Leave It To Beaver: June Gets Laid)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Chapter 1

Ward Cleaver just left for work, June was just finished with the breakfast
dishes when the door bell rang. June went to the door. It was Eddie Haskle
and Lumpy Ruderforth.

Eddie smiled "Morning Mrs. Cleaver is Wally ready?"

June looked at Eddie. She knew what kind of kid he was, "Sure he'll be right
_ _ _

Wally was with the Beaver and was on his knees sucking Wally off in the
bathroom. "Hurry up, Beav!" he said, "The guys are waiting."

Beaver squeezed his balls and he soon came.

"Thanks Beav."

Beaver licking his lips, "Any time, Wally."
_ _ _

Eddie was looking at June with lusty eyes.

Wally came down, "Bye, mom!"

He grabbed his lunch and they left as the Beaver came down. Then Whitey and
Larry stopped by.

"Bye mom," he said.

Eddie said, "Hey, I forgot my stuff at your house Wally." Eddie headed back
to the Cleaver`s house. Eddie walked into the house and found June Cleaver
dusting. "Well, bitch you ready?" he said to June.

She looked at him, "Yes."

She put the dust rag down. Eddie walked up to her and ripped her dress off
her and her bra and panties. He forced June to her knees, "Take it out."

June took Eddie's cock out sucking it deep down her throat.

"Yes, you are a slut. Aren`t you?"

June said, "Your slut." She was fngering her pussy.

"You ready?" he said. Eddie's cock was rock hard. "Oh yes, fuck me like a
cheap whore."

Eddie put his cock in her pussy. It was so hot and Eddie was fucking her so
hard, too.

"Ohhh yes! Fuck me!" she said.

Eddie said, "Does Ward fuck you this good?"

June said, "No. He is no where near you. Oh, please make me cum!" she said.

Eddie shot his load into June. "Now clean it off!" he said.

June was sucking his cock clean. He put his cock away and left for school. what away to start your day .

Chapter 2

June had put her clothes on when she got a call from Beaver's teacher Ms.
Landers. She needed her to stop by the school. June arrived at the school.
Ms. Landers was in her class room. June entered the room.

"Hello, Ms. Landers."

She looked at June Cleaver. She stood up and they shook hands. She told June
of Beaver's behavior. Just then the beaver walked into the class room.

"Shut and locked the door."

"Okay," he told Ms. Landers. "You will suck my cock today and like it."

Ms. Landers looked at Beaver. "Your mother is here," she said.

"Good!" Beaver said, "She can hold you."

"What!!" she said.

Just then June grabbed Ms. Landers. "Go on son. Do what you want."

Beaver was rubbing her breasts.

"Stop!!!" she said.

"Hey mom, Her nipples are getting hard!"

"Very good son."

June unzipped her dress. It fell to the floor. Beaver took Ms. Landers bra
offand her panties. He then started to fingering her pussy. Soon he forced
her to her knees.

"Go on suck my cock."

June held Ms Landers head while Beaver fucked her mouth.

"Oh yes!" Beaver said as he was about to cum in her mouth. "Now kiss my

June kissed her. She was licking Beaver's cum out of Ms. Landers mouth.

Soon Ms. Landers was licking June's pussy while Beaver fucked her from
behind. Then he fucked his own mother while June ate Ms. Landers' pussy.
He came in his mother's pussy, pulled out, told Ms. Landers to lick his
mother out and clean up his cock, too.

Soon the day was ending, Wally was at baseball practice. Beaver was with
Larry in his room looking at Wally's books jacking off. Ward came home
kissed June grabed her ass pulled her panties off and fucked her right in
the livingroom on the couch.

'Oh what a day!' June thought.


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