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Irwin Allen Productions. This story is not-for-profit, but I own it.

Date: 08/05/2006

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Drug use, voyurism, female solo sex, male solo sex, male/female
sex, strong language

Category: Het

Pairing: Betty/m

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Summary: On a hot summer-like day, Betty walks herself away from the camp
and finds a pool of cool and refreshing water to cool herself off in, only
to have her discover that it also causes her to grow to giant-size.

Other Notes: This AU story has been inspired by a sudden heat wave, only I'm
unable to remember when exactly.

Dedications: None so far.

Land Of The Giants: The Growing Pool
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

This is the latest journal entry of the passagers and crew of the Spindrift,
a rocketship that had been on a suborbital flight from the U.S. to London,
only to have the entire craft get drawn into a space warp and crash-land on
a strange world that is much like Earth, but with inhabitants that are twelve
times our size.

Of course, we are still attempting to repair our ship in order to try and get
home, but we are still being continually menaced by giant children, huge pets
and insects and other inhabitants who are willing to exhibit us as freaks or
experiment on us.

And yet, even though we still have Inspector Kobrick of the local security
agency known as the S.I.B. breathing down our necks each and every time we
allow ourselves to step outside our own camp in order to seek out some food
or other much needed supplies, we were still able to survive within this
land of the giants.

But of course, there are still some unexpected surprises that seem to
pop-up when we least expect them to do so, like for instance: It was on a
hot summer-like day that the ship's stewardess named Betty Hamilton had
stepped into the cockpit and asked the two pilots known as Captain Steve
Burton and Dan Erikson, "Do you guys need me for anything else?"

And after they had given that question some thought, the two pilots had shook
their heads and Steve had placed his gentle hand on Betty's shoulder and
said, "Just remember to keep a look-out for Kobrick and his S.I.B. goon squad
when you go outside the camp. Okay?"

And after she had nodded her head in response to Steve's question, Betty had
stepped out of the ship and started walking away from the camp, only to have
one of her fellow space castaways -- a jet-set heiress named Valerie Scott --
walk up to the stewardess, tap on her shoulder and ask, "Where are you going,

And after she had turned her head towards Valerie and placed her hand on her
forehead, Betty had taken a big deep breath and answered, "It had became so
hot around here, Valerie. I'm going to find a spot to cool-off in."

"Well then, Betty. In that case, I might as well join you for some cooling
off of my own," a smiling Valerie had said to Betty just before the two space
castaways had continued walking away from the camp.

Just then, after they had walked a few yards away from the ship, both Betty
and Valerie had discovered a cool and refreshing pool of water right in front
of them, causing a wide-eyed Betty to look at Valerie with a smile on her
face and said, "Well, Valerie. If you were to ask me, this place is perfect
for us to cool-off in."

But just as Betty was about to take a single step towards the pool of water,
a concerned Valerie had placed her gentle hand on her fellow space castaway's
shoulder and said, "Whoa!Hold on, Betty I know that we're suppossed to find
ourselves a place to cool-off in. But after all of the other things that we
had seen and experienced ever since we had crashed ourselves into this
nightmarish world, I'm really not so sure about this place, because you never
could tell what that type of water might do to you. I'll go find another spot
to cool-off in. Care to join me?"

And after she had taken a deep breath, Betty had shaken her head in front of
Valerie and answered, "Thanks, but no thanks, Valerie. I've just decided to
go back to the ship after all. But you could go ahead without me if you

"Okay then, Betty. I'll see you back at the camp," those were the words that
a relieved Valerie had said to Betty before she had waved 'goodbye' to the
stewardess and went off in search of her own cool-off spot, unaware that
after she had looked and made sure that her fellow space castaway was
completely out of sight, a smiling Betty had stripped off all of her clothes,
stepped into the pool of water and began to splash around in it.

However, after she had splashed around in the pool of water for about a few
minutes, a relieved Betty had stepped out of the pool and started walking
towards the place where she had placed her clothes, only to have her
experience a sudden pounding in her head and some dizziness that might had
been caused by some unknown chemical agent in the pool's water.

And after the pounding had became louder and she had became more dizzy, the
poor space castaway had no other choice, but to drop down to the ground and
become unconscious due to the forementioned side effects, only to have her
wake-up from her little nap one Earth hour later and make the shocking
discovery that the water in the pool had somehow caused her to grow to the
size of the other inhabitants of the land of the giants.

And then, after she had used her hands to cover-up her entire bare-ass naked
body and realized that if she were to go back to the camp and try to ask Mark
Wilson or any of the others for help, poor Alexander Fitzhugh would take one
look at her and start panicking, a saddened Betty had also realized that she
had no choice, but to go further away from the camp.

