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Summary: After botching a rendez-vous with Vandal Savage, the team heads to the US to steal a piece of equipment from a 25-year old Marty Stein. Gideon helps Rip release some tension via mind-controlling Sara Lance along the flight. However, Sara's sluttiness is needed again in order to get the Alpha Particle Tracker from the younger Stein.

Pairings: Sara Lance/Rip Hunter, Sara/Martin Stein/Marty Stein

Codes: MF, MMF, Anal, Drugs, Oral

Legends Of Tomorrow: Future Legends Part 2 - Altering The Timeline
by The Chemist

"You bloody idiots!"

It wasn't the first time Rip Hunter, Captain of the Wave Rider, had yelled at his motley crew of so-called super heroes and it certainly wouldn't be the last. However, this time they really messed with the timeline.

"I agree, Snart shouldn't have been calling the shots," Ray Palmer pointed the finger.

"I had it under control until the Professor decided to pick a fight with the PLO," the wily criminal countered.

"You let your ego endanger the whole mission," Hawkman added, piling onto the elder half of Firestorm.

"No it was Mr. Rory who let his temper get the best of him," Professor Stein blamed.

"Hey, at least there's one less nuclear weapon in circulation here in 1975," Kendra attempted to soothe.

"Yes but at what cost? You failed to stop the immortal tyrant and you showed him all your powers in the process. You gave away our element of surprise for now and all time," the master of temporal navigation explained. "Truly, well done."

"Who cares about surprise. We have Savage here in Norway. Let's just find him and kill him," Hawkman suggested.

"Unfortunately we have bigger problems right now. If only you would have listened to me about the hazards of fucking with the timeline," Rip replied, slamming his hands down on the table in the middle of the room.

"What are you talking about," Kendra asked.

"Well while you saved Norway from a nuclear blast of your own making, Mr. Palmer left part of his very futuristic suit the hands of Vandal fucking Savage," the captain explained, screaming the last part. "Do you even know what I psychopath like he can do with that type of powerful weaponry."

"How bad is it," Sara asked, afraid to have spoken.

"Looking ahead in this new timeline you created," the mechanical voice of Gideon, the ship's A.I. explained. "Armed with Dr. Palmer's future technology, Savage's engineers develop a weapon far more destructive than anything here in 1975. This is Central City in 2016 now."

With that, her large face hovering in a #D image above the workspace morphed into a skyline of Central City in the year the Legends were all taken in, but it was unrecognizable. Skyscrapers and other buildings were destroyed or severely damaged. There was little chance that even half the population of the once thriving metropolis could have been spared from that.

"There must be a way to correct this," Professor Stein finally spoke after a long moment of silence from the stunned and horrified group.

"Time is like cement, it takes time to solidify. So yes, it can still be altered...again. My best guess is that we have until Savage's team works out the mysteries of the technology. But when they do, this will not just be a future forecast," Rip said, looking back at the destruction solemnly.

"Okay so because Ray left his suit behind in the past, we all don't have a future to go back to," Snart summarized.

"Unless we do something to change this series of events," Rip corrected, now sitting in his captain's chair.

"And we don't know where Savage went," Sara added.

"Wait! We don't need to find Savage...only my suit," Ray exclaimed, jumping up from his own seat. "It's made from an alloy that mimics dwarf star...thus emitting alpha particles."

"Which are highly trackable," Stein jumped in.

"But that is unheard of in the 70s," Ray said, his optimism ruined. "It's like we are trapped in the Stone Age."

"Not quite. I was researching Alpha Particles in the 70s," the Professor commented, bringing everyone's mood back up.

"So to track the piece of Raymond's super-suit, we just need to talk," Snart summarized for the group.

"Gideon, set the flight plan to..."

"...Ivy Town," Stein finished for the Captain.

"And with that, we have roughly thirty minutes. Mick, Leonard and Ray will work with the Hawks to steal that dagger while Professor Stein will take Sara and Jackson with him to get the alpha particle tracker," Rip gave orders, already feeling the ship taking off. "Now, go use the ship to get into appropriate attire while I retire to my room."

* * *

Gideon had been with her Captain Rip Hunter for many years and countless adventures. She had gotten to know the man well, even this newer version who was harder, colder and more angry. The version that Vandal Savage had created when he murdered his son and wife in the far future they left not so long ago. The very future Rip was trying to alter.

