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Summary: As an antidote is being prepared for Lois Lane, Sara must find a way to keep Lex busy for the day. Luckily for her, she's been trained in the art of seduction.

Pairings: Sara Lance/Lex Luthor

Codes: MF, Solo, Toy

Legends Of Tomorrow/Smallville: Assignment Smallville Part 2
by The Chemist

"Ms. Lance. My analysis is complete. Is now a good time or would you prefer after your morning coffee?"

"Now is fine Gideon," Sara said, walking to her small room aboard the ship.

"The composition of the unknown substance was not from Earth. A more thorough investigation found that the chemical make-up was that of vaporized Red Kryptonite," Gideon revealed.

"Red Kryptonite? What in the hell is red Kryptonite," the White Canary asked with a quizzical look.

Luckily for the time traveling Legend, on special assignment by Rip Hunter to stop Lois Lane and Lex Luthor from becoming a couple, she had the all-knowing Gideon. Gideon was the A.I. of Captain Hunter's ship the Wave Rider, and also for its jumpship, the very one Sara was using for her mission.

"Kryptonite are pieces of the exploded planet Krypton, whose best known population include Kal-El, or Superman as he's known on Earth, as well as Kara Zor-El, better known as Supergirl. Large quantities of the rocks descended to Earth in the meteor shower that brought an infant Kal-El to Kansas.

"The green form is harmful and weakens Kryptonians, which is fairly well known. The red form removes inhibitions from Kryptonians and humans alike. The effects vary based on the individual as observed throughout various sources, but common side effects are dangerous, immoral, rebellious or sexually exciteable," Gideon finished explaining.

"Wait. You're saying that it can make some horny," Sara commented, the puzzle starting to click into place in her head.

"Yes Ms. Lance."

"And you said the Red K was in the form of vapors? Now I'm no brainiac but even I remember from high school chemistry class that vapors aren't a natural form for a chemical," the blonde conversed.

"Quite correct. Krpytonite's natural state is as a solid though there has been industrial success in converting it to a liquid, gas or in this case, a vapor," the A.I. answered.

It was starting to make sense to the gorgeous assassin. Lex Luthor had used his super intellect and the resources that LexCorp had to offer in order to make a mist of Red Kryptonite that he used to control Lois. Well, at least make her horny in his presence, and thus easy to manipulate. That was how she fell for him and how he would get her to marry him, and essential ruin Superman's intentions of staying on Earth in the near future.

"Okay Gideon, I need an antidote or immunization or whatever it's called," Sara dictated. "ASAP."

"Estimated time for one dose of the inoculation is 24 hours. However, it is only enough for one individual. A further 3 days is required to produce another dose due to limitation of available material and cooldown time of the machinery involved."

Not ideal news for Sara but then again she could have Lois Lane resistant to the charms of Lex Luthor in a day, which was her primary objective. If she foiled his attempt to marry Lois, then Superman wouldn't leave Earth undefended in the future, which would lead to the Earth's fall.

"Okay start immediately," she ordered while thinking. "Now how do I keep Lex away from her for the next day?"

"Might I possibly suggest a safe conspirator," Gideon chimed in, always ready to help.

* * *

Chloe Sullivan was busy working on an investigative report into yet another of LexCorp's shell corporations for her job as an intern at The Daily Planet. She had a loathing for the company that claimed to do so much good for her town and even had a somewhat positive connotation with their name due to excellent PR work. However, the truth was they were as dark and evil as their CEO.

The quirky blonde was lost in her world as she seamlessly read reports, type on her laptop and drank her 4th or 5th cappuccino of the morning when a girl came and sat down on the chair across from her. She didn't pay attention until she felt her intense gaze on her, never leaving, at which point she looked up at her. Beautiful but with a glint in her eye that gave off the impression she wasn't to be fucked with. A hard look, a dangerous look.

"Hi, do we know each other," Chloe asked pleasantly.

"Nope, but we can do a great deal for one another regardless of that," Sara Lance answered.

Before Chloe could ask any follow-up questions, Sara shared her plan with the creator of the Wall of Weird. Of course it was a condensed version that left out several important but not pertinent details such as the time traveling and the fact that she was from the future. But she gave the blonde reporter all the skinny on what Lex had been doing to her cousin Lois with Red Kryptonite.

"That son of a bitch," Chloe swore as the story sounded right up his alley. "But why tell me?"

"Well I have good information that not only do you care for your cousin deeply but you are close enough to her to help. I'm going to take care of Lex, but I need to know that Lois is kept safe. By tomorrow morning she can be safe from his grip, but I need someone to keep her away from his mansion all day today," Sara revealed.

