Leave It To Beaver: Wally Scores Part 1 (mf,oral)
by BM

The girls in the soda shop were huddled around Mary Ellen Rogers. They all had crushes on Wally Cleaver but it was Mary Ellen who had dated him the most.

"How did it happen, Mary Ellen?"

Mary Ellen looked around to make sure no one was eavesdropping and the girls all scrunched in closer. "Well", she said, "Wally had asked me out for a date after the basketball game Friday. I, of course, said yes, but only if we could go to the movie playing at the drive in. When Wally agreed I set my plan in motion!"

"We took my parents car. Wally was in a good mood because he'd scored 27 points and Mayfield won 63-58. Because the movie was about to start, as soon as the game was over I told Wally he didn't have time to shower and to put on his sweatpants and a sweatshirt so we wouldn't miss anything. He smelled so manly!"

"As soon as we got to the drive in and parked the windows started to fog up. I told Wally my hands were cold and asked if I could put them on his leg to warm them up. He said 'ok' and I scooted over beside him. Then I told him his brother said he was too much of a pig to shower after the game."

"Did he really?" asked Julie Foster. "Of course not", replied Mary Ellen.
"Then what happened?" Julie asked.

"Well, Wally started getting mad! He said, 'Boy, I'm really going to pound the Beaver when I get home!' I said 'if you want to pound the beaver you don't have to wait until your home'." The girls all laughed at this clever response. "Then before he could process what I'd said, I reached my hands into his sweatpants and grabbed his dick!"

"You grabbed his penis?" asked Cindy.

"Well, you girls should say penis until you've actually touched one. Then you can call it a dick too!" answered Mary Ellen. "Then, before he could figure out what was happening, I lowered my lips over it!" The girls were all buzzing!

"Wally's breathing sped up and he started moaning, 'yes, oh ohh ohhh, yes Mary Ellen, Suck it!' After a few minutes I stopped and asked him if he was ready to 'pound the beaver' and he just laid me back in the seat, hiked my skirt up, and stuffed it in! Oh my gosh, it was so good! After just a few minutes he shot his load, then sat back up and pulled up his sweatpants. Naturally I made him promise not to tell anyone! And that goes for y'all too!"

"We've got another date after next Friday's game!"


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