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Legend Of Korra: The Guardian And The Shipwright Part 2 (FF,oral,toys)
by Starbug

If pushed, Asami would have had to describe her relationship with Korra as 'Complicated'.

They'd spent many nights together since that first time the young Warlock had let herself into the Shipwright's room, stripped naked, and taken her in the shower. Some nights there would be that same raw, unadulterated passion, and Korra would simply take Asami as if she was claiming the spoils of the endless war she was fighting, and some nights they'd take things slower, building up to their releases over an hour or more. In the privacy of her own thoughts, Asami tentatively referred to those times as making love, even if Korra hadn't used that word since their first time together. Not that Korra had actually said anything to explain exactly how she saw their relationship. Some times she'd just turn up without warning, other times she'd be there waiting when Asami got off shift. And some times she'd not turn up for days at a time, even when she was quite obviously back at the Tower, and those nights Asami would cry herself to sleep.

Outside Asami's quarters, their relationship was some kind of open secret; it was clear that Mako and Bolin knew what was going on, and would often tease her about the near permanent marks on her neck that made it clear she'd been doing something during her free time. The other apprentices had noticed, but it wasn't as if Asami was especially close to any of them, certainly not enough to ask for advice without them trying to find a way to turn the information to their advantage. For while there was nothing in the regulations about relationships between Guardians and those that worked in the Tower to support their noble crusade, there was an unspoken rule that they were not to interfere in the day to day running of the hanger. And the last thing Asami wanted was to be reassigned because she said or did something that upset Korra. She liked her job, was proud of the fact that she was helping protect the city.

Their latest encounter had been the strangest of the lot; Asami had spent the day helping Holliday rebuild an Awoken patrol ship that one of the Guardians had found when running reconnaissance out at the Reef, and had a long night of writing up a report on what she had learned when the PA announced the impending return of Fire Team Avatar. Holliday had smiled and told her to make sure the report was on her desk by the same time the next day. Asami had been a little surprised at just how much slack her superior was willing to cut her, and more than a little embarrassed when she realised just why. But she put all thoughts of that aside as she made her way up to the main hanger just in time to see the three jumpships come in to land. Her heart almost stopped when she saw the damage they had taken; huge rents in the outer hull and scorch marks from weapons fire. Asami was experienced enough to recognise the signature of Vex weaponry on a damaged ship, and she could only hope that the Guardians inside had faired better than their ships.

The transmat flickered, and Korra, Mako and Bolin appeared on the gantry, each looking like they'd been through hell. Their normally pristine armour was caked in mud and soot and Asami didn't want to think what else, but it was the ragged, all-too-tired expression on their faces that really struck her the most. She wanted to run over to them, to embrace Korra, wrap her arms around the Warlock and tell her it was all right. But that would have been the most heinous breach of protocol, so she forced herself to remain calm while Cayde-6 stepped forward and spoke to them in hushed tones that the canvases hanger swallowed.

The conversation seemed to go on forever, but eventually the senior Hunter nodded and lay a friendly hand on Korra's shoulder before walking away, already talking to someone over a com-link. Korra's warn eyes looked around until she saw Asami, and she managed a faint smile as she walked over to the shipwright and softly took her hands, the cool metal of her gauntlets surprisingly tender.

"Hey you." She sounded strangely withdrawn, unwilling to meet Asami's eye, "I need to talk to Ikora Rey, but afterwards... I really need to see you... to be with you, tonight." She quickly glanced over her shoulders at her teammates, who nodded, "Go with Mako and Bolin; they'll let you into my quarters. Please, wait for me there."

Asami was almost dumbfounded; under normal circumstances, there was no way that a humble apprentice shipwright would be allowed access to the section of the Tower that housed the living quarters of the Guardians, let along into their privet rooms. Every time they had been together, it had been in her room in the barracks adjacent to the hanger. Korra had never even mentioned her quarters, and Asami had assumed that there was some kind of taboo about inviting non-Guardians in. But now Korra was all but begging her to go there. Unable to form coherent words, Asami had simply nodded, then followed the Titan and Hunter as they made their way out of the Hanger and into the central core of the Tower.

The elevator ride was somewhat uncomfortable; Mako was never really one for conversation, unless he was trying to talk some woman into his bed, but even the normally jovial and talkative Bolin was silent and withdrawn.

"We were assigned a Strike mission on Venus." Was all he offered by way of explanation, "It didn't go as well as we'd hoped."

A guard outside the Guardian quarters looked up in surprise at Asami, but Mako leant forward over the man's desk and said something that the shipwright didn't catch, but evidently did the trick, as the doors opened before them and they made their way through. Asami wasn't sure what she had been expecting, but the hallways didn't seem that difference than those around her own room. The walls were the same brush-metal grey, the only colour being the insignia on the doors indicating which Fire Team resided within. Many bore the mark of the New Monarch, the Future War Cult of Dead Orbit, the three semi-official sub-factions within the Vanguard. After some time and more than a few turns, they came to a door marked 'Fire Team Avatar', with the word 'BASTARD!' embellished below in bright red paint.

