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Summary: To gain access to the Soviet Gulag, Sarah fights 5 mobsters then joins Rip and Snart with Yuri the Bear. The Bear agrees to help with one clause - he gets to fuck the White Canary.

Pairings: Sara Lance/Yuri The Bear

Codes: MF, Anal, Oral, Rough, Spank, Watersport

***WARNING: The scene concludes with watersport. If that isn't your thing then stop reading after the cumshot. I will do a warning within the story before it occurs for those not interested in reading

Legends Of Tomorrow: Future Legends Part 4 - Nightmare Gulag
by The Chemist

"Mr. Rory, Professor Stein and Dr. Palmer are being held at Labor Camp #54 though formerly known as the Nightmare Gulag," Gideon explained to the remaining Legends.

"Can we skip to the good stuff please," Snart demanded impatiently. "Like how to break in."

"In its 200 years in operation, no one has successfully escaped," the A.I. informed.

"Well Gideon I know a thing or two about a prison break," the career criminal retorted. "Just never a Gulag. God damn it Rip, why the hell couldn't you have lifted a finger to help Mick...and the others."

"You know damn well it was never my intention to get half the team captured and deliver the most powerful being into his hands," Captain Hunter countered. "Besides, something tells me that Mr. Rory will feel perfectly at home in jail."

"Wait. Rip's got a point. Criminals do feel more at home in prison...and know it better," Sara said, all of a sudden struck with an idea.

"So..." Captain Cold inquired.

"What if the key to breaking into the Soviet prison is to ask someone who has been in and out of the damn place several times," the assassin finished explaining.

"We could get Gideon to perform a search of any guards and criminals who have been in and out of this particular jail more than, say, 3 times," Rip stated.

"Already performing," Gideon replied.

"Actually, search members of the Bratva," the beautiful blonde added.

"Oh! The Russian Mob," Leonard cooed, leaning next to Sara now. "In the 80s and 90s they would have ruled the criminal underground in every prison."

"Search complete. Results being displayed now," the A.I. stated before producing a list of names.

"Cross that list with the known whereabouts of them on this day," Rip said. Seconds later, one of the names on the list was highlighted with a time and location stamped in a new column. "And we have a winner. Leonard, Snart...let's go plan a jailbreak."

* * *

The 3 teammates arrived at the lodge in rural Soviet Union but only Snart and Rip Hunter paid for entry. They arrived shortly before their target's regular appointment and so were already toweled up, sitting in the sauna when a man the size of a mountain came lumbering in. He was roughly 6'8" tall, close to 300 pounds and heavily tattooed.

"Your tattoo, it says 'execution will reform me'," Rip commented, initiating conversation with the hulking figure.

"What brings you to the sauna little man," he asked in a thick Soviet accent.

"Name's Rip. I'm aware you are familiar with the Koshmar Gulag," Rip answered before Snart took over. "We need to break into that prison. And can you make it fast, I despise the heat," Snart commented before Rip took back over. "A man by the name of Vandal Savage runs things there."

"I have heard of this Savage. He has no respect for my country's rich criminal traditions," Yuri the Bear replied.

"Great. So you'll help us," Snart commented.

"You men have no tattoos. A man without tattoos has no life story and therefore cannot be trusted," Yuri retorted before shouting. "Andrei! Alexei!"

In the adjoining changeroom two well armed men in suits heard the shouts from their leader within the Bratva. Knowing that there must be a situation within the sauna, they ran for the entrance but before they got even halfway a doorway off to the right was kicked in and there stood a small yet beautiful golden-haired woman in a white leather combat suit.

With a well-aimed kick, Sara popped the first thugs' knee and disabled him efficiently. A roundhouse follow-up kick to his jaw but him down for the count. She was a white blur as she jumped over him and performed a perfect one-hit knockout on the man behind him as well.

"Who's next," she said with a cocky tone, addressing the remaining 3 men in the room.

The first man came rushing in like an idiot. Sara easily ducked under his punch and leveled him with a close-range elbow to the temple. Flowing from that hit she launched a high kick to the suited man's head and sent him sprawling. Another fool rushed in, she ducked again and came up in time to chop at the first one's throat, spin back around to kidney punch another before trading off blows with each man until they were both reduced to bleeding messes on the floor.

