Leave It To Beaver: Wally Scores Part 4 (mff,oral)
by BM

Wally Cleaver and his brother Beaver avoided each other for the next few weeks, although Wally had noticed that Beaver was spending more time in the bathroom these days. The little creep!

Mary Ellen Rogers and Julie Foster had been pretty nervous since their close call of getting caught with Wally. But as time passed the horniest got the better of them and they wanted Wally. They chose a Saturday when Julie's parents were going to be away to Rockport for the day.

Mary Ellen arrived at Julie's house as Julie's parents were leaving. Wally didn't show up for about another 45 minutes. To avoid peeping Tom's they decided to go up to Julie's room. They took their clothes off and Julie told Wally to lie on her bed.

Then Mary Ellen began her now familiar chant, "Go Julie, don't stop! Lick him like a lollipop!" And she did!

But after just a few minutes she did stop, and said "Wally, Wally, he's our guy! I'm going to feed him pussy pie!" And with that, Julie straddled Wally's face and lowered herself on to him. She begin to grind.

Wally was stunned but started licking her pussy!

Julie then said, "Give our Wally lots of head, then trade places with me 'til he's well fed!"

Mary Ellen didn't need any coaxing, she went down on Wally with gusto. All three were horny. Julie was moaning, Wally was grunting, and Mary Ellen was moaning. The girls could tell Wally was about to pop!

Another minute, then BOOM, Wally exploded.

Julie dismounted and traded places with Mary Ellen. Julie then began to grind on Wally's face. Wally now seemed to know what to didn't take long before Mary Ellen started moaning loudly. Then she shouted out, "Ohhhhh, I'm coming!" Julie was just about finished Wally for the second time. The girls had come to expect to big loads from Wally and he didn't disappoint them...BOOM! Julie got her load.

They cleaned up and Wally took the girls to the Soda Shop for a float! They were pretty giddy and it made Wally nervous, especially when Patty and Robin walked in. Were they going to tell? Wally decided he better leave now! And he did.


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