"Another one of your conquests?" Bolin asked Mako with faint humour.

The Hunter shook his head before pressing his thumb against the security scanner and assuring Asami inside.

She was slightly surprised to find a small suite of four rooms connected by a corridor that let from the doorway to a communal room at the far end. A large display screen did the job of a window, making it look as if they were looking out over the city from the highest levels of the Tower. As ever, the Traveller hung majestically over everything, not even the Tower reaching its lowest ebb. The communal room was arranged with two armchairs and a sofa against each wall, a small refreshments station in one corner.

"Korra's room is there, next to the bathroom." Mako pointed to the nearest door on the right, "Bolin and I have the other two rooms."

"Feel free to get a drink." Bolin offered, "But I hope you understand if we get the first two shots at the shower."

"Thank you." Asami managed before the two Guardians disappeared into their respective rooms.

Making her way down to the communal room, she was surprised at just how sparsely it was decorated. What the furniture was comfortable, it was also drab and utilitarian, evidently seldom used. Which made at least some sense, as Fire Team Avatar spent most of their time out beyond the city. But she was struck by the lack of personal touches, no little mementos to make it feel like a home rather that just a space where three people occasionally slept. Grabbing a bottle of water from the refreshments station station, she made her way to Korra's room, passing by Mako who'd stripped off his armour and changed into a warn robe as he crossed the hall to the bathroom with a simple nod.

Korra's room felt at least a little more lived-in; the sheets on freshly made bed were a soft ice-blue, and there was a painting on the wall of ice-capped mountains overlooking a sunlit sea. Asami wasn't sure where it was, but it wasn't a view from the City, indicating that the artist had either ventured out into the wilds, or it had been painted long ago, before the Collapse. She didn't feel brave enough to examine the draws built into the dresser, but a fluffy white robe hanging from the wardrobe door called out to her. Stripping off her overalls and underclothes, she carefully folded them and placed them on a chair by the dresser before putting on the robe. It felt soft against her skin, and smelt faintly of the pine-scented shampoo Korra used; an extravagant luxury in the resource strapped City, but a small comfort for one of its protectors.

Eventually, Asami's eyes fell on the one thing she'd been avoiding; the bed. It was at least twice the size of the fold-out bunk she slept on, and looked far more comfortable. She couldn't help but feel a slight pang of jealousy that something so extravagant had been provided for someone who hardly ever used it. And now here she was, hours away from sharing it with Korra. From being with Korra in it, in whatever way the mysterious Warlock wanted her. Whatever had happened on Venus, something had evidently changed in Korra, something to make her open up a little, to let Asami in past the defence she had kept up, even when they made love.

Asami didn't realise she'd been lost in thought until there was a soft knock on the door, followed by Bolin informing her that the shower was now free. Making sure the robe was securely fastened, she stepped out into the now empty corridor and slipped silently down to the next door. She could hear the sound of snoring coming from Mako's room, so she opened and closed the bathroom door as quietly as she could. The bathroom itself was bigger then the entirety of her own quarters, with a large shower, toilet and separate vanity station. She stood still for a moment, trying to imagine just how far she'd have to advance up the ranks of the Shipwrights before she could expect something half as luxurious, but her imagination failed her.

But she was a shipwright, not a Guardian of the Vanguard, and it was not her place to judge.

Slipping the robe off her shoulders, she stepped into the shower and let the hot water wash away the day. She knew that Guardians had much larger allowances of resources, but a lifetime of being frugal with water made her wash quickly and economically, and she finished long before the buzzer would have sounded. Slipping the robe back on and taking a small town for her hair, she quietly made her way back to Korra's room.

Asami hadn't intended to fall asleep, but she woke to find the room dark, the sound of someone moving around in the shadows.

"Hey." Korra's soft voice comforted her, "Sorry I was so long; I ended up having to give a full report to Ikora, Zavala and Cayde."

"It's okay." Asami stretched, allowing the robe she still wore to fall open slightly.

"That look suits you." Korra moved around, opening one of the draws and taking something out that Asami couldn't see.

