Lost In Space: Lust In Space Part 1 (M-solo,MM/f,orgy,ncon,inc,f-dom,tv,fist,scat)
by Who? ([email protected])

The Jupiter 2 glided silently in space. It had been three years since a freak
accident had sent the spaceship and it's crew of crew of seven had been
hopelessly lost in space.

By now the space family Robinson, their pilot Major Don West and their
environment robot had become used to a life exploring new planets and meeting
unfeasible outrageous aliens.

However the last occupant of the spacecraft had never accepted his fate. On
this particular night Dr. Zachary Smith sat alone in his cabin as usual. His
trademark uniform polo neck sweater and trousers were thrown over a table,
next to a recently completed device that resembled a radar dish mounted on a

"Very soon, dear boy!" Smith muttered to himself as he lay back on his bunk.
The tall, thin Englishman was currently dressed in a painfully tight fitting
purple corset and stockings that he had stolen from the laundry of Maureen
Robinson, the middle aged mother of the young space family. "My dear
William!" The all-purpose scientist gasped as he stroked furiously at his
small penis.

This nightly ritual was Smith's one release from the terrors of space flight.
The others were all born explorers but the Doctor came to the space corps
with a view only of examining fit young men in tight silver space suits. When
a foreign power had offered Smith a fortune to sabotage the Jupiter mission
he leapt at the chance. What he hadn't counted on was being trapped on the
doomed spaceship and being hopelessly lost in space.

Now he was reduced to stealing underwear from the three women on board and
wanking his heart out to fantasies about the Robinson's youngest child, the
boy William. He preferred Mrs. Robinson's conservative lingerie. It was very
constricting and snug around the genitals. The eldest child, Judy preferred
more skimpy panties, although Smith did enjoy the feel of her string under
wear between his arse cheeks. Sometimes he pretended it was young William's
penis. Penny, the youngest girl, still wore white cotton pants and bras even
though she was a well developed fifteen-year-old. Smith enjoyed cumming on
the crotch of the innocent little girl's knickers knowing that she would be
walking round in them all day.

Smith was now lying on his front on the bed. He was very close to ejaculation
now. The added friction between the nylon bed sheets and Mrs. Robinson's
spandex girdle was burning his foreskin. The pain was exquisite. If fact the
agony of release was so fantastic that the transvestite scientist was only
dimly aware the partition door of his cabin being wrenched open.

"Come on, Smith!" Drawled a rough voice. "The solar regulator has been
damaged. I need your help in. By the rings of Saturn!"

Smith leapt up in terror. At that moment he came, splashing cum across the
front of Maureen's purple body shaper.

In the doorway stood Major Don West, Smith's nemesis on the star ship. The
burly astronaut stood leering in the open doorway. "I always knew you were
queer, Smith, and now I can tell the whole family!" He laughed. "You'll never
be allowed to take little Will on any of your little "Expedition's" again."
West began to stride towards the cabin occupied by Professor John Robinson
and his wife.

"Please Major," Smith begged. However he knew it would do no good. West had
waited a long time to find something to get Smith finally thrown off the
ship, and this could finally be it. "Please listen!" The Doctor cried while
reaching for the strange device on the table. Runny cum dripped down his
borrowed stockings but Smith knew he had to act quickly.

"Not this time, Smith." The Major was laughing out loud as Smith aimed the
dish at him. There was a strange electronic screech and a beam of green light
struck Don's head.

For a second there seemed to be no effect.

"If you're luck, gay-boy," The pilot taunted, "I'll see the girl's donate
some smelly pants for you as a leaving present." Just as he reached the
Robinson's cabin he paused, as if a more important concept had taken over
his thinking.

"The girls." He smirked. "Panties!" The clean-cut all-American boy began to
slobber. Smith watched in silence as Don moved to the next doorway, to young
Penny's room.

The young girl was sat at her desk writing in her diary when Don opened the
concetina like door. Her dark bobbed hair span as she looked around.

