Last Man Standing: Boyd's Birthday Bash (bbbF,inc,anal,facial,reluc,cons,cp,first,dp,dpp,dap)
by Dr. Demented 666

It was Boyd's 11'th birthday and he had a bash to be remembered for a lifetime. Now that the party was over he asked to of his closest friends to stay the night for a sleepover and Boyd's Mom, Kristen, would watch them until his Grandmother, Vanessa, would get back later in the night.

Josh and Eric, both 12 years old, accepted the offer. Josh was a cute boy with the boyish good looks of a 13 year old Dominic Scott Kay; whereas Eric had the same doppelganger features as the 12 year old Eric in Jurassic Park 3. It was late and the boys headed up to Boyd's room and went to bed as Kristen stayed up and waited for her Mom, Vanessa, to get back from a night out on the town with her old girlfriends.

About an hour passed and all the boys were asleep except for Eric, who grew restless as he thought of Boyd's Grandmother...

"God, she's hot!" A thunderous thought ran through Eric's head as he felt a swelling in his briefs. He pulled the sheets down and gently caressed his boner as he thought of the GILF that resembled a hot young mother.

Eric couldn't take it, he needed an outlet. Eric got up and slowly crept his way to Vanessa's bedroom, making sure she wasn't in it yet and slipped inside. Luckily her husband, Mike, left that same night for a business trip so he had the room all to his self. Eric slipped into the bedroom and rummaged through Vanessa's dresser drawers until he found her nylons...

Eric pulled the silky black nylon from the drawer and slipped out of his black briefs and put his hard cock into the shear fabric, slowly working it over his tingling cock and pleasuring himself as he fantasized about the hot woman he always wanted in real life-- when suddenly...

"Holy shit! What the!" A sharp, shocked, voice came from the doorway.

Eric's eyes popped open with surprise and embarrassment as he still stood there with Vanessa's nylon over his wood that stuck straight out with enjoyment, only to see the very woman he was fantasizing about standing there in the doorway with shock and a jaw dropped open wide. Eric now knew Vanessa had came back home and Kristen took off to her own home, leaving Vanessa in this awkward circumstance as she gazed that the boys youthful good looks and totally naked in her bedroom.

Her eyes wandered over the preteens prepubescent frame and soaking in his tight hairless scrotum and hard 5" erection as her nylon fell off of it and to the floor, exposing its rigid state and bulging vein running up its topside. His hard abs and tight butt tantalized Vanessa until she fluttered her eyes and pulled herself out of her seductive daze...

"Eric! What are you doing in my room!? Naked!?" Vanessa asked, knowing full well the answer as she still took in the boy's good looks.

"I...I...You...You're so hot..." Eric exclaimed with a boyish high-pitched voice as he stared at Vanessa in her tight fitting black dress that showed off her incredible large breasts and deep cleavage, along with her bare shoulders and open back and her legs! God! Her amazing long legs tanned and sultry with just a golden ankle bracelet on one ankle as her dress clung to her shapely hips...

"Stop it, Eric. I'm old enough to be your mother." Vanessa exclaimed.

"I know. But I can't stop thinking about you, I mean, look what thinking of you does to me." Eric stated as he pointed down to his full erection.

Vanessa stared at his hard-on and his peach fuzzed balls and smooth frame, his innocence beckoning for her to come to him. But Vanessa shook her head in a 'No' fashion: "It's best you go back to Boyd's room and stop thinking like that. We'll keep this just between us."

Vanessa thought he was on his way back to Boyd's room as he approached her and went to walk by, stopping at her side and swiftly turning to her: "I'm sorry...I gotta try..." Eric stated, pressing himself against her warm body and letting the underside of his shaft glide up her smooth leg as he leaned in and put his tongue into her mouth. Vanessa's eyes widened with surprise and horror all mixed in together as she struggled to get out a 'STOP!' and 'NO!'. But Eric proved to be quite strong for his age and continued to dry hump her leg while he Frenched her as he seen done on TV or in some porn he'd watch on the internet.

Vanessa finally pried herself loose of his grip and wiped her lips, looking down at her leg and the pre-cum that was smeared on it like a soothing lotion. Eric wasn't sure what she was going to do next but he relished in the wine flavor her mouth held from the nights partying out on town. Maybe that's what made her do what she did next...