* * *

So far, Sara's morning was off to a good start. Chloe was on board and as she drove out to Lex Luthor's mansion on the edge of town she received a message from the adorable blonde saying that she and Lois were going for brunch then heading into Metropolis until later that evening.

That just meant keeping Lex occupied and she knew of one way for that to happen. While a member of the League of Assassins, they trained you to be the best infiltrator, able to get deep into any society in order to kill it from within when the time came. Therefore they were trained not just in killing and fighting, but also in espionage, persuasion and seduction.

"Alright Sara. I wonder how we are going to keep the over-sexed, playboy tied up for the better part of 6 hours," she mused to herself as she arrived at his expansive manor.

As she drove up the driveway and parked in a spot out front, she couldn't get over the fact how very similar this mansion and the Queen family mansion were. So much so in fact that they must have been twins, built by the same architect and engineer and around the same point in time.

Based on the knowledge that Chloe had willingly given her, Sara had little trouble getting past the gatekeeper. Navigating the halls was easy as well as the interior, though differing more in this respect, was still eerily close to that of Oliver's house. In short order she had arrived on the second floor and was striding past an open set of large wooden doors.

"Ah, I see Lois let you in on the fact everyone in this town seems to think I have an open-door drop-in policy here," Lex said with a level tone.

Sara noted that the bald man responded to her arrival without so much as raising his head from his paperwork as he sat behind his ornate desk. The main office of his manor was beyond spacious, easily three times the size of her family's living room in the house she grew up in. There was a computer monitor and a handful of white sheets of paper spread across the surface of his desk and a fire going in the stone mantel.

"She may have mentioned it," Sara stated, walking in from the doorway.

"And what can I do for the new girl in town," he asked with what appeared to be a little hostility in his voice.

From everything she read on the billionaire, she understood him to be a very cautious man. Therefore his apprehension with a new girl who suddenly appeared in the small town and struck up a friendship with the girl he was essentially mind controlling to love him made sense for him. He would treat her with a high level of suspicion until he knew what her motives were, and then probably not lower his guard much.

"I...umm...whoa. How embarrassing, it seems I've lost my train of thought," Sara said, seeming to be slightly disoriented. "Is it hot in here or just me?"

Lex allowed the faintest of smiles to touch his lips with the girls reaction. He still had his office's red kryptonite emitter running, in fact it was on motion sensor and began spraying it's fine mist whenever anyone entered his office. It required such low quantity of the red rock and its use was excellent for disarming business rivals or beautiful women.

Clearly, the red K vapors were working on the new blonde who had suddenly appeared in his office. Or at least he thought it was. In truth Sara did feel her libido threatening to burst from her skin as her cheeks were flushing, her pussy was as damp as ever and her mind clouded with imagery of sex. However, she was playing up her physical effect for him, luring him into her trap.

"May I take your coat," Lex offered, appearing on the other side of his wooden desk.

"Uhm, yeah, that would be great," she answered, shrugging out of the garment.

In thinking up a way to keep Lex and Lois apart, thus doing the least damage to the original timeline and preventing it from becoming the new reality, she didn't have many options. Lois seemed to be smitten with her, but keeping her occupied was only part of the problem. There was nothing stopping Lex from coming to the Talon and to her apartment, especially since he owned the damn property.

Thus, she needed to have him busy. She had thought of doing some sabotage to his business or main Smallville LexCorp plant, but there was no guarantee that he would handle the matter personally. Especially when he had such a hot piece of ass waiting for him at his whim, so he was more than likely to allow his right hand man to deal with the issue as he crawled into bed with his sex slave. So Sara would use her body and fight fire with fire.

"So what brings Ms. Lance to Smallville," he asked, walking over to a side table holding a crystal decanter filled with amber liquid. "Brandy?"

"That sounds perfect," Sara replied and seconds later she had two-fingers high of the expensive alcohol in her hand. "Well I'm working on my thesis and wanted a slower place to focus on my work. A friend recommended this little town outside Metropolis where I was living."

"What are you studying," he pressed in a casual manner, sitting his rump on the edge of his desk.

"My field is modern dance," she answered.

"A dancer? Well you have for it," Lex commented, his eyes roaming her tight body in earnest.

She had to fight back down the bile as the homicidal tyrant lingered over each and every part of her body. Whether it was her juicy thighs showcased in her extremely tight-fitting jeans, or her equally amazing ass, he made sure to commit her every curve into his memory. The Red Kryptonite made the bitter pill much easier to swallow, as was the fact she reminded herself she was doing this to save the world.

