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Category: Comedy

Summary: Set during the episode of season 5 episode 7. Doesn't contain any spoilers. Mandy and Kyle help get Wendy back for Ed Alzate. They end up getting tricked into performing for Wendy as she watches and ultimately joins in.

Pairing: Mandy/Kyle/Wendy

Codes: MF, MFF, Anal, Oral, Reluc, Blackmail

Last Man Standing: Blackmailing The Dumbest Couple Ever
by The Chemist

"Awhh! Kyle, are those roses for me," Mandy gawked at the boutique of 24 longstem roses in her boyfriend's arms.

"I wish! I can't afford these for you," the dopey boy replied.

Mandy had a break in her college schedule so she decided to drop by Outdoor Man and see her boyfriend. She and Kyle had been going together for over 3 years now, the pair enjoying spending time together as much as they could. However, this visit was also due to the fact Kyle left his cell phone in her car last night so she wanted to return it.

"That's true. So who are they for," Mandy asked, jumping up to sit her amazing ass on the conference room table.


"Wendy? Ed's ex-girlfriend Wendy? Why," Mandy asked.

"Oh, he has me deliver a fresh bundle every week in his deperate attempt to win her back. It never works but I keep trying and trying and trying," the simple boy answered.

"Hmm. Well as you know I fancy myself a love doctor so tonight I'll come with you and write Wendy a prescription," the equally dumb girl stated.

Luckily the pair didn't have to wait too long as Kyle had barely thirty minutes left to finish his shift. The gorgeous brunette killed the time mostly on her cell phone but also visiting with her dad, who was second only to Ed at the large hunting store. Once Kyle clocked out, they threw on their jackets and headed out to her car to go visit Wendy.

Fall was well underway in Denver, Colorado so the air was cold, hence why Mandy wore black tights under her matching short skirt and a long white jacket overtop her long-sleeve white shirt. The shirt was tight so when the jacket was off it did well so show off her curvy figure, namely her 36C tits that always drew men's attention.

"Let me do the talking," she said as the pair approached the front door.

"Hello Kyle and...Mandy is it," a woman said at the door.

Mandy nodded as she glanced over Ed's ex-girlfriend. She hadn't changed much in the past few months since Mandy had last seen the woman. She was 45-years old but aged well, with long wavy blonde hair and a tight enough body given her advancing years. Mandy believed that she was a total babe back in the day and could see the appeal for her in men that liked older women.

"Listen Wendy, Ed wants you back. He knows he made mistakes in the past but he awknowledges that and vows to change. He knows that you deserve better and he's willing to do that...if you are," Mandy started in on her lengthy speech.

"Okay, okay, okay," Wendy said after listening to Mandy for a few more minutes.

"So you'll agree to have dinner with him tomorrow night," Kyle said excitedly.

"Not so fast. I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine," the older woman replied.

"How so," she asked quizzically.

"I'll happily agree to a date with Ed...if you allow me to watch you two have sex. Right here, right now," Wendy stated.

The couple were taken aback by her request, almost like a slap in the face. They were a very young and attractive couple, especially Mandy who was a stone cold stunner, what with her mix of gorgeous face, curvy body and slutty attitude...not to mention tits and an ass that stopped traffic.

"Hmm...tempting," Mandy said, dripping in sarcasm. "But why on Earth would we do that? As much as we care for Ed, one of us more than the other, his potential happiness with a nympho isn't worth it."

"Good point but it's rather simple. If you don't then I'll get back together with Ed," she explained.

"Oh perfect! Then everyone wins," Kyle cheered.

"Not quite you simpleton. First thing I'll get Ed to do is fire you Kyle That will leave you and this slutty bimbo without any really source of income. Next, I seem to remember a hot restaurant manager that Ed controls the job of as well. A MILF with a child whose job she really needs to keep hold of," the older woman stated, allowing time for her words to sink in.

"That's...evil," Mandy said, shock plastered all over her gorgeous face.

"Devious I prefer," Wendy smiled.

Mandy wanted nothing more then to blow off the proposal and tell this old hag to fuck off, but she couldn't do that so quickly. She had become a little wiser now that she was 21 years old and knew about consequences, which she was weighing up currently.

