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Summary: Sara helps Kendra get control of her emotions and the Hawk goddess inside her...with lesbian sex. Set during episode 4 of the first season

Pairings: Sara Lance/Kendra Saunders

Codes: FF, Inter, Anal, Oral, Toys

Legends Of Tomorrow: Future Legends Part 3 - Unleashing The Hawk Goddess
by The Chemist

"Okay team. This is simple enough and utilizes everyone's strengths," Rip Hunter spoke into their comms. "First up is our thief Mr. Snart."

Leonard and Raymond were posing as janitors within the walls of the Pentagon, mopping the main area. At Rip's cue, Leonard made his mark, a female general as she came walking into the building. Playing his part excellently, he caught the heeled woman as she slipped on his recently cleaned marble floor.

"Oh...thank you," she said as Leonard placed her back on her feet.

"It's what I do," Leonard replied, flashing her a smile as she walked away.

"Hand-off to our expert infiltrator now," Rip instructed.

Sara Lance and Kendra came walking the opposite direction, both dressed in army-issued clothing with the assassin's matching the recently swiped general. Discreetly the handsome thief passed the magnetic key card to Sara who continued up to the restricted record keeping room, using the stolen key to enter.

"We have the file," Kendra confirmed as she lifted it from the cabinet.

"Okay Firestorm, you're up," the Captain coordinated.

Already fused, the body of Jackson and the mind of Professor Stein approached the power grid in the basement of the massive building. Reaching in, Firestorm directed all the energy through himself, causing a surge in the power system.

"Jackson! I told you to avoid the ground wire. Now you have the entirety of the electrical grid passing through you," the elder member of the duo spoke.

"I know I can feel..."

Jackson couldn't finish the sentence before the backfire of the system sent him flying backwards through the room. With Firestorm no longer draining the system, the security program came back in full, which wouldn't have been an issue if it lasted a few seconds longer. Instead, Sara and Kendra were caught right in the middle of the restricted checkpoint with no way out other than to fight.

Kendra took the guard in the front, a well aimed punch to the throat dropping the private to his knees before an upward knee strike to his face knocking him unconscious. Sara made short work of the two guards behind them, a total of three kicks required to have them both face down on the tiled floor.

"Mick Rory, we do in fact need your particular skillset," Rip said, frustrated that the simple plan needed amending.

As Mick set a few small fires with his small flamethrower, he hustled out of the building along with Leonard and Ray. Sara and Kendra were on their way out as well, but the blonde sensed something wrong with Hawkgirl and the red glare in the winged goddess eyes was not a good sign.

"We have a rouge demigoddess," Sara said as she watched her partner go out of her way and attack guards.

"We have the file. What the hell is she doing," Rip shouted at the trained killer.

"Going berserk," Sara said, too far behind Kendra to help.

"Abort the mission, Firestorm get out of the building and pick up the Hawkgirl and throw her back in her damn cage!"

* * *

Sara was walking back to her room after learning that the Wave Rider was now aiming at the Soviet Union. That was where the file said Vandal Savage had defected off to in 1976 so the Legends were hot on his trail. Her portion of the mission went well enough until Hawkgirl went crazy, but that was definitely not her fault at least.

"A word Ms. Lance," Rip asked as they crossed each other in the ship's hallways. "We have a problem."

"We have several so please be more clear," Sara said, tired from the constant flights. "I have a feeling you mean Kendra being completely unstable."

"I did see her at the Pentagon," Rip agreed. "I'm hoping she just needs some time after Carter's death and this was her first time out in the field since his...passing."

"But you didn't get to become a Time Master on hopes and luck," Sara said, seeing where the conversation was moving.

"Carter's not going to be the only dead body unless we can get her under control," the lanky man continued. "And it so happens I have the perfect candidate for the job."

"No. No way. I'm not a fan of feelings," Sara replied. "If Kendra needs to cry on someone's shoulder or talk through her grief with...that's not me. You know my strengths. Fighting...and fucking."

"Yes, I'm well aware of both," he agreed, feeling a stiffening in his trousers. "Kendra needs someone to help get her warrior side under control. I imagine you better than anyone else knows how to do that."

