Lost In Space: Lust In Space Part 2 (FF, FFF, inc, voy)
by Malcolm

"God, I'm going to cum. It feels so good Judy!" cried Penny, as Judy lay
between her sister's legs, and licked her cunt. It had been 3 weeks since
Penny and Judy had first made love, and Penny's life had changed
dramatically. No longer was she morose for not having company. She loved
her sister, not just as a sister, but as a lover as well, and that was all
that she had wanted. Penny no longer cared if she met 'Mr. Right' anymore.
All she wanted was Judy.

Judy too seemed different. She took more time to be with Penny and the two
girls took every available opportunity to go off together, away from the
others, so they could enjoy each other's bodies. Judy could not get enough
of her younger sister's breasts, and at night, when everyone else was asleep,
the two girls would lay naked in each other's arms, holding each other close
and make love.

The main problem seemed to be the danger of discovery by the others. The
Jupiter 2 was a fairly small ship, with only so much space available. Apart
from their cabin and adjoining bathroom, the only other place with some
degree of privacy was the engine core, and it was far too dangerous to go
down there.

Penny and Judy longed for the ship to make planetfall, so that they could go
off together and find some special place, like a grove of trees or a small
lake, where they could be together. Luckily the others had not really noticed
any change in the behaivour of the two women. Judy and Don still spent time
together, and secretly Penny thought about the three of them together, with
Don's big penis filling her hole. It would be fun, but she was not sure how
Judy would react, and how Don would react either. She also thought about Will
and whether she should go to his cabin one night. Her younger brother was 18
now, and quite a man, though still incredibly nerdy. But her thoughts always
seemed to return to the female sex, and she found that when she looked at her
mother, her juices would be flowing.

Judy gently inserted a finger into Penny's anus, and began moving it around,
causing Penny to gasp in pleasure.

"You know who I'd really like to do this to Penny?" said Judy.

"Who - christ that's great, ahh, fuck me baby - who?" panted Penny.

"Mom," said Judy with a smile on her girlcum drenched face, as she began
licking her younger sister's brown hole. Penny froze and looked down at Judy
with an expression of surprise on her face. Judy was for a moment alarmed,
and wondered whether she had gone too far.

"Penny I'm sorry if I alarmed you, I guess I thought that given you and I
had... well we have done it together and I thought ..." stammered Judy.

Penny reached down and took her sister's face in her hands, and kissed her
deeply on the lips.

"How do we convince her Judy?" said Penny with a look of longig on her face.

Judy smiled in relief, and went back to sliding her tounge inside her younger
sister, and Penny lay back, taking her own breasts in her hands and squeezing
the nipples.

"I don't know, but all I know is I want to see her naked and her legs spread
for me," said Judy, as she thrust her free hand inside Penny's cunt. Penny's
juices coated her sister's hand quickly, making it easy for Judy to fist fuck
her younger sister. One hand was in Penny's cunt, whilst another three
fingers were up her rectum, and it was too much for Penny who gasped as a
mighty orgasm stormed over her, and her sister began drinking her girlcum.
After a moment when both girls were breathing deeply, the two women lay back
and looked at each other, holding each other close.

"We've got to get Mom in on this. I want her as much as you do," panted

The two girls lay together and shared erotic dreams. Maureen Robinson looked
at her naked body in the mirror. For 40 years old, she kept herself in good
shape. Her breasts were of medium size and still quite firm, and her body was
slim and lithe. She had a good growth of dark hair between her legs, and her
bottom did not sag. It was a shame that John never found more time to enjoy
this particular view of his wife, she thought. Early on in the mission they
had shared many times together, and Maureen had always left their love making
feeling completely satisfied. John had the build and stamina to keep her
coming for hours and her cunt had always been overflowing with his come, but
that had been a long time ago. Increasingly as the years had drawn on, John
had become more immersed in dealing with the ship and with scientific
experiments, and Maureen increasingly began to feel left out. She even began
to feel jealous of Judy and Don, and alarmingly began to imagine herself and
Don, lying naked together, his cock overflowing with semen onto her breasts
and mouth.

Maureen tried to shut the thoughts away, but they refused to go away. She
could see Judy and Don, lying next to her, as Maureen moved her hand down
to her cunt and began gently masturbating herself. She shut her eyes and
imagined watching them lick each other, and Don filling her eldest daughter
with his cock. Suddenly, in her fantasy, she was being fucked by Don from
behind, and he gently probed her anus with a finger. She looked up and Judy
moved to kiss her mother, grasping her breasts. The fantasy began to grow
so intense, and suddenly Maureen gasped and shuddered, and supported herself
against the mirror as she came. A gush of ejaculate ran down her legs, and
she gently took some in her hands, and licked it. The taste of herself
seemed overpowering, and the more she thought about it, the more she began
to wet herself with excitement.

After several minutes of leaning against the mirror, Maureen recovered enough
to open her eyes and get back to reality. She was about to get dressed, when
she heard moaning and gasping sounds coming from the next cabin - from Judy
and Penny's cabin.

