closed. Then a wicked idea came to

"Judy, would you like to taste something very, very delicious?' Dr. Smith

Ummmm! Yes!" Judy sighed as she stretched her body out like a cat on her bed.

"Stand up and come with me."

"Where are we going?" Judy asked as she slithered toward Dr. Smith.

"It's a surprise." Dr. Smith said with a grin.


It was hopeless. Try as she might, Maureen Robinson could not free her wrists. It was driving her to near madness being unable
to see or speak from the blindfold and gag over her eyes and mouth. Every
second seemed like an hour, and the longer Dr. Smith was away, the more
aroused Maureen became, her mind swimming with sexual thoughts simulated by
Dr. Smith perverted words as well as his mind control drug.

She gasped and tensed up when she finally heard the door open and someone
enter the room. The excitement of not knowing what was going to happen next
made her tingle with the electricity of nervous anticipation.

Dr. Smith led Judy into the room with a blindfold of her own. He had already
instructed her not to remove it, and just before he entered the room, he
spent several minutes instructing her not to speak and conditioning her to
believe that she was about to taste a very sweet fruit, but that it was very
important that she not see it. Although his requests seemed strange, Judy
obeyed his commands willingly, because he told her that if she did everything
she was supposed to, he would fuck her some more. Judy became very excited at
this and begged him to let her do whatever he wanted.

Now Dr. Smith led Judy over to her mother's bed, where Maureen was totally
unaware of what was happening, other than the shuffling of feet, which she
assumed were Dr. Smith's. At least she hoped. She desperately wanted to
experience all the things he whispered lasciviously in her ear. Once on the
bed, Dr. Smith leaned close to Maureen and told her, "I'm going to taste your
sweet nectar now, Maureen."

Maureen began breathing heavily through her nose as she anticipated what she
felt was about to happen. That Dr. Smith was about to perform oral pleasures
on her. Instead, Dr. Smith guided Judy's head down between Maureen's
trembling thighs. Once Judy's lips touched her mother's bare smooth pubic
area, she began to lick eagerly.

Dr. Smith was right. Judy tasted the most delicious sweetest fruit she had
ever had in her life. He had told her that the strange new fruit itself was
not edible, but that she could suck out and swallow all the juices within,
even instructing her to massage the fruit with her fingers occasionally to
make more juice come out. Judy went at the task with vigor, slurping and
licking the nectar, which was really the wetness of her mother's pussy.

It was incredible for Dr. Smith to watch Judy go at it, trying as hard as she
could not to make any noise, only the sound of her tongue and lips slurping
away as Maureen squirmed under her. In her mind, Judy imagined the fruit as
large and jelly like, and almost alive. She loved the taste of it, and she
was so into her task, that the muffled sounds of her mother's moans barely
registered in her mind due to Dr. Smith's suggestions that she shut out all
aural stimuli.

After enjoying himself for several minutes, Dr. Smith suddenly remembered
Penny, and quietly left the room.


Penny Robinson was furious, kicking and struggling, but unable to get free
from the bonds that held her securely to the console as the robot continued
to torment her by lashing her tight rubber-covered bottom. It wasn't so much
painful as it was degrading and extremely irritating. She wished she hadn't
told Yawp to stay in her room. The alien might have been able to rescue her

When Penny saw Dr. Smith enter the bridge, she glared at him angrily and
tugged hard at the straps holding her wrists down. She wanted to tear him

"All right you clattering collection of circuits, that's enough of that. Go
sit in a corner and amuse yourself." Dr. Smith told the robot.

"Yes, Dr. Smith." The robot replied and rolled away.

"Well, I think you've learned your lesson haven't you?" Dr. Smith said as he
stood by Penny's twitching form, her face red from anger and embarrassment.

"Mmmmmmph!" She replied angrily.

"Still full of spirit I see." Dr. Smith chuckled. "Shall I have the robot
come back to give you some additional lessons?"

Penny's large teary brown eyes grew even larger, and she shook her head back
and forth, as she groaned in a negative response. "Unh! Nnnnnhhh! Unh!

"I thought not." Dr. Smith laughed at the tamed and defeated young teen, once
so defiant. He reached into his tunic and removed the last of the needle guns
containing his mind control drug.

`Oh no!' Penny though. `He can't do this.' She couldn't believe he was going
back on the agreement he made with her mother. That he would not use it on

"I know what you're thinking." Dr. Smith informed her. "I know it was
supposed to be meant for your mother and not you, but I'm a terrible liar."

He reached over and quickly injected the drug into Penny with a tug of the
trigger. Penny's reaction was the same as her mother's and Judy's. Her
body tensed, then followed by a slow winding down of her senses, shallow
breathing, drowsiness, and finally a soothing euphoria. Now it was time for
Dr. Smith to begin his subtle and deliberate programming of Penny's psyche,
removing her gag and bonds once he had her in a somnambulant state.

"I think you would make a very nice pet." Dr. Smith said. "I've always wanted
a playful cat ever since I was a child. My father killed the only pet I ever
had. He was an awful man. I guess some of it rubbed off on me. You know what
they say, `the fruit never falls far from the tree' and all that nonsense."

As Penny listened intently to Dr. Smith's soothing words, her young mind
could not help but respond to his suggestions. She wasn't as strong willed as
her mother or Judy, and so her mind was manipulated much easier than them.
Within a half hour, Judy was purring and rubbing her body around Dr. Smith's
legs as he looked on with amusement. He reached down and scratched behind her
neck, and Penny quickly went down on her back and began using her hands as
paws to play with Dr. Smith.

"What a good little kitty." Dr. Smith said as he stroked her stomach, causing
Penny to purr contentedly. Dr. Smith sat down in one of the seats and took
one of the straps he had used to tie her up with and used it to tease Penny,
and the teen began to bat at it playfully. Dr. Smith giggled, thinking of all
the fun things he was going to do with his three playmates. For a moment he
thought about trying to find a way back to earth, but that could wait. There
were too many things to do. A sex-starved mother and daughter needed his attention, plus he had to properly tame and train his new pet, and there was also a meddling alien to
catch and torment. In all, he had it very good if he said so himself. There
was no hurry to get back to earth just yet.



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