Leave It To Beaver: Willy's Tales Part 2 - Willy In MayField Part 1
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Willy found himself outside a large building with young looking humans of all
different shapes and sizes. He noticed the larger humans walking into the
building. Willy was reading the kids' minds and was it confusing. He shook
his head. He got one thought from a kid with some freckles, who was thinking
of a girl.

"Boy, she thinks she's smart. I'd like to teach her a few things."

Willy walked up behind him, "So you want to get her?"

The kid turned around seen Willy. "Sure!" he said.

Willy said, "Leave it to me. Give me five minutes then come in the room."

Willy walked in the class room and called the young blonde girl. When the
girl walked in she saw Miss Landers.

Leaning against her desk, "Come in!"

Judy walked in and shut the door. She stood in front of her teacher Miss
Landers and said, "Is this to do with what I saw the other day?"

She looked and read her mind, she saw Miss Landers rubbing her pussy while
sitting at her desk.

"Yes," she said with a angry voice, "I think you need someting to keep you
from spying on people."

She grabbed Judy by the arm pulled her across her lap before raising her
skrit pulling down her panties. Seeing her frim young ass, she raised her
hand and SMACK! across it. Her fingers trailed into her pussy, rubbing her
lips and sticking a finger or two into her pussy. Judy didn't know what to
do, sob or moan with pleasure.

Soon Beaver entered the room. Judy tried to hide herself, but to no avail.
Beaver had a hard on and soon had Judy sucking his cock. Holding her pigtails
forcing her to suck. He soon came all over her face. But he wasn't done just
yet. He soon took her cherry pussy and ass. Needless to say the Beaver had no
more problems with Judy.

Willy thought he might stay around awhile.


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