Rip didn't wait to hear a reply from the trained assassin, instead he left her standing in the middle of the hall with those last words to chew on. Sara could be selfish and not a great teammate, but he could rely on her especially for that task.

* * *

As Ray and Leonard went off to the Russian ballot to talk to some nuclear engineer, Sara felt like now was the time to get started on her "Big Bird" issue. Or at least that was the fun project name she titled it. Changing into athletic gear consisting of tight yoga pants and an equally tight blue stretch shirt, the blonde killer picked up two staffs and met Kendra in the training room.

"Heads up."

Kendra had received her invitation and was wearing similar clothing, albeit in brighter pink then Sara's predominate black outfit. The dark-skinned woman had enough time to turn her head and catch the metallic quarterstaff before looking over and seeing the very confident blonde had a matching one in her hand.

"Sorry, not in the mood," Hawkgirl asked.

"Sorry isn't going to help that guard you slashed his face off."

"Two months ago, I worked at a coffee shop. I had no idea I had some psycho Hawk goddess in me. Then I met Carter, who convinced me to let her out. And now that he's gone...I can't control it," Kendra explained to her shorter teammate. "So thanks for the offer but I don't want to let the monster out again.

"That monster won't go away," Sara retorted. You must learn to control her."

"And how do you plan I do that?"

"One of two ways. Both highly tapped into the emotional essence of a warrior. fighting," Sara explained.

For Kendra's benefit, Sara came at her with an exaggerated chopping motion, bringing her staff high and swinging it straight down. She pulled the strike to slow it down, giving her dark-skinned teammate a chance to turn her own staff sideways and block the blow. This time Sara did an angled strike, again slowed, and Kendra ducked under it before blocking another blow, this time swung like a baseball bat.

Kendra was doing well enough but Sara wanted to continue to press. She knew Kendra was inferior with this weapon, her preference was a studded mace, so Sara couldn't risk hitting her too hard with the staff. Instead she backed her up with some softer strikes that were blocked or avoided then unleashed a powerful side kick that caught the Hawkgirl in the chest and sent her reeling backwards.

"Ugh," Kendra moaned.

The girl stayed on her feet by backpedelling out through the training room door and into the hallway. She didn't get a break as Sara was one her once more, swinging the staff and Kendra having to defend. The blonde saw a sparkle of hope after pressing Kendra to the wall, the dark-haired beauty pushed Sara backwards strongly then went on the attack with some wild swings.

However it was false hope as the warrior goddess didn't come out. Sara eventually batted the staff from Kendra's hands, who decided to rush the assassin without a weapon. The blonde easily avoided the punch before flipping Kendra over her hip and clattering her to the metallic floor with a thud.

"We done here yet," Kendra asked as she slowly made her way to her feet.

"If you want to harness your power you have to learn to control it," Sara lectured.

"You've been training half your life to be some cold-hearted assassin so you have no idea what it's like."

"Before you can control it," Sara started to lecture while pushing the girl. "You have to accept it part of you."

The blonde wasn't going to let her experiment fail just yet. Raining down a few open-handed punches, Kendra blocked them but left herself open to one of Sara's side kicks to the ribs, light enough not to break anything but causing pain. She allowed her a moment to catch her breath before advancing with more punches, several landing this time.

Sara was starting to worry that she wouldn't be able to provoke a response from the demigoddess but after landing a roundhouse kick to her mid-section and making her jump back a step, Sara became worried. Kendra's eyes went red once more and her Hawkgirl wings sprouted from her back.


Sara didn't get an answer as the Hawkgirl made for her, sprinting with inhuman speed before covering the last 10 feet with a jump. It took all of the blonde's agility and training to avoid getting maimed by Hawkgirl's slashing blows but it left her wide open. Using her wings and Hawk goddess ancient power, Kendra leapt in the air and landed a two-footed kick to Sara's chest, causing her to go soaring backwards down the hall 20 feet before landing with a mighty clang.

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry," Kendra said, the fury gone as she ran to her friend's side.

"I'm okay...I think," the assassin replied, though feeling like she just got her ass kicked by 20 men.