The A.I. knew that this version of Rip was not who was needed. If he became too hard, too empty of emotion other than hate than he wouldn't be able to accomplish his goal. His very noble goal. Instead it would morph to a personal vendetta to kill Vandal Savage, rather than the far nobler task of saving the future from his tyranny.

And because she knew this, she had to act. She knew it wasn't fair to Sara Lance, better known in her own timeline as Black Canary before becoming this new White Canary, but it was best for Rip, thus best for the team and the future itself.

Given that Gideon was the ship's A.I., she knew exactly where Sara was, which was alone in the ship's vast and limitless closet. It made era-appropriate clothing and the assassin was just finishing up assembling her attire. Looking in the mirror, the blonde was content with her choice, but became startled when Gideon's computer-rendered face appeared.

"God, you scared me there for a sec," Sara smiled. "But since you're here, how do I look? Far out?"

The blonde killer was decked in typical 70s attire, and do to her insanely perfect body, she made it look extremely good. She wore her long golden hair down to frame her pretty face, while she opted for an orange denim dress that just barely came low enough to cover her very rounded and firm ass. To round out the outfit were a pair of white, knee-high go-go boots, all the rage in this time period.

"Indeed. Captain Hunter will find you very arousing," Gideon answered, drawing a confused frown from the killer.

However, before Sara could dig into what the A.I. just said, she was smacked in the face with a light mist of particles. Back during their initial temporal displacement, Sara suffered a fairly common side effect of heightened arousal, essentially making her into a sex addict who craved a good shag and could focus on nothing else. Well, Gideon had sampled her hormones and saved the information and now used a concoction to replicate that mind-set for her.

"Captain Hunter you said," Sara asked, a horny glint in her eye all of a sudden.

* * *

"Knock knock," Sara Lance spoke from the entrance of Rip Hunter's quarters, leaning on his doorframe.

"Ms Lance, what can I do for you," the Captain said in an exhausted tone. "Please tell me you didn't disrupt the timeline further."

Sara stalked her way into his room, not waiting for a formal invitation. Her booted heels clicking on the floor made the tall man turn his gaze towards her and drink in her very 70s inspired attire. The era was one of his favorites, and now seeing the sexy assassin donning such sexy go-go boots and a dress that exposed so much of her milky white thighs, it rose even higher in his esteem.

"Nope...not yet," she said with her wry smile plastered on her face.

"Not to be rude Ms. Lance..."

"...Sara," she insisted, putting hands on his shoulder as she stood behind him.

"...Sara, but what do you want."

"Put simply," she said, now leaning to whisper into his ear. "I have this itch and I need someone to help me scratch it. And given the amount of tension you held during that dressing down you gave the team earlier, I'm willing to bet you're in need of a release as well."

Rip started to turn but the feel of her hot breath on the skin of his neck gave him pause. His arousal was peaked again as her plump lips touched the side of his neck, kissing him lightly at first, far softer than a trained killer should have been able to do.

As her kissing became deeper his hand sprang up and corralled the back of her head, allowing him to pull her more forward. Sara didn't go or do anything she didn't want to but she let the skinny man to move her face further forward. That, combined with his head twisting allowed the Captain of the Wave Rider to press his lips to hers as they met for a passionate kiss.

"God it's been too long," Rip groaned, feeling his cock pressing against his pants.

The Captain was referring to being in the embrace of a woman, given that this was the first time Sara had ever given him the time of day, let alone a kiss. As he made out with the trained killer who was recently freed from the grave, Rip's thoughts wandered to his wife. However, as quickly as her face came into his mind's eye he banished it, because after the loving thoughts came the heartbreak of holding her dead body.

"No need for these," Sara smirked.

It took the Captain a moment to realize that the blonde meant his pants. As Sara went right back to cramming her tongue into the taller man's mouth, her skilled hands made short work of his pants. Rip immediately felt the pressure of the tight garments release from on top of his cock, and that sensation was followed up by the almost forgotten feel of a soft hand closing around his tool and pulling it out.

"Awhh God," he moaned into her mouth as she started to deftly move her fist along his veiny shaft, already fully erect.

"If you think feels good," Sara commented, her fist making smooth, swirling motion over his tip. "Just wait til you see what else I have in store."

