Last Man Standing: The Baxter Girl's Slumber Party Orgy (FFFF,inc,oral,anal,toys)
by Dr. Demented 666

So all the Baxter girls, Eve, Mandy, Kristen, and even their Mom, Vanessa, decided to have an old fashioned sleepover slumber party since the house would be empty that night because the guys would be out at a card game.

The girls were all dressed in their jammies and in the living room with wine and champagne bottles along with games to play. Mandy was playing with her younger sister, Eve's, hair and made the comment: "Your hair is so soft, Eve...Bet your pubes are like this, too.."

"Yeah, right...Wouldn't you like to know..." Eve said sarcastically.

"Sure, why not...Lets see 'em, Eve..." Mandy replied to Eve's udder amazement. Even the oldest sister, Kristen got in on it: "Yeah...Do show us...Here, let me start things off...This will be the first game of the night-comparing pussies..." Kristen said as their Mom's jaw dropped open as she watched Kristen take off her pajamas and exposed her motherly body to everyone, with her large succulent breasts and puffy nipples to her luscious legs and up to her shaven smooth pussy that sported her camel-toe pussy lips.

"Jesus, Kristen! You shave it bare!?" Their Mom asked in dismay...

Kristen smiled with a 'Yes' nod as Mandy took off her pajamas next, sporting her model-like figure and firm breasts with stiff nipples. Her glistening waxed legs led up to her pussy that was trimmed bare at it's sides and bottom with a patch of thick pubes at its top that came to a thick peak at their center.

Vanessa grew heated as Eve was next, her young teen body slid out of her pajamas and exposed her petite frame and breasts, her thick legs from playing soccer and her neatly trimmed natural muff that hid her pussy slit perfectly. Eve gave an innocent smile with her long brown hair hanging down to her mid-back as she said: "Your turn, Mom..."

The Baxter sister's all watched as Vanessa hesitantly took off her pajamas...She stood there with her MILF figure in its fullness, her huge tits and erect nipples standing firm as the goosebumps on her skin formed, her long toned legs shaved smooth up to her natural-but not overgrown-pussy. All the girls were impressed at how their Mom held up over the years with her body.

"Next game will be to shave each others pussies smooth...Since mine's already shaven smooth, I'll start things off by shaving Mandy's..." Kristen stated.

Kristen went to the bathroom and grabbed a pink lady razor, some shaving cream, a pail of water and a towel and headed back into the living room. There Mandy was already sitting back on the couch with her legs spread and petting her pussy as her Mom and Eve watched. Kristen lathered up Mandy's pussy and shaved it clean, washing it and drying it before running her fingers up Mandy's smooth slit. Kristen swiped her tongue across Mandy's freshly shaven hole and Mandy squealed with ecstasy as her sister licked her bare hole...

"Just like old times, hey sis?" Kristen exclaimed as she pleasured her sister with her tongue.

Vanessa stared in disbelief as she watched her two daughters have oral together...

"What do you mean 'Just like old times'?" Vanessa asked in dismay...

"Mom, we use to always do this together when we shared a room, it felt good...Nothing like getting each other off before school." Kristen stated.

Vanessa couldn't believe her ears as she watched Mandy slam her legs tight against Kristen's face as she plunged her tongue into Mandy's pussy and fluttered it, making her orgasm with a groan and arch of her back as she pounded her fists against the sides of the sofa. Kristen finished her off and Mandy gathered her wits...

"Your turn, Eve..." Mandy said as she placed Eve on the sofa in her place and shaved her pussy just as Kristen did hers earlier, making it shine in the warm glow of the room light. Mandy went to lick her sister's young pussy when Vanessa yelled: "Don't! Not Eve, too!"

"Please, Mom...She's not that innocent...She had sex with her boyfriend in my basement no too long ago." Kristen stated.

Vanessa was again speechless as Mandy's pretty face buried into her sister's wet pussy and licked her clit as she inserted a finger into Eve's pussy. Eve jerked in reaction and her body twisted as she said: "Fuck! That feels soooo good!"

Mandy did a 'come-hither' motion with her finger inside Eve, banging the tip of her finger against Eve's G-spot and sending her into a shocking orgasm. Eve panted heavily as her mom looked on at the incestual happenings before her. Eve squirted all over Mandy's hand and face with powerful spurts of clear liquid and squirming squeals.

Mandy withdrew her finger and gave her sister a final kiss on her bare pussy as she said: "Do that to Mom, now..."

Eve got up with a smile and approached her Mom who sat silent on the sofa with a disbelieving look on her face and her head shaking 'No'. But Eve pushed open her Mothers legs and did to her Mom what her sister's did to her not too long ago, shaved her pussy bare and than playing with it.

Vanessa rolled her eyes as her youngest daughter was seducing her and swiping her tongue across her Mom's vaginal slit before pushing it into her wet pussy. Vanessa moaned and grabbed Mandy by her wrist and squeezed tightly as Eve gave their Mom oral, tasting her honey flavored pussy and making it drip with lust...