"There must be an easier way," Kendra panted as both women laid with their backs against the walls. "Some way to let the goddess come out enough that I can try to control her."

"I think there is," Sara answered, still rubbing the back of her head. "Meet me in my room in an hour, okay?"

* * *

Sara didn't need a temporal jump or Gideon spiking certain hormones within her system to be horny. Having a healthy sexual appetite was something that the blonde assassin already and proudly possessed. And though lately her partners had been predominately men, her main preference was women.

Making sure her room was ready, she checked it over one last time. Bed was freshly made, candlelight lit the room casting it in a sensual environment and the image in the mirror was one of perfection. Wanting to stun her teammate, who should be arriving any second, Sara was garbed in the finest lingerie Gideon had to offer. White stockings suspended by a matching garter belt, incredibly tiny thong highlighting her equally large booty and a white bra capped off the outfit.


"Come in Kendra," the assassin called out.

"Hey Sara...oh my God!"

"I appreciate the speechlessness but shut the door behind you," she ordered with a playful smile. "I'm not trying to share this view with the entire crew."

Kendra stood there gaping at Sara's athletic body for another stunned few moments before coming back down to the situation. Stepping into the bedroom, and sealing her own fate at the same time, she reached back and closed the door behind her before locking it for good measure.

"What is this? What's going on," Kendra asked.

Well earlier I told you there are two ways to tap into your warrior side. Beating the hell out of each other wasn't going to work, only kill one of us. So the other other way," Sara said, going to her nightstand and pulling back a cloth that was covering the contents. "Is through sex."

If Kendra was surprised by being greeted by Sara in her finest lingerie then she was truly good and shocked now. Under the cloth were sex toys of all shapes, lengths and varieties, an arsenal befit for an entire sorority and not just for one person.

"What? How? Where?"

"Gideon and the ship can make more than just weapons," Sara explained, her wry smile plastered on her feminine face. "Warrior fight hard, but when the fighting is done they make love even harder. So this is how we will tap into Shiera's side."

"," Kendra said, needing little time to think it over.

"Then what? You're content to just rip innocent people's faces off? Because that's what is going to keep happening. You're going to ruin missions, kill bystanders then us all while Vandal Savage waits to kill you and fuel his own immortality," Sara retorted, getting real with the dark-skinned girl. "Is that what you want?"

"No, obviously but..."

"But nothing," Sara cut her off with a kiss to her very full lips. "Nothing but learning from you tonight."

Kendra was startled enough by the smaller girl's action that she didn't fend her off. Instead, after another few seconds she returned the kiss. Sara was waiting for her acceptance, at which point she parted her lips, which the darker-skinned girl mirrored. Sara tilted her head and pushed her tongue into Kendra's mouth, but only made it halfway because the taller girl had the exact same idea.

Sara didn't want to push the girl too quickly since she knew for a fact that Kendra didn't exactly bat for her team. Rather than start undressing her like her animal brain demanded, the blonde assassin played it cool and just intensified the kissing while rubbing her chest against Kendra's.

"You're a good kisser," the dark-skinned woman smiled.

"Only good," Sara jested, acting offended.

"You know what I mean," she laughed.

"Well I do other things much better," the playful blonde retorted. "Should I show you?"

Kendra hesitated for a few moments, obviously snapped out of the little spell of arousal that Sara had cast. The blonde assassin didn't know which direction Kendra would would go. She was just as likely to walk out and refuse trying to control Shiera as she was to allowing Sara to help tap into the Hawk goddess through sex.


Sara was waiting for that response and was already in motion, disrobing her teammate of her clothing. For Kendra it was a blur as the frenzied girl stripped her sweater, shirt, shoes and pants off her in mere seconds. Left with only a bra and matching panties, Sara this time leaned in and began kissing the taller girl before reaching around and unhooking the bra to cause Kendra's weighty tits to become free.

"You have quite a rack Kendra," the smaller but deadlier blonde commented, mouth already going towards the globes.

"Thanks I gue...mhmm...ohhh," Kendra moaned as Sara latched around one of her nipples.

It felt like riding a bike again as Sara used her lips to create an air-tight seal around the breast, sucked in all while her tongue swirled around the erect nipple. Breaking the seal with an audible pop, the blonde rotated her head and took the next tit into her mouth, repeating the same feat and drawing yet more moans from her new lover.

