Leave It To Beaver: Mother Knows How (mF,inc,oral,first)
by Swanson

The Cleavers were just finishing dinner on a Friday and Wally asked, "Can I be excused? I have a date with Mary Ellen Rogers tonight; we're going to the movies."

After the movies, Mary Ellen agreed to go to the local make out spot. Wally and Mary Ellen were kissing when Wally slowly moved his left hand over her right breast. After several minutes of feeling her breast through her sweater, Wally decided to move under her sweater to see if Mary Ellen would continue to let him feel her up. He moved his hand under her sweater and started to touch her tit. To his surprise Mary Ellen not only did not stop him, she actually undid her bra so he could feel her bare tit. As Wally squeezed her tit she moaned a little and Wally could feel her nipple get hard. Wally feeling bolder moved his hand down to the edge of her skirt and started to move under it. Mary Ellen quickly grabbed his hand and moved her legs tightly together. She said, "Wally not tonight, I want my first time to be on a bed. Please take me home."

A frustrated Wally took Mary Ellen home. Once home he went into the bathroom and masturbated several times.

At Saturday night dinner, Wally again asked to be excused. June said, "Do you have another date with Mary Ellen?"

"No, I'm going out with Julie Foster." Wally replied.

Wally still sexually frustrated from the night before, so he decided to take out Julie Foster because he knew she was not a virgin like Mary Ellen. He thought maybe tonight he would get lucky and lose his virginity.

Wally and Julie went to the local drive-in movie theater. After the movie started, Julie moved closer to Wally and they began to neck. Wally moved his left hand under Julie's sweater and began feeling her tit. Julie like Mary Ellen undid her bra and Wally began to feel her bare tit and squeeze her erect nipple. He then moved his hand to the edge of her skirt and began moving up her leg. Julie unlike Mary Ellen spread her legs wider and Wally soon was touching her pussy. He began rubbing her and she began to moan loudly. Julie suddenly grabbed Wally's hand and he thought not again. But Julie said, "Wally let's get in the back seat. You can fuck me if you want?"

Wally wasted no time agreeing. By the time Wally had climbed into the back seat, Julie had removed her panties. She then reached out and undid his belt and pulled down his zipper. She freed his dick and began stroking it. Julie then started to kiss the tip of his dick and lick the shaft. Wally thought he was going to cum when Julie asked, "Do you have some protection?"

"Protection?" Wally inquired.

"You know a rubber. I don't fuck anyone without a rubber." Julie replied.

Sadly Wally said, "I'm sorry, I don't have anything."

Julie said, "I'm sorry too. I really really want to fuck you but I don't want a baby. Maybe next time."

After dropping Julie off at home, Wally again masturbated a few times in the bathroom.

The next day Wally got in his car and drove to a drug store several towns away and purchased a 36 pack of condoms. When he got home, he sneaked in and hid the condoms in his sweater draw. He figured since the weather was getting warmer, no one would look in the draw.

The next day at school he was looking for Julie when he ran into Mary Ellen. She said, "Wally I have good news. My parents are going to their friends on Saturday and will be gone all day. You know what we talked about on Friday about a bed, well if you came over around noon we could do it all day."

"Great it is a date," an excited Wally answered.

While Wally was at school, June decided that with the warm weather coming she would gather up everyone's sweaters and washed them. As she started to remove Wally's sweaters, she found the unopened box of condoms.

After dinner when the boys were up in their room, June said, "Ward I found an unopened box of condoms in Wally's draw. You need to talk to him. I don't want him having sex with girls until he is married."

Ward replied, "June, I know you're upset but at least Wally is being responsible and safe. Also you know that I had sex before we were married and I love you dearly. One more point, Wally is a star athlete and the girls will be throwing themselves at him. It is hard for a teenage boy to resist you young cunning females."

"Ward this is not a joke. I don't want Wally going out with girls who would have sex before marriage. You know I was a virgin when we got married. I guess you are not going to talk to him?"

"June, you said the box was unopened. The girls Wally goes out with Mary Ellen and Julie come from good families, so no need to worry. Also he probably got the condoms to brag to his buddies and has no immediate plans on using them." Ward said.

"So I'm right you are not going to say anything," a furious June answered.

Friday night at dinner Ward said, "Boys I got 2 tickets for the baseball game tomorrow."

"Gee Dad, I have a date," Wally responded.

"Well, Beaver it looks like it is you and me. Be ready to go around 10:00 am and we be back probably just after 7:00 pm," Ward said.

On Saturday Wally rushed over to Mary Ellen house. He knocked on the door and Mary Ellen came out and told him that there was a change in plans and her parents friends were coming over. She said that she had stay home and it would be better that Wally go home.

While Wally was at Mary Ellen's house, June went up to Wally's room and opened his sweater draw. She found that the condom box was open and 3 condoms have been removed. She was furious and said to herself. "If Ward won't say anything, I'm going to talk to Wally when he comes home."

Wally walked into the kitchen about 12:30 and June said, "Wally, I thought you had a date?"

"Mary Ellen's parents had company and Mary Ellen had to stay home to help entertain them. I'm going to my room to study, I've got a test on Monday," Wally responded.

Wally went up to his room and closed his door. He removed his pants and underwear and began to jerk off on the bed.