Maureen was very quiet as she put an ear to the wall and listened. It was
definately her two daughters, and she could hear no male voices. Maureen did
not know what to think. She knew that they must be having sex - unless they
were masturbating together, but deep down, she knew that was not the case.
Judy and Penny had been spending a lot of time together recently, and maybe
this was the reason.

Maureen felt that it was understandable. So far from home, Penny had no
male companions apart from her own family members. Maureen had never been
concerned about Will and Penny together, as Will, like his father, seemed
more interested in science than girls. But Penny and Judy? It was unexpected
for Maureen. At first she felt shocked. Lesbianism amd homsexuality was still
not totally accepted when they left Earth in 1997, but it was quickly moving
towards being seen by many as a normal lifestyle, just like heterosexuality.
However Maureen had never considered her own daughters would embrace it.

Maureen continued to listen to their gasps of pleasure. She heard Penny cry
out "Fuck me baby, deeper," and Maureen felt herself get wet at the thought
of what they must be doing to each other. Her first reaction to her arousal
was shock.

'What am I thinking - I should be concerned, not turned on by this' thought
Maureen. But the longer she listened through the wall, the more she was aware
of her own nudity and her own body. She had seen other women naked, and had
never been turned on. She remembered times in her sorority house at college
when her friends would shower together, or walk around near naked, and
Maureen had never felt herself want to masturbate as a result. Now she fought
a growing urge to move a hand down between her bush and begin stroking what
had become a pussy that was very well on the way to dripping with girlcum.

Maureen desperately wanted to see them - to see what they were doing. She
imagined Judy kissing Penny, and then Penny became herself and she was
licking her own daughters clit. Maureen began moaning softly as she realised
that she was rubbing herself. Surely she could not come again, and surely not
by thinking about her two daughters! The noises from their cabin became more
intense, and John was far from her mind. She could hear muffled talking and
more gasping and moaning. Maureen was hot and wet and desperately wanted to
go in and join them.

She looked at the ship's chronometer - it was 0200 hours, and no one would be
up. Maureen threw on a see thru floor length gown - and then for some reason,
decided to take it off. She listened carefully before pulling open her cabin
door and walked naked into the main lower deck area. For a brief instant, she
thought about lying on one of the easy couches in the centre of the deck and
masturbating, and risking Don or Will or Dr. Smith seeing her. She thought
briefly about going to the upper deck - naked and forcing John to fuck her
senseless. She realised she desperately wanted sex - from anyone, and she
knew then that she neded to enter the cabin from where the sounds of passion
were emanating.

Maureen approached Judy and Penny's cabin, a finger rubbing the outside of
her cunt. She briefly stopped outside the door to Judy and Penny's cabin,
hearing the gasping noises continue, she took her finger and licked her own
cumjuice, and then took a deep breath and pulled open the door, and went
inside, shutting the door behind her in one quick motion.

The scene before her was incredibly erotic. Judy was lying on her back, her
legs spread and pussy soaked, naked, as a naked Penny sat on her face. Judy
was licking her younger sister's cunt, whilst thrusting two fingers in and
out of her anus. Both Judy and Penny were covered in girlcum and sweat, and
Judy's cunt looked good enough to eat. Maureen felt hot and light headed at
the sight, and she knew that her juices were dripping out of her. She knew
then that she wanted to have sex with her two daughters, and that is exactly
what she intended to do.

Both girls looked up in alarm at their discovery. "Mom, we can explain, we...
- why are you naked?" asked Penny, her breasts heaving as she breathed
deeply, her cunt dripping girlcum onto Judy's face, who looked surprised.
Judy started to move her hand away from her cunt, but then hesitated, and
finally began masturbating as if daring her mother to stop her. Penny watched
what Judy was doing and then began gently rubbing her cunt along Judy's mouth
and darting tounge.

Maureen watched them for a few moments.

"Do you want to watch Mom?" asked Judy.

Maureen said nothing. She just touched her nipples. They were hard, her
breasts full. She closed her eyes as her hand moved down to her cunt. Maureen
moved forward and sat at the edge of the bed, watching her two daughters make

After a while two girls were moaning again, and Maureen by now had got onto
the bed, and was thrusting her cumjiuce covered fingers in and out of her

Finally she could take it no longer, and Maureen bent down over Judy's cunt,
and begn to kiss it. Judy glanced at Penny and smiled and then moved her
hands down to Maureen to guide her head.

"Mom, that feels so good, join us. We have always wanted you to love us this
way," said Judy.

"I want to fuck you both. You're making me so wet. I need you to be with me
now" said Maureen softly, her voice trembling.

Judy felt her mother's tounge probe deep inside her, as Penny moved down,
and went into 69 position on top of Judy. Judy began licking Penny's cunt of
its freely flowing cumjuice and running her hands across her younger sister's
ass, as she began to breath harder and harder as her mother tounged her
deeper and deeper.

Penny rubbed her hands across her mother's back and ass, and gently probed
her mother's anus with one finger. Maureen felt Penny penetrate her rectum
and she gasped in pleasure. John had never done this to her, in spite of the
fact that she had wanted anal sex for years. Now Penny was giving her what
she wanted.