Asami propped herself up on her elbows as Korra climbed onto the bottom of the bed and made her way slowly up, opening the Shipwrights robe as she went. She planted tender kisses from Asami's knee and up her thigh, gently pulling her legs apart as she reached their apex. Asami lent back and let out a soft moan as Korra kissed around her sex without ever touching it; never before had the Warlock been so tender, instead always being more direct and forceful. Strong shoulders moved Asami's thighs apart, while gentle hands slowly slid along them, seeking her centre. Expertly, two thumbs parted her swollen pussy lips, while two fingers gently pinched her clit, making her moan deeply. A long tongue gently licked its way up Asami's wet snatch from bottom to top, flicking over the end of her clit, before diving deeply, flicking around, drinking her juices like a straw. Asami bucked in the seat, her hands pushing the other woman's head against her sex, making her delve deeper and deeper, until she could take no more and climaxed, her vagina clamping down tight on her lovers tongue. A fresh flood of juices washed out over her lover who greedily licked it up, her tongue moving in a fast lapping motion, like a cat drinking cream.

Grinning, Korra moved up the bed, pausing only to kiss each of Asami's hard nipples, before catching the still moaning woman's mouth with her own. Asami returned the kiss hungrily, tasting herself on her lovers lips and tongue. She moved her hips around her lover, but felt something strange, an unexpected intruder against her hips.

"This may hurt a little." Korra captured Asami's wrists with one hand and held them above her head, her other hand grabbing the confused shipwright by the waist as she thrust forward with her hips.

Asami gasped in surprise as something forced its way between her slick pussy lips and deep into her. There was a faint stab of pain, then the feeling of being stretched like she'd never been stretched before. Deeper and deeper the intruder went until she felt Korra's hips flush against her own, with only the cool kiss of leather between them. Korra looked down at her captive lover, a strange mix of hunger and power in her eyes as she let Asami grow accustom to the intrusion. Slowly gyrating her hips, grinding against the other woman's clit.

"What..." Asami gasped.

"It's called a strap-on." Korra planted tender kisses on her partners lips, "A little something I found in Xur's back catalogue. Most people only bother to look at the weapons and armour he has to sell, but you'd be surprised what he has to offer if you have the coins."

With that she pulled back, withdrawing almost the entire length of the phallus before easing it back it. Once sure that she wasn't hurting Asami too much, she started to build up her rhythm, letting go of the shipwrights hands and instead cupping her breasts as they shook back and forth with every thrust. Asami's eyes were wide: the pain had slowly dissipated, and had been replaced with a burning sensation that was growing steadily. She found herself thrusting back onto the dildo, her legs encircling Korra, her ankles locking behind her back. Korra smiled at her reaction, the inner side of the harness rubbing against her own clit, sending jolt after jolt of pleasure through her very soul.

"Oh gods!" Asami moaned deeply as her body started to shake as her second orgasm took hold, "KORRA!"

Hearing her name called out like that sent the Warlock over the edge, and she thrust as deeply into Asami's willing body as she could, locking her lips to the other woman's as her own climax erupted up inside her.

It was some time before Asami could think again; the two of them lay entangled in each-other and the sheets, the strap-on laying somewhere on the floor. Despite what had happened, there was still a shadow hanging over Korra, so she held her tightly in her arms.

"What happened on Venus?" She asked softly, "Mako said you were on a mission of some kind..."

"We were ambushed by the Vex." There was a surprising vulnerability to Korra's voice that Asami had never heard before, "It can happen, given how they like to bend space and time around so much. But this time... I got caught out in the open, crossfire from two different sides. I was hit, went down. Dead."

The way she said it, as if it was an every day occurrence, startled Asami, but the Warlock continued.

"My Ghost brought me back, just as she's done I don't know how many times before, but the Vex were waiting, and gunned me down again. And again. And again. I don't now how many times I was brought back, just to die again; you get numb to the pain after a while, but the feeling of being enveloped by darkness... that never goes away." There were tears in Korra's eyes, "Mako and Bolin managed to take the Vex out, eventually, and we abandoned the mission, ran back to our ships, the Vex hunting us every step of the way. I told Ikora and the others, but, well, that's what Guardians do; we die and are reborn, until one day we'll finally die and be allowed to rest."

"I take it you know the story of the Guardians? How the Traveller sent out the Ghosts to find us? What they often gloss over is the fact that we each died long ago, either during the Collapse or even further back. The Ghosts bring us back to life, but we have no memories of who or what we were before." She wiped the tears away from her eyes, "I don't even know if Korra is my real name. I could have been anyone,back then. Somebodies daughter. Somebodies wife. Somebodies mother. Or was I all alone? Left to die unremembered? I don't know, and no one can tell me. All I have is this war I've been called on to fight." She moved her head to look at Asami, "And you. I have you. The one thing I have to look forward to when I return to the Tower. The one thing that makes me feel truly alive."

"I..." Asami blinked, "I never knew..."

"I need you, Asami; you give me a reason to live, not just to fight." The Warlock managed a smile, "So I spoke to Ikora after my debriefing. And while it's not exactly normal procedure, I want you to come live here, with me. I want to know that you'll be here whenever I come home. Because with you, that's what I'll have; a home."

The End?


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