A quick scan of the change room told her all 5 of her men were down and unconscious. Pulling zip-ties from her back pocket, the White Canary immobilized all the criminals at the wrists and ankles, assuring they could no longer be a threat. Hustling to the sauna, she figured she better check on how the smooth-talking Rip and Snart were making out with the Captain of the Bratva.

"I took out 5 and you couldn't handle one," Sara remarked, seeing a battered Rip standing toe-to-toe with the hulking tattooed man.

"You killed my men," the mafia man asked, a mix of being impressed and concerned.

"Not killed...yet," the blonde assassin retorted. "And neither are you, assuming you help us."

After a long, thoughtful pause Yuri visibly relaxed from his tensed fighter's pose. "My organization runs black market goods into Koshmar. This is no hotel like your American prisons."

"Thanks for your concern but your job is to get us access so we can rescue our men and kill that ruthless Savage," Snart cut him off.

"Help us and we will destroy his whole organization," Rip offered.

"Fine. I'll get you into the Gulag...with one condition. I want the girl," Yuri bargained. "Right here, right now. Small price."

"Absolutely not," Rip responded without hesitation.

"Then no deal. I'm a captain in the Soviet mafia. I'm used to torture and you Americans," he spat the last word with disgust. "Are soft."

"My partner is in that prison. I think you'll find I'm as big of a cold-hearted bastard as it gets," Leonard threatened, standing from his bench for the first time.

"Agreed. Sara, take him down and let's start getting answers from him," Rip agreed.

"Stop," the White Canary shouted as the two smaller men prepared to attack the Soviet. "We don't have time for this. Every minute we delay, Vandal Savage gets closer to unlocking his own army of Firestorms that will burn my city to the ground."

"What are you saying," Snart asked.

"I could break him with torture but it'll take hours if not longer. But if I...fuck him," she said with a shudder. "Then we get what we need a hell of a lot faster."

"Anything goes," the big Russian insisted.

"Obviously," Sara replied, well aware of Russians and their obsession with anal, or at least the ones in her era were.

"Then why are you still in your revealing as it is," Yuri asked rhetorically. "And your comrades are to stay and watch your degradation."

"You can go to hell," Leonard interjected before a deadly look from Sara stopped him in his tracks. "Or not."

Though the beautiful assassin would have preferred not to be blackmailed into fucking the hulking figure in front of two of her teammates, she understood time was of the essence. Seeing as arguing with Yuri as only wasting precious time, Sara undid the zipper that held her leather outfit tight and felt it go slack the longer she pulled it down until she was able to step out of it altogether.

"You are a very fit woman," Yuri complimented her as he approached. "Not many Americans these days have a hairless pussy. I'm happy you buck the trend."

As Yuri neared closer he dropped the towel and exposed to the Legends his naked body, already covered in sweat from the hot conditions. He was a large man with a rounded stomach but underneath he was rippling in muscles, but what caught Sara's eyes was between his thighs. Beneath his protruding gut was a semi-erect cock that when fully grown would near a foot in length.

"Damn that Russian is hung," Snart remarked. "Good luck Canary."

Sara wasn't surprised to find her own body covered in a thin layer of sweat despite only taking off her combat uniform. She also wasn't surprised by the huge Soviet's dick, though she was awed. A quick scan through her memory revealed that Yuri would likely be the biggest man she'd ever been with...but Nyassi had used a bigger dildo on her in the past so it wasn't completely new territory.

"Let's get this over with," Sara muttered to herself as she dropped to her knees in front of the massive man.

Within a couple of bobs of her head with his cock between her lips, Sara had the Russian fully erect and ready to go. She had a feeling that Yuri would be a little rough given his background and he didn't disappoint. He grabbed the back of her bonde head and tried to force his entire manhood down her throat...repeatedly.

"Gllkk...hhwwkkkk....kkkllkkkk," Sara coughed and spat.

Getting into a rhythm, the hulking man would force Sara's face halfway towards his protruding tattooed gut with his tip smashed against the back of her mouth. As her face turned from flesh-colored to pink to red, he finally allowed the blonde to pull herself back just long enough to get in a big gulp of air before pulling her back down. The result was a cock that was absolutely covered in Sara's spit and likely leaving the Legend unable to talk without a rasp in her voice for quite some time.

