Leave It To Beaver:
Mothers Day In TV Land Part 1 - Laid In Land View (MF,mbF,inc,voy)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

June Cleaver was laying in bed. She wore a silk gown, which was bunched up
around her ass. A soft kiss found her neck, as well did a frim hand on her
ass, which was pulling her panties off. A finger found her pussy which worked
it's way like a worm into the wetness. She moaned softly she moved to get
more of the finger into her pussy. Soon she felt another finger, then a
nother working her pussy. She lowered her gown off her harden nipples. Her
nails pinched her nipples. "OH, WARD, FUCK ME!"

June moved around to see him naked holding his cock. She licked her lips.
No one would ever know how much she loved to suck cock. She seemed to prim
and proper to the people of Land View. But there she was on her knees sucking
a cock with her finger working her pussy.

"I'm ready," she said.

With that Ward called out and entered into the room was their two sons, both
naked and stroking their cocks.

June was taken back a bit.

Wally went to the bed, "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!" pointing his cock at her.

Beaver did the same she looked at the young cocks before her. Both so hard,
cum dripping from the ends. She took each one and sucked it, tasting the cum.

Ward sat back and watched his two boys fuck his wife, thier Mother.

Beaver was fuckng June 's ass he asked Wally who was pounding her pussy.

Wally didn't answer, but June did "YES, DEAR, YOU ARE! NOW FUCK ME HARDER!"

They both fucked her until she could feel each cock began to swell. She knew
they were about to cum. She told them to let her suck them.

Beaver told his Mom,"I'M IN YOUR ASS!"

June smiled, for she loved to taste her ass on a cock. A pop sound sound came
as he pulled out of her ass. June took his cock in her mouth not real big,
but fat. She sucked him while Wally fucked her still.

Beaver's head went back. He held her head as he shot his load into her mouth.
Hot cum filled her mouth. She thought he has so much for a young boy. Some
trickled out of her mouth as she licked him clean. She kissed him giving him
a taste of cum.

She soon had Wally in her mouth as Beaver was licking her pussy. While she
took care of his cock, Wally bucked up as he came. She soon cleaned him up
and gave him a kiss too.

Ward told them to go clean up. June laid on the bed legs open. She thought
what a wonerful MOTHERS DAY this was going to be. For this day she was
getting going to get fucked again and again.


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