Rip was a little upset her lips didn't return to kissing him after her hushed words, but she had grander ideas in mind. Stepping even closer to him so he could feel her juicy thighs against the back of the chair, Sara bent her waist over his shoulder. She was just tall enough so that the blonde could open her mouth and capture the first several inches of his dick.

"Sweet mercy," Rip grunted.

The angle and body positioning wasn't favorable for performing a proper blowjob, but Sara was nothing if not resourceful. As she pulled her head back so her lips dragged along over the bulbous contours of his head, she would part them and bob her face downwards in the next instance. It was only with the first several inches of his cock, but he appreciated her oral talents all the same.

Rip couldn't remember the last time a woman had given him head, but he remembered the last time Sara had gone done on a man. Well, on several men, at the same time no less. Last night he had watched the footage of the girl having what could only be called a gangbang with three other members of the Legends team he had assembled, and he was still horny from viewing it.

"Need to fuck you, right now," the time traveller grunted with urgency.

Sara smiled all while continued to give him a blowjob for a few more bobs of her head before she straightened up. The hastiness that Rip stood from his chair and spun to face her surprised the trained killer, but she recovered quick enough to latch her fist back around his dick and stroke him once more, spreading her saliva down the rest of his shaft.

"Can't wait to feel this monster inside me," Sara cooed as the taller man kissed her deeply.

Thinking quickly about how he wanted to take her, the answer was obvious to the man from the future. Though Sara had a pretty face with big eyes and possessed good sized tits perfectly rounded and suited for her athletic body, there was one area of hers that was the true winner. The blonde was never shy about showing off her truly amazing ass, so large and firm, in her tight-fitting pants, thus the choice was made for Rip.

The Time Master agreed with her statement, as he too didn't want to delay another moment with his cock not bathing in her juices. Clutching her hips, he spun her around and watched as her extremely short dress lifted up enough to show the blonde skipped putting on panties.

"Bend over," he grunted with primal desire.

Sara had already gleamed what he wanted even before he spoke. With one foot still planted on the ground, she rested her other knee onto the bed and shoved her hips backwards. Rip was already moving the hem of her dress up onto her back, exposing her perfectly rounded ass with her bright pink pussy appearing between her inner thighs.

With one hand replacing Sara's on his dick, he used his other to push down his pants to around his ankles, giving him more freedom. Gideon would have made sure the woman was maintained on any birth control method so Rip didn't think twice before putting the head of his cock against her folds, running it up and down her slit a few times to gather extra moisture before pushing forward.

"Ahhh," both groaned in satisfaction as Rip pushed half his length into her snatch.

Within a few thrusts, the Time Master was sawing his entire 8 inch member into the mind controlled assassin. Just as he hoped after watching her in action last night, Sara felt amazing, her wet velvety folds completely hugging his dick from every angle. She may not have been as tight as a teenaged virgin but she held him more than snug enough, and her horniness was apparent by how incredibly drenched her cunt was.

"Feel so good," he grunted.

His hips started to pump into the thick-bottomed killer faster, little by little but his hands were working overtime. Originally both were groping her cushiony ass, which made the pale flesh turn red in short order. However, he didn't forget her other quality feature; those pillowy tits that were a perfect handful and capped with a bright pink nipple that poked into the center of his palm as he kneaded them.

Needing to feel them once more, Rip ran one hand up her back and onto the back of her head. Once more he got a good grip of her thick golden hair before pulling back sharply. Sara hissed, but more in pleasure than actually pain, as her head snapped back. With her chest heaved up in the air, the time traveller reached around and roughly kneaded her chest all while fucking her even harder.

"Yes...pull my fucking hair," Sara cooed as he crushed her firm boobs with his hands. "And so deep."

Her slutty words only encouraged him to fuck her harder and faster. Rearing back his hips he spiked them forward until the fleshy sound of skin slapping skin rang around his bedroom. By the time he smacked against her ass he was already retreating back to deliver another blow once only his tip remained in her wet inferno, her thick ass in constant rippling from his heavy blows.

" like my big dick wrecking your tight pussy?"

"Yeah. Keep going, just like that," the blonde pleaded, using her arms to shove back onto his dick.