"Fitness, flexibility, stamina," Sara chimed off in a more seductive tone, stepping closer to the billionaire and masking her disgust for him brilliantly. "And a real flair for the theatrics."

"Oh? And how about a submissive attitude," Lex asked, taking her bait hook, line and sinker.

Instead of respond verbally Sara reached down and brought his hand closer to her face. Isolating his index finger she opened her mouth, stuck the digit right onto her tongue and closed her lips around it. Well maintaining her eye contact with the bald man, Sara slid his hand away until his finger was almost out of her mouth, at which point she swirled her tongue around his tip.

Obviously a fan of her taking the initiative like that, Lex brought his free hand up along her back until he could coil it around her golden locks. Making a fist the billionaire yanked sharply down on her hair, causing her head to snap back and point straight up at the ceiling until he stepped right against her so he could loom large over the petite girl.

"I think you will make a most excellent plaything for today," he commented, releasing her hair but only so he could give her face a weak slap but enough to let her know he planned on dominating her completely.

Sara hated that she had to act the submissive slut puppy for this mother fucker. However, what better way to tie the bastard up all day then with sex. He would have thought that Sara came here to sleep with him because of his fame. And because of the Red K she would do whatever sick fantasies he could drum up, all the things he wouldn't risk doing on his long-time obsession of Lois Lane.

Luckily for her, she could compartmentalize her feelings. Years of this type of spying for The League had taught her that the girl about to fuck Lex Luthor wasn't who she actually was. Instead it was an end to a means, in this case it would keep Lois out of his grasp until Gideon was ready.

Walking around his desk, he pressed the intercom. "Mila, push my 1pm meeting to 2...actually better make that 3."

"You only want me for a few hours," Sara asked, her tone dripping in sexuality.

"I only want you for a few hours...for round one," Lex retorted, carefully removing his jacket and folding it onto his office chair. "The meeting will allow for a certain refractory period. I hope you don't have any plans the rest of the day?"

"I wouldn't be so bold as to come here and not have all the time in the world for you," Sara cooed. "Now is there somewhere I can go make myself more comfortable."

The billionaire tycoon explained for her to change down here as she saw fit while he went t the large double-door entrance into the expansive room and closed it. He locked it behind him before doing likewise to two smaller doors before he made his way up the stairs and disappeared into what was his bedroom.

Once more Sara fought back her disgust and tried focusing on the positives as she stripped her exterior clothing off. As her shirt was pulled off to reveal a black bra that pushed her medium-sized tits up to give them more cleavage than ever, she thought of the million of lives Superman would save by ending up with Lois. While she pulled her skin-tight jeans off and exposed a matching black thong, garter belt and stockings, she remembered that Lois' free will was riding on her keeping the villain busy.

"I see you took advantage of the new privacy," Lex said, emerging from the staircase with a chest in hand.

As he came closer he went to the twin leather sofas that sat adjacent to the roaring fireplace off the the front of the room. Sara was close so she came and sat on the seat he was patting for her, which afforded her the chance to look into the package he brought. The wooden chest had to have been filled with over 25 types of dildos, beads, plugs and other sex toys.

" really like to party," Sara said, both shocked and impressed by the collection.

"I always like to get to know who I'm getting into business with...and that includes of matters of the bedroom," Lex explained regarding the chest of all sorts of sex toys. "Now let's see what we are working with."

Sara had no issues fulfilling that request, and after all why should she? She was in peak physical fitness and had a body with curves that was as desirable as it should be. Her breasts, though not large, fit her frame perfectly and were sagless with a bright pink nipple capping each one. Her legs were strong yet feminine and stomach flat from years intense training while the main attraction was on exhibit as she twirled slowly around.

" perfect backside," Lex gushed as his hands reached out and groped her large solid ass. "Now get on the couch and push that beautiful ass back towards me."

The horny blonde gave her hips another sway and twerk before she broke off and did as he asked, crawling over to the large leather sofa adjacent to his chair. Sara flashed him a knowing smile before she got onto her knees with her nice plump ass facing back at him. Her black thong was stretched and nestled nicely between her thick cheeks, causing Lex to salivate at the sight.

"Like what you see," the blonde asked knowingly.

Lex answered that quickly enough with a playful swat to her right ass cheek, followed by another to the opposite side. By the fourth slap they were no longer playful but stinging, causing her pale white skin to redden a dark shade of scarlet and getting brighter with each spank. Finally he stopped but only so he could grab her thong but instead of pull it down her juicy thighs he used his impressive strength and tore it into pieces, leaving her in only her garter belt and stockings.

