Leave It To Beaver: Beaver's Lesson (mF,MF,oral,first,voy)
by Swanson

Beaver went into the study to talk to his Dad. "Gilbert, Richard and I are thinking of getting summer jobs once school ends in 4 days. Now that we are finishing our 1st year of High School, we thought it was time to make some money. Do you know of any companies in Mayfield that are looking to hire?"

Ward responded, "Well Beaver, you're only 15 and most companies want you to be at least 16. The best you could probably find is a delivery job. Why don't you guys make up some flyers advertising that you will do odd jobs?"

"What kind of odd jobs?" Beaver asked.

Ward said, "You know yard work, cleaning garages, washing windows, etc. Also the 3 of you could work together."

Beaver said, "OK, I'll ask the guys. But what you suggested is like doing weekend chores."

The guys talked it over and decided it was a good idea. They made up some flyers and on the last day of school started to stick flyers in people mail boxes. At around 3:15 they found themselves on Grant Ave. right by the grammar school. As they walked past the school, Miss Landers was walking to her car. Beaver yelled out, "Hi, Miss Landers."

Miss Landers responded, "Why Beaver, Gilbert, and Richard how nice to see you. You all have grown into handsome young men. What are you up do?"

"Thank you Miss Landers, we are looking for work. Here is a flyer of what we are willing to do" they all answered.

Miss Landers looking at flyer says, "My yard could use some work. Can you gentlemen come over Saturday?"

They all answer, "Yes we will be there at 9:00. Thanks Miss Landers."

On Saturday, they went to Miss Lander's house. She answered the door in jeans and T-shirt and said she would help because there was a lot to do. The boys got to work cutting the grass, weeding and trimming the hedges. They worked for about 3 hours, working up a sweat when she said, "Boys, I have to go out. Why don't you take a break and finished the yard after lunch."

They sat down in the yard to eat the sandwiches they had packed. Richard got up to get a drink of water from the hose, when he looked into the bedroom window. There he saw Miss Landers undressing. He signaled Beaver and Gilbert to come over. As they approached, he said, "Shh."

He pointed to the window and they all looked in. By this time, Miss Landers had removed all her clothes except her bra and panties. She walked toward the attached bathroom, where she removed her bra and panties and stepped into the shower. The boys could not believe they saw her naked back and butt. They stood there watching in silence, waiting for her to finish showering. After about 10 minutes, they saw her hand reach out for a towel and she stepped out of the shower. She dried her back first, giving the boys full view of her breasts and the dark hair between her legs. She then dried her legs working up to her pubic area; she ran the towel over her pussy. As she dried her breasts they bounced up and down. She then shook some powder out and rubbed it all over her body. All 3 boys were wishing they were rubbing her body with powder. After she finished drying and powdering herself, she put on a robe and walked back into the bedroom. The boys quickly ducked down and crawled back to where they had left the sandwiches.

The boys were speechless, so they went back to work. Miss Landers came out of the house and paid them as she left.

As the boys walked home Richard finally said, "Can you believe we saw her tits and pussy."

Gilbert said, "It was unbelievable, it was better than any magazine picture."

Beaver said, "I still got a big boner, I wish I could have put powder on her."

Richard and Gilbert agreed with Beaver.

The next Friday the phone rang at the Cleaver's house, Beaver answered the phone, "Hello."

"Beaver this is Miss Landers. I have another job for you, cleaning out my attic."

"Great when do you want us to come over?" Beaver asked.

"Tomorrow if you can make it but I only want you. The attic isn't big enough for all three of you." Miss Landers said.

The next day as Beaver left to go to Miss Landers' house, his mother said, "Remember you have a dentist appointment at 3:00 so don't be late."

Beaver got to Miss Lander's house early and they started cleaning the attic. It was very hot and dusty work, they were both sweating heavily. When they finished Miss Landers paid Beaver for his time and said, "We need a shower." Miss Lander's then walked out of the kitchen and down the hall. Beaver started to walk to the backdoor but thought did she want me to stay and take a shower or go home. He decided since she didn't say goodbye that she wanted him to take a shower with her. So he removed his clothes and went into the bathroom to join her in the shower.

He was standing a few feet outside the shower when she turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. Seeing Beaver standing nude in the bathroom shocked her. She started to fall but Beaver reached out and caught her from falling back into the tub. She tried to pull away from Beaver but they ended up against the wall only a few inches apart. Beaver's erect dick was pressing against her wet abdomen just below her belly button; her nipples were touching his chest. She yelled, "Theodore Cleaver what are you doing? What made you think you could come into my bathroom naked?"

"Alice, you said we should take a shower and I thought you meant together." Beaver responded.

"Where did you get such a crazy idea?"

"My brother said that when a girl likes you, they flirt. He said you can tell a girl is flirting when they laugh at stupid things you say and touch you a lot. You laugh at some pretty stupid stuff today and you did touch me several times. You even told me to call you Alice. You know that I have had a crush on you since the 2nd grade. So I thought you were flirting with me." Beaver said with his dick was still pressing into her abdomen.