Content to do just that, Rip brought his hips back so he could quickly plow back into her pussy, his ball sack once again crashed against the underside of her slick sex. He seemed to be thrusting deeper than ever before into Sara's hot pussy to both of their enjoyment. He looked down to watch as his lengthy cock powered inside the sexy girl, with the moment it disappeared fully causing her bubbly ass to ripple in response.

To his delight, the harder he fucked her, the more Sara seemed to respond. It was clear to him that he picked picked a real sexual deviant for a team member of the Legends of Tomorrow, and he was more than happy to reap the benefits. Whether he was jabbing his cock as deep as possible into her, mauling her tits or slapping the hell out of her pale ass, the blonde girl moaned all the louder because of it.

"Shit, shit, shit," Rip murmured to himself, trying in vain to slow his orgasm.

The trouble with that though, was that once he got this far along, there was better chance of stopping a river then stopping his climax. He felt slightly embarrassed that his stamina was so poor, but it had been months since he last laid with a woman. His wife. His dead wife. Murdered by Vandal Savage.

"Damn...even that isn't helping," the Captain of the Wave Rider swore.

"Gonna land in the US soon," Sara moaned. "Hurry up and finish. Can have more fun later."

"Is mindreading one of the talents Ms. Lance gained when she returned from the grave," Rip thought.

That musing didn't gain much traction because all of his energy and focus were snapped into his present reality. He needed to cum, and cum in a hurry. His relentless hammering into Sara's incredibly wet and snug pussy had ebbed away his resistance and he wasn't able to last any longer.

Holding her hips tightly, Rip slowed his thrusting from his neck-breaking pace but what he gave up in speed he compensated for with depth and power. By the fourth powerful spike of his manhood into her snatch, the Time Master felt his seed explode out of his tip and paint the walls of Sara's pussy.

"Mhmm...well done Rip," Sara said, collapsing face down on his bed. "Quite the shag."

"And I didn't get a chance to show her my real kinky side," Rip thought before replying. "You were more than enjoyable yourself."

Seeing as he never took his pants completely off, the time traveller reached down and pulled them up over his wilting cock, still bathed in Sara's pussy juices. As he took a seat back in his chair, he looked over and saw the blonde killer already back on her feet, smoothing out her outfit.

"The dress look good still," she asked though knew the answer already.

"Smashing," he replied with a satisfied grin.

Sara didn't bother going over and giving him a kiss before she left the room, though she did sway her ass in an exaggerated way for his benefit. This wasn't about romance or feelings, this was simply about getting their rocks off and blowing off steam. Even if it was essentially Gideon mind controlling the beautiful assassin for her Captain's benefit.

"Gideon," Rip said, still panting slightly.

"Yes Captain Hunter?"

"Thank you."

* * *

"People actually dressed like this," Jackson remarked as he walked on the Ivy Town campus, seeing bell bottoms, go-go boots and other disco-inspired fashions.

"People smoked a lot of pot in the 70s," the elder Professor Stein replied.

"Let's just hurry up and find the particle tracker so we can get out of here," Sara said to the two halves of Firestorm.

"Remember, when we meet my former self it is imperative he doesn't know we are from the future and that I am...well...him," the old man stated.

Knowing that he would most likely find his younger self at the Ivy Town University theoretical physics department building, it didn't take long for the trio to find the younger Stein. Sara had to admit that the Professor was a hot 25 year old nerd with a handsome face, straight spine that put him around 6'1 and thick blonde hair.

"Excuse me, Martin Stein," the Professor said to his younger self. "I am Dr. Musk and these are my two lab assistants."

"Hi, I'm Marty," he said, eyes only for Sara in her short dress and knee-high boots.

"We are familiar with your work, which is why we are here," Jackson cut in, continuing their prearranged story. "To discuss with one of the leading expert in alpha particles."

"Actually I am the leading expert," the younger Stein corrected, again saying the words as if the sexy assassin was the only one there.

"Well we were hoping to pick your brain on your area of expertise," the blonde said with a wide smile.

"Well let's go spark a doobie and rap about physics," Marty said, offering his arm to Sara who was more than happy to accept it.

As Marty led Sara away, Jackson simply looked at the brainiac in wonder. "Are you sure that's actually you?"

