Last Man Standing: Family Rivalry (FF,bF,herm,inc,anal,cream pie,squirt,voy,toys)
by Dr. Demented 666

Vanessa was getting stuff ready for her grandson's 11'th birthday and headed upstairs to grab his present from her bedroom when she heard a moaning sound coming from her youngest daughter's, Eve, bedroom. The door was slightly cracked open so she peaked through the opening and seen Eve on top of her eldest sister, Kristen, fucking her.

Vanessa couldn't believe what she was seeing as her daughters were having sex with each other, incest was the key word. This wasn't just an ordinary sex scenario with lesbian sisters, Vanessa knew what Eve was really and really doing to Kristen. Eve was in fact a hermaphrodite, born a girl with a male penis. Vanessa was dumbfounded and covered her mouth as she watched Eve pound away inside her sister, making her squeal with delight.

Vanessa found herself getting aroused as she watched her Eve, now 18, fucking her sister Kristen, now in her late 20's. How many times have these two been doing this, Vanessa wondered. Her answer would come shortly enough when Kristen uttered something she never suspected: "God! Eve! Fuck me like you did all them years ago and made Boyd!"

"Holy shit!" Vanessa mumbled to herself. "Eve is really Boyd's father....Mother!? But how? Eve would've been like 7 years old at the time and she couldn't possibly have the stuff at that age to inseminate her sister. But apparently she did, must've had something to do with her hermaphroditical features."

So now Vanessa knows Eve is her grandson's real father and Aunt at the same time and a lover to Kristen in secret. Vanessa grew wet down below and went to her bedroom where she took all her clothes off and grabbed her handy toy from her nightstand and went back to Eve's doorway. There Vanessa rested her back against the wall and peered into the bedroom and began to slowly slide the vibrating dildo into her wet pussy as she watched her daughters fuck each other in a heated passion.

Suddenly Vanessa felt something wet on her breast and looked down to see her grandson, Boyd, licking her erect nipple and his 5" boner poking at her smooth leg. This sent chills up her spine and goosebumps formed on her skin as she gasped...

"Boyd....Stop! I'm your Grandma...We can't!"

Boyd looked up at her with his innocent eyes as he continued rubbing his shaft against his grandma's leg... "But Aunt Eve and my Mom are doing it... I never knew... I mean, look at 'em." He said with a soft and curious voice.

"I know, honey. But this is just wrong." Vanessa stated.

"Yeh, but you must like it some or else you wouldn't be out here naked and playing with yourself while watching them." Boyd suggested as he reached down and took control of the vibrating shaft inside his grandma's womb. She gasped as he began to work it back and forth and then pulled it out fully with a flood of her vaginal juices following.

Vanessa almost collapsed to the floor from her orgasm as Boyd gazed at her shaking body and her juices dripping from her pussy onto the hardwood floor. "Wow! Look at it all! This thing is shaped just like mine, grandma." Boyd stated.

Then the unthinkable happened, his dick began to throb and cum spurted from it onto his grandma's silky leg and up the side of her stomach. Vanessa looked down to see her body coated in her grandson's sticky white mess. Boyd slid between her legs and pushed himself into Vanessa and began to take her like his Aunt was taking his Mom.

Vanessa orgasmed again as she felt Boyd's dick pulse inside of her and fill her with his cum. Boyd pulled out and his cum poured out of her and dripped from her thick pubic mound onto the floor. Vanessa slid down to the floor onto her hands and knees and looked back over her shoulder...

"More! I want more, Boyd! Fuck me...Fuck me in my ass!" Vanessa uttered. Boyd couldn't believe his grandma was swearing like that, but it did excite him to see her round ass and tight ass cleavage staring back at him and he was still very hard.

Boyd stood over his grandma and aimed his hard cock down at her asshole and lowered himself into her ass. The most surprised, gasping look came over Vanessa's face as her ass cherry was popped by her 11 year old grandson. Boyd looked into the bedroom and watched his Aunt Eve take his Mom over and over in bed. He matched the rhythm of his humping with his Aunt Eve's and soon his mom was squealing: "That's it...Fuck me! Make me fucking cum! Eve! Fuck me! Cum inside me like you did all them years ago!"

