Happy Days: Travels Of Joshua Long Part 5 (MF,MFF,oral,bmail,voy)
by JH

Joshua stared at the TV screen for almost a half hour after the program
ended. He had just finished watching an old rerun of Leave It To Beaver. On
the program a young teacher named Alice Landers portrayed by an actress, Sue
Randall, ate dinner with the Cleaver family. As the program progressed Joshua
began to wonder what it would be like to have she and June Cleaver at the
same time.

It had been a number of months since Joshua Long had been able to work on his
machine. The computer that tied his mind to a second reality had undergone
some upgrades but, for the most part, he had no time to play.

Now, however, he was going to try a new program. In this one he would
actually control all the players for one scenario he was not in then use the
results to act out another he was in.

Alice Landers sat on the couch across from June Cleaver. She had been asked
to the house to talk to Mrs. Cleaver about Beaver's schooling. She held a
cup of tea in her lap while looking intently at her student's mother. June
Cleaver was looking at the young teacher as she talked about her son's
schoolwork. She reminded June of a girl she knew back in college. The
relationship was more than just friendship and this girl reminded June of
how she felt. Alice was breathing harder and as she stared at Mrs. Cleaver
she was overwhelmed with a burning sensation in her stomach and between her
legs. It was almost anti-climactic when June Cleaver leaned forward and
kissed Alice Landers on the lips and when Alice Landers returned that kiss...
and then, it was over. June Cleaver apologized and Alice Landers stuttered
some perfunctory replies and left.

Joshua Long smiled as he looked at his camera. Just the shot he wanted.

June heard the knocking at the door. She took the apron off and laid it on
the sink, smoothed the dress and opened the door. Joshua Long stood on the

"Yes. Can I help you?"

Joshua Long smiled and handed her the envelope.

June opened it and stared at the photo. She was stunned. "How did he get it?
Why?" She looked up.

"Don't you think you should let me in?"

June gestured him into the house and closed the door. She escorted him to the
living room. Joshua sat and after letting Mrs. Cleaver sit across from him
began to explain.

"Lets just cut this short and I will get to the point. If I let this photo
out it will ruin your marriage and your reputation. It will, also, destroy
Miss Landers career and reputation."

"So, what do I want?"

"Simple you and her for one night."

June Cleaver almost shouted. "No. Absolutely not."

Joshua got up. "Alright."

June stood up. "What are you going to do?"

Joshua shrugged. "Just what I said. Duplicate this photo and circulate it all
over town."

June gripped him. "No. Wait."

Joshua looked at her. "Do we have a deal?"

June looked down. "Yes. I will have to talk to Miss Landers before I can
agree to anything."

"Good. Here." Joshua handed her another envelope. "If we have a deal this
will explain all."

It was simplicity itself. His mind and the computer made the world and so it
formed the meeting place. Actually, to be more accurate the world was formed
by the TV show but the computer would fill in the blanks as long as it did
not contravene the world the TV show formed.

A 1950s style club. It was just as it would have existed in 1957. He sat at
a corner booth drinking a scotch watching the door. June Cleaver was first
into the room. She wore a strapless black formal dress. Low cut and floor
length and cut tight across her waist, hips and legs. Around her shoulders
was a fur wrap and she wore opera length nylon gloves. She was a beautiful
woman. Her hair was platinum blonde, short with soft curls. Her face
dominated by two wide set blue eyes and a pair of full lips. Ordinarily she
did not appear tall but tonight she wore a pair of five-inch heels giving
her the appearance of height. With the tight dress she had to walk with short

She saw him and walked to his table. Without speaking she slipped the wrap
off exposing her shoulders and the swell of her breasts above the dress.
She slid next to him. He signaled the waiter and he poured her a glass of
champagne. She looked at him.

"I take it you talked to Miss Landers?"

She sipped the champagne and nodded. He looked up as the brunette moved into
the room. Her hair was almost the same length as June's but in stead of
blonde it was a deep auburn and lie in soft waves. Her brown eyes offset by
tan skin and dark eyebrows. Like the blonde her make up was in keeping with
the style of the 50s much heavier then worn in the year 2001. She wore a blue
cocktail dress. Spaghetti straps held the straight line above her bust line.
Like June's the dress was cut tight across her waist, hips and legs but she
had a long cut from the hem to mid thigh. She wore tall, at least four
inches, blue sling back pumps. She also wore the long nylon gloves but these
were as white as June Cleaver's were black. She walked to the table and sat
on the opposite side of Joshua.

She lay her wrap behind her. When she did her bust line pressed against the
blue silk. Joshua almost stared. She was much larger than he had thought.
She lifted the glass with a gloved hand and the waiter filled it. She drank

"Well." Joshua spoke with complete assurance. "Do we have a deal?"

Alice Landers spoke before June could say anything. "The deal is we are yours
for one night and we get all the pictures and the negatives?"

Joshua smiled. "Mostly. You and June will be my sluts tonight. Anything and
everything as I wrote in the package and I will disappear forever. You get
the pictures and life will go on as if I never existed."

June spoke softly. "How can we trust you?"

Joshua looked at her. Lord what eyes...and what lips...he could feel the
burning in his abdomen. "No reason not to. I have no wish to destroy your
lives...I want what I wrote nothing more...but, also, nothing less."

For an answer Alice Landers placed her gloved hand in his lap and began to
rub his hardening cock. June slid closer and she slid his zipper down. She
slid her hand into his pants and began to jerk him off. She placed her lips
close to his ear. "We're sluts just as you wrote for one night."