"My God he is face fucking the living hell out of her," Rip commented as he watched the action unfolding in front of him.

Leonard nodded in assent as his blonde teammate was once again forced to choke down another generous helping of girthy dick. Captain Cold had to give Sara credit because despite the brutal blowjob she was on the receiving end of, she didn't once gag. Instead she suppressed the innate reflex and only spewed up spit, admittedly in the bucket loads.

"Impressive," Yuri commented.

With his hand already holding the back of Sara's head, he bundled his fist in her hair and pulled back sharply. Sara gave a little grunt of pain as her neck was snapped backwards, but she was happy for the chance to drink up several lungfuls of air. With her mouth gapped from the surprise movement, Yrui leaned over her much smaller frame and spat a glob of his own spit directly down the girl's throat.

"Gross," Snart commented.

"Thought your throat was dry," Yuri laughed.

Instead of returning to fucking Sara's beautiful face, the hulking man lifted her up with the hand still holding onto her hair. It hurt, a lot, but Sara had suffered much worse at the hands of the League of Assassins during her training so she was good at blocking it out. She was thrown onto the wooden bench beside them onto her side.

Not knowing which way he wanted her, she waited until his rough hands grabbed her hips and spun her so that she was kneeling facing away from him with her tits pressed against the bench in front of her. She felt rather comfortable, that was until her pussy was split wide open by the hulking man's cock. Luckily her expert blowjob had coated him in huge amounts of lubricant so he slid into her well enough.

"Pretty sure he's going to rip her in half," the captain of the Waver Rider commented.

Leonard and Rip watched on as the Soviet mobster known as The Bear was driving balls deep into their assassin teammate. For Sara's part, she was handling it better than either man could have fathomed. In fact, as Yuri repeatedly slammed his 300 pound frame against her bubbly ass, rippling it in the process, they could actually make out the faintest of moans from the blonde.

"I think she's gonna be just fine, for now," Snart replied, this time definitively hearing Sara groan in pleasure.

The two men didn't know how anyone could derive pleasure in that circumstance. Not only was Yuri hung like the Bear that was his nickname, but he was slamming into her pussy with relentless ruthlessness. Over and over he reared back before plowing balls deep into the girl giving up over 200 pounds to the tattooed Soviet.

As if to test her limits, or possibly because he liked abusing women, Yuri used one hand to coil in Sara's hair once more and tugged back hard. Her head snapped back as he didn't miss a beat in driving forward into her twat. She grunted in pain before moaning once more. Not content yet, Yuri reared back his free hand before crashing it down on Sara's very fit backside. After another two blows to the same cheek her pink flesh was dark red so he switched sides and did likewise there.

"Well the good news is that no one can maintain this intensity for very long," Snart relayed to his captain.

"Yes but will Miss Lance be able to walk let alone fight when we get to the Nightmare Gulag," Rip replied as Sara cried out as he slapped her raw backside again.

"Good question Rip, but we can always pray," Leonard sneered in his usual level of contempt towards everyone.

Sara was now dripping in sweat but fucking with such a level of energy as Yuri demanded would do that to a girl when in a sauna. Truthfully there wasn't much she could do to help The Bear get off quicker since she was pinned between the wooden bench in front of her and the Soviet' thrusting body behind. Doing what she could, she squirmed her perfectly shaped ass back and forth to get a little extra grinding on his dick, hopefully hitting new areas of arousal for him.

She figured it was working as his hand relented on its non-stop spanking on her extremely sore ass cheeks that would prevent her sitting properly for a week. Instead he settled it on her low back so she redoubled her efforts and introduced an up and down sway to her backside as well. In reality, Yuri only stopped slapping her red flesh so that he could shove his dry thumb directly up Sara Lance's ass without warning, forcing her hole to stretch around his jumbo digit in his attempt to be nice by prepping her before he sodomized it.

"You have a good pussy," Yuri barked as he slowed his thrusting but finger fucked her asshole harder now. "Tight but it's been used enough to stretch perfectly to my dick."

"Ahh...glad I can accommodate," Sara moaned as her twat was still hammered into while her backdoor was loosening with each thrust by his thumb.