"Thank goodness it's you, Don." She breathed. "Dad would have a fit if he
thought I was up this late. I was just."

"You were just about to suck my dick, you fucking slag!" Don snapped,
although he was still smirking. His eyes roved over Penny's young body. Her
pert breast swelled under the nylon tunic. The green pantyhosed legs were
visible up to her thighs. "I've seen the way you've been looking at me. I've
seen the way you like to flash your legs in your little skirts!" He hissed.
"Well now it's time to pay up, little slut! You know you want me!"

"Don!" The teenager gasped and jumped from her seat. "What's wrong with you?"

As Penny pressed herself against the wall of the cabin her top rode up even
higher, giving the major a teasing glance at her white panties.

"Nothing that a slice of teenage snatch won't put right!" Don launched
himself at the defenceless girl. "If you scream I'll break your fucking
neck!" He hissed as his hand shot up Penny's legs and gripped the top of
her warm thigh.

Outside, Smith had wrapped himself in a dressing gown and had tiptoed across
to the girl's cabin. Apparently his inhibition suppresser had been a total
success. Unfortunately Smith had hoped to use the gun on his beloved William
first but the brutish major had forced his hand.

And now the Major was molesting sweet young Penny. Opening the door just a
crack Smith could see the girl spread wide across the bed, West's hand
furiously massaging her groin as he forced his tongue into Penny's small wet

Very bestial, thought Smith, but strangely arousing. His cock began to twitch
and rise. Unconsciously Smith's forefinger and thumb began to stroke himself
again as West's huge hands forced themselves down the back of the struggling
child's pantyhose revealing a ripe, pink bottom.

The Doctor had just established a rhythm when a grating, metallic voice
startled him.

"Doctor Smith!" It was the robot. Will Robinson's experiments in programming
had given the contraption almost human emotions. "What is so interesting in
Penny Robinson's cabin!" The metal man's voice was always shouting.

"Hush!" Insisted Smith. He didn't want the rest of the ship to be alerted to
Penny's rape. At least, not yet. The Doctor reached over to pull the robot's
power pack but as he did so the metal claw of the mechanoid touched his stiff
prick. A truly original and perverted thought came to Smith's mind.

He held the inhibitor suppresser to the robot's glass dome. "There's no
reason why it shouldn't work." He mused and fired the beam point blank into
the robot's "face".

"Danger! Danger!" Shrieked the metal creature, then the robot's voice slowed
like a damaged tape, the speeded back to normal. "Command me, Master!" It
cried. "What is your bidding.

Smith opened his robe, exposing his lingerie-clad body. "Wank me," He smiled.
"You bubble headed dildo!"

West had succeeded in rolling Penny's underwear beneath the cheeks of her
soft backside and was now forcing his fingers between the crack.

"Don!" The girl croaked as the major kept his fist wrapped around her neck.

"Say you want to me to fuck your face!" He slapped her hard across the face.
"Just say it or I'll break your fucking neck! Tell me you want my big hard
cock up your tight twat or I'll break your fucking neck!"

Penny stared at her attacker with wide innocent eyes. "I.I want your b..big
hard.cock up tight twat, Don."

The major took great sadistic pleasure in holding eye contact during Penny's
admission. Suddenly he brought the palm of his hand down on Penny's innocent

"But first I'm going to fuck your face!" He laughed as he pulled out his huge
cock. "I'm going to fuck you till you bleed!" Penny's scream was stifled as
Don forced her pretty head onto his thick penis.

Smith relaxed into a chair at the back of the room to enjoy the show.

Suddenly there was the click of a nearby door opening. "Don't worry, darling.
Penny's probably just having a bad dream."

Smith grinned evilly as the robot continued his ministrations on the Doctor's
dick. This show was getting better and better. When he saw the brutal rape of
his daughter professor John Robinson would at least exile West from the ship,
if not murder him in cold blood.