Martin wanted to change the subject with his smug looking Firestorm teammate but he was satisfied for now with walking after his younger self and the sexy blonde killer on his arm. He had forgotten how cocky he used to be, and how mad with hormones for women. It all came back to him though, the wild parties, the many orgies. Girls in that time were so sexually liberated and more than happy to show it off.

As Marty led them to his floor of the physics department, in which he had a small wing dedicated to his own experiments, Jackson and Martin talked about revising the plan. The goal was still to steal it, but seeing the younger Stein's affections for their murderous teammate made the men think up an alternative idea, a plan B.

"So who wants a hit," Marty asked after having the first drag of the joint.

"Don't mind if I do," Sara relied as she accepted the pot.

"So what was it you wanted to discuss? A journal article perhaps," the younger physicist asked.

Martin explained to his younger self that they were actually from the Nobel committee and were here looking into his work on tracking alpha particles. The two Steins talked as Sara and Jackson passed the joint back and forth a few times, younger Stein reaching in to take a hit off of it as well every now and then.

"It's cutting edge, my tracker. Probably gonna make me a million dollars once perfected...and hopefully the Nobel prize," the egotistical Marty said, once again only looking at Sara. "You have lovely legs might I add."

The trained assassin was high, on a mission to woo this college kid and still feeling the effects of the horniness cocktail that Gideon whipped up so she allowed Marty to place his hand on her thigh. It must have been good weed because she even breezed over the fact that the handsome man was starting to rub her very exposed flesh from knee until his hand almost slipped under her dangerously short dress.

"Stop flirting with know what I mean," Professor Stein whispered into her ear.

"You...he is flirting with me," she retorted before flashing the younger man a smile.

"I need to grab some munchies," Jackson stated, getting to his feet.

"There is a cafeteria on the main floor way back where we first came in," Marty told the hungry man. Once Jackson was up and striding away, Marty turned his attention to Martin. "Now Silvertop, let's speak truthfully. We all want something here."

"And that is," the Professor asked, curious where his younger self was going.

"Well, you want to see my alpha particle tracker before I'm ready to show it off. I want to shag your beautiful assistant here, just completely rock her world," Marty explained.

Before anyone said anything else, the younger Stein's hand rode up Sara's leg higher than usual until it disappeared under her skirt. His fingers immediately found her pantie-less sex, wet even from the light leg rubbing and he went to work. Stretching out only his middle finger, he rummaged through her pink folds until finally inserting it all the way inside her up to the big knuckle.

"Mhmm...and what do I want," Sara said, lightly rocking her hips as if to help the man finger fuck her.

"Well unless my powers of observation are way off here, which they aren't, you want to shag me...and your strict yet oddly handsome scientist boss. Something you've been thinking about but never followed through on," Marty said, adding a second finger into Sara's pussy.

"And if I decline," Martin asked.

"Oh loosen up Martin, you know you want to hit this," Sara asked as two digits pumped into her cunt that hours before had been pummelled by Rip Hunter. "I've seen you staring at my ass on more than one occasion. And something tells me you are quite a thrill in the sheets."

"Well...I'm not sure it's appropriate. I'm...ohhhh...awwwhhh...well if you insist."

The Professor's resistance wavered then crumpled altogether as Sara reached a hand down between his legs and started to rub his cock. Though it was only through a pair of pants, the pleasure of having his manhood grinded upon was quite a feeling. It had been over a year since he and his wife were sexually active, and it was true about his eyes wandering down to the assassin's impressive rump.

Sara let a whimper escape her plump lips as the younger Stein man brought his mouth to the side of her neck and started to kiss it. She was always sensitive there and she felt her pussy grow wetter from his mouth on the nape of her neck. As his fingers continued exploring her pink depths, the older Martin did the same, kissing the other side of her neck.

"I suppose great minds think alike," Sara smiled between moans. "Now is someone gonna strip me naked or what?"

"I will," both men said in unison.

Sara felt 2 pairs of hands on her body now, with the only negative being Marty pulling his nimble fingers from her cunt to do so. However the two men worked together nicely and pulled her orange era-specific dress up over her head rendering her naked except for her go-go boots. She placed each of the white boots onto Marty and Martin's lap to let them unzip and remove them, but they did neither.

"Boots stay," Marty insisted.

"Agreed in full," Martin concurred.