"I never felt like this before!" Vanessa exclaimed with excitement as Eve prodded her finger into her Mom's pussy and did to her what Mandy did to Eve...Vanessa screamed as she squirted with power into Eve's mouth and on her face as she swallowed what she could and the rest of the orgasm splashed off her pretty body.

Vanessa's orgasm came to an end and her body went limp on the sofa as she smiled from what just happened to her. Kristen went to her room and came back with a toy, a double-ended strap-on cock that was 8" on either end. Kristen strapped it onto herself and threw Eve back onto the sofa and lined up with her tight pussy, inserting it into her and fucking her right there in front of their Mom and Mandy.

Eve relished in the feeling of her sister's smooth warm body over hers and her taking her pussy with forceful fucks. Kristen began to kiss Eve, inserting her tongue into Eve's mouth as she fucked her until Eve dug her fingertips into Kristen's back and made scratch marks down her spine as Eve orgasmed. Kristen pulled out of Eve quickly and swooped up to her pretty face where she ignited the cock with a button and made it shoot cum all over Eve's face.

Mandy and Vanessa masturbated on the chairs next to the sofa as they watched the defiling of Eve before them. Eve lapped up the cum and kissed the cock heads tip in a thanking manner. Vanessa got up in a heated frenzy and took hold of the cock, unstrapping it from Kristen's waist and pulling it out of her, watching as Kristen's vaginal fluids followed while saying: "Let me give this thing a try..."

The girls watched as Vanessa eased the wet end that was just in Kristen up inside her own pussy and strapping it around her waist. Vanessa ordered Mandy on her back on the floor and Kristen and Eve knelt at her sides as they watched their Mom get between Mandy's open legs and push the other end of the cock into her pussy with plunging force.

Vanessa was aggressive and thrusted her hips with force as she groaned punishing words and thoughts...

"This!--(Thrust, Mandy screams)--Is for all!--(Thrust, Mandy pouts)--The stupid fucking!--(Thrust, Mandy whimpers)--Things!--(Thrust, Mandy has tears rolling down her cheeks)--You do and!--(Thrust, Mandy exhales heavily as she archs her back)--Say!--(Thrust, Mandy Screams with cries)--FUCKER!--(Thrusting multiple times rapidly, Mandy orgasms)...

"Jesus, Mom...Take it easy!" Eve pleaded as she watched her Mom appearing to rape Mandy for all the dumb ass things she did and said over the years.

But Mandy actually enjoyed the pain, taking pleasure in her Mother's forceful nature that's been hidden all these years. Vanessa hit the button on the cock and made it shoot cum into Mandy's pussy as she fell across the top of her daughter and tongued her furiously as the cock pulsed and creamed Mandy's inner pussy. Mandy and Vanessa opened their eyes and gazed at each other with wonderful splendor, realizing they're capable of being much more than mother and daughter now.

Vanessa got up and removed the strap-on, grabbing a full wine and champagne bottle and stating: "Here's a game of mine, now...Kind of a sick twist on 'Spin the bottle' "...

Vanessa had Eve lay down on the floor up against the sofa in an upside down reclining position so her head and shoulders were on the floor and her lower back was against the sofa where you'd sit. Vanessa sat on the sofa with her bare pussy pressed against Eve's bottom as she had Mandy and Kristen pull Eve's legs down to her shoulders. Eve was bent in half and her ass up in mid air as Vanessa uncorked the wine bottle and tilted it, inserting it into Eve's pussy until the neck of the bottle was fully into her and the bottle upside down...

"You may not be old enough to drink yet, but this is the next best thing..." Vanessa stated as the liquid in the bottle gurgled and bubbled like water in a water machine when you're filling a cup. The girls watched as the bottle emptied into Eve's pussy, filling her with an alcohol vaginal enema as Vanessa pressed her palms from both hands against either side of the bottle and spun it back and forth like you would trying to start a fire with twigs.

Eve squinted and squealed as her pussy exploded, filling the bottle back with liquid and than emptying back into her. Vanessa pulled the bottle from Eve's womb and massaged her clit rapidly, forcing her into a furious wet orgasm; the entire bottle of wine blew from her pussy all over Vanessa's stomach and tits, soaking her with her daughter's liquid love...

"One more hole, honey..." Vanessa stated as she grabbed the champagne bottle and uncorked it; tipping it and popping it into Eve's tight virgin asshole, plunging it neck deep into her and shaking it side to side-something you should never do with a carbonated beverage...

Eve screamed as the carbonation fizzed and popped inside of her and built pressure till it blew the bottle out of her ass and across the room along with its contents. Vanessa got sprayed with Eve's anal enema as Eve twitched and pouted with ecstasy while Mandy and Kristen laughed at the whole scenario unfolding before them.

Vanessa leaned down and licked her youngest daughter from her pussy to her face, sliding down onto her body and feeling Eve lock her legs around her Mom's waist in a loving embrace as they made out for the first time.

All the girls were satisfied now with their slumber party outcome, but cleaning up the mess is another thing and the house smelt like a brewery...A small price to pay to know that they all can experience fun with each other in a secretive taboo nature...


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