June thought if I'm going to talk to Wally I should do it now before he starts to study. She went up to his room, knocked lightly and entered. She was shocked to see her oldest son masturbating. Wally scrambled to cover up but June had seen his penis. It was about 1 inch longer and thicker than Ward's and she guessed it was larger than most penises. She was not sure because Ward's penis was the only one she had ever seen. She sat down on the bed next to Wally and said, "Wally I found a box of condoms in your draw. I really don't want you to have sex until you are married." While she was talking she kept glances at the tent Wally's penis was making under the sheet.

"Gee, Mom I'm sorry, but all I can think about lately is being with a girl. I'm still a virgin so don't worry I have not been with a girl," Wally said.

"Wally, I know being a teenager is hard but you have to think about your future and reputation," June said while eyeing his pulsating penis under the sheet. Suddenly the urge to grab Wally's penis came over June and she asked, "Wally to you want me to help you masturbate?"

"What, you want to touch my dick, I mean penis?" a surprised Wally answered.

June did not answer but pull back the sheet and began stroking his dick. She moved up and down several times and rubbed the pre-cum around the tip. She then lowered her head and took his dick into her mouth. She started to pump his dick as she swallowed it, as she came up she circled the head with her tongue. Then she plunged back down taking the entire shaft into her throat. As she pulled up and was about the repeat the process, when Wally moaned and he let loose his seed. He shot cum into the air; hitting June in the face, getting into her hair, and some landed on her dress. June laughed and said, "Wally did that help?"

"Oh Mom it was great, thanks."

June got up and went into the bathroom and clean up, wiping Wally's cum off her face and hair. She looked back into the room and saw that Wally penis was already erect again. She thought that the poor boy needs some help. So she removed her dress and slip and walked back into the room. She saw Wally looking at her in her bra and panties. His penis was getting larger. She undid her bra and took off her panties and said, "Wally your Father said that it would be hard to keep you from having sex because you are a star athlete and girls will be throwing themselves at you. So I have decided that you need to know how to make love."

June climbed into the bed, and lied down next to Wally and began stroking his dick. She told him to take her nipple into his mouth and suck on it. She then took his hand and moved it down to her clit and told him to rub it. He was rubbing her clit for about a minute when she yelled out, "There, right there, rub harder. Ooooh!! Please don't stop. Harder, faster, faster." Suddenly her whole body started to shake and quiver and she screamed, "Ooooooh!! I'm cumming." After her orgasm stopped; she took a few minutes to catch her breath and said, "Wally thank you, now it time to lose your virginity."

She got a condom from the box and put on Wally's dick. She then motioned for Wally to get on top of her, spreading her legs as she guided his dick into her swollen wet pussy. She wrapped her legs around Wally and began pushing with her heels into Wally's butt. Wally quickly picked up the idea that he was to move up and down. Wally pumped his Mother harder and deeper with each forward thrust. June began moaning as Wally pounded her harder and harder. Her moans got louder and louder with each thrust deep into her wet pussy. June finally yelled, "Fuck your Mother, Wally. Fuck me, fuck me harder. Make me cum. Fuck me. Make your Mother cum. Oh Wally FUCK ME!"

Just then Wally came; his dick pulsated for what seem like several minutes. June and Wally lay in bed for about 15 minutes more, finally June said, "Wally that was the best fucking I have ever had. Of course, your Father is the only other man I have ever fucked."

Wally said, "Mom you saying fuck really turns me on."

"Well then, fuck, fuck, fuck me Wally."

June rolled over and shoved her ass at Wally and said, "Fuck me doggie style."

Wally grabbed another condom and moved behind her. He guided his erect dick into his Mother's wet waiting pussy. He began pumping her and grabbed her hips for more leverage. He pulled her hips towards him with each forward motion. June pushed back also with each of his thrusts. Soon he was pumping her at a furious speed; his legs and her ass were making loud smacking sound. June's moaning was getting very loud. She screamed, "I'm cumming, oh son fuck your Mother. AAHHH!!!" as she came. Feeling June's pussy grab his dick, Wally let go and filled the condom with another load of cum. They both fell onto the bed and went to sleep.

They woke up around 5:00, cleaned up and June went downstairs to make dinner. At dinner she asked Wally never to mention what happen. Wally promised and said, "Mom, Dad and Beaver won't be home for about 30 minutes; we could fuck again if you want."

"Wally, I would love to fuck but we can't take the chance. Come over here, I have an idea that might help relieve you. I have a feeling that I will have to help you a lot until you can regularly fuck your girl friends," June said.

Wally stood in front of his Mother; she proceeded to unzip his pants and pull out his dick. She stroked it until he got hard and then pumped it vigorous for a minute. She then put his dick into her mouth and slowly swallowed the whole length. Wally grabbed the back of her head and fucked her mouth. After several minutes Wally suddenly moaned and let go and sent cum shooting into her mouth. June looked at Wally and opened her mouth to show him his cum on her tongue. Just then they heard a car pull into the driveway. June swallowed Wally's cum and quickly cleaned up her face. Wally put his dick back into his pants.

Ward and Beaver walked into the kitchen just as Wally sat down at the table opposite of June. Wally said, "How was the game?"

Ward answered, "It was a great game. How was your date?"

"Spectacular, best time I have ever had?" a smiling Wally responded.

"I always liked her, she is a good girl," Ward said meaning Mary Ellen.

"You're 100% right, she is the best," Wally said winking at his Mother and smiling.


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