The beautiful assassin shouldn't have been surprised that the two men agreed on that, after all they were the same person just separated by roughly 40 years of experience. However, having a leg on each of their laps wasn't for nothing as it parted her thighs wide and allowed both men to start exploring her folds. Marty aimed higher to rummaged his hand through her folds including rubbing her aroused clit while the grey-haired man took up the work his younger self started by pushing two digits right into her wet passage.

"She's tight, isn't she," Marty remarked to his older self, his free hand now cupping one of Sara's perky breasts.

"Exquisite," Martin said as his fingers pushed in and out of her pussy. "And so are these," he added, his extra hand going to fondle Sara's other tit. "And I've never seen a hairless vagina in all my life."

"Ditto," Marty agreed before replacing his groping hand with his mouth, capturing Sara's nipple between his lips and sucking at it.

Though both Steins were pompous asses, the trained killer had to admit they knew their way around her body. The moment that Martin's fingers left her snatch, they were replaced with two of Marty's, who dug deep in her hole before grinding down along her G spot. Sara was at their whim for the time being and loving every moment of it.

"I say we see if she puffs on a penis as well as she toked on my joint earlier," Marty mentioned to his older self.

"A fine idea," the grey-haired man replied.

"Better actually," Sara commented, already slinking off the couch to her knees.

Both men were in agreeance after she barely started, let alone when she got into her groove. Martin Stein would have to re-evaluate his thoughts on marijuana as a performance-enhancing drug based on her performance as well. He watched as she started on his younger self, dragging her lips from his tip down well past half his length, taking over 5 inches into her mouth before reversing course.

"This cat is far out," the younger Stein cried.

Sara smiled up at him with her eyes without ever breaking the tight seal her lips made with his dick. She slurped her spit as readily as she spat onto his veiny service, making the room fill with the sound of her very wet and very enjoyable blowjob. She doubted if the lab nerd had received many of these from the girls of his era, thus she only blow him for a few minutes before turning to face the man 45 years old.

"You wouldn't mind, would you Professor," she asked.

Her hand was already stroking his identical cock to the man he was sitting beside. In fact, the only noticeable difference in the two manhoods between the two Stein's was Martin's nuts sagging lower than his younger self's. Age of her lover never mattered to Sara, but she didn't want to start blowing her teammate until getting his approval so she busied herself with licking his cock, from the beginning of his nuts up to just shy of his bulbous head, a good 8 inches away.

Martin looked down at his wedding ring, then down at the very willing and eager blonde on her knees. With a sigh, he answered. "By all means Ms. Lance."

Sara was back down his balls so she licked her way back up along the side of his length before capturing his tip. Before descending her mouth down his impressive manhood, the talented assassin swirled her tongue around his head, picking up traces of pre-cum as it leaked from his slip.

The Professor couldn't help bu look down and observe Ms. Lance in what was clearly her natural setting. Her golden head was a blur as she was in constant motion, riding her lips down his cock until he felt his head poke the back of her throat, at which point she retreated and left a trail of spit as she went.

"Don't worry Marty, didn't forget about you," the cock-sucking blonde said as she pivoted towards him.

"Far out," he exclaimed once again as she got busy sucking his pole again.

"Okay someone needs to fuck me right now," Sara insisted, a little trickle of spit still on her lip as she made her demands.

"Age before beauty," the cocky, younger Stein insisted. "You are the Nobel employee anyway."

"Oh right. Yes, you're completely right," Martin said, standing up and rounding the kneeling Sara.

He hadn't fucked anyone but his wife since 1975 so he didn't know how weird it would feel. Kneeling behind the sexy Canary, Martin took his spit-laced cock and placed it at her entrance. With a steadying breath, he pushed his hips forward and felt half his length slide into Sara's snatch with ease.

"Much better," she cooed before going back to bobbing her head in the younger Stein's lap.

"Oh my word," Martin groaned as he got up to speed.

The feel of her pussy was sensational, then again she was roughly 40 years younger than his wife. Obviously Sara wasn't a virgin but her pussy clung to his shaft as he now worked its full length inside her with enough pressure to allow Martin to savor every stroke into her velvety folds. And she was seeming to respond to his presence behind her, moaning around his younger self's member and even starting to thrust her very firm ass back towards him.

"Good job Silver-top. Give her what for," Marty cheered as Sara bobbed even faster than before.