If they declined then Kyle would be fired and that meant that it would take even longer to save for that condo they had their eye on. They had saved some already but not nearly enough to put towards a down payment even in the run-down, scary part of town. Then there was Kristen and her family to consider. They were living paycheck-to-paycheck as it was already and Boyd would only get more expensive to care for.

"So if we do this, what would it entail," Mandy finally spoke.

The fallout from blowing off the offer was too great to not hear the full extent of what Wendy wanted. After all, they were talking about sex here, something Mandy was well practiced in, especially with Kyle. The girl had been sexually activity since 14 when she entered high school and had been in almost any situation one can find themselves in. She'd done her fair share of wild and kinky acts so what was one more?

"Exactly as it sounded. Naturally I would want to have the say on what you two do," she explained.

"Are we actually considering this," Kyle asked the much shorter girl.

"While Mr. Alzate is your personal hero and this would make him extremely happy to get back together with Wendy so yeah, I think we are," Mandy answered him.

"Come in, it's cold out there," the older woman offered, opening the door wider. "Give me your coats."

The couple exchanged a last look then shared a shrug as they stepped over the threshold and entered the kinky woman's house. It looked normal enough for a person who just proposed that they allow her to watch the youthful duo make love. Doing as she asked, they pulled there jackets off and handed them to their host.

"Mhmm look fashionable as ever," Wendy complimented the vain coed.

"Awh. Thank you," she replied sincerely.

"And Kyle, always the proud company man," she said to the 6'2 tall man.

"The best company owned by the best man I know," Kyle replied.

"One of the kinkier, dirtier men alive too," Wendy shared.

"So..." Mandy started before being cut off.

"And let me make one thing perfectly clear. I want this sexy. I want you going full out, no hold barred," she said, directed at Kyle before turning to address Mandy. "And you, I want you begging for more. No reservations at all. Basically fuck like your livelihood and the livelihood of you sister, nephew and father depend on it."

"Wow. Okay but to be clear, we do this and even if you get back with Ed you don't make Kyle or Kristen or my dad's life a living hell," Mandy followed up.

"That's the deal. I play nice. I go to dinner with Ed tomorrow night and if we do or don't get back together, nothing bad befells them," Wendy clarified.

Mandy exchanged one last final glance with Kyle and had another silent conversation with him. It was more a look that portrayed to him to voice any problem with this arrangement or else they go ahead with it. When her shrugged his shoulders in his way of agreeing, Mandy turnbed back to the older woman and confirmed they were hers for the evening.

Perfect," she grinned as she sat in her reclining chair opposite her large sofa. "Kyle, go ahead and sit on the couch. Mandy, you come over here and lose that delightful skirt."

So far so good for Mandy she thought. As Kyle got comfortable across the living space from the director of their night's sex, Mandy stood between the seated pair. She reached behind her and undid the zipper to allow her tight black skirt to loosen and fall down her taut legs before stepping out of them, leaving her in the tightest of black tights they were almost see through around the curve of her round ass given how large it was for her fairly petite frame.

"That's right. Now spin to me and lower your pants," Wendy ordered. "Just to the bottom so your lovely booty is out. And make it entertaining."

Again, Mandy had little problem with the request as it wouldn't even render her naked yet. Doing as Wendy ordered, the dark-haired girl hooked her fingers into her tights and pulled them down over her thick bottom and exposed her pale ass. It dawned on her suddenly that she wasn't wearing a G-string with them like normal, thus showing off her full ass to the horny woman.

She got over the surprise quickly and launched into phase two of the order, namely putting on a production for their voyeur. Mandy had no problem putting on a striptease act, especially since she was looking at Kyle, which helped settled the weirdness of the situation. She swayed her hips to imaginary music and used the tights to help plump up her ass to make it look even tighter and rounded then it already was, all to the pleasure of the watching Wendy.

"Oh Mandy, pull your cheeks apart. I love when you do that," Kyle added, hoping to be helpful.

"You probably don't hear this often, but Kyle you are a genius," Wendy complimented.

