Last Man Standing: Mandy Shows Eve A Good Time (FF,inc,herm,anal,bukkake,cream pie)
by Dr. Demented 666

19 year old Eve was over visiting her older sister, Mandy, at their parents house. Sure Mandy was married and still staying at her parents home with her husband, Kyle, while Eve was staying in the basement of her other older sisters, Kristen, house...But no one really seemed to mind. But this weekend the parents were out of town and Kyle was camping with his mentor and boss, so Eve and Mandy had time alone to catch up on life and what was going on with them.

Mandy had on tight jean shorts that showed off the bottoms of her ass cheeks and a tight pink belly shirt that showed her bare stomach and naval and hugged her full breasts and let her erect nipples peek through the fabric. Eve was dressed in a tight white tank top that pulled against her petite breasts and tones stomach while she pranced around in her baby blue cotton panties that clearly let her camel-toe show.

Mandy was impressed at how her sister grew and her long brown hair hung freely down to her mid back and was slightly wet looking from just taking a shower. Mandy walked to her sister with a smile and wrapped her arms around her from behind and softly kissed the side of Eve's neck. Eve was shocked at what her sister was doing and reached back and grabbed Mandy's pony tail that dangled behind her head, making her look like an Audrey Hepburn.

"Stop! What are you doing?!" Eve shouted as Mandy unclenched Eve's fist from her pony tail and guided her hand down to between Mandy's leg...

"Feel it?" Mandy asked of her sister.

Eve's eyes sprang open wide and she twirled around and looked down to see a huge lump in Mandy's jean shorts, watching as Mandy unzipped them and let her 10" erection flop out in full view and smack against Eve's smooth upper leg.

"Are you kidding me with that thing? I've known you are a hermaphrodite, but never knew it was like that...I mean, how do you and Kyle...You know?" Eve uttered in disbelief.

"He really doesn't know yet. When it comes to taking off all my clothes it's either in the dark or I blindfold him and we only do it doggy style or with him on my back...But you....What's your story down here?" Mandy said as she slid her fingers between Eve's camel-toe and up her vaginal slit, sending chills up her spine and making her wet.

"Stop...We're sisters...We can't...Can we?" Eve stated.

Mandy smiled and stepped back, taking off all her clothes and than lifting Eve's top off of her and leaning down and flicking her wet tongue over Eve's stiff nipples that protruded off her breasts. Eve became heated at what was happening and slowly succumbed to her sisters seduction, lifting Mandy's head and slowly tonguing her while playing with her shaft.

"Have you ever sucked on one before?" Mandy asked of her sister.

"Are you kidding, no way." Eve replied.

Mandy placed her hand atop Eve's head and pushed her down to her knees where Mandy gently rubbed the underside of her shaft against Eve's pretty face and neck, stopping at her full lips...

"Open...Open...That's it...Now suck it, but watch the teeth." Mandy ordered.

Eve looked up at her sister with her puppy-like eyes as she fit half her sisters length in her mouth and caressed it with her tongue while slowly bobbing her head on it and sucking it gently. Eve watched as Many tossed her head back with her eyes shut and moaned while her stomach muscles contracted and her hips convulsed.

A hot load of cum filled Eve's mouth and made her choke, she pulled away quickly and Mandy pressed her cock against Eve's face and pumped her hips in a fucking fashion; spilling hot loads of cum onto her sister's face as Eve held her eyes shut and squealed as she shook her head side to side trying to avoid the cum splatter. Eve finally dropped her head down and Mandy's cock slid up through Eve's hair, covering it with a cum shampoo as one last load shot out and dropped onto Eve's back. Mandy finally finished and Eve lifted her head, her hair tickling Mandy's cock and making it bounce up with excitement as Eve looked up at her sister with a long strand of cum dangling from her chin.

"Let me help you with that..." Mandy said, as she took her cock and looped the cum around it from Eve's chin and fed it to Eve.

Mandy lifted her sister and licked the cum from her face and neck while working the cum in her hair into it even more with her hands...