Vanessa heard this as well and as Boyd came inside her ass she squirted all over the floor as Eve came inside Kristen. All four seemed to be satisfied now as Boyd withdrew his cock from his grandma and watched his cum pour out her gape and slide down the inside of her leg. Eve dismounted her sister and rolled onto her side next to her in bed with her 8" hard cock flopping back and laying on her stomach.

Kristen rolled over and leaned down and put Eve in her mouth and began to suck her off as she laid on her back. Eve grasped the sheets and balled them up in her fists and her back arched and a smile came over her face. Her eye lids sprang open and she howled with delight as she came again in Kristen's mouth. Kristen gagged and pulled away, jerking Eve off and watching her stuff shoot feet into the air and splash back down onto her body.

Boyd and Vanessa gazed into the bedroom at Kristen's cum-soaked face and hand as she licked her way up Eve's perfect teen body and swapped her cum with her. Boyd grabbed his grandma and pushed her onto the floor on her back and slid into her between her legs and began to kiss her like Eve did his Mom.

Vanessa was totally horny for his young cock and she wrapped her legs around him as he came again inside her as he tongue kissed her like Eve did his Mom. Vanessa orgasmed 3 more times with Boyd inside of her and flooded his cock with her vaginal juices as he pulsated inside of her.

Finally he finished and stood up as did she, but barely; her legs nearly giving out from under her from her dizzy orgasms. Vanessa looked down at the soaked floor from her orgasms and Boyd's cum. "Oh my God! What did we do? Hurry Boyd...Get a towel so we can clean this up!" Vanessa said in a rush before her daughter's came out and seen what they done.

Boyd ran and got a towel, coming back with his hard dick swaying as he handed the towel to his grandma... "Now, don't ever tell anyone what we done, ok?" Vanessa told her grandson as she started to clean the mess up..."Ok...As long as we can do this more often." Boyd replied coyly.

Vanessa looked at him with a blackmailed type look, since she now knew this wasn't going to be a one-time affair.

It wasn't but a week later and Boyd was at home with his Mom and he was feeling the urge growing in his pants. His grandma was miles away and couldn't help with his desire so he turned to the next best thing...His Mom. She was actually exciting him as she sat on the sofa with her legs crossed and reading a book. She had on a black ruffled skirt and thigh-high black nylons and a turtle-neck sweater.

Boyd was feeling bold and went to his Mom with his heart beating rapidly, standing before her and removing his clothes. Kristen looked at her son with disbelief as he stood before her fully naked with an erection staring straight at her.

"Oh my God! Boyd! What are you doing!?"

He smiled as he straddled his Mom's lap and leaned in for a kiss.

"Stop! I'm your mother...We can't!"

"You mean like you and Aunt Eve couldn't?" He stated.

"What! You saw!?" She asked with disbelief.

"Yep, everything....Besides, Grandma was there, too."

"My Mom seen us?" Kristen asked with horror.

"Yeh, and she liked what she saw." Boyd said.

"She did? How do you know?"

"Because we did to each other in the hall what you two did to each other in bed, and more." Boyd said with a boyish matter-of-fact smile.

Kristen couldn't believe what she just heard, her own son with her mother, his grandmother! She didn't imagine such a scenario in her wildest dreams but was soon to find out personally what her son did as he was about to reenact the moment on his own Mom. Kristen sat there as her son lifted her sweater up off of her and exposed her full breasts as his hard dick rubbed against her smooth stomach at her naval.

Boyd leaned in and pressed his lips against his mother's, their eyes stared into each other's with hers more watery than his due to the uneasiness of the moment. Boyd let out soft puppy-like yelps as he orgasmed and shot his cum all over his mother's stomach. She looked down at the white mess on her and Boyd slid up her stomach to in between her breasts. She pushed them together around her son's cock and his cum served as a lubricant as he tit fucked his Mom.