Penny's door was still ajar and the sight the greeted the noble space
traveller was of his best friend with his trousers around his ankles with his
youngest daughter's tear streaked face rammed against his crotch.

West cheerfully greeted his friend and captain. "I've got to hand it to you,
John. Both your daughters are just natural cocksuckers! Young Penny here's
got a tongue you won't believe. Or have you already had a slice of this sweet
young cunt?"

Smith's grin widened as he saw the look of shock and disgust on Professor
Robinson's face. The end was certainly nigh for the offish Major. However the
perverted Doctor then saw something the completely changed his plans.

Not for the first time Smith found himself looking at John Robinson's crotch,
but this time the bulge was enormous! The professor was obviously turned on
by the sight of his teenage daughter sucking his friends cock. The sickly
sweet family atmosphere of the Robinson's had long been a source of
irritation to Smith, and at last he had the power to change the Robinson way
of life, forever.

Deliberately he picked up the weapon and aimed it at the startled professor.
This time, however the green beam seemed to have no effect.

Robinson grabbed the major by the shoulder and spun him off his gasping
child. "What do you think you're doing, Don!" He cried. His friend just
watched as the sweating young girl landed in a crying heap with her pants
and tights around her knees and smiled.

"I was just getting around to fuck her sweet little ass!" Don replied

The professor lifted his little girl gently to her feet. His face was
contorted with confusion. "But with licking out her virgin little cunt
first?" With that he slammed the tiny child back onto the bed and pulled
her tunic over Penny's teenage tits and covering her horrified face. This
exposed not only Penny's virgin white bra but also her almost hairless

John grinned at West as he positioned himself at his daughter's pink slit.
"I wanted to fuck this bitch since she was five!"

"Daddy!" The young girl screamed as the major straddled her chest and began
to wank himself between the cups of her teen bra.

"Now, darling," The professor said during lapping at the child's stiffening
clit. "Daddy knows best! Now shut your fucking face!"

Smith crept past the fucking threesome, the robot still pulling at the
doctor's cock. Outside the cabin Smith slid the door closed. "The family that
fucks together!" He gasped as the robot's claw gripped almost sliced his cock
in two. "Can't you be more careful, you computer operated vibrator!"

"Sorry, master!" Suddenly the claw began to warm and buzz. "I am now tuned to
vibrator setting."

"Quite pleasant." Sighed Smith. "Now onwards, I want to show my little toy
to dear William!" Suddenly a thought crossed his evil mind. "I wonder if I
should have used it on poor Penny?" A muffled scream shook the air. "Ah,
well. It's too late now."

Halfway across the floor another cabin door opened. "Does no one sleep on
this dratted spaceship?" Muttered Smith.

Judy Robinson was startled as well. "Dr. Smith! I'm sure I heard someone
screaming just now. Did you hear anything? Oh my!" Suddenly the eldest
Robinson child realised Smith's state of undress.

"Botheration!" Exclaimed Smith and zapped the statuesque blonde with the
inhibition ray. "Now go away and bother some one else young lady, I've got
to see your brother!"

"But Doctor Smith," Judy breathed. "You've got that cock to be taken care
of!" She collapsed on her knees and muzzled and kissed Smith's dick. "Oh,
let me suck it for you! Please Doctor Smith, fuck me hard! I need your big
hot cock in me so bad! I'll do anything you want- I'll be your whore as
long as you let me fuck you!"

"Unhand me woman! What are you doing!" Smith was aghast. "I mean, I'm not
into." He rolled his eyes as Judy began to suck on the tip of his penis.
"Little girl, I'm on my way to bugger your brother!"

"You can bugger me too, Doctor Smith. I've never had it up the ass before!"
Judy continued running her tongue up and down Smith's shaft. "I wouldn't
complain about being fucked up the shitter- Will's bound to!"

The doctor grinned and lifted the inhibition ray gun. "With this it doesn't
matter either way."