As much as Sara enjoyed being back with a woman, she knew she couldn't take as much time as she would have liked. Her preference would have had her do some body worship of Kendra, drinking in her full tits that were larger than her own then move down and take her time licking and kissing her large booty that felt so good as her fingers groped the firm flesh.

"Oh God," Kendra moaned as Sara slipped her hand into her panties.

Knowing that simple kissing and motorboating her tits wasn't going to draw the Hawk goddess forward, Sara got down to business. The blonde's fingers immediately wormed against Kendra's folds, which were already slick in her own juices, clearly excited by the early foreplay. Her middle finger dipped into the darker skinned woman's pussy as Sara started to work it in and out, needing to loosen her up before adding her ring finger a minute later.

"Holy crap you're tight," Sara commented between sucking at her nipple. "Like really tight."

"'s been awhile," Kendra moaned as Sara started finger-fucking her faster and deeper.

Feeling that the taller girl was sufficiently loosened, Sara drove her two fingers in deeply before curling them in a soft claw so that her fingertips found Kendra's G-spot. She gave an even bigger cry of pleasure, but that was just a preview of what was to come. Steeling her arm, Sara began to almost violently jerk her hand upwards repeatedly causing her fingers to grind against the sensitive spot.

"Ffuucckkkk," Kendra swore as she tilted her head back with mouth gapped.

It was only for half a minute but already Sara's forearm was burning from the massive amount of strain and effort. She could feel the familiar ache but she knew that there wasn't much more energy needed as she doubted Kendra could hold out longer than 60 seconds. Bearing down, Sara felt a bead of sweat on her forehead as she added a little more pressure, which pain dividends nearly immediately.

"Cum Shiera. Cum for me," Sara ordered.

"OOHHHHH...GOD," Kendra screamed as she came in an explosion.

The dark-skinned girl had no idea that she was a squirter, yet she felt her panties were extremely damp after her orgasm. Sara confirmed things a moment later after fishing her hand out of her underwear she held her dripping fingers up in front of Kendra's face before putting them into her own mouth and sucking Kendra's fluids.

"Mhmm," Sara moaned after sucking her fingers clean. "But we need to keep going."

"Wow...more of that is fine with me," Kendra said, pulling off her soiled panties and tossing them aside.

"Not quite. Come, lay down on the bed," Sara instructed, which Kendra did by laying her head on the pillows. "Even with all my fun toys, nothing will top that explosive experience and yet Shiera didn't emerge."

"So what's next," Kendra asked, watching as Sara looked down at her collection of sex toys.

"Something more...intense," she answered kneeling on the bed between the other girl's legs.

Grabbing a meaty hamstring in each hand Sara pulled the other girl's legs upwards so that more of her fleshy ass tilted up towards her. Licking her lips at the sight, the blonde assassin lowered herself back down so her face was inches away from Kendra's exposed bottom. Sara instructed her fellow Legend to clutch her cheek and pull it apart, which she did with little hesitation.

"Pull my butt cheek? Like this," she asked.

"Perfect. Now I can lick your ass," Sara smiled wide.

"I can honestly say no one has ever done that," Kendra said with worry creeping into her tone.

"It's going to feel good, I promise."

Kendra was curious as to what was going on and she didn't want to miss watching the action so she wrenched her neck around in time to see and feel Sara knead her plump backside. The horny blonde only had her sights set on the little crinkled starfish in the middle of her crack and she didn't waste time with further delays.

The dark-skinned girl felt Sara add her own small hands to her bottom and helped pull apart her bum cheeks enough to expose her asshole. She watched the predatory smile and laser focus on the blonde's face before Kendra felt a wet tongue place a long, slow lick to her crack. Sara made sure to leave a good amount of spit behind, before she repeated the move using her broad tongue to lick directly over the center of her tightest of holes.

"Yup, that's my asshole," Kendra stammered.

Sara smiled at her friend's cute comment before focusing back on the task at hand. She made sure to give her best rimming since Kendra was clearly a newbie when it came to backdoor loving so she stayed gentle and non-threatening by repeatedly licking over her backdoor with the odd venture down to her pussy to change thing up.