Mandy agreed with her and did as her boyfriend suggested, first by straightening her legs and bending at the waist as she dragged the tights down over her fit legs . She held the position for an extra few seconds to allow Wendy to drink up the view of her truly amazing ass. She ran her dainty hands up her calves and thighs until they gripped her thick cheeks and pulled them apart to expose her adorable crinkled asshole and bright pink pussy below.

"My God. That's perfection," Wendy found herself saying.

"Thank you so much," the arrogant and easy-to-please girl replied.

"Show me those 21-year-old boobs now," she dictated.

Between the way she had both individuals gawking at her perfect body and the compliments she was receiving from her blackmailer, Mandy had a large smile plastered on her gorgeous face. She spun around now as she straightened up, turning her meaty ass to her boyfriend as she looked at Wendy and seductively lifted her shirt over her head. The bra unhooked quickly and was thrown away so that Mike Baxter's daughter was facing Wendy with her juicy large breasts in her face.

"These boobs," Mandy said.

The 21-year-old fashion student was having a good time now that she was used to the situation. She ran her hands from her completely smooth twat, waxed fresh that very same day, and up her taut stomach until they clutched her tits which were easily more then her hands could contain. Just for good measure she tweaked her nipples, getting the small pink discs good and hard for her host.

Wendy merely grunted as she bit her lip and watched the little show Mandy performed for her. The dark-haired girl seemed to have fully embraced the circumstances of her situation and was thriving in them. Kyle was a lucky man to have somehow tamed her to be a one-man type of woman.

"Okay. Showtime now. Kyle, you're in," Wendy directed.

The goofy boy hiked his hips from the sofa to rip the khakis off his long legs and chuck them aside even before his girlfriend had turned around to face him. Mandy was already on her knees and crawling towards him by the time he pulled his green Outdoor Man polo over his head to leave them both naked in the stranger's living room.

"You horny baby," Kyle asked, pretending like Wendy wasn't there and that this was just another hook up for the very sexually active couple.

"Yes, very horny," Mandy replied. "I really want you to fuck me."

"But first I need to see how a dirty slut sucks cock," Wendy commented.

Mandy had closed the distance now and was kneeling between his legs with his cock already half hard just from her little tease. Before getting to work she reached up with one of her arms and was pulling his head down towards her so that she could press her full lips against his and embrace him with a warm and passionate kiss.

"It's pretty hot having a weirdo watch us," she said in between kisses.

"Would explain why you're so wet," Kyle told her as he snaked a hand under her to slip two fingers into her pussy.

Wendy allowed for the burly man to finger his girlfriend, though her hand gravitated to his cock and started stroking him as well. It didn't take him long to grow to his full potential, measuring 9 inches by her guess, nor did Kyle hesitate in lowering his head further to wrangle one of her nipples and slip it into his mouth.

Mandy arched her back into his mouth to alow the boy to continue suckling at her amazing tits. However, Mandy didn't forget her original order and after Kyle gave both breasts an equal amount of lip service she placed her palms on his chest and extended her arms. The dimwitted boy took the hint and reclined back on the sofa and allowed Mandy to sink down closer to his groin.

"Oh...ughh...yeah," Kyle grunted upon feeling her warm, wet mouth seal around the first third of his erect member.

When it came to blowjobs or anything vaguely related to sex, Mandy was well versed and truly excelled. Kyle placed his hands behind his head and appreciated her work as she sucked on his sensitive tip while using her skilled tongue to swirl over the bulbous surface, paying particular attention to his piss slit, which was already starting to leak pre-cum.

Mandy was done with the slow build-up and had now gone to inhaling his cock just like her boyfirend and pretty much any other guy loved. As her head bobbed in his lap, Wendy slid behind her to get an up-close view of the pussy and ass she bought for the evening. Her cunt glistened in excitement and her thick ass jiggled slightly from the vigorous blowjob the coed was performing.

"Love this thick cock," Mandy smiled up at her man.