"What if I warm him up for you?" The blonde blew Smith's dick a lingering

"I beg your pardon?" The doctor was intrigued.

Judy began to tickle Smith's balls. "What little boy doesn't have a crush on
his big sister? I can fuck with his head and when I'm done you can fuck with
his arse!" She laughed.

"And what do you get out of this?"

"I get a mouthful of my brother's cum!" She smiled. "And then you'll let me
borrow your little toy and then I can have Daddy's cum, too."

Smith smiled. That part of the deal would be easy to fix. And the seduction
of Will by his sister was a very promising perverted idea. "You're a very
naughty girl, Judy. But you have a deal." He shooed the girl away from his
cock. "Now go and fuck your brother."

Judy giggled and scampered over to Will's room. As she pulled the door open
Judy smiled over her shoulder and flicked up the hem of her tiny skirt to
reveal a pair of tiny panties.

"I have created a monster!" Smith rolled his eyes to heaven. Placing the ray
gun on the floor he peered into the young boy's room.

Judy had already wakened her brother. "What's up, Sis?" Asked Will.

"Shh!" The blonde urged and moved closer to the boy and whispered in his ear.
"I think there's something on board the ship that you should see!" Judy
flicked her tongue to within a millimetre of Will's ear. The boy flinched
with the unexpected contact.

"What?" Will's unnatural curiosity was aroused.

"My tit's!" Giggled Judy. She lifted her dress and threw her 36-D sheer bra
into her brother's face. At the same time she struggled to locate the fly in
Will's rocket patterned pyjamas. "Ohh!" She gasped in her Monroe like way.
"What a pretty willie, Will. Do you want your big sister to suck your pretty
willie, Will?" The blonde teased as she stroked Will's growing penis.

The boy continued to struggle against his big sister. "What's happening,
Judy?" He screamed against the warm flesh of Judy's breasts.

"Its called fucking, little brother!" The girl smiled as she slid off her
purple stockings. "I can see your little cock is looking forward to having
your sister's hot wet pussy wrapped around it!"

Indeed the small prick was shivering and growing at the thought. "But we
can't." Will didn't sound so sure.

"Oh, come on Will." The older girl urged. "Who else are you going to fuck on
this ship? Penny? Mummy? I bet you've had a few wet dreams about sucking on
Mummy's big tit's, haven't you?"

"Judy, you shouldn't be saying those things. It's not nice!"

Judy began treading the nylons through the bedstead and onto each of her
brother's wrists. To stop the young boy from becoming suspicious the girl
placed both of his hands in turn into her tanga panties. "Doesn't that feel
nice and warm, Will? That's because my cunt is hot for my brother's dick!"
The boy was flushed and sweating now, but his penis has huge and throbbing.

"Don't you want to fuck my hot hole?" Judy continued to play with the young
boy's mind. "I'm gonna fuck your brains out little brother, and then you're
going to cum up your sister's twat! Or don't you want to fuck me? Please,
fuck me Will!"

Will was finding it very difficult to keep his mind clear. "No" He finally
gasped. "I don't think we should be doing this!"

"Please, Will!" Judy screamed as she pulled down the boy's pajama bottoms and
wrapped them around his legs. "Fuck your sister!" She lapped at his ear as
she pulled her lime green panties over her knees. "Fuck me now! I want you to
fuck me hard!"

"No!" With a tremendous effort of will power the boy pulled away, but
suddenly realised he was caught in a trap.

"You're my sister. You're not supposed to do things like that!"

"Fuck you then!" Judy stuffed her sopping wet underwear into her brother's
mouth. "You are such an uptight little brat! You had your chance at pussy,
now you're going to get your ass burst!" She laughed as she pulled the door
open to reveal Doctor Smith and his rampant erection.

Will's eye's bulged in terror.