"I can't believe you just did that to me...Look at it all..." Eve stated...

"I've got more, c'mon..." Mandy exclaimed as she took her sister by her hand and led her up to her old bedroom and tossed her on the bed.

Eve watched as her sister took hold of her panties at the elastic waist band and pulled them down and off her sexy frame. Mandy pushed open her sisters legs expecting to see a bush to match her hair color but got an eyeful of smooth camel-toe. Mandy played with her sister's snatch as she licked her way down Eve's inner leg till she reached the wet crevice, slowly sliding her tongue fully into Eve's pussy and lapping up her wetness as it flowed freely from her horny body.

Mandy replaced her tongue with her index finger and did a 'Come-hither' motion inside Eve's pussy, banging the tip of her finger against Eve's G-spot as she licked Eve's clit; making Eve orgasm. Eve's legs shot out straight as gyrated violently as Eve screamed with pleasure, spilling her vaginal fluids out onto the sheets as Mandy continued to nail her G-spot over and over. Eve squirted for nearly a minute straight and would've passed out had Mandy not stopped.

Mandy licked and kissed her way up her sister's spent body until their lips met, Eve could feel her sister's immense shaft rubbing against her smooth vaginal slit and her camel-toe pussy lips folding around the shafts sides. Mandy reached down and guided herself into Eve's tight pussy, easing it into the wet tunnel and watching as Eve's eyes glossed over with tears as she got penetrated by her sister for the first time.

"You're so tight, Eve...FUCK! It feels so good in you...Feel me taking you?" Mandy exclaimed as she pumped her hips and watched her cock slide back and forth in Eve.

"I do! I can feel how hard and big it is in me! Fuck me! FUCK ME, MANDY! MAKE ME CUM!" Eve screamed.

The girls came together as Eve felt her sister fill her pussy with cum, the pulsing throbs of the cock and the hot liquid shooting into her made Eve squirt and her whole body twitch with excitement as the sisters orgasmed over and over with each other. As Mandy finished she pulled out and went down on Eve, slurping the cum from her pussy until her mouth was full; then went back up and swapped it with Eve.

Mandy got up to her feet and pulled her sister up along with her and spun her around till she was bent over the dresser's edge. Mandy wet her middle finger by dipping it into Eve's cum-soaked pussy from behind and fingering her a but before pulling it out and sliding it into Eve's asshole. Eve looked back over her shoulder in dismay...

"What are you doing? Not there!"

"Shhhhhh! Relax, Eve...I'll be careful." Mandy reassured her sister while popping her cock head into Eve's ass. Mandy inched half her length into Eve's ass as Eve squinted and squealed while jolting forward and pulling off of Mandy's hard cock.

"Easy, Eve...I was almost there...One more time..." Mandy laughed as she grabbed her sisters hips and repositioned Eve's ass toward her cock. Eve's face looked strained as she felt her sister's hard cock slide fully into her ass, resting momentarily and pulling back to the tip of Mandy's cock head and then inching it back into Eve fully.

Mandy did this over and over, watching as Eve's tight asshole stretched and pulled outward with each back stroke of her cock. Eve squealed with delight as her sister made her ass burn from fucking it while reaching around and rapidly rubbing her clit. Eve began to squirt all over the floor and front of the dresser as Mandy jammed her cock into Eve's ass with forceful thrusts emitting cum into her sister. Eve felt Mandy slowly pull from her ass after she was finished and felt her asshole gape pulsate and cum slide down the insides of her legs.

Mandy dropped to her knees and ran her tongue up Eve's legs, licking the cum off them and then from Eve's pulsing ass. Eve relished in the feeling of Mandy's tongue fluttering about in her ass and her legs quickly gave out. Eve collapsed to the floor and Mandy crawled on top of her, kissing her passionately as Eve wrapped her legs around her sister in a loving embrace, welcoming her warmth and tenderness as post-cum drizzled onto Eve's stomach.

They've always been sisters, but now they'll always be lovers...





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