And so, after she had turned towards the direction of the camp, poor
teary-eyed Betty had blew out a gentle kiss and waved 'goodbye' just before
she had turned herself around and started walking herself away from the area
of the growing pool.

Just then, after she had made it into the back room of a charity thrift store
and started rummaging through the collection bins for something to wear, a
young and handsome male humanoid with blonde hair had stepped outside the
store's back door just in time to see what a totally-naked Betty was doing.

It was that particular scene that had caused the curious young male to walk
carefully up to the unsuspecting Betty and give her a gentle tap on her
bare shoulder, which -- in turn -- had caused the shocked newly-grown space
castaway to turn qucikly around and let out a scream of fright.

That was before the young blonde hunk had placed his gentle hands on Betty's
bare arms, let out a small chuckle and said, "Whoa!Take it easy. I'm not
going to harm you. I just want to be your friend, that's all. By the way, my
name is Gary Hagen. May I ask what your name is?"

And after she had looked at the friendly smile on Gary's face and realized
that he had really meant her no harm, a relieved Betty had taken a deep
breath and answered, "My name is Betty. And if you want to know who I am or
where I had came from, let's just say that if I were to tell you, you would
never be able to believe me."

"Well then, Betty. I guess that we might as well leave those two questions
alone for now, because I bet that you're also hungry. Would you like to
have something to eat?" an understanding Gary had asked Betty after he had
picked-up a large blanket and wrapped her nude body up in it.

And after she had realized that she actually was hungry and nodded her head
in response to the question that her newfound friend had just asked, Gary had
taken Betty over to his apartment, where he had looked at the unusual new
arrival and said, "If you want to do so, Betty. You're welcome to go into the
bathroom and take a shower, while I try to figure out what I should fix for
dinner. Okay?"

And after she had agreed with Gary's suggestion, Betty had walked into the
bathroom and allowed the blanket to slide off of her just before she had
turned on the water, stepped into the shower and began to rub soap all over
her bare-ass naked body.

That was before a curious Gary had stepped into the bathroom and peeked
inside the shower to notice that Betty had started pumping two of her fingers
in and out of her hot, wet pussy and carressing her own tits with the other
hand, causing him to take all of his clothes off and start stroking his stiff

And then, after he had done that, Gary had stepped into the same shower and
placed both of his hands on Betty's bare chest, causing her to turn quickly
around and gaze upon his beautiful blue eyes.

But just before he was about to kiss her on the lips, a reluctant Betty had
moved her head away from Gary's, took a deep breath and said, "Look, Gary.
I'm afraid that we should be doing this at all. You see, what I'm trying to
tell you is that I had actually came from...!"

But before she was able to say another word, Gary had placed the tips of his
fingers on Betty's lips and said, "No. You don't have to say anything right
now. As a matter of fact, there's no need for you to be afraid. It's going to
be okay. All you need to do now is just relax... and enjoy it."

And with that, both Gary and Betty had kissed each other ever so passionately
on the lips just before he had started licking all over her nude body -- all
the way down to her hot, moist snatch and carressing her firm breasts,
causing Betty to place her hands on his bare shoulders and say, "Aaaahhhh,
yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Gary! Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet
pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, after they had placed themselves down on the floor and Gary had
turned himself around and allowed Betty to start sucking on his stone hard
dick, the newly-grown space castaway had suddenly realized that she was
experiencing the one thing that she had never experienced with anyone on
another planet before, for she was experiencing pure and untamed erotica...
and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then, after they had finished taking their shower together and moved
themselves out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, the two newfound lovers
had placed themselves on the bed and Gary had placed his stiff cock inside
Betty's asshole and used each of his hands to carress both her tits and
snatch, causing a sexually-energized Betty to place one of her hands on his
bare shoulder and the other hand on his bare arm and yell at the top of her

And then, after they had moved themselves harder and faster and their
lovemaking has made its final trip through the space warp, both Gary and
Betty had came and collapsed due to exhaustion and fell asleep with their
naked arms in a warm and passionate lover's embrace.

Meanwhile, on the very next day, back at the camp, the heroic Captain Steve
Burton had stepped into the ship, looked at the faces of his four fellow
space castaways, took a deep breath and said, "I'm sorry, Valerie. I had
looked around the area where you had last seen Betty and the only things
that I had found there were her clothes."

But just as a saddened Valerie was about to say something, there was a
tapping sound coming from outside the ship, causing all of the six curious
space castaways to step outside the ship and discover that there was a
giant-sized picnic-basket right in front of them with a note attached to
it saying, "I hope that this is enough food for everybody. You don't have
to worry about me. I'm doing a-okay now. And could you please tell Valerie
that I'm sorry for not listening to her in the first place. I also really
do hope that you'll make it back to Earth someday. -- Your former fellow
space castaway, Betty."



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