"Feels good, doesn't it," Sara asked with a smug voice, reaching over to the nearby bedstand and pulling a toy from the collection.

"Yeah actually," Kendra agreed, nodding her head as well.

As much fun as cleaning the girl's asshole with her tongue was, Sara had more motivations than a benign rimjob. Since her surface and entrance of Kendra's backdoor was so well lubricated with her spit, the blonde killer made sure to be even safer by licking her middle finger well before dipping her slender finger into her friend's backdoor.

"Oh wow," Kendra moaned.

The blonde bisexual used her tongue back in Kendra's pussy to relax her further as she slowly yet confidently moved half her digit in and out of her ass. After a few moments Sara felt she was ready for even more and tested that out by going past the second knuckle and surprised both of them when her hand hit her curvy cheeks with the entire digit disappeared.

However, Sara had little hope that simply fingerbanging the girl's asshole would be enough to make the demigoddess within Kendra come out. Which is why she had clutched in her fist a metallic toy that looked like a small bonnet pepper. It was only 2 inches long, with one end tapered to a blunt point before expanding out to roughly 1 inch in width. From there it narrowed again to a small cylinder that went to the other end, a jewel-encrusted base that was several inches wide as to make sure the toy didn't get completely sucked into the user's backdoor.

"Relax, this can sting a little at first," Sara warned as she prepared to pull her finger out.

Kendra thought that the blonde assassin was going to add another finger into her ass, but she was a little surprised when Sara pulled out before the touch of rounded metal replaced it. Sara was smooth and gentle as ever as she used the gap from her finger pulling out to get the tip of the butt plug inside. From there all it took was steady pressure until Sara was watching Kendra's backdoor expand before engulfing her adorable toy.

"Ugh," she winced in the slightest amount of discomfort.

Sara let it rest for a moment and allow her teammate to get used to having her bowels held open. As if still surprised that she had something lodged in her bum, Kendra's hand reached down and felt the large, flat end of the plug. Closing her fingers lightly around the edges of it, the future Legend slowly spun the metal toy, noting how her rectum could feel the lubed up metal rotating painlessly inside her.

Getting a little braver since it felt so comfortable, Kendra began moving it up and down. Again, no pain followed so she pulled it side to side and stimulated more of her bowels with the fairly skinny bulbous toy. Moving off of it, she allowed the blonde to have control once more, noting the look of pure arousal on Sara's face.

"Doing so well...but Shiera isn't coming with that just spinning in there," Sara commented.

It was only as Sara's fingers closed tightly around the jeweled base and began pulling it out of her ass that Kendra felt the swell of discomfort return. The butt plug was only an inch wide at it's widest portion but it was having a tough time being wanked free from her. However, the blonde was experienced in these matters so she leaned down and spat more saliva on the exposed metal. The added lubrication from her generous amount of spit was what was required to make the plug exit her asshole faster and without any more pain.

This time, Sara didn't give her instructions or words of support. Once the tapered end of the toy was clear of her backdoor, she put it right back up against it. The blonde assassin smiled in appreciation of the younger winged goddess embracing her inner slut as she pushed her backside back towards her to help the butt plug back into her ass. It was a little bit of a struggle but it went in with half the effort as the first time she performed the feat.

"Uhmm...mmhff," Kendra groaned as the widest portion stretched her muscular ring before entering her rear.

Despite the sting, Kendra was growing more and more into the encounter. She wouldn't say it felt perfect but it was getting better and more comfortable. It was different and unusual, just the thing Sara thought would help exposed Shiera. The dark-skinned beauty closed her eyes and focused on Carter Hall, her hand roaming up to her glistening pussy.

"Rub that snatch," Sara encouraged.

Kendra was losing herself but it wasn't enough to make the demigoddess come out...yet. While the slender Canary was using her right hand to push and pull the toy around Kendra's asshole without withdrawing it completely, Sara watched as the other girl was full out rubbing her clit.

"Oh...God," she moaned in response.

"This isn't working. She needs more," Sara thought, mulling her options.