Yuri smiled down at the brazen American who had so far exceeded his expectations. Before blackmailing the Legends into fucking the assassin, she had single-handedly taken out 5 of his highly trained killers in his personal detail. That gave her his respect from a professional standpoint. And now, she had handled his ruthless face-fucking and was thriving under his relentless pounding, even with his hard spanking and rough ass fingering.

"Get on top," the massive figure demanded as he pulled out of her snatch abruptly. "And ride me hard."

"Yes sir," Sara gave her patented wry smile as she looked back over her shoulder.

The Russian stepped back a pace from the bench that she was kneeling on to allow her to move into position. The moment her feet were on the ground he took a seat on the very spot she had just vacated, though he soon twisted to the side so he was practically laying down with his lengthy cock standing nearly a foot out from his lap.

"That really is a huge dick," Snart admired once again.

"If you like it so much why don't you go see if Sara wants to swap positions with you," the Brit replied in a rare instance of him showing his dry sense of humor.

"I think I'm good here," Snart said with a look that shot daggers at Rip.

By the time the two boys stopped taking little shots at each other and checked back in on the action, Sara was done climbing up onto the bench and was hovering her perfect ass over Yuri's erect member. She chose to face way from the heavily sweating man but as she sat down and tried to take him into her pussy he stopped her momentum dead with his massive hands.

"Let us see if you can handle yourself as well with The Bear in your tight little asshole," Yuri snarled.

"And here I was hoping I could go the length of a mission with getting a dick up my tailpipe," Sara commented as she redirected his manhood slightly further back. "Maybe next time."

"Not bloody likely," Rip muttered to himself.

"Ah...God that stings," Sara cursed as she took his tip into her asshole which was spread to its absolute limit.

Sara's face reflected how much of a hard time her butt was having swelling in width to accommodate the hung Soviet. Knowing she couldn't just throw herself down with tearing something, the blonde assassin made short squats downward, maybe taking an inch further into her rear before riding back up to the top. It would be a slow journey to get even half his length inside her, but for now it was all she could do.

"Now I believe is the time we should be worried about him tearing her in two," Leonard commented, bringing a nod from the Wave Rider's captain.

Yuri had enough compassion to allow the American time traveller time to get use to his massive girth. However, his patience had a limit and it was almost up. With nearly half his length getting ridden by the tiny blonde, The Bear looked down to watch in utter happiness as his purple tip disappeared, followed by half his length with greater speed. To help matters he was holding her cheeks as spread apart as possible, allowing Sara to bounce a bit deeper while giving him an exceptional view of his cock being engulfed with regularity by her tight asshole.

"Faster...harder," he barked.

Hoping that she was prepared enough Sara descended as far down his dick as she could before feeling a quick painful sting in her ass. Looking back she found that her plump cheeks were almost touching his large gut, so buoyed by that information she rode to the top before gliding down once more. This time she felt his pubic hair tickle her skin but the next time did the trick and she was now taking the thick cock balls deep in her tiny ass.

"Impressive," Snart approved.

"She truly is," Rip concurred

Confident that she could take him all the way into her bowels, Sara started to ride him faster as per his very clear instructions. Luckily for the blonde, her intense assassin training had scuplted her into the peak of athletic perfection so even the heat of the sauna wasn't enough to deter her. Over and over she smashed her ass against his stomach before flexing her legs to carry her back up his rod before doing it all over again.

"Good...mhmm...faster...ughh...faster," Yuri barked.

"Me thinks the big fellow won't last much longer," Snart observed, noting the grimace appearing on The Bear's face.

"Excellent. Time is of the essence after all," Rip reminded before making a hurry up gesture to Sara.

The blonde saw her Captain signalling to her to finish the deed, however it was easy for him to make demands. After all, it wasn't his ass that was getting skewered on a massive Soviet cock. However, the Time Master had a point and she knew the lives of Professor Stein, Ray, and Mick, not to mention all of the future was riding on her right now.

With renewed energy, Sara went about to finish him off with one final grand push. If Yuri wanted faster and deeper, then she was going to give him exactly what he wanted. After a minute of her brisker riding, Sara was absolutely dripping in sweat however, Yuri's grunting was becoming louder and more animalistic. Finally, she felt his bear-like mitts grip her hips tightly as she was held down on his cock, her ass resting right on his lap.