Without her thong obstructing his view, he was able to gander at her bright pink pussy, already glistening in the firelight with moisture. Just above her bald cunt was a crinkled asshole that looked tight but clearly had the appearance of a backdoor that was used to being stretched open, making him grow hard at the thought.

"Show me how tight you are," he instructed, sitting opposite her on the other couch.

Sara had no issues with that thanks largely to the red kryptonite he was emitting. Reaching under her ripped core she rubbed her fingers through her wet slit, getting them lubed up before she slid her middle finger easily into her cunt. She gave a little gasp more for his amusement as she worked it in and out, adding a second finger after a handful of thrusts.

"Another," he demanded, sipping his brandy as a third digit was inserted.

Two fingers became three as they pushed in and out of her well used pussy, stretching her pinkness with each push. It felt good to masturbate as she knew at what angle it felt best and how to roll her wrist to get some attention to her G-spot. When he urged another finger she did as told, pulling her hand back, making 2 rows of two fingers each then eased them back in.

"Mhmm...yes," Sara moaned, panting with pleasure now.

She was so wrapped up in having joined the four-finger club that her assassin training failed in letting her know Lex was behind her now. He clutched her wrist as her fingers were all but out of her twat and held her like that. Sara was curious why until she felt him move her thumb up to join the other digits, making an elongated, skinny fist.

"Continue," he demanded, steel in his command.

Sara had never fisted herself but clearly she wasn't being given a choice today. Luckily her pussy was wet with arousal and was stretched from her earlier work so she had a chance at accomplishing her goal. She pushed forward, feeling the first two finger joints enter inside her snatch before she felt resistance. However, the combination of her wiggling her arm, using her superior arm strength and sheer determination caused her bigger knuckles to push in past her entrance so that her entire hand resided in her pussy.

"Holy crap," Sara screamed in a mixture of excitement and surprise.

"Yes, fist yourself you blonde whore," the billionaire encouraged, rubbing his erect cock through his dress pants.

Sara was very sexually well-versed, but that's what happened when you dated both pre-island Oliver Queen and adventurous Nyassi Al-Ghul. That being said, the 26-year old had never put all 5 fingers on one hand into her cunt like she was doing now. She felt stuffed but the fullness actually felt arousing.

"Awwhhh...ohhh," Sara breathed heavily as she shook and wiggled her fist in her pussy.

Lex always had this particular kink, dominating women to do whatever he wanted. It would be the perfect foreplay, watching this woman he'd never met before pleasure herself for his amusement. As her fist worked in and out of her pussy now, causing her to scream in more pleasure as a result, the bald man looked through his treasure chest for more fun.

"Here," he said, holding his hand out.

With a sucking pop Sara's whole hand came free of her pussy, leaving her feeling empty in the worst way. However, the plastic cock that was 2 inches thick and a foot in length would more than make up for that. The horny blonde wasted no time in getting the toy straight up her twat, thrusting it in and out until she was taking the majority of it into herself.

Still hovering overtop as the large dildo sawed into her pink hole, Lex leaned down a spat a wad of spit directly over her brown eye. She winced in the wet surprise but recovered quickly, not even requiring oral instructions. Using her arm hand to reached back around her she slip her middle finger straight into her backdoor with little to no resistance.

"Yes...fuck both holes," Lex urged as he retook his seat. "Another."

So lost in the lust Sara's mind and body acted as one. Without need for thought she added her ring finger with her middle one and began fingering her asshole with two digits instead of one. As her backdoor was plunged several inches deep, the massive dildo continued to push deep into her womb, the double penetration always being a preferred sensation for her athletic body.

"Give me something to use," Sara commented, preferring to feel something more cock-like wedged up her ass.

The businessman wasn't one for taking orders and he'd be sure to punish her afterwards for the transgression. Reaching inside once more this time he revealed a bubbly black dildo for her to see as she looked backwards. It was roughly 6 inches long with each inch bigger than the first with it beginning the size of his thumb and bubbling larger as it went back until it was the size of an egg.

"Take this and fuck you slutty ass," Lex commanded sharply. "Taste. Now," he added.

Lex watched as his orders were carried out with vigor. Performing the latter first, the bald man watched as his girlfriend's new friend brought her two digits to her mouth, opened her mouth wide and placed them right on her tongue. A smile was clear on her lips as she mummed and awed, obviously savoring the taste of her own dirtroad, using her tongue to lick down all over the digits to get as much flavor onto her taste buds as possible.