"You know," Observed Judy. "If you're going to put that huge cock up my
little brother's bottom you're going to need some lubrication." The blonde
dropped to her haunches and took Smith's cock in her mouth right down to his

"Young lady! I told you-!" Smith was interrupted by Judy taking one extra
suck and pulling the head of his dick against the back of the girl's throat.
"Maybe you can show your little brother how to do that!"

Will squirmed harder on the bed.

"Maybe," Giggled Judy. "After I've had dad come over my sweaty tits." She
stared harshly at her horrified brother.

"Does that offend your All American family values, Will? Tough shit! I bet
dads been dying to fuck me for years. He keeps staring at my ass every time
I'm wearing my space suit." She put on a little girl voice. "Oh please daddy!
I'm so scared lost in space. Please put you big daddy cock up my cunny to
make me feel safe! He'll fuck me because he's a real man, not a little bummer
boy like you, Will!"

"I don't think you'd have to be that subtle." Whispered Smith.

"Enjoy your arse fucking, little brother." Judy laughed as she ran from the
cabin. "I hope you don't bleed too much!"

"Oh, dear boy." Smith advanced on the defenceless child. "Time for one of my
special massages."

Judy crept across the cabin to the open door of her sister's room. The robot
had disappeared, but Smith's strange device still lay on the floor. Perhaps,
thought Judy, I could use it on daddy.

However strange grunting and sobbing noises coming from Penny's room diverted
her attention. Judy quietly opened the door.

The elder girl smiled as she saw her father and her boyfriend fucking both
ends of her underage sister. This was a situation that Judy could easily turn
to her advantage.

"What's going on here?" She shouted. "Penny, come over here!" The men were so
startled by the interruption that it was easy for the small child to escape
their clutches.

Penny's elfin face was covered in cum. It dripped from her hair, her cheeks
and mouth.

"What a mess!" Judy declared, hugging the child close to her. "Let big sister
clean you up." Penny finally relaxed, believing she was safe in the arms of
her trusted elder sister.

"Now just." Don began, but Professor Robinson held him back.

"Just wait," he grinned.

As the two girls stood in the doorway Judy began using her long tongue to
flick away the traces of cum from Penny's face. "Hmm," She purred. "That
tastes like Don." Judy then delicately traced a trail of cum from the young
girl's leg. "And that must be Daddy's cum." The blonde stared her father
straight in the eyes. "I always wondered what daddy's cum tasted like."

Exhausted, it took Penny some time to respond to her sister's sensual tongue.
"Judy, what are you doing?"

"Shh, little sister." Urged Judy. "You were obviously not enjoying having
those two cocks inside you so I thought you might like to try some girl
love!" With that the blonde cupped her sister groin and delicately circling
the young girl's clit.

"Oh no!" Screamed Penny and tried to push her sister away. However the bigger
girl was faster and kicked the young girl's slender legs from under her.

Judy landed on top of her sister and ripped her tiny tunic wide open. "Get
ready for your first fisting, little girl." She hissed into Penny's ear.
"I'm going to make you bleed!" Judy lifted her legs to massage her father's
rampant cock with her feet. Professor Robinson then had his first view of
his elder daughter trimmed blonde snatch. "Are you two going to just stand
around," Judy asked. "Or are you going to cover your little babies with cum?"

The two men stood top and tail of the two girls, both furiously pulling at
their cocks. "Fuck the bitch!" Urged Major West.

"Make my little baby bleed!" Professor Robinson begged.

"Daddy, no!" Penny could not believe this nightmare was continuing. Her
sister had her pinned down helplessly, and already she could feel two, or
was it three, of Judy's fingers inside her tight little passage. "Help!" She
began to scream, but Judy stifled her pleas by forcing her tongue down the
young girl's throat.

West and Robinson grinned as they saw Penny's smooth pelvic region bulge as
Judy's hand suddenly disappeared into her sister's crack.