"Shit... cumming," The Bear blurted out. "Ugh...ugh...ugh."

"Mhmm...yes...cum in my ass," Sara encouraged as she grinded their sweat covered bodies against each other.

With his hands gripping Sara tightly, Yuri tossed his head back, and grunted one final time. Sara felt his cock twitch in her backdoor as several streams of thick warm cum blasted upwards into her rectum. He held himself still in the depths of her bowels until his manhood had emptied, at which point the exhausted man lifted Sara from his lap, leaving his sticky reward deep in her asshole.

"Get on your knees," Yuri demanded.

Settling into position kneeling with her thick ass resting on her heels, Sara faced the hulking man but didn't know what was happening. He was done fucking her, she had the proof of his pudding nestled deep in her ass after all, but he stood in front of her with his dick in hand. Looking closer, the assassin realized that his cock was actually softening, yet the Bear had eyes closed and an expectant look on his bearded face.

"What's happening," she asked with a note of worry.

"You said anything goes," he replied. "I'm going to piss on you."

"What," the three Legends all screamed.

"I believe pee, piss is the right translation," Yuri answered, surprised at their shock.

"No I understand but fuck that," Sara defiantly retorted, standing up.

"Then you don't want into Koshmar to save your friends and stop this Vandal Savage going Firestorm or whatever," the big Soviet countered.

That stopped Sara died in her tracks and gave her pause. She didn't care for Mick, she had little communication with Professor Stein given her lack of elite IQ and Roy could be downright annoying, but they were her new family. Plus it was only a matter of time before Vandal broke Stein and uncovered how to make an army of Firestorms. Slumping her shoulders, the trained killed turned back around before defeatedly sinking back down to her knees.

"Let's get this over with," Sara said though all the fight was out of her.

Yuri smiled brightly at the sight of the strong willed woman slumping in defeat on her knees before him. He had to fight his initial urge to get hard once again since he needed to remain flaccid in order for it to work. Taking a deep breath to center himself, the Bear found that the tunnel was now unblocked and soon felt the familiar surge of pressure flowing up the hose.

Sara had her eyes open until she saw the first small squirt of golden fluid leave his tip, at which point she promptly closed them tightly. It didn't stop her from feeling the warm splash on her flat stomach but that was just the start. Yuri was softening by the second and soon was able to produce a steady stream of thin urine that splashed onto the blonde's chest, getting both her perky tits wet.

"Now open your slutty mouth," Yuri barked.

Sara found that she snapped to his order and parted her lips. She didn't fight it like before, maybe because her first showering of the golden fluid had gone well. Better than expected in any event. She found that the warm piss was actually a little sensual as it bathed her skin and the smell wafting up from it wasn't revolting or even that odorous.

Rip Hunter and Leonard Snart watched on as the hulking Soviet aimed his arching stream higher. Soon the steady current stopped pouring onto Sara's breasts, continued up her neck before he unloaded onto her face. Most of the flow was restricted to her mouth but after a few seconds he would shot a little higher and wet the rest of her face and some of her golden hair with his piss and allow her a moment to breath.

"Is it wrong that I'm very turned on right now," Snart whispered to Rip at the sight of their beautiful teammate covered in urine.

"Not at all. I'm rather...engorged myself," the Brit replied, his towel tenting due to his full erection.

For Sara, she held some in her mouth until he filled her then spat it out, feeling the fluid coat the rest of her body. Yuri continued to piss onto her head and hair, feeling her long golden locks get soaked in his urine. Once her mouth was clear she obediently opened her jaw once more and Yuri obliged her by filling it back up with more pee. They did this routine one more time until the Bear was completely empty.

"How did you like it," the tired Soviet mobster asked the kneeling girl.

"Honestly...wasn't bad," Sara commented as she subconsciously rubbed the yellow fluid into her skin. "Girl could get use to it I think."

" Yuri, we have a deal," Rip asked, regaining his composure.

"Yes, yes. I'll get one of you in as a guard while I can get my other men to let your people in through a checkpoint to give you a good sightline and exit point," he agreed. "Now, I need to shower then we'll go."

"Ditto," Sara agreed knowing she couldn't go out in public with urine-soaked hair.


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