Leve It To Beaver: What's Wrong With The Beaver?
by Star Gazer ([email protected]) (MF,bF,bb,bF-mast,tv,voy,inc,hand,oral)

The Beaver had arrived home to find nobody there. He found a note from his
mother she had gone to the store. He knew Wally wouldn't be home til late
cause of ball practice. So as most kids his age Beaver was curious, he walked
into his parents room, started to look into his mother's drawers. He pulled
out some bras and panties. His cock was geting hard.

Then he opened his father's drawer. Beaver made sure not to distrub anything,
thats when he found an enveloe. It had his father company logo on it. Beaver
opened it up, pulled out a couple of pictures. What he saw he just couldn't
believe, it was a picture of his dad dressed in ladies underwear. They looked
quite recent, too. Beaver pulled out a couple of more. His dad was bent over
grabbing his ankles. Beaver could see his father's cock.

Then he heard a car pull into the driveway, Beaver put everything back in
it's place. All except for one picture of his dad with his legs open and his
cock poking straight up.

Beaver ran to the bathroom and sat with his cock in his hand. He was jacking
off his cock. He cupped his balls. They were full of cum too. It was his
mother, Beaver was jacking his cock faster til he came all over the picture
of his dad. Beaver looked at the picture it was covered with his cum and for
no reason he held it up to his mouth , stuck his tongue out tasted his own
cum. Beaver clean up the picture and cleaned up his mouth.

He went down and gave his mother a kiss and helped her with the grocieries.
Wally soon arrived home and so did his dad. Beaver just looked at him all he
could see was his dad in panties. They all sat down and ate dinner.

After dinner he and Wally wee in their room doing home work and soon getting
ready for bed. As he laid in bed, Beaver asked Wally, "What do you call a man
who wears panties?"

"Oh Beav, where do you get such stupid questions from? Go to sleep."

"Okay Wally," but still all he could think of was the pictures.

* * *

Meanwhile Ward Cleaver was getting ready for bed too, June was dressed in
a sheer blue gown, her nipples were hard showing right thru. She laid in
bed rubbing her pussy while she watched Ward put on a pair of white satin
panties. "Come fuck me!" she demanded openning her legs, sticking two
fingers into her waiting pussy.

Ward got up and his cock was hard. His cock head poked just out at the top
of the panties. June bent down took her tongue and ran it around his head.
Soon June Cleaver was sucking like a mad woman. June put her pussy into
Ward's face and he began to lick her wet pussy.

* * *

Beaver had to get up and go to the bathroom. He went by his parent's room
and heard them.


Beaver crept to the door and he could see his father in a pair of panties and
his head between his mother's legs. He watched his naked mother sit on his
father's hard cock still wearing the panties.

"OHHH YES!" his mother said. "Fuck me with that harder! OH GOD!!! She was
pulling on her nipples.

"I'm going to cum!" Ward said. He pulled out of pussy with a "pop" and shot
his load all over her belly. It ran down into her blonde pussy hair.

Then he watched his father lay back on the bed, and his mother sat on his
face. He watched his father lick his own cum.

Just as he did earlier, Beaver was jacking his cock while he sat on the
toliet. He came all over his hand and he just licked it off. He wet back to
bed and fell sound asleep.

* * *

It was Saturday morning and Ward took Wally, Eddie to ball practice. Beaver
was just hanging out with Larry and Whitey. They were down by the Warner
house and went inside. The people just moved away, but they left a lot of
stuff in boxes. Beaver opened a box and it had old clothes in it.

"Gee Beav," Larry said, "looks like lady's clothes."

"Hey Beav, try them on," Whitey said,

"Oh no!" Beaver said.

"I double dare you! Plus I won't tell, will you Larry?

"Oh no, I won't tell."

"Lets all put on something that way we won't tell on any of us."

Soon they was taking their clothes off and putting on the lady's clothes.
Beaver had on a pair of panties and a slip.

"Hey Larry," Whitey said, "Beaver's got a hard on."

Beaver just stood ther embarassed, he was about to take off the slip when
Whitey grabbed his cock and was soon jacking him off. "Does it feel good

Beaver just shook his head, "yes". Soon they was jacking each other off.

"You guys promise not to tell."

They got dressed and went on their way, but Beaver went back for the slip
and a few pair of panties and snuck them into the house, but how to wash
them when they got dirty? They was too small for his mother. He would think
of a way later, but right now the urge to put them on was to great. He shut
the door and as he was naked and just pulled them up.

His mother walked in, there he stood ina pair of blue panties. "Beaver, what
are you doing in those panties?" She could also see the hard on he had. But
the last thing he needed was to be caught, by his own mother. No less what
she did next took him by total surprise.

June took her hand and ran it over his hard cock up and down. She knelt in
front of him and ran her tongue up and down his cock. Beaver shot his load.

"Oh you taste so good," as she licked his cum.

But soon Beaver woke up from the dream, he had his cock in his hand and
covered in cum. He changed back into his clothes and went out side to play.

* * *

The weekend passed. When he was in school he would watch the girls walk by
and he would watch their tight asses wiggle. He wondered if he would dare
wear panties under his pants.

* * *

As he was in school, June was cleaning the boys' room when she found the
panties, She put them to her nose and they smelled of cum. She was soon
licking the stain, rubbing her pussy til she came.

She called Ward at his office, who was doing some work. June told him what
she found under Beaver's bed.

"I'll deal with it when I get home," he said.

In the meantime June was fucking herself into another orgasm, just thinking
of what Beaver would look like in those panties.

* * *

As they all sat around after dinner, Wally went to do his home work. Ward
called Beaver to the den. "Son," he said, "your mother found some thing today
as she was cleanning your room."

Beaver thought for sure she found the picture, but he just said, "Yes. sir."

June walked in with the panties, they had been washed for June had used them
to masturbate with. "Where did you get these?" she asked.

"I was down at the old Warner house and I found the box of clothes."

"I see," Ward said. He began to explain things to Beaver as he always did.

June told Beaver to put on the panties.

"Go on," Ward said. "Do as your mother says."

Beaver stood in front of his parents in the blue panties.

"Well, what shall we do with him?" Ward said.

June smiled.

Soon Beaver would know how it felt to wear panties under his clothes and also
how it felt to fuck his mother while wearing them. For June Cleaver had kept
him home a couple of days she took him shopping for other panties. She also
would take his ass cherry, like she had taken Ward's, so just leave it to


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