"Judy! Stop!" Suddenly came a young voice. It was Will. "You don't know what
you're doing." Will was waddling out of his cabin with his pyjamas still
around his ankles.

"But William!" Smith flapped behind him. "You said if I told you and untied
you, you'd suck me off!"

Suddenly there was another, more strident voice. "What in space is going on

"Bollocks!" Said Professor Robinson. "It's the wife."

Maureen Robinson stood in the middle of the companionway with her arms
folded. Even though she was wearing a thick woollen gown, her stern hairstyle
and no nonsense expression where enough to stop the rampant couplings. The
robot backed her up.

"It's not their fault, mom." Will explained. "Doctor Smith has put them under
some kind of spell, but I can reverse it with another zap of his ray gun!"

Maureen Robinson shook her head. "Can you fetch this ray gun for me, Will?"

The boy kept trying to pull his pants up but failing. Eventually he succeeded
in passing the weapon to his mother.

"Really, Doctor Smith. I'm ashamed of you." Maureen ruffled her son's hair.

Smith looked ashamed as Will beamed at his own cleverness.

"I told you to zap this little bastard first!" With this the middle aged
woman gripped her son's neck and fired the gun full in his face.

"Mother!" Screamed Will. "What are you doing?"

"Oh, shut your face, you annoying little brat. I've given you a low intensity
blast, so you can feel the depravity wash over you. Of course, you might
experience a few minutes of terror when your body reacts differently to your
morals." Mrs. Robinson laughed as she undid the cord on her robe and allowed
it to fall to the ground.

Underneath she wore a gleaming purple PVC Basque that was tied so tight her
waist was less than 18 inches. The effect of this was to force Maureen's huge
breasts out so her bullet-sized nipples threatened to spill over the lace
frill. Purple stockings and thigh length boots enclosed the woman's long
legs. A tiny matching g-string completed the outfit.

"Mother!" Will struggled to escape the effects of the ray. "You don't
understand! Doctor Smith has done this to you, but I can reverse it!"

Mrs. Robinson laughed evilly. "You stupid twat! You think this was all
Smith's idea? That little wanker? I'm not under anyone's control, this was
all my idea!" She motioned the robot into action. "Now it's time for your
punishment, Doctor Smith."

Smith's eyes grew wide as he saw that one of the robot's claws had been
replaced with a massive black dildo!

"Madame!" He screamed.

"From now on call me mistress!" Mrs. Robinson snapped as the robot bent the
doctor over and forced the dildo up his rectum. "All of you!"

Little Penny, her clothes torn, her pantyhose laddered and ripped and with
her cotton panties wrapped around her boots crawled into a corner. All
thoughts of rescue were now demolished and the girl began to cry. This made
Maureen laugh all the more.

"Now son, let me see you pay some respect to your mommy." She sneered. Will
was still fighting the ray, and moved like a sleepwalker as Maureen steered
him to her back. "What do you see, son?" She asked as Will became face to
face with his mother's arse.

"Y..your panties, mother." Will tried to keep in control. In fact he could
see only a tiny triangle of shining material as the string appeared from
Maureen's golden cheeks.

"Mmm." Purred his mother. "Pull your mommies panties down, there's a good
little boy."

Will began to sob as his hands moved on their own to remove the flimsy
material and tried not to notice how warm and firm his mother's backside

"Good boy." Maureen wasn't even looking at her son now. "Now part my cheeks."
The boy was crying uncontrollably as he carried out his orders. "Stop
whinging, boy!" She ordered. "Now what do you see?"

"Your." The young boy scrabbled for the right word. "Pooh hole." He finally

"My pooh hole!" Mrs. Robinson cackled. "Doesn't mommy's pooh hole look nice,
all pink and sweet. Wouldn't you like to kiss it, Will?"

"No!" Moaned Will, but he could feel himself burying his face in his mother's
bum. With a mind of their own his lips pursed for a kiss.