Boyd pulled away from his Mom and stood over her on the sofa pressing his cock against her lips as her head arched back onto the top back of the sofa. Slowly Boyd slid into his Mom's mouth and fucked her mouth. He could feel her suction and wet tongue swirl over his shaft and cock head and then he came. Boyd filled his mother's mouth with cum as he grunted with boy moans and his cum sliding out the corner of her mouth and down her neck.

He pulled out after he finished and his Mom said with disbelief: "You came in my mouth!"

Boyd smiled as he knelt at the foot of the sofa between his Mom's legs and pulled her skirt off and than rolled her nylons off her legs. He grasped at her panties waistline and she grabbed him by the wrists...."Wait! I don't think we should go this far. I am your Mom after all."

"I know...But you're so hot!" That was this biggest compliment a son could give and so she let him proceed with removing her undies. Kristen opened her legs wide and expose her fluff muff to her son who caressed her pubic mound gently. He slowly licked his way down the inside of her leg and pushed his tongue into her pussy curving it upward inside of her as her coarse pubic hairs tickled the sides of his face.

His Mom immediately orgasmed and squirted all over her son's face as she hooked her legs around the back of his neck and kept him there until she finished.

"Wow! You squirt just like grandma!" Boyd exclaimed.

Kristen's face was beet red from embarrassment as her leg lock released and her son rose to between her legs and inserted himself into her. Kristen watched her son's cock disappear into her and she squirmed with each of his strokes into her, watching as his dick began to glisten with her moistness.

"Mom, you're so warm and wet...Just like grandma. It feels so good in you."

"I know, honey...I feel it, too."

Just then Boyd yelped as he came...

"Did you...Oh my God! Boyd! Did you just cum in me!?" His Mom exasperated to him.

He was sort of confused since his grandma let him in her. Kristen pushed her son back and out of her and her eyes widened as she watched his white mess ooze from her freshly fucked pussy and drip onto the floor.

"God! I can't believe you did that to me, Boyd. I'm not using any protection today..."

"Wellllllll....Maybe we can try it here." Boyd said with excitement as he firmly pushed the head of his hard cock against his Mom's puckered asshole.

"Jeez...Not there...It'll hurt." Kristen stated.

"Grandma seemed to like it." He proclaimed to his Mom.

"Really? How do you know?" His Mom asked curiously.

"Because she asked me to do it to her back there and I did, making her squirt all over the floor."

"Well, maybe...I guess we can, I just never done anal before." His Mom stated.

Boyd gently pushed his still cum-soaked cock into his mother's ass, watching as her rectum swelled and swallowed his shaft as he pushed himself balls deep into her. He pulled back all the way to the tip of his cock and slowly eased fully back into her. They both watched as his cum slowly dripped from her pussy and onto the top of his shaft, lubricating it as he worked it back and forth into his Mom.

Kristen had painful expressions on her face at first but turned to joys as her son laid across her body and licked his cum up off her neck and pushed it into her mouth with his tongue. They both shared his load as he thrusted into her ass, making her moan loudly and orgasm. Her squirts showered Boyds lower stomach and his cock pulsated in her ass, filling it with his cum as she lifted her legs into midair and held them there to allow her son full access to her hole.

Finally their orgasms subsided and Boyd got off his Mom, leaving her sitting there panting heavily and flush in the face from her dizzy orgasm. When she got her wits about her she realized Boyd's Dad would be getting home soon from work and that they needed to get dressed and the mess cleaned up before he does.

"When can we do it again, Mom?"

"Soon...Very soon...Trust me." She replied.

"Can grandma and Aunt Eve join, too?" Boyd asked, enthusiastically. His Mom was a little taken aback by the suggestion, but replied: "Sure...I never thought of doing my Mom before, or even you for that matter, but look at what's happened so far. We might even be able to seduce your Aunt Mandy into joining us as well."

The very thought of doing his other Aunt Mandy really got him going again and he pounced on his Mom. "What are you doing?! STOP! We don't have time!" His Mom screamed. Ut Boyd plunged himself into her pussy and within seconds he came again. Kristen couldn't believe her son took her like that and came so fast, he's definitely one horny boy and his lusts will need to be controlled for future escapades.


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