Martin didn't know if Sara felt like a dirty whore for being used at both ends of her body but she truly embracing the role nonetheless. She was working perfectly in sync with both Steins, using her arms to push back onto Martin's cock, at which point there was a loud slapping of her fleshy ass on his naked lap. She rode that momentum forward to then plunge her mouth down on Marty's dick, allowing it to poke the back of her throat before repeating the action all over again.

"Mmmm," Sara moaned as jolts of pleasure shot through her athletic body via her much senior Legends teammate.

"How's that pussy feel old timer," the cocky scientist asked his older self.

"Beyond what I can describe," the Professor answered, groping her very spankable ass.

"Feel like sharing?"

"I feel like that bong we used earlier," Sara smiled as she felt Martin pull out of her. "Passed back and forth, back and forth."

"Come have a lay-down," Marty instructed, patting the spot on the sofa right beside him.

* * *

"Oh man, I can't wait to tear into this," Jackson thought as he walked the halls of the science building.

Due to his haste in searching for food, he had completely forgotten his way back to Marty Stein's lab. After handing a campus store and buying a few rolls of cookie dough, the young black male used the next 10 minutes to to try nearly every lab door on the third and fourth floor. All he wanted to do was sit back down on that comfortable sofa, eat his sweet treat and maybe have a few more bong hits.

"Finally," he said as he recognized the right door at last. "Hey guys I got..."

Jackson's announcement trailed off to silence as he observed the scene in the science lab. When he left, Sara was sitting sandwiched between the two Steins as they all smoked some weed, except for his Firestorm teammate. Now, Sara was still pressed between the two men but with the younger version thrusting into her with her heeled boot resting on his shoulder while the older version was experiencing one of Sara's well practiced blowjobs.

Jackson thought about entering and joining them, getting another chance to fuck the perfectly toned Sara Lance, but to do so in an orgy with the same man separated by 45 years was way too freaky for his weed-effected mind. Instead, the youngest member of the Legends team backed out of the lab, sat against the door to block anyone else from going inside and started eating his dessert alone.

* * *

Sara had to admit that the younger version of Marty Stein was attractive so she was very much looking forward to feeling him fuck her when in his prime. She was pleased by the older Stein, as he knew his way around a pussy and still had the energy to give her a good pounding. The younger one had hoisted one of her legs onto his shoulder to open her hips up wide before slamming into her pussy to his hilt.

"Oh God...yes," Sara screamed in joy, caught a little by surprise his eagerness.

However, she was soon to realize that the pot-smoking scientist was full of sexual surprises. It was hard to give the Professor's cock the attention she would have preferred, both because of her awkward positioning laying on her back with her head spun all the way to the side. It wasn't helping either that Marty was sawing into her cunt with reckless thrusts, trying his damnedest to burrow his way straight through her pussy and out her backside.

"You were holding out on my Professor," Marty commented in ragged breathes, all without stopping his wild fucking. "Her pussy is truly..."

"Mhmm...let me guess...far out," the Professor replied, finishing his younger self's sentence all while Ms. Lance sucked on one of his sensitive nuts.

The younger Matry just simply smiled widely at the man who he believed was a member of the Nobel selection committee, all while he resumed fucking Sara. However, he had more in store for the girl who was claiming to be the Professor's lowly lab assistant. Lowering one hand, he gripped one of her very curvy cheeks and pulled it upwards, exposing her little rosebud.

"Hope you don't mind if I ride the Hershey highway," Marty said, still fucking her snatch. He didn't want to just slam it in a ladies ass before asking, but all she did was give him a quizzical look. "Punch the starfish. Go to fifth base."

"I believe what Dr. Stein is asking is if he can I put this delicately," the Professor tried to translate.

"I have one guy fucking my pussy raw and I'm blowing you at the same time, don't worry about niceties," Sara said as she swapped one nut for another.

"Far point. He wants to...have some bum fun," he explained, unable to bring himself to use any more crude of a term.

"Oh. You want to put your cock in my ass," Sara said, finally knowing what he meant.

"Good girl," Marty said, pulling out and placing his wet cock up up against her asshole. "Right as soon as I saw you I had you pegged for a girl who liked it up the butt."

Sara felt the familiar sting of her anal sphincter being opened up but the discomfort went away within moments. Instead of taking a break from Martin Stein's member she twisted so she was more on her side and at a much better angle so she could suck him more readily to help distract herself.