While Sara continued to fuck her friend with the bulbous butt plug, she sat up higher on her knees to better scan the table. Spread on it was her wide array of sex toys that she put there for tonight, searching until her eyes fell on one that gave her a wicked idea. It wasn't the widest toy there, but her double-ended dildo was likely the longest, measuring nearly 2 feet in length.

"No Shiera. But...I'm not giving up just yet," Sara said with a smile on her face that made Kendra a little nervous.

"We've come this far and it's felt pretty good so I'm game," Kendra replied, propping herself up.

"Good," the horny blonde said as she lifted the lengthy toy up for Kendra to see. "Because this one isn't for the faint of heart."

Kendra's jaw nearly dropped out of her skull when she saw the dildo. The former barista was familiar with a regular toy, but this one was massive. Only an inch and a half thick, it had a cock-shaped tip on both ends and was fairly solid though seemed like it had a little wiggle to it. She didn't exactly know what Sara had in store for it though.

Watching the blonde the whole time, Kendra saw her climb onto the bed after drizzling lube over both tips. Resting on her hands and knees facing away from Kendra, she observed that Sara had a matching butt plug in her own ass, nestled nicely between her bubbly cheeks. She pulled it free and Kendra realized that the assassin's toy was nearly double as thick as her own, leaving Sara's asshole a yawning hole in its wake.

"Take a picture why don't you," Sara smirked backwards. "Now do as I am so we have almost a foot between our bums."

Sara was pleased that her teammate was a good listener and willing participant. When Kendra was in position, the blonde reached back and feed the toy into the darker-skinned girl's asshole first. She went slow and stroked it into her for over a minute, allowing her to get use to it before she got herself ready and fed the other end into her own backdoor.

"What have I got myself into," Kendra wondered as she was now connected to the only other female Legend by the same dildo.

"Mhmm...good. Now use your arms to rock back and forward...awwhh...back and forward," Sara instructed, feeling the usual pleasure of having a cock-shaped object glide into her rectum.

She was a quick study and soon Kendra was doing as Sara had said, albeit slowly. Sara was using all of her patience to not just slam her perky ass backwards, forcing them both to swallow a good majority of the toy into both their asses. However that wouldn't help...yet.

"God it's big," Kendra said, a little sheen building on her forward and along her spine. "Feels...funny too."

There was no doubt that Kendra had the tighter asshole since Sara had been getting assfucked on the regular for years, not to mention sodomized by 5 of her Legends teammates since embarking on the adventure. But Sara had better control and mastery of what they were doing so it still meant that for every thrust backwards it was Kendra taking more of the toy inside her.

"That's it. Push against me or you'll be eating this whole thing," Sara warned. "And I would really like to have some fuck me."

For all she wanted to obey her tutor, Kendra just wasn't as skilled as she needed. Tentative still though it wasn't exactly painful or causing her discomfort, she just wasn't forcing herself to fuck back. Sure she would rock back into Sara but with nowhere near the convection needed to really utilize the toy properly.

"I'm...ahhh...trying," Kendra wailed as she awkwardly lurched her curvy body backwards.

The gentle hand wasn't working so Sara was going to have to try a different tactic. When the horse wouldn't be led by the carrot then you drove them with the whip. Tensing her arms, the former League of Assassins member thrust herself back into Kendra with new found power. She heard her friend yelp in surprise before she crashed backward again...and again and again.

"Come on Kendra," Sara grunted, her arms aching as she forced them to thrust her body back into her teammate. "Let the goddess out...then collar her."

"Ugghh...Sara...slow," Kendra urged though she knew no compassion was coming.

And then something snapped within her, giving her the same dark feelings as she had last when in the hall of the Wave Rider before kicking the blonde assassin nearly 30 feet. Kendra's normally brown eyes glowed red as the Hawk demigod Shiera took control of Kendra's curvy body.

Sara immediately sensed something had changed. The first sign was Kendra's groans of being dominated stopping, replaced with icy silence. Not calm, far from that actually. Her next clue was when she felt Kendra's large ass thud against her own with more intensity than ever. More power then she was generating in fact.


"Aarrgghh," the Hawk demigod roared.