"Well Beaver, your brother was wrong; I was not flirting with you. Please get out now. I'm sorry you got the wrong impression." Miss Landers said.

She was thinking that she had not been with a man since her engagement broke up over 3 years ago and Beaver's dick was bigger than her former fiance. His throbbing dick when it was pressed up against her stomach had awakened some long overdue feelings. She finally said. "Beaver wait; I think I might have flirted a little."

She slowly reached out and grabbed his dick and starts to pump it and said, "If I taught you how to read and write, I guess I can teach you how to become a man."

"Miss Landers, what are you doing? It feels so good. What do you want me to do?"

A bewilder Beaver followed Miss Landers into the bedroom. She said, "It is time for some sex education."

Miss Landers got on the bed and motioned to Beaver to join her. She told Beaver to kiss her breast and to suck on a nipple. An obedient Beaver did as directed, as he sucked on her nipple Miss Landers started to moan a little. She then told Beaver to rub her between her legs. Beaver moved his hand to between her legs and was surprised when Miss Landers gasped as he touched her. She said, "Beaver you are doing a great job, keep rubbing, stop right there. Oh that's the spot. Oh my God don't stop rubbing."

Beaver not understanding what was happening to Miss Landers continue to rub her pussy. She finally told him to stop and reached into her night stand. She pulled out a condom from the draw. Handing the condom to Beaver, she said, "Beaver please put this on."

"Miss Landers, I don't know how."

"No problem, I do it."

Miss Landers grab Beaver's dick and pumped it a few times. As she started to roll the condom onto his dick, Beaver came, shooting his sperm into her hand. She said smiling as she licked some of his cum off her hand, "Good thing I have another condom."

* * *

At the Cleaver's house, June said, "Ward, Beaver has a dentist appointment at 3:00 and it is 2:30. Could you go to over to Miss Landers, pick Beaver up and take him to the appointment?"

"OK I leave right now." Ward said.

* * *

Miss Landers finally was able to get a condom on Beaver's dick without him cumming. She rolled over onto her back and motion to Beaver to get on top of her. With Beaver on top on her, she wrapped her legs around his waist and guided his dick into her aching pussy. She said, "Beaver now move in and out but don't come all the way out."

Beaver did as instructed; the sensation of his dick rubbing against her pussy walls was almost too much to bear. As he pumped her pussy, she whispered in Beaver's ear, "Yes fuck me; please go faster. Oh God it been a long time since I had a dick inside of me."

Beaver picked up speed, occasionally slipping out of her but he was able to slide right back into her wet pussy easily. Miss Landers said, "Beaver, suck on my nipples."

Beaver leaned down and grabbed a nipple in his mouth, as he suck on it Miss Landers began to moan louder. Beaver could feel her pussy grabbing his dick this caused Beaver to cum. She climax at the same time and yelled out, "Yes, yes, oh fucking God yes."

Ward who had arrived at her house and after trying the front door was walking to the back yard when he heard Miss Landers yell as he passed the open bedroom window. He looked in and saw his youngest son fucking his grammar school teacher. He rushed to the back door which was open, entered and went to the bedroom. As he entered the bedroom, Beaver was sitting up next to Miss Landers. He said, "Beaver put your clothes on and wait for me in the car."

"Yes sir" Beaver said as he quickly grabbed his clothes and ran out of the room.

A shocked Miss Landers said, "Mr. Cleaver I'm sorry I don't know..."

Ward interrupted her, "Miss Landers you know this is a serious matter; a teacher having sex with a student. I will have to..."

Miss Landers pleading interrupted Ward and said, "Please Mr. Cleaver I beg of you not to say anything. It will never happen again. I can't lose my teaching license."

Ward looking directly into Miss Landers eyes as he started to undo his belt said, "Miss Landers usually people who beg get down on their knees."

Miss Landers seeing that Ward was undoing his pants knew what he meant. She quickly scrambled across the bed and drop to her knees in front of Ward. She reached in and pulled out his erect dick. She slowly ran her hand up and down the shaft, with her thumb she rub the tip. She then ran her tongue along the underside of his dick and when she got to the end she put her mouth around his dick. She pumped his dick with her mouth and swallowing his entire shaft. She ran the head of his dick around her lips; she circled the tip with her tongue and finally swallowed it again. She continued to pump his dick with her mouth and hand, as Ward let out a moan. She grabbed the back of his thighs in order to get better leverage to pump his dick harder. She looked up at Ward and he had his eyes closed and his head was leaning back enjoying the blow job. He suddenly grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth. He pushed his dick deep into her throat and as he pulled out he shot his seed into her mouth and unto her face. Miss Landers smiled at him and swallowed his cum.

Ward said, "Miss Landers you have convinced me for now not to say anything about you fucking Beaver. I'll make sure Beaver doesn't say anything. But I think I'll need some more convincing."

Miss Landers said, "Mr. Cleaver I'm free whenever you want me to drop to my knees and beg you to forget what happen."

Ward smiled and said, "I'll be by Tuesday, but you'll need to convince me you know how to fuck. I don't want Beaver getting a poor education."


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