"Uhmm...yumm," she could be heard moaning.

Not forgetting the first part of his orders, Sara moved her fingers from between her lips with a wet sucking noise and clutched the dildo he held for her. As her right hand continued steering the massive dildo into her pussy, the blonde killer butted the rounded surface of the butt toy against her gaped hole and pushed it in with relative ease.

"Yes...keep going...fuck yourself," Lex urged.

Sara had no plans to do anything but that. Her left and right hands worked in rythym with each other; as the left drive the bubbly plug into her asshole, her right hand was pulling the dildo out. After reaching the last section in her anal sphincter she reversed course all while the massive plastic cock was driven with speed into her wanting snatch.

"Oh God! Feeling so good," Sara screamed, not caring if anyone outside the office could hear.

The League of Assassins-trained girl was so preoccupied thrusting into both holes that she was unaware that Lex had slipped his cock from his pants. Sitting opposite her with the fireplace crackling to their side, the well-dressed businessman stroked his fully erect member as Sara performed for him.

Controlling woman was something the bald man always got off on, but he hadn't done it with Lois Lane yet. His grip on here wasn't as strong as he would have liked so he didn't push her to the same degree as all the others, including Ms Sara Lance. He owned Lois enough to make her his girlfriend and have sex with her regular, but she was stubborn and strong willed so he would just have to get this particular kink out with the slutty blonde instead.

"Harder! Faster! Deeper!"

Muscles in her arms and forearms flexed and ached as the athletic girl with the thick rump did exactly as she was told. Her assassin training had prepared her well for times like these, both physically and sexually, making her the perfect whore. She had used this for personal, as like with Oliver and Nyassi, but also for business, as she was now.

"Oh God," she huffed, feeling an orgasm rushing on. "So good," it wouldn't be long now she knew. "Fuck, fuck, fuck."

"Yes! Cum," Lex ordered, his own breathing extremely labored as his fist stroked his cock with urgency.


Sara came like a freight train, howling into the vast office with all her lungs. Using both toys to stimulate her holes proved too much for her curvy body and she gushed her juices all over the lengthy dildo in her snatch. She left the bubbly butt plug half buried in her ass as she slowly pulled the dildo out of her pinkness and into her mouth to suck her tasty cum off.

"Shit! Open up whore," Lex insulted.

Sara had the toy a few inches inside her mouth when she heard his command and opened her eyes. The business had appeared in front of her face, beating his cock furiously as he aimed it right at her pretty face. She didn't have time to move the dildo, instead she held it on her tongue and parted her lips as best she could before the cum started flying.

Lex's aim was true and his first jet of white goo landed along Sara's upper lip and dripped down into her mouth. His second streak was even better as it splashed right onto the girthy toy before oozing onto her waiting tongue. His last few cumshots were good as well, all eventually spilling into her waiting mouth.

"Mmm...mmmhhmm," Sara cooed, the mixture of her lady cum and his more salty robust version forming a delicious mouthful.

By the time Sara finished savoring the taste and swallowed it down like the good slut she was, Lex was gone when she reopened her eyes. Flipping back onto her ass, she found the bald man had his cock back in his pants and was sliding his jacket back onto his shoulders. She placed the toys back onto the table and stood, looking around to find her clothes and get dressed.

"What are you doing," he asked as she picked up her pants.

"Getting dressed, you have a meeting," she recalled.

Lex pressed a button on his desk and a thick rope descended down from the vaulted ceiling. It came down roughly 6 feet to the ground, causing Sara to look over at it, pondering its intended use. That became apparent when she felt the familiar cold metal of handcuffs cinch around first one wrist then the next.

Sara allowed him to do this, knowing she could have stopped him with little to no effort. Her high heels clicked on the marble floor as he led her to the hanging rope. It was only now did she notice the small hook on the end of it, which allowed him to lift her arms straight up in front of her, well overtop her head and cinch into the hook, locking her in place.

"This way, I know exactly where you'll be afterwards," he said, readjusting his tie. "I still have a lot of fun planned for you the rest of the day, especially with Lois spending time with that cretin cousin."

The blonde was extremely surprised by this turn of events but she wasn't disappointed. After all this was her intention for the visit in the first place. With Lois with Chloe and now her being Lex's sex slave the rest of the day, she would succeed in keeping them separate until Gideon was done making her antidote, thus fixing the timeline for good.

"Can't wait for you to get back...sir."


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