Wanting an even better view, Wendy placed both hands on her impressive rear and pulled her cheeks apart to have another look at her tighter than expected asshole. The older woman's hands-on approach didn't go unnoticed by the younger girl, as it had disrupted her focus from sucking on the thick pecker in front of her, but a not-so-subtle jab of the hips by Kyle up into her mouth got her priorities back around.

Mandy wanted to make up for her lack of concentration so the beautiful fashion student removed her mouth from his cock in order to run her tongue over the length of his shift all the way down to his ball sack. The millions of wispy hairs tickled the inside of her mouth as she took both nuts in her oral orifice and licked them gently with her tongue before lightly spitting them back out and continuing to glide up the other side of his cock and back to his tip.

"Wow Kyle, your girlfriend is really quite nasty," Wendy told him.

"This is nothing," both of them replied at once.

"Go deep. I wanna see your spit all over him you nasty dirty girl," Wendy added.

Mandy simply turned to smile back at the older woman before snapping her full attention back to Kyle. They had both completely blocked out the oddness of the situation and were very much in the moment. Doing as she was told she pull her head down, taking more and more flesh into her mouth until her nose was no more than an inch from the lower portion of his abdomen.

The feel of her lips gliding around the base of his dick while his shaft was hugged tightly by her constricting throat was beyond words. Kyle knew she couldn't swallow his whole 9 inches but she did most of it and after taking a moment to marvel in the occasion she retreated along his length until only his tip remained in her mouth.

"GLLCCKKK," Mandy coughed.

Thick strands of her saliva was already coating every surface of his smooth dick while even more still clung to her lips, connected to his fleshy tool. Not satisfied with doing the trick once, Mandy pulled her head back to his lap and was aided by Kyle who pressed down firmly on the back of her skull to allow her more depth.

"HHHGHHH," Mandy gasped as she surfaced for air after 5 seconds.

This time Mandy spat the remaining amount of spit onto his cock and looked at her handiwork. Her saliva was now coating his cock so much so that wide bands of white fluid was streaking across his rod, which was met by the smiling approval of her overload for the evening.

"Are you wet," Wendy asked, engrossed in the action.

"Very wet," the dark-haired girl answered. "I'm so ready to be his slut tonight."

Wendy gave the younger girl a knowning look that was all the suggestion that Mandy needed. Climbing off the floor and onto the sofa, Mandy straddled his lap as she mined up his cock with her sex and sat back. She moaned as he entered her but the combination of the slickness of his tool with the unbelievable wetness of her pussy allowed her to sink to the bottom and have him proudly occupying her with his whole length.

The older woman simply sat back on her ass leaning against the sofa as she watched from a foot away as Mandy rode her goofy boyfriend. With hands on his strong chest, Mandy propelled herself to the top of his manhood before crashing back down, her ass rippling from the heavy smacking against his thighs.

"Ughh Mandy," the dopey boy groaned before retunring one of her nipples to his lips.

"Fuck...your dick feels so good filling me out," Mandy moaned.

Wendy watched the beautiful girl ride and soaked up every detail. Her naked skin seemed to glow in the scant light that dimly filled the room. Mandy's large perky tits were bouncing in front of her with each bounce downward, well until Kyle's large hands went and coraled each. Her fit legs were propelling her intense riding, while the view from behind her afforded Wendy the luxury of watching her meaty ass clap down onto his lap.

Over and over Mandy used her seemingly endless energy to ride to the top of his pole only to collapse back down as soon as she got there. Wendy liked to believe that she was once so passionate and energetic, but that would have been awhile ago. Now, she had to live through others such as by watching this clearly in love and attractive couple, feeling herself dampen as his dick drilled into her greedy pussy by thrusting up just as she got to the end of his pecker, driving deeper into the horny girl.

"Make her cum," she told them.

Kyle heard the order but his time with Mandy had primed him to know when the busty coed was getting close to cumming and he was certain it was soon. She beat him to the punch and already had her arm snaked between their grinding bodies and started frantically rubbing her clit without missing a beat of raising and collapsing back down.

The horny boy drove his meat pole into her tight twat repeatedly. His hands moved from her tits in order to tweak both her nipples, a move that always seemed to help Mandy cream all over his dick. The maneuver seemed to work once more for the youthful girl as it drew more moans and screams from her. Finally after a few more minutes of the intense fucking, Mandy did as she was told and earned her just rewards.