Her asshole felt tight, but within a few slow, short thrusts with only a quarter of his length, Marty found her relaxing and loosening up. In fact, after he started to rub her clit, the girl was actually moaning...with a dick fucking her in the ass. Riding his good fortunes, the scientist who would one day become Firestorm began thrusting harder and faster, lengthening his stride to fit nearly his whole cock up her rear. Her very fine, well formed rear at that.

"And that's cock number 4 in my ass in less than 24 hours," Sara mused to herself as she felt her bowels expand for the horny scientist.

"Ah yes, forgot I had such an appetite for that," Martin commented under his breath as he watched his younger self sodomize his sexy assassin teammate.

Sara took over duties rubbing her own clit, multitasking rather well as she gave Martin what was still an above average blowjob despite the lousy positioning. With both hands now freed up, the younger Stein clutched onto Sara's thigh, using that to pull back on as he forced his hips forwards. With his new grip, he was able to completely bury his length pole into the lab assistant's asshole finally.

Sara had taken a lot of dicks in her life, and she understood very plainly when a man was getting close to popping. There was a look they got in their eyes and a wildness that overtook their body. She recognized the signs in the nerdy scientist well before he would warn her about his pending orgasm.

"Gonna cum? Wanna fill up my big ass with your seed," Sara commented.

"Oh my God yes," Marty panted, getting off on how slutty she was acting.

"I want your cum. I want to feel your load in my! I want so fucking badly," Sara begged and pleaded.

Sara felt the grip on her thigh intensify as the horny grad student used to as leverage to fuck her deeper and harder than at any other point in his past or future life. With that speed and power Marty couldn't last long, in fact he lasted exactly 6 more thrusts into her snug asshole.

"Oh Sweet Lord," he bellowed into the lab as he coated Sara's bowels with his gooey baby batter.

Meanwhile, as his Legends teammate was getting a brutal sodomy by his much younger self, Martin used his own hand to stroke his manhood given that Sara was obviously distracted. At his current pace he was sure he'd be unable to use that arm for the next day or two as the combination of Sara's spit and earlier pussy juices made his fist glide extremely swiftly up and down his cock.

"Ughh...ahhhh...Ms. Lance..."

Sara was basking in the afterglow of her own orgasm, the combined efforts of her deft fingers manipulating her clit and the feel of his semen splashing on her bowels, but the cry from the Professor made her realize her job wasn't finished. Turning over and moving closer to him so her head was over his lap, she felt Marty's wilting cock leave her asshole as he slumped back in his seat, absolutely spent.

"I want you to cum in my mouth," Sara insisted. "Blow that big load right down my throat."

"Give her what she wants Silver-top," his younger self encouraged.

"," Martin howled.

Everything happened so quickly for the old timer. One moment he was beating his manhood feverishly as he watched his 25-year-old self anal ravage the sexy assassin and the next he felt Sara's lips close around his dick. He needed barely any help and the moment her lips glided halfway down his cock he erupted.

Sara felt his old cock tremor once before the first jet of semen streaked onto her tongue. Continuing to move her head downwards, the beautiful killer had the rest of his salty load shot directly into her throat, swallowing his load in the same instance. She held him there, his tip pressed against the back of her mouth for seconds after the last sputtering of cum came rushing out before pulling back for air.

"Oh my," the Professor panted as he fell back against the sofa.

Movement behind Sara caught her eye. Even though she had just been used by the two men in a threesome and was coming down from her own orgasm, her assassin training was still dialled in. Looking casually to her right she caught sight of Jackson, who had crept into the lab while she fucked both Steins and was holding a case labelled Alpha Particle Tracker.

"Well gentlemen...I need to freshen up. Dr. Musk, would you accompany me?"

"Great idea. I'll go track down some cigarettes for us," Marty said, looking around for his own clothes.

* * *

"Please tell me you secured the tracker," Rip Hunter asked as the two halves of Firestorm and Sara Lance returned to the Wave Rider.

"Better than that, we already have the location," Jackson stated proudly.

"Excellent! Finally some good news. Give Gideon the coordinates and let's be off," Rip ordered. "And please tell me everything went smoothly with the Professor's younger self."

"We had a far out time," Sara answered, bringing a grin to all their faces.


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