She licked his ear lobe. Alice took his hand and placed it on her leg. She
pushed it under the slit in the dress and up the nylon encased thigh. He felt
the clip holding the nylons then the garter strap and finally the bare skin.
She continued to push his hand and slowly uncrossed her legs. He felt the
heat as his hand hit the panty covered pussy. She opened her legs and he
could feel the hair. She had worn panties with a slit opening. He rubbed
along the crack of her cunt. She was wet. This surprised Joshua at first then
it began to make more sense. This reality was being bent along his line of
thoughts. He could not totally create a world but he could bend and modify

Alice Landers reached in and her hand joined June Cleaver's stroking his
cock. Both women leaned into him as they continued to stroke his prick. He
could feel a burning in his groin.

"I have a hotel room." He pushed two keys towards each woman.

They slid them into their purses with their free hands. Alice pulled away
and slid out. "I'll meet you there," and with a smile walked out of the room.

June zipped Joshua up. She too stood up and wrapped her fur across her
shoulders. He left money on the table and walked her out.

When they were in the parking lot she turned to him, "Lets take your car."

He opened the door for her and as she sat she let the dress slide up exposing
the nylons and garter straps. She did nothing to cover her legs. He went to
the driver's side and when he got in he looked over at her. She had slid the
dress up exposing her black panties. She slid over to him exposing more of
her thighs. He could see the garters holding her nylons and the creamy
expanse of thigh. She reached over and slowly unzipped his pants and pulled
his cock free. Before he could utter a word she lowered her head to the prick
and he could feel her tongue tracing slow circles around the head. All he
could see was June's platinum blonde hair but he felt his cock being slowly
pulled into the warmth of her mouth. Her lips wrapped around him, her tongue
making warm moist circles and her gloved hand held the base.

He pulled the car into traffic and put a hand on her head. The soft blond
hair was held by hairspray and he could feel her as his cock slid out of her
mouth until only the head was held by her lips. Then she lowered her mouth
until it was totally engulfed. She did this repeatedly as his cock grew. As
her head moved up she followed it with her hand.

He found himself pulling into the drive of the hotel. She sat up and licked
her lips while she put him back into his pants and zipped his fly. The door
was opened and she slid out giving the doorman a clear shot of her nyloned
legs and the garter straps. He walked around the car an escorted her in.

From the lobby he could see Alice Landers sitting at the bar. She had a
spiked heel hooked over the lower bar of the stool. The slit on her dress was
open and he could see the tan nylon of one leg being held by a garter strap.
She was laughing at some statement made by a man who was sitting next to her.
When she saw him she slid off the stool and walked out of the bar. She moved
to his side and the three of them stepped into an elevator.

No sooner had the doors closed than June had her hand against the bulge in
his pants. She rubbed it and looked at Alice Landers. The teacher reached
over and placed her gloved hand over June Cleaver's. They began to rub him
in long slow strokes.

The elevator stopped and the three of them got off. The hallway was deserted
and he looked at the key to find the room number. The young teacher began to
unzip his fly and June reached in and grabbed his half hard cock. She pulled
him out and the teacher dropped to her knees and let June feed her the cock.
He found himself standing in the hallway with the brunette giving him a blow
job while the blonde jacked him off.

June whispered, "Slutty enough?"

June dropped to her knees and her tongue and lips joined Alices. June in the
black dress, her gloved hands holding his cock licked the head. Alice in the
blue her white gloved hands cupping his balls as she licked the shaft. June
placed the head of his dick in her mouth and sucked, her tongue swirling
around the head. The young teacher licked the length of the shaft.

He watched the women they stopped and stood up. The blonde zipped him up just
as another couple exited the elevator. She let her tongue glide across her
red lips. The women guided him to the room. No sooner than they had entered
as they pushed him to the bed and sat him on the edge. Turning to each other
they started to undress.

June Cleaver wore a black merry widow, the lace at the top barely covering
her nipples and the garter straps hold a pair of black nylons. Between her
legs she had a pair of black silk panties. Finally the black gloves and
spiked heels. Alice Landers wore a white strapless bra exposing her soft
large nipples. A white garter held a pair of tan seamed nylons. Between her
legs was a white silk panty with a slit exposing her cunt. She had a pair
of white opera gloves and blue spiked heels.

June knelt between the young teacher's legs and her tongue disappeared into
her cunt. Alice Landers moaned and automatically wrapped her hands in June's
hair. She stood there while June tongue fucked her. "Oh, God...more...more!"
The brunette teacher moaned. June was lapping at the cunt and Alice began to
cum. "Thats it. Thats it! Alice pulled June's face into her cunt and rubbed
it hard against the kneeling blondes face.

Alice pulled June to the bed and got in a 69 position with her. As she
lowered her cunt to June's face she began to tongue fuck her. Joshua watched
for a moment then positioned himself at the raised ass of the brunette. In
one move he shoved his cock into the, now, soaking cunt. He could feel the
muscles of the young teacher and the tongue of the blonde. He was sliding his
cock in and out. He reached around and began to squeeze her tits until the
nipples hardened. Below him he could hear June slurping at the cunt juice.

He pulled out and moved to the other side and inserted his cock into June's
cunt. Though not as tight as the young teacher's it was still an incredible
sensation when combined with the teacher's tongue. He lost track of time but
as he could feel his orgasm build he pulled the two women to face him. He
could see June laying on the bed in black and Alice next to her in white. He
told them what he wanted and the both reached out and began to stroke him
with their gloved hands and lick him with their tongues. As he shot his first
load it hit the brunette in the face where it was promptly licked clean by
the blonde. The next hit June's face and Alice returned the service.

June looked up, "Fuck my ass...please!" She turned around and presented him
with her pale ass framed by the black garters and nylons. "Alice. Suck my

Alice moved behind her and used her tongue on Junes cunt. Joshua shoved his
cock into June's ass and exploded.

He found himself back in front of his computer.

Part 6: Petticoat Junction


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