Leave It To Beaver: Wally Scores Part 2 (mff,oral)
by BM

Julie Foster listened to everything Mary Ellen Rogers said about her big night with Wally Cleaver. It had excited her beyond anything she had ever experienced.

The girls had been talking about, and fantasizing about, Wally for almost four years now. And now one had actually done it with him! Julie did not intend to be left behind now. She began to plot her best opportunity. Julie didn't think she could actually have intercourse with anyone yet, she was saving herself. But oral sex, that was a different matter.

After the other girls left Julie cornered Mary Ellen and told her what she was thinking. They had been friends a long time and Mary Ellen readily agreed. They hatched their plan for the coming Friday night after the basketball game.

Friday night rolled around and somehow Wally was able to put what might happen after the game out of his mind. He was nearly unstoppable on the court scoring 33 points and leading Mayfield to a big win. Wally had been given explicit instructions from Mary Ellen. They would again be going to the drive in after the game but this time he was supposed to pick her up as soon as he could get his sweats on. Wally had high hopes and was a little embarrassed to find that he was getting a hard on as he approached Mary Ellen's house.

When Wally got to the door, Mary Ellen opened it and invited him in. She asked Wally to sit down and said she would be ready in just a minute. Wally sat on the couch while Mary Ellen disappeared to the kitchen.

Julie was getting nervous. She was already in the kitchen but Wally didn't know. Mary Ellen whispered to her that they would have some fun. She assured her that her parents wouldn't be home until at least 11p. So they should just relax and enjoy.

Mary Ellen then took off her clothes, just leaving her panties on and Julie did the same. Mary Ellen then walked in to the living room and sat down beside Wally and said they would stay in tonight and just have fun. Wally's eyes bugged out and his bulge grew bigger. Before he knew what was happening Julie sat down on his other side. Now Wally was really excited and nervous.

Julie Foster broke the silence, asking Mary Ellen, "Do I get to be first?" Mary Ellen said yes then slipped Wally's sweatpants and shorts off. Now it was Julie's turn to get excited when she saw Wally's package.

Mary Ellen then said, "Go Julie! Don't stop! Lick it like a lollipop!" and Julie did just that. It was exactly how she'd hoped it would be and she was going to enjoy this. While Julie was bobbing up and down on Wally's dick, Mary Ellen thrust her tits into his face. Wally eagerly squeezed, licked and sucked them. He then reached down and started fingering Mary Ellen. She squealed then began to moan. It took about seven minutes when Wally started groaning and thrusting in to Julie's mouth and then, BOOM, she got a mouthful of cum! Julie was excited and was doing her best to swallow his load. In the meantime, Mary Ellen had moved down and was trying to get a little herself. Julie then moved up while Mary Ellen took over. Julie offered Wally her tits and he gladly accepted. Then Wally started playing with Julie's pussy! Julie was excited and started creaming on Wally's hand. Mary Ellen had coaxed another hard on and was anxious to receive her own load from Wally. She didn't have to wait long, then Boom! Wally let loose another gusher! Julie slid back down and together she and Mary Ellen licked him clean.

Wally's head was spinning! The girls made Wally promise not to tell anyone. But they hadn't made the same promise and both planned to be at the Soda Shop tomorrow!

Wally headed home while the girls cleaned up. He definitely wanted to do this again!


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