"Oh yes...I'm cumming...ughhh...awwhhhh...yes," the fashion student screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Now put it in her ass," Wendy instructed, no more than seconds after the other girl's powerful orgasm.

"Hey, anal was never mentioned before," Mandy protested, her chest heaving as she recovered.

"Please. For as big of a slut as your reputation puts you as, I that dirt road is just as well traveled as your cunt," the older woman commented. "Tell the truth Kyle."

"Well...yeah we do a lot of butt stuff. Regularly," he answered.

"See. Now nail this ho in her meaty caboose," Wendy ordered with more force.

"Ahhh...Mandy is that..." Kyle started to asked before being cut off.

"Yeah just do it honey," the dark-haired girl replied.

"Like you mean it," Wendy siad grinning.

"I really want your dick in my ass," Mandy said, back to her sexy tone of voice. "I want to feel it so deep in my butt."

"Please let me fuck her bum now," Kyle pleaded to the more senior woman.

This time Wendy was pleased and nodded her head in agreement which drew a large grin on Kyle's face. Anal sex was a regular thing in their relationship however it still made him overly excited when it was time to get stuck in her ass. After all, though her pussy was tight especially given her vast experience, her asshole felt first-time tight always though it would gradually loosen.

With the older woman setting up behind the sofa so her head was floating above Kyle's, the fashion student turned her beautiful body around so her thick ass pointed the pair. As Mandy backed up between his legs she used one hand to stroke his cock while her other she used to run through her pink folds before dipping two fingers inside herself. With her digits lathered in her own natural juices she moved them posterior and rubbed them around her butthole and then poked one inside to coat the inner ring of muscle.

Feeling like it would be god enough, especially since her cum was all over his dick as well, Mandy was ready for him now. Lining his cock up with her crinkled rosebud she squatted down enough so that she felt his mushroom cap press against it firmly. This being a weekly tradition of the pair, the gorgeous coed knew that it would initially hurt being pierced by his organ but then it would subside soon after.

"No lube or anything. Such a backdoor whore!"

"Shut up Wendy," Mandy barked as she prepared to sit lower.

With the tip against her dirt road entrance she allowed gravity to pull her down his cum-coated cock until she engulfed the first several inches of him inside her warm hole. The sudden intrusion of his hard pecker inserting in her backdoor caused her to grimace and pause for a few seconds. Once she adapted she sat down further so that there was only a few inches that weren't currently occupying her than paused again to allow her bowels the chance to handle the 9 inches filling them.

Not wanting to stay still any longer, Mandy used her practiced thighs to propel herself up his length until only his thick crown remained inside her anus. She repeated the same action and sank down into Kyle's lap and this time descended down his pole swifter. Each time she rose and fell on his fat dick resulted in the busty college girl doing so faster and faster then the preceding attempt.

"Oh boy feel so good," Kyle groaned with his head tossed back.

Mandy kept bouncing on her lover's cock while treating the lucky boy and woman to a great view of her amazingly round and squeezable ass. She still wasn't taking his full length into her backdoor but her speed was getting faster until she was reaching the same level as when he was pounding her pussy. She kept up riding Kyle for the next several minutes in the same manner, which had coated the fashion student's body in a thin layer of sweat that made her skin glisten beautifully in the lit living room.

Kyle wished he could have done this all night but that was unrealistic. Despite the fact he sodomized Mandy on a weekly basis and that her asshole was more elastic as a result, it was still a damn tight orifice. Her muscular ring that protected her backdoor was strong and hugged his vein organ like nothing else he could described. It was tight to the point of pain but also elicited pleasure due to its soft edges, making it hard for him to withstand for very long.

"Need to cum...any second now," Kyle announced to both women.

Now knowing that her goofy boyfriend was going to blow his load at any moment, Mandy wanted to finish him in a flurish. His upward thrusts into her ass were becoming more erratic and hard so she knew that soon he would buried his tool in her one last time than coat her bowels with his seed.