The first thrust after the bellow from Shiera nearly sent Sara for a tumble off the bed. Her assassin training kicked in and she steadied herself at the last instant though. If the blonde thought about trying to fuck Kendra back than it was quickly displaced from her mind as all Sara could do was hold on for dear life.


In what was in stark contrast to minutes earlier, the double-ended dildo was now slamming deep into Sara's bowels. With each collision between their large asses, the toy slid further into the blonde while Shiera - and it was very obvious that it was Shiera in control now - held only a quarter of the nearly 2 foot dildo.

" much," Sara groaned.

The blonde assassin, who liked to dominate women while being dominated by men, could only grunt, groan and make incomplete sentences. She had shared a toy like this with her long-time lover Nyassi before, but she had never taken more than half inside her ass before. However, with Hawk demigoddess strength behind her, Shiera had passed more than half the length inside Sara and with each thrust back she wormed more into her.

"Yes! Take it," Shiera screamed with a heated intensity.

Sara was powerless to do anything but take the extreme assfucking that her new lover was doling out to her. Time after time she absorbed the mighty pounding that Kendra's wider ass smashed against her own narrower but equally bubbly booty. And each time the dildo went a little further inside her, Sara feeling it deeper than anything had ever been inside her previously.

"Ahhh...fight her," Sara managed to groan out. "Seize...ugghhh...control."

Though Sara couldn't tell since Shiera continued to rear her body forward before crashing it back into her, but her words had an effect. Through the rage and passion and intensity of the ancient goddess, Kendra heard her friend's instructions and remembered why they were doing this. Sara was helping her and she was rewarding her for the act of friendship by allowing the wild Shiera to pound her into oblivion.

"Sara...I'm sorry," Kendra said, stopping her momentum dead.

"You did it," Sara shrieked in excitement, though with a note of exhaustion.

"You're right," Kendra commented, a wide smile growing on her face. "I totally conquered her."

Without thought, the dark-skinned girl started rocking her body backwards and forwards. It didn't have near the same amount of force that Shiera was using to ruthlessly fuck the smaller girl, but it was also with more power than Kendra herself had done earlier than that. Now with a wide grin on her own face, Sara used her aching arms to sway back into Kendra as well, matching her intensity.

"Mhmm...that's it...know Shiera's there but temper her," Sara instructed as she started rocking a little harder.

Instantly Kendra matched her in stride, picking up her own pace by the same amount as Sara. Rather than either girl dominating the other now, instead they had found a balance. The double-ended dildo speared into both their asses in near equal length, the two lovely ladies both using the toy to actually get off now.

"Awwh...I'm controlling her," Kendra celebrated, while simultaneously slipping a hand between her thighs.

" that...mhmmm...perfect," Sara moaned, her own hand rubbing relentlessly through her wet slit.

Both girls were in perfect rhythm with one another and it was bringing the best out of both of them. Kendra was learning to handle Shiera with a firm hand, all while her fingers skittered back and forth on her clit. Sara was more than happy to help her gain mastery of her ancient Egyptian Hawk goddess, especially when with every rocking motion it brought her closer to her own orgasm.

"Sara...ahhh...I'm gonna," Kendra started to shout.

"I'm cumming too....aawwwhhhh....mmhhmmmm....YYEESSSS," Sara interupted as she came with nearly 12 inches of rubbery cock gliding into her ass repeatedly.

"Shhiittttttt," Kendra swore, eyes flashing red for an instant as she came just as hard.

Both girls shuddered and jerked and moaned some more before crashing forward, allowing the double-ended dildo to spill from their asses for the first time in quite awhile. Sara and Kendra both panted and tried to regain their breath, Kendra recovering from her first ever orgasm by another woman while Sara was finally back having sex with the gender she preferred.

"By the way, we are gonna be sore for a few days," Sara told the girl as she rolled onto her side to better look at her friend.

"I bet," Kendra laughed. "Hopefully Rip doesn't have us sitting for too long."

"Sara, Kendra. Captain Hunter requires your presence in the main cabin with great haste," Gideon's robotic voice stated over the comms.

"No rest for the wicked," Sara commented before rolling out of bed and searching for appropriate clothing.


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