Vanessa reached behind her and unzipped her dress, sliding it down her frame and then down to the floor where she stepped out of it. Eric could now see she wasn't wearing a bra and her tits held firm like a teen girls. She had on a pair of black-laced panties with ruffles around the waist band. He could actually see through them slightly and make out her womanly bush between her legs. Vanessa seen him staring down between her legs and slid her panties off, letting him see her womanhood for the first time and bringing his fantasy life to reality.

Eric went to her and took her by the hand, leading her to the bed and having her lie back on it on her back. He then lifted one of her arms up and bound her wrist to one bed post...

"What are you doing?" Vanessa asked as she watched him use her nylon he masturbated with to bind her wrist.

"I'm tying you up, just in case you change your mind." Eric said to her as he strung the nylon over to the other bed post and bound her other wrist with it, leaving her arms stretched up and over her head to either side of the bed.

Eric placed himself kneeling next to her head on the bed and began to explore her body with the underside of his cock, first running it through her shoulder length curly brown hair; then down across the side of her face and neck. He stopped at her lips and slid it between them, relishing in the fact she opened her mouth and let him put his member into it.

Eric threw his head back and a huge smile came over his face as Vanessa gave him his first oral sex, feeling her wet tongue lashes as she applied suction while he moved his hips in a humping fashion. But he wanted so much more and was growing bored of just trying this, so he continued using his shaft and sliding it against the underside of her am and down to her hairless armpit. Then he continued on down the side of her chest, rubbing his cock head against her stiff nipple and then straddling her chest while placing his cock into her cleavage.

Vanessa stared up at the young boy atop her as her heart pounded while he cupped her breasts and pushed them around his shaft, fucking her tits with a coy look on his face...

"I can feel your heartbeat against my thing, Vanessa...Wow! It's really fast..." Eric told her.

Eric slid the rest of the way down her body so as his dick rubbed through her soft and wet pubes, then he laid down on her and began to kiss her using his tongue; flirting his tongue over her beautiful body as he worked his way down on her. Vanessa lifted her head as he approached her pussy until just the top of his head and eyes were staring back up at her through her pubes, burying his tongue into her and making her drop her head back down into the pillow and arch the small of her back.

Eric knew he was doing it well to her, tasting her raspberry-like wetness as her groomed pubes tickled the sides of his face and then-A huge explosive orgasm...

Vanessa screamed with delight as the boy brought her to levels she hasn't been at for years. Her orgasm spraying all over the young boy and soaking his face and hair until her looked like he just came out of the shower. Vanessa panted heavily as her body quivered and her legs shook as they straightened and her squirts made the insides of them glisten.

Eric kissed his way back up her body until they were face to face: "I wanna put it in you..." Eric said to her as his erection humped against her pubes...

"Do it...I wanna feel it in me, too...Take me, Eric..." Vanessa panted in a horny nature.

Within seconds he was inching himself into her and within just as many seconds he filled her with his cum. Eric's cock pulsed and the throbs banged against her inner vaginal walls as the vein-popped top of his dick tickled her clit with frenzy delight...

Vanessa gasped as she experienced her second orgasm of the night and the sudden feeling of boy cum rushing into her with fire hose-like shots. Eric's thrusting came to and end but then increased once more, surprising Vanessa as he began to take her for a second time...

"Again!? Really?!" Vanessa panted to him heavily.

"Jeez! Vanessa! You're gonna make it happen again! I wanna see it this time! I wanna do it on your face!" He exclaimed as he brought his internet porn to life and pulled from her pussy as she was in mid squirt, leaving her squirting into the air and squealing as she shook her head side to side as his hot cum splashed onto her face.

Finally he finished and he stared down at the mess on Vanessa's face as she looked up at him with disbelief...

"I can't believe you just did that to me! Gross! Let me up, Eric..." Vanessa demanded.

A quick tap came across Eric's shoulder and he looked back over it to see a naked Josh standing in the room with his own 5" erection ready for action. Eric got up and off of Vanessa, allowing Josh to take his place.

Vanessa seen the naked Josh climb into bed with her and more disbelief came over her face...

"Not you too...God! What the hell is happening?" Vanessa stated as he inched himself into her freshly fucked and creamy pussy, feeling the warmth of herself and Eric's cum inside of her...