"Cum in her ass big boy," Wendy said while rubbing Kyle's chest.

She descended one last time on his pecker then felt his hands close around her hips with an iron grip. Unable to move. Kyle held her still and slammed his pelvis up once, twice, three times with full force. One the last time he could feel the cum in his balls start to boil. He thrust into her one last time than held himself completely inside her ass as he shot his load deep up into her large intestines.

"Cum for me baby," she swooned.

Kyle nor Mandy could see Wendy disappear into her bedroom, nor did they hear her feet on the wooden floor. The adorable pair were completely spent and exhausted, both having cum in as strong of a way as possible. Fucking in front of a person was new for them, and Mandy was always excited to add new notches to her belt.

They may not have seen her leave or return, but when they caught a glimse out of the corner of her eye they certain couldn't look away. Overtop of her stretch blank pants and long sleeve grey shirt she now wore a black harness, but the real eye-catcher was what it was holding. Displayed proudly in front of her sex was a 12-inch long dark purple dildo that was an exact replica of a human cock...if that human dick was as thick as a forearm.

"Wow, hold up," Mandy exclaimed. "I thought you were only going to watch me and Kyle."

"Originally yes. But seeing you two fuck has me all excited. So I'm going to join," Wendy stated matter-of-factly.

"I'm fine with it if you long as I'm not on the business end of that thing," an exhausted Kyle stated.

"Lucky me then," Mandy said, eyes still wide from the sheer size of the strap-on.

While Kyle moved to the far end of the large sofa to make room, Wendy had pulled her shair up to the front of the cocuh right where Mandy was situated. Seeing the older woman seated with her fake dick there, the dark-haired coed rolled off and got on her knees. Not needing prodding she opened her mouth wide, stretching it further then ever and closed her lips around the purple plastic.

Wendy wasn't overly surprised to see that Mandy could only swallow a meager 4 inches of the mammounth toy. Despite that, the blonde woman was enjoying watching the younger coed try dutifully to suck it like it was an actual dick. She loved how Mandy would look up into her eyes as she bobbed along her length, making her wet from that alone.

"I wanna see big spit strings just like with Kyle," Wendy instructed.

Mandy had given in to the weird situation and wasn't going to hold anything back with her sex master. She lowered herr head down further this time, steadying the cock with both hands and instantly felt her gag reflex kick in. She silenced it for a few seconds, coughing up phlegm as she reversed course. Her spit now covered the length that she had fit in her mouth, but she did that trick a few more times to really please Wendy.

"Like that," Mandy said with a smirk.

"That's it. I want to have this dick covered in your spit everywhere," Wendy grinned.

As Mandy went back to cram more dildo in her gullet, this time Wendy spiked her hips skyward and forced more into her mouth then before. Mandy had to focus on not choking as the smallest droplets of water spilled from her eyes. To show the older woman she wasn't fazed, she held herself steady and took a few more jabs before pulling her mouth away.

"God you are some talented cock sucker," Wendy beamed in excitement. "But let's see how well you take this."

The younger girl was on her feet and spinning around to present her round ass to Wendy before kneeling on the sofa with her heavy chest resting on the top of the back rest. Wendy was up as well, crouching over the bent woman to spit into the crack she made wider by pulling her meaty cheeks apart. Mandy jolted slightly with the feel of the saliva plastering against her asshole, and once more as the older woman rubbed the tip of the well lubricated toy against her backdoor.

"Time to see how this dick looks in your ass," the older woman told her.

Mandy barely had time to register where she planned on sticking her before the toy was pushed forward and her sphincter relaxed to allow it into her ass. She bit down hard on the sofa as her asshole was stretched wider then it had ever gone before, but luckily Wendy wasn't a sadist. She backed out enough to have the tip left inside before pushing in another inch.

It was like this for several minutes with the older woman never giving Mandy more than she could handle. To her credit, Mandy started to relax and felt the dildo passing easier into her bowels, not nearly at the speed Kyle went earlier nor with the length. Mandy didn't think she'd stretch any more and there was only less than half the length of the toy thrusting into her ass.