Maureen moved up and began kissing Penny's and Judy's breasts, and then the
three women began kissing each other hungrily on the lips, as their hands
found breasts and cunts and anal passages. It seemed like they could not get
enough of each other. Judy lay back and masturbated whilst watching Maureen
and Penny kissed each other hungrily, their tounges exploring, and hands
moving. Penny arched her back, as Maureen took her daughters left nipple into
her mouth and then her aureole and began sucking on her breast hard.

"Oh that's so good Mom, keep sucking me, please," gasped Penny pressed her
mother's head to her breasts. Maureen grabbed Penny's other breast and began
rubbing it, whilst moving her own breasts against her daughters. The feel of
Mother and Daughter, nipple to nipple, was incredibly erotic to Penny, who
reached down and began inserting a finger, then two and finally three into
her mother's cunt.

"Hey Penny save some of that pussy for me," said Judy, watching as Maureen
began tounging Penny's anus. Judy moved up and kissed around Maureen's ass
cheeks and then inserted a finger into her anus. Maureen gasped and knelt
down, sticking her ass out and spreading her ass cheeks with her hands.
Both Penny and Judy moved in, and Judy began annilingus whilst Penny began
cunnilingus on Maureen, with Penny lying under Judy, and squeezing her
breasts. Maureen bucked and heaved, and began moving her hips and ass in
rythmn with her daughters probing tounges. She quickly began to approach
orgasm, as her breathing increased and she began gasping in pleasure.
Finally her body shuddered, and a great stream of cumjuice drenched Judy
and Penny's faces. They kissed each other and licked off their mother's
ejaculate, whilst Maureen lay back on the bed, and spread her legs for her
two daughters. Her breasts heaved and glistened in excitement as the two
girls dived in and began licking their mother's cunt and anus. Judy reached
across and grabbed a large multihead vibrator. She gently inserted it into
her mother's cunt, and then turned it on full, as she thrust it in and out.
Penny straddled her mother, and felt the vibrator tickling her clit. Judy
would occasionally insert the vibrator into Penny, and in the end alternated
between the two cunts in front of her.

Judy turned her body around so that her cunt was near Maureen's mouth.
Maureen began licking Judy's cunt, and kissing Penny, but Maureen was once
again moving quickly towards another orgasm, and she did not want to come
immediately. She reached down and pulled the vibrator out of her cunt, and
slid it inside Judy's anus. Judy lay next to her mother, her legs straddled
across her breasts as the artificial cock filled her rectum.

Penny also turned herself around and Maureen was facing both her daughter's
cunts. Maureen inserted three fingers into Penny's anus, and began thrusting
both girls into orgasm.

"Ah fuck - I'm going to cum Mom!" panted Judy. Maureen kissed Judy
passionately and at the same time, moved a hand inside Penny's cunt. Both
younger women were now lying next to teir naked mother, panting and gasping
as they approached orgasm. Judy reached back and began thrusting the vibrator
in and out of her anal passage, as Penny began licking Maureen's clit.
Suddenly Judy moved her body quickly over her mother's breasts, and in a
shuddering climax came, spurting girlcum over Maureen's swelled breasts.
Penny quickly began licking it, and kissing her mother, whilst Judy moved
her cunt next to Maureen's face.

"Do it sister!" gasped Penny who hungrily kissed Judy on the lips, and Judy
released a stream of urine onto her mother. Maureen felt the hot liquid run
over her breasts and down between her legs. She rubbed it into Penny's
breasts and at that moment, came in a shuddering climax, crying out in
ecstasy. Penny lay across her mother's wet body, and then felt Judy and
Maureen begin to lick her ass. Judy removed the vibrator from her body and
quickly inserted it into Penny's cunt, whilst inserting her tounge into her

Penny bucked and heaved, and licked her mother's wet breasts as the vibrator
was pushed in and out. Judy also began to lick out her mother, and Maureen
felt another orgasm building. Suddenly, Maureen came again, sending a stream
of girlcum into Judy's face. Judy pulled the vibrator from Penny's cunt and
pushed it into her mother's, whilst Penny reached back and inserted her
finger into her own anus.

With a gasping moan, Maureen climaxed a third time, almost at the same time
as Penny came. Almost immediately following her orgasm, Penny straddled her
mother and sister and pissed a solid stream of urine into their cunts, and
then moved up to allow Judy and Maureen to lick her cunt. Penny's body
shuddered as she felt two probing tounges running around her wet clit and
anus. Then exhausted after their love making,the three women held each
other tight as Maureen and Penny kissed each other's breasts. Judy and Penny
looked at each other, and then lay back next to their mother.

"John does not get off watch for another 3 hours girls. I suggest we mke the
most of this, because the three of us have a lot of fucking to catch up on,"
said Maureen, as she reached across and began masturbating Judy and Penny
with her hands. Penny closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations from between
her legs. "We thought you would be shocked Mom. We have wanted you for some
time, but we did not know how to explain it to you."

"I think you just did," said Maureen as she french kissed Penny. "Now both of
you into that shower. I want to lick your cunts for the next three hours."
The three women leapt out of bed, and for the next three hours, only enjoyed
each other...



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