Leave It To Beaver: Wally Scores Part 3 (mff,oral)
by BM

Wally Cleaver was having the time of his life. Mary Ellen Rogers and Julie Foster had both becoming very accomplished cock suckers and, more, they relished it!

But Beaver knew something was going on. Wally was spending more time out of the house but seemed to be very happy when he got home. Unusually happy.

Beaver had tried talking to Wally to find out but Wally would wave him off with a "Nothing, besides you wouldn't understand, you little goof".

Basketball season was over and Spring time was underway. It was a Saturday afternoon and Wally was playing tennis with Julie. After they finished playing they were walking together towards Mary Ellen's house. That's when Beaver saw them and decided to follow.

When they got to Mary Ellen's house she opened the door. All three giggled and went inside. Beaver went to the side of the house, behind the bushes and looked in. What he saw rocked his world. Both Mary Ellen were naked and were pulling Wally's tennis shorts off. With the window cracked open to let in the nice weather, Beaver could hear them too.

Mary Ellen began, "Go Julie, don't stop! Lick it like a lollipop!" And sure enough Julie was licking Wally's dick! After just a few minutes Julie stopped, offered the dick to Mary Ellen while saying "S - U - C - K - I - T, suck on Wally NOW, baby! Uhh, you want some more? Uhh, come on and score! Uhh, you suck slut whore" then turning to Wally she continued, "bang bang ungawa gawa, let us suck it for an hour!"

Wally was beaming! Mary Ellen and Julie seemed to be having fun, and Beaver realized his hand was holding his own dick! He didn't even remember flopping it out.

Finally, Wally's expression began to change. He started moaning and grunting! Then, BOOM! Wally shot his load! Both girls began slurping it up. Then BOOM Beaver came in his hand.

About that time he saw Mr. and Mrs. Rogers pulling in the driveway. Beaver hollered "Look out!" while quickly pulling up his pants. Wally, Julie, and Mary Ellen were shocked by the warning but Wally pulled up his shorts and ran out the back door while the girls gathered their clothes and ran upstairs. The front door opened as Wally closed the back door.

Somehow Beaver beat Wally home by about one minute. When Beaver and Wally got up to their room they were both out of breath. Wally finally looked at Beaver and said, "I ought to clobber you for watching...yeah I saw you looking in. But I've got say thanks for warning us"

Both knew they'd escaped a close call. What was to come?


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