"Mhmm...such a big round ass. So nice," Wendy said licking her lips as she continued drining forward. "Tell me how much you like."

"Wendy, please fuck my ass, I beg you," the dark-haired girl repeated.

"Didn't think it would fit for a second," Kyle commented.

"Me neither...then I remembered how big a slut your girlfriend was so I kicked myself for not giving her the credit she deserves," the blonde added.

With Kyle speaking, Wendy noticed the boy was ready to get back in the game based on the fact he was sporting a full erection while watching his girl get ass-fucked by the largest dildo she could find. She waved him to get to his feet and when he stood beside her Wendy pulled out, leaving the largest gape either of them had seen an asshole go.

Without needing to be told what to do, Kyle took up the mantle of sodomizing the horny coed once more. Unlike last time, his entire dick flew into her ass in one push, the only thing stopping him from piercing more of her bowels being his hips thudding against her amazing ass. Mandy was surprised with all 9 inches occupying her rectum as well but it felt good to be crammed so full and she found herself encouraging him to go harder.

"Here, suck on this. I'm tired of hearing her voice," Wendy ordered.

Despite knowing exact where the toy just came from Mandy didn't stop herself from opening her mouth wide and taking the dildo onto her tongue. Her taste buds were bathed in the flavor of her asshole, which was pleasantly not as bad as she feared. It was slightly bitter like coffee but somewhat enjoyable and not disgusting so she bobbed on all the length she could as she took it from both ends of her curvy body.

Somewhere during the procedings she had snaked her arm underneath herself and was rubbing her slit once more. It felt good to have her clit flicked as Kyle's big dick flew at neck breaking speeds into her asshole, but she got an extra thrill when she stuffed two fingers into her vacant pussy. She could feel his manhood gliding swiftly in and out with her digits, pushing her closer to an unexpected second orgasm of the night.

"Yes Kyle...faster. Don't stop," Mandy pleaded.

When Wendy dreamed this up with the pair of attractive people standing in her doorway she had never envisioned it going this well. Not only were the couple willing to play ball with her despite her clearly over-the-top empty threats, but Mandy was willing to get assfucked by a monster of a dildo and then cum from Kyle giving it to her in the rear as well.

The older blonde was snapped out of her thought by the dark-haired girl howls of passion. Both Kyle thrusting into her backside and her own hand diddling her clit were going faster and with more purpose then ever it it went that the girl was seconds away from cumming again.

"OHHHHH! YEEESSSS," Mandy screamed, her face contorted in a look of either pure pleasure or intense pain without knowing the context.

"Shiiiittt," Kyle grunted while gnashing his teeth.

Her asshole was clenching down on his cock tighter then ever but he was going too fast to stop his momentum. He didn't want to stop either as the amount of pleasure he was deriving from her spasming butthole was too great to stop.

After her intense orgasm, Mandy seemed to black out. She forgot all about the cock slicing into her bowels and the enormous dildo thrusting into her mouth. She didn't know how long she was in that state of bliss for before being snapped out of it by the roar of her boyfriend's voice.

"Need to cum again," he bellowed.

"Her face this time," Wendy ordered.

Out of reflex Mandy spun around and lowered herself on the sofa the next time Kyle reared back out of her asshole. He didn't move at all so Mandy opened her mouth and took his cock into her mouth, straight from her asshole once more just like with the dildo. The thought of her sucking her ass juices from his fleshy tool made the need to cum all the more present for the long-haired man.

Mandy took him jabbing into her throat a few more times before he pulled out from between her lips so he could cream all over her lovely face. She closed her eyes in time as the majority of his load splattered across her cheeks and her nose, though some got on her lips and chin as well. She stuck her tongue out and allowed the spent boy to rub the tip of his pole against it so that the last few glubs spilled out onto her taste buds.

"Bravo," Wendy said, clapping sincerely. "I'm super duper impressed."

"Why thank you," Kyle smiled, beaming with pride.

"Got to admit that was a lot of fun," Mandy said, using a tissue Wendy handed her to clean her face. "And we're good here now?"

"Yes. I'll call Ed right after you leave and set up the date he wants," the blonde nodded.


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