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Date: 10/07/2008

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Graphic violence, voyurism, BDSM, female solo sex, male/female sex,
rape, strong language

Category: Het

Pairing: m/f

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Summary: The ladylove of a college student from America has a secret about
something that only happens on Halloween night and it involves a certain dark
and eerie place known as the Belasco House.

Other Notes: This story is a birthday gift for John Mellencamp -- who was
born on October Seventh, 1951 -- and an answer to PEJA's Halloween Secrets
Challenge takes place long after the movie which had starred Roddy McDowell.

Dedication: Happy 57th Birthday to John Mellencamp and Happy Halloween to all
of my family and friends! -- ATK 2008

Legend Of Hell Housee: It Had All Began On Halloween Night
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It had all began on Halloween night within the one cuntry known as England
and it has involved a certain type of place that many of the experts in the
field of studying paranormal activity had labeled as 'The Mount Everest Of
Haunted Houses' and that very house happens to be the one that was once owned
by a six-foot-five perverted millionaire and supposed murderer who had dared
called himself the 'Roaring Giant', Mister Emeric Belasco.

Anyway, quite some time after Mister Belasco had met his final demise, there
had been many people who had allowed themselves to go inside the Belasco
House and try to figure out why it had suddenly became haunted, only to have
those people wind up savagely butchered, butally raped sexually or going
totally insane by their visits to that very house but one of the group of
people who had visited that place -- a medium known as Mister Benjamin
Franklin Fischer -- has been lucky enough to get his whole ass out of there
and in one piece.

However, poor Mister Fischer had no choice but to go back to the place of his
own nightmares -- which was no thanks to another millionaire known as Mister
Rudolf Deutsch, who was willing to pay him 100, 000 British pounds to go
through with it -- along with a physicist named Lionel Barrett, Barrett's
wife Ann and a beautiful female medium whose name was Florence Tanner but as
soon as they had arrived at that very house and gotten themselves settled
inside of it, the ghost of the Roaring Giant himself had began playing his
sick little mind games with them and continued to do so until he had murdered
both Barrett and Tanner.

But thankfully enough, Fischer had once again became a survivor of his
latest visit to the Belasco House but not the only one and that was because
Barrett's poor widowed wife Ann had also been able to walk out of the house
under her own power while her deceased husband's machine had continued
running with hopes of allowing the spirits of both Tanner and Barrett to help
Belasco move his spirit out of the house and into a whole better place.

But to tell you the truth, even though that machine had continued running
inside the Belasco House, no one -- and that includes those within the
scientific community -- had no way of knowing that it had successfully done
its job or not but of course, that was before I had gotten myself thrown into
the flat-out spooky mix.

Oh, and before I allow myself to go way too far ahead of myself with the
story, I might as well go ahead and introduce myself to you nice folks. My
name is Peter McDowell and as soon as I had finally graduated from the high
school in my hometown of Portland, Maine, I had flown myself to England and
enrolled myself into The University Of Brighton which was where I had met a
happy-go-lucky local guy whose name happens to be Harrison Whitmore -- who
had became my newfound best friend -- and a beautiful dark-haired maiden
named Courteney Stapleton, who I had found myself falling in love with.

And of course, after we had gone on a few dates and I had suddenly noticed
that her favorite John Mellencamp song happens to be 'Jack And Diane',
Courteney had fallen in love with me as well and we had allowed ourselves
to realize that we were going to keep no secrets from each other but that
was before the morning hours of October 31st which was when -- after I had
finished with eating my breakfast -- I had walked myself over to Courteney,
placed my gentle hand on her shoulder and asked, "Say, Courteney? How would
you like to join me as my date for this Halloween rave that we're going to
throw at this great abandoned warehouse that I had found?"

But just as I was about to give her an information on that rave party, I had
gazed my very own eyes at Courteney's face and noticed the look of fear in
her eyes, I had gently placed my hand on her cheek and asked, "What's wrong,
Courteney? Did your parents suddenly die or what?" only to have my poor
ladylove turn her eyes toward me, place her gentle hand on top of mine, look
at me with a small smile on her lips and say, "Look, Peter. I really am sorry
to do this to you. But I'm afraid that I would be unable to attend your rave
party with you because I have some personal business to take care of. But you
go ahead and have yourself a smashing good time. And you don't have to worry
about me. I will be fine."

And just as I was about to ask her what the so-called 'personal business'
might had been and was she in need of my help with it, all poor dear sweet
Courteney had done was place a small kiss on my cheek, say 'goodbye' and
quickly walk herself away from me and that had caused me to realize that I
had to ask someone else to get some straight answers.

And so, after we had finished with our courses for the day, both Harrison and
I had gone back into our dorm-room just in time for him to open the closet
door, pull out this King Arthur era court jester costume and said, "And now,
M'Lord! 'Tis now the time for us to prepare ourselves to defend the marvelous
realm that is Camelot!" but all I had done was let out a small chuckle, sit
myself down on my bed and ask, "Say, Harrison? How long have you known

"Well, I have known her since we were both wee little babies living with our
parents on the same block. May I ask why are you asking me that question,
Peter?" that was the question that he had asked me just in time for me to
let out a sigh, place my hand on my forehead and answer, "Well, Harrison.
Today, I had walked myself up to Courteney and invited her to go to the rave
with me as my date, only to have her get this look of total fear in her eyes
and turn me down because she had some personal business to take care of. What
the hell is up with that?"