"I'm humping you..." Josh sated as a huge smile came over his face.

Josh closed his eyes as he laid down on her and took her while kissing her, swapping Eric's cum between their mouths as Vanessa became heated once more, feeling her womb tense up as Josh came to a dead halt with just the tip of his cock inside of her pussy; then plunging it forcefully into her as he came hard.

Vanessa's eyes began to water and a tear rolled down her cheek, not from pain but the utter pleasure she was having as she came in unison with Josh; having her third orgasm of the night. Josh playfully licked the rest of Eric's cum from her face as he withdrew, only to have a naked Boyd standing at the side of the bed and watching what his friends were doing to his Grandma.

Eric knew Boyd had entered the room while Josh was taking Vanessa, urging him to watch and take off his pajamas to join in after Josh was through. Hesitant at first, Boyd watched the fun Josh and his Grandma were having and the fact he was experiencing a new sensation growing down below on himself, he decided to go for it...

"Your turn..." Eric said to Boyd as Josh got off the bed and allowed Vanessa to see her naked grandson at bedside and stroking his own 5" erection...

"What!? NO! FUCK NO! I'm his Grandmother! We can't! Boyd! No! Don't, baby!" Vanessa stated and begged as she watched Boyd climb onto the bed as she shut her legs on him, preventing him from getting between them.

"Grab a leg, Josh." Eric commanded.

Josh took hold of Vanessa's right leg as Eric took hold of her left leg and they both pried them open, allowing Boyd to see his Grandma's totally naked hot body and pussy that oozed boy cum from it...

"Go down on her, lick it from her snatch." Josh told Boyd as he stared down at his Grandmother's beauty.

Boyd smiled and giggled with his boyish charm as his Grandma squirmed with discontent as he licked his way down her smooth inner leg until he reached her pussy where he gently pried open her vaginal lips and exposed her pink inner vaginal walls that were coated creamy white with boy cum. Boyd softly stirred his tongue into her, mimicking what his friends did and making her purr and groan 'NOOOO' at the same time.

Vanessa felt herself give in to her grandson's flirting as he slid up her body, stopping momentarily to suckle her voluptuous breasts and then proceeding up until they were face to face as his erection rested against her muff. Josh took hold of Boyd's thing and guided him into his Grandma's pussy, watching the intense look of surprise on Boyd's face as he entered her, feeling her hot wetness encircle his member with clenching massages. And Vanessa! Vanessa felt her grandson penetrate her and her body quaked as her jaw dropped with disbelief, feeling his rigid shaft take her for the first time as he squinted his eyes shut in a wincing fashion as he breathed heavily onto her face...

"What's that look!? What are you doing!?" Vanessa exclaimed to Boyd...

She felt the sudden surge of pressure into her womb and realized Boyd had came inside of her. The other boys did the same before-- and that was somehow ok, but Boyd being her grandson and all! WOW! She gasped as her body spasmed from the sudden convulsing jerks of Boyd's hips, feeling his cock spasm inside of her as he whined like a puppy with a soft voice as he filled his Grandma's pussy with his preteen semen.

"I think we can let go now." Eric said to Josh in reference to them holding her legs open.

They let go of Vanessa's legs and she encircled them around Boyd's waist, her smooth warm legs welcomed the young boys body between them as they clenched themselves around his frame and slowly fell to his side as they both orgasmed.

Boyd fluttered his eye lids until his eyes were fully opened and looked at Vanessa under him with her reflection in his watery eyes...

"What...What just happened?" Boyd asked of his Grandma under him, still recuperating from her own orgasm provided to her by the 11 year old.

"You came inside me, honey." Vanessa replied.

"What's that mean?" He asked of her.

"Pull out of her and see." Eric told him.

Boyd rose to his knees and slowly withdrew from his gorgeous young Grandmother's pussy and watched as his white cum followed just behind his penis...

"Wow! That's all from me?" Boyd asked with amazement as he stared at the ooze coming out of her.

"Most of it, probably...But some might be ours, too." Eric said to Boyd.

Eric undid Vanessa's restraints and led Boyd over to a large arm chair with cushioned back rest to it and had him sit in it while he took Vanessa and had her climb onto the chair and spread her legs so they were outstretched to the arms of the chair at either side and now in a split directly over Boyd's face.
Eric guided Vanessa's arms up to a chain that once held a light to it and dangled from the beam running across the ceiling and had her grasp it to support herself.