"Use your tongue, boy!" His mother ordered sharply. "Oh yes! Stick it right
in!" She felt his small hand wrap around her thighs as will forced his head
as far into his mother's arse as possible.

"Looks like you've finally taught the boy some discipline!" Said Professor

"And now it's your turn, you little shit!" Maureen growled. "Lick my twat!"

The noble prize winning scientist scampered on all four like a dog to
complete his task. Judy and Don began to pay tribute to Mrs. Robinson's
massive tit's with their tongues as her son and husband lapped at her front
and back holes.

"Now I've got a little surprise for you, dear husband." Maureen announced as
though she was about to serve desert. Instead she relaxed her schpincter and
pissed on John. Judy and Don laughed, until they were ordered by their
mistress to lick the scientist clean.

While the three were wrapped around each other on the floor, Will freed
himself from his mother's backside. He crept along the floor to where Penny
was quaking in fear.

"Don't worry, sis!" He whispered and crept up close to her.

"Will!" The young girl gasped. "So you weren't taken over!"

"Shh!" He whispered. "Look at this!" He said conspitorally.

As the girl moved her face as close as possible to her brother, Will stuck
out his tongue to reveal traces of his mother's feces. Then he leapt at her
and forced down his tongue down Penny's throat.

Maureen was now sitting on her husband's face and laughing out loud as Penny
kicked her brother in the balls.

"I suppose you want to use that machine on me next!" The young girl was now
beyond hope.

"I was going to, yes." Her mother ground her arse into John's face. Behind
her Judy was pounding herself up and down on his father's cock while Don in
turn was forcing the blonde's luscious lips up and down his pole.

"But I've been watching your dear father and Don fucking you through that
hole your loving dad drilled in the wall to watch you undress and it was very
horny." Maureen continued. "I've always wanted to try a rape fantasy but your
boring father only wanted the missionary position. That was one of the
reasons why I developed the idea of my little toy. Your dad's just a little
wanker, really. I've always been in control of him. I've just decided to be
more open about it. Let's face it, Judy's always been a little slut. Will has
just been an arse kisser all his life anyway. They're just living out their
fantasies thanks to me. But as for you," Maureen enjoyed the look of pure
horror on her youngest daughter's face. "Well, now I quite like the idea of
having our own little rape toy! If I put you under the influence your
reactions wouldn't be as real to the rest of us. You're so fucking horny when
you scream, daughter!"

"No!" Screamed the terrified girl.

"Fuck her ass, turd boy!" Ordered Maureen Robinson grinding herself faster
and harder on her husband's face.

"Yes, mum, I mean mistress!" Will leapt onto Penny from behind and penetrated
her virgin asshole.

And that's how life was for Penny from then on. First thing in the morning
she was dressed and shaved by the transvestite Smith. He would enter Penny's
room dressed as the girl, strip off and put the warm and sweaty clothes on
the girl.

Then the youngster would spend sixteen hours a day being violently fucked by
each member of the family, including the robot and her pet space monkey. All
the family used her as a sex toy and a toilet. Each night at supper Penny had
to say grace while her mother fucked her up the backside with an 18-inch
dildo. If she hesitated or got a word wrong her father would whip the girl
until she bled. The men would take it in turns to masturbate over Penny's
food and force her to eat it.

At night the robot would clean and repair her clothes for the next day.
Maureen always insisted on her daughter looking clean and smart for each new
rape and that she said please and thank you after each degrading act.

At the age of eighteen Penny was traded by Smith for thirteen year twins, a
boy and girl alien. She never saw her family again as during a particularly
bestial orgy the ship flew into a supernova and was completely destroyed.
Doctor Smith died as the robot's dildo melted inside him.

The only survivor was Maureen Robinson. She drifted in the space pod for a
while before being picked up by a party of scientists travelling on Earth's
rouge moon.

Maureen smiled as the friendly crew of Moonbase Alpha welcomed her. Then she
fired her ray gun at the commander.


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