And as soon as he had placed his costume on his bed, an equally-confused
Harrison had sat himself down next to me, taken a deep breath and answered,
"To tell you the truth, Peter. I have not a single idea. I mean, all I know
is that instead of attending any form of masquerade party on each and every
Halloween night, Courteney would allow herself to go to this one old
mansion -- that really should have a 'condemed' sign on its front lawn --
known as the Belasco House."

And then, after he had told me all about the history behind the Belasco
House and what had happened to those who had visited such a place and tried
to exorcise the sinister spirit of Mister Emeric Belasco out of there, I
had looked at Harrison with wide eyes, snapped my fingers and asked, "Say,
Harrison?Could it be possible that her latest visit to that place this year
might also be influenced by this Belasco creep?"

"You know, Peter. That might be it. But if I might be so bold as to say so,
I do believe that there's only one way to find out for certain. Don't you
agree?" that was the question that a suddenly-concerned Harrison had asked
me before I had given that idea some thought, nodded my head in response to
that question and left the dorm-room with Harrison to go straight over to
the Belasco House and hope that poor Courteney is not in there.

But as soon as we had arrived and placed ourselves inside the Belasco House,
both Harrison and I had look down on the living room floor and noticed that
Courteney had stripped off all of her clothes and might had been running
around bare-ass naked in the house which had caused Harrison to take a deep
breath and ask, "Well, Peter?What shall we do now?" which -- in turn -- had
caused me to point to the steps and answer, "Okay, Harrison. You go check
the upstairs rooms while I check out the other rooms down here."

And after Harrison had gone up the stairs, I had walked myself over to the
chapel that Belasco had built inside the house while he was still alive and
began looking around that place for Courteney. But while I was doing that,
I was unaware that someone had snuck himself or herself up to me, struck up
straight in the back of my head with a candlestick and caused me to drop
myself down to the floor and become unconscious.

Then, after I had finally opened my eyes and noticed that I had been stripped
bare-ass naked and tied down to a large cross on the floor, I had tried to
free myself from my bondage without any success and that was before I had
heard the sound of a female stranger letting out a large round of evil
laughter and caused me to turn my head towards the source of that laughter
and shockingly discovered that a nude Courteney was standing right in front
of me with two of her fingers inside her pussy, her other hand on her tits
and a really crazed look in her eyes.

And after I had allowed myself to realize that the Courteney who was in front
of me at that time was not the same one who I had fallen in love with, I had
taken a good hard look at that bare-ass naked psycho-bitch and said, "Don't
tell me!Let me guess! Mister Emeric Belasco has given you permission to send
to me his 'warmest regards'!Is that it?" only to have that buff-naked
cuckoo-bird slam herself right on top of me and smash her hand right into my

And of course, that was before she had wrapped a nylon scarf around my neck,
looked at me with those crazed eyes of hers and said, "Guess what, you bloody
bastard! It is now time for you to fuck the bloody shit out of me!" just in
time for her to place my suddenly-stiff cock inside her cunt, start pulling
really hard on the scarf and cause me to start chocking and gasping for air.

"Aaaahhhh, yeeessss! That's it, you bloody yank bastard!Do it to me! Fuck
my wet pussy dry! Do it until you die! Aaaahhhh!" that was what the
ghostly-influenced Courteney had said while she was still pumping my cock
in and out of her snatch and pulling on that scarf more and more tighter
and I was still trying to keep myself alive.

But then, as soon as she had looked at me and noticed that I was not going
to keep holding on forever, that crazed psycho-bitch had given the scarf one
last pull and yelled at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO
BEFORE YOU DIE! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!" and to tell you the honest truth, as soon
as I had finally came, I had finally noticed that I was about to have no
choice but to say a premature 'hello' to the Grim Reaper.

But sure enough, Harrison had charged himself straight into the chapel,
picked up that same candlestick that poor Courteney had no choice but to use
on me and smacked her in the back of the head with it, causing her to release
her grip on the scarf, drop herself down to the floor and become unconscious
before he had freed me from my bondage, quickly handed my clothes back to me
and said, "Peter, might I suggest that the three of us get ourselves the
bloody hell out of here?"

And after I had nodded my head in response to that question and gotten all
of my clothes back on, I had helped Harrison wrap a large blanket around
Courteney's unconscious nude body, lift her off the floor of the chapel and
carried her out of that room and over to the front door, only to have me make
us stop long enough for me to take one more look at the entire interior of
the one place known as Hell House and realize that it should be back in Hell
where it belongs.

And with that, I had allowed Courteney to be placed in Harrison's arms and
told him to get her and himself out of the house and as far away from there
as he was able to get. And as soon as he had done that, I had kicked each and
every one of the loose wood out of the fireplace, lit a match and yelled at

And after I had tossed that lit match down on that pile of wood and quickly
gotten my own ass out of that house, I had ran myself over to the front gate
and turned around just in time for me to notice that the Belasco House had
started buring itself straight back to Hell where it belongs... and it should
stay there for all I care!



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