Josh went to her front and began to make out with her as his hard cock humped its way through Boyd's brown hair on the top of his head. Meanwhile, Eric got on the chair behind her as Boyd swiped his tongue over her cummy pussy, he and josh began to lick her neck and slowly worked their way down and under to both her arm pits where they swiped their wet tongues over her bare arm pits and tasting the faint hint of deodorant. Vanessa smiled as their tongues tickled her under arms...

"You boys really know how to find my erogenous zones!" Vanessa giggled to them.

Then Eric propped his hard cock up against her tight asshole and forced himself into her balls deep...

Vanessa cringed at the sudden anal penetration from Eric, plowing his rigid shaft deep into her and pumping her with full strokes back and forth; making her ass stretch and pull back outward with each backward pull of his cock...

"MY ASS! CHRIST! IT BURNS! JESUS! MY FUCKING ASS! ERIC! YOU'RE TAKING MY ASS!" Vanessa screamed as she held onto the chain for dear life until Eric finished inside of her, replacing the burning sensation with a creamy delight that soothed her inner anal cavity.

Eric pulled from her ass as she remained in the split on top of the chairs arms over Boyd, watching as his cum poured from Vanessa's ass like a river and filled Boyd's mouth till it overflowed and spilled down either side of Boyd's neck.

Vanessa slowly let herself down from the top of the chair, slithering her way down her grandson's body until they were face to face and could see the mess from Eric all over him. Vanessa playfully licked the cum from Boyd's mouth, face and neck as she felt Josh grab Boyd's dick between her legs and put him inside of her. Vanessa took the hint and began to fuck her grandson and was utterly shocked to feel Josh insert his own cock into her wanton pussy.

Vanessa yelped with each thrust as the boys could feel the ridges of their cock heads sliding over one another inside of Vanessa. Vanessa became overwhelmed as her body quivered and shook like she was out in the frigid cold as her eyes rolled back in their sockets and turned white, she could feel both Boyd and Josh shooting their cum inside of her at the same time and easily nailed her G-spot with the tips of their cocks on each thrust into her. Vanessa had several orgasms in a row, squirting uncontrollably onto the boys shafts until Josh pulled from her and she sprang up off of Boyds, spilling their cum out onto the tops of his legs, cock and balls.

Vanessa slithered down Boyd's body further and put him in her mouth, sucking him off and licking up the mess off his skin as Josh stood over her ass and aimed his cock straight down towards her ass entrance, squatting down to it and pushing his erection into her while laying across her back.

The dainty peach fuzz that you could barley make out on the small of her back except for at an angle shown through a light, stood on end from goosebumps forming as she felt Eric enter her pussy. She was now getting her first ever DP from two boys she barely knew!

Boyd shot up off the chair after he shot a hot load all over his Grandma's face and into her hair, making her squeal with surprise; went down to her backside where all the action was taking place. Boyd positioned himself between Eric and Josh with Eric still in Vanessa's pussy and Josh still in her ass. Boyd than, with pressure, forced himself into his Grandma's ass along with Josh's cock.

"ALL THREE OF YOU!? GOD! YOU'RE ALL IN ME AT THE SAME TIME! TAKING ME! FUCKING ME! MAKING ME!....CUMMMMMMMMM!" Vanessa screamed under intense pressure building inside of her as the boys began to orgasm...

Their cocks bulged under pressure and then exploded, releasing a huge amount of cum inside of her ass and pussy. Each cock pulsed seperately, giving her a tingly sensation in both her holes as their reverberations shock waved through her inner walls and made her spine tense and nearly snap as she collapsed onto her grandson as Josh and Boyd pulled from her ass along with Eric from her pussy, each boy watching the intense cum waterfall flowing from both her holes; down her legs and onto the hardwood floor where it all pooled.

Vanessa rolled over and sat on the floor with her legs spread and played with her milky white pubes, changed in color from their natural brown to the color of sperm. Her ass gaped wide and she smiled as she fingered cum into it as the boys stood over her with smiles, watching her devilish playing before their very eyes.

Vanessa looked up at Boyd with a huge smile: "Happy Birthday, baby."

Boyd had a birthday bash he'd never forget; nor would Eric, Josh or Vanessa...





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