This is fantasy. In fact it's a fantasy about a fantasy. None of these people
are real, so bugger off and find something useful to do.

Author's Note: Not sure of the exact ages of Holly and Will at the end of the
show so I've made Holly 13 and Will 16. After the 2nd season Rick Marshall
was replaced in the cast by his brother but I've kept him on to keep it
simple and made the Marshalls' cave complex a little more elaborate for story

Codes: Mf, mf, au, cons, drugs, inc, f-mast, M-mast, oral, preg, slut, voy

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Land Of The Lost: Marshal, Will And Holly
by Tricksterson

It wasn't surprising that Holly hadn't seen the berry patch before. The
Marshalls rotated their gathering areas so as not to wear any given spot out
and they hadn't really paid much attention to this one yet except to make
sure that none of the various monsters that lived in the Land of the Lost
frequented it. Second of all these berries flourished in the natural state
only for a few months every twenty years. The ancient Althusians had
cultivated them artificially as a fertility drug but they of course were
long gone, survived only by their savage descendants, the Sleestak. Holly
and her family would soon find out that their effect on humans was somewhat

When she first spotted the unfamiliar berries she followed the procedure
her father had taught her, tasting one experimentally, ready to spit it out
immediately at any sign of ill effects. She knew, thanks to his teaching,
that, contray to popular belief, poisonous berries didn't taste good and
were not usually fatal. Plants with poisonous leaves and berries didn't want
you to eat them and so the bad taste was a warning. Also the poison was
rarely strong enough to actually kill something with the mass of a human.
She found the first berry not only edible but one of the sweetest things
she'd ever tasted.

'This'll go great with the boring porridge we usually have for breakfast,'
she thought as she filled the two canvas sack she'd brought, pausing every
now and then to pop one of the sweet red berries into her mouth.

About halfway back to the caves the Marshalls now called home the young blond
began to feel odd. A warm tingling washed all over her body and certain parts
of her body in particular began to feel sensitive and itchy. Her clothes felt
heavier, hotter and clingier than they ever had before. She just had to get
them off! But she sure didn't want to be naked where someone could see her

Fortunately, looking around she spotted a small clearing she'd explored once
with Chaka the Pakuni. By the time she was behind the cover of it's trees her
shirt was already unbuttoned. She finished pulling it off and tossed it from
her, letting the warm wind blow across her tiny pubescent breasts and her
already hard nipples. She brought up her hands and rubbed them across the
pink hued nipples, shuddering at the feeling this produced. The "itch"
between her legs intesinfied into a burning sensation that somehow conveyed
a feeling of sweetness as well. She sat against a tree and frantically pulled
her pants and underwear down past her knees. She rubbed her hand against her
hairless slit which only made the burning feeling spread through her whole
body. She sooon realized that the burning was strongest *inside* her slit and
pushed a finger into herself.

"Ah!" she yelled, involuntarily arching her slender thirteen-year old body
in pleasure. Her forefinger was joined by her middle one and together they
explored deeper and faster until her clitoris emerged with an almost audible
pop. This was where the center of all the strange, wonderful feelings was
located Holly realized and her fingers immediately moved in on it. At the
first touch she felt as if electricity had shot out of the tiny nub of flesh
to over corner of her body. If this was what being electrocuted felt like
she wanted to be hit by lightning every day!

As she built towards her second orgasm she found her mind filling with images
and thoughts that had never been there before, at least not in the front of
her mind. Images of her father and brother with their shirts off, as she'd
seen them a number of times when they'd been working hard. Thoughts of what
it would feel like to run her hands over their naked chests...or lower. What
their hands would feel like on...or in her body. Or more than just their
fingers. What that "more" was she wasn't sure but as she came a second time
she knew she wanted it more than she'd ever wanted anything and that she'd
do anything to get it. Anything.

Holly was far from being a stupid girl. By the time she'd reluctantly put
her clothes on and returned to where she'd dropped the sacks, surprisingly
uneaten she'd figured out that it was the berries that had made her act the
way she had. She didn't care. Anything that made her feel that good was worth
more to her than a mountain of gold. It was also something she planned to use
to her advantage.

* * *

Since she'd planned to mix the berries in with the breakfast mush even before
she knew what they did the first part of her plan went easily. Rick, her and
Will's father skipped breakfast because the cart they used for hauling heavy
loads had thrown a wheel Which actually came as a relief to her because she
wasn't sure what would happen if both Marshall men became as...eager as she
had, at the same time. In fact she was nervous enough that she had eaten some
of the "loveberries", as she thought of them now, for courage.

Soon she saw the effect the berries were having on Will. His eyes followed
her every move, so intensely she felt like she wasn't wearing any clothes.
She decided she *liked* being looked at this way, even if he was her brother.
She decided to encourage him, finding excuses to walk by him and let her
fingers "accidentally" brush against his shoulders, back and arms or bump
her hips against him. When he was spooning up the last of the mush she leaned
over him from behind, letting her small breasts press against his upper back
and whispered into his ear, "I'm going to go wash. Want to come with me?"

"Okay," he replied after a brief pause, his voice trembling. On the surface
her request wasn't that unusual. The mesa where the Marshalls lived was
honeycombed with caves and tunnels, not all of which they fully explored.
If there was any connection to the Lost City of the Sleestak none of the
creatures had ever shown up but they still usually went to the more remote
parts of the complex in pairs or all toghether. That included the hot
springs at the bottom of the mesa that they used for bathing. But something
about the tone of her voice and how it made him feel was...different. He'd
had feelings like this before but for his sister?

Normally Will turned his back while Holly undressed but this time he couldn't
keep from peeking as she took her clothes off. Time passed diferently here
than it did back home, in fact they weren't sure to what extent it passed at
all but their best guess was that they'd been here over two years. In that
time Holly had grown from a nearly asexual eleven to the beginnings of a
coltish beauty.

"You can turn around now," he heard her say in a teasing voice, as if she
knew he'd been looking and didn't mind. He turned around to see her poking
one long slender leg out of the water, rubbing soap root on it. She slowly
dipped it in then back out of the water, making it glisten. He watched,
fascinated, unable to move or speak. It was as if his entire vision had
narrowed down to that one pale thin leg, as of he could touch it with his
sight, caressing the small delicate foot, sliding down the ankle, stroking
the roundness of her calf then moving down her thigh towards....

His trance was broken by her giggle as she noticed his stare. She flipped her
body forward, diving under the water, giving him a brief, tantalizing look at
her back and buttocks. She reemerged on his side of the naturally heated
pool, long hair dripping and a smile on her face. Even though standing
straight up the water came almost to her shoulders it was clear enough that,
looking down, he could see the soft pink of her nipples, causing a very
visible tent in his pants. Seeing this, her smile grew wider.

"You can come in if you want," she said in a husky tone that, until then,
neither of them had known she was capable of. Seemingly in seconds his shirt
and pants were off.

"Wait," she said.

"Why?" By now the berries had taken full effect and any hesitations he might
have had about what he was doing with his little sister were long gone.

"I just...want to look at you first." There was quite a bit worth looking at.
Two years of living a rough and adventurous life had toned and matured his
physique quite imprssively. Holly ran her eyes all over him but particularly
focusing on his six inch erection.

"Okay, you can come in now."

* * *

As Will jumped into the rockpool neither he nor Holly realized that they were
being watched with a mixture of anger and lust by their father. Rick Marshall
had been watching his daughter bathing for months, ever since that panicky
day that she'd had her first period. Two years without even seeing a human
woman had taken it's toll on his mind. Even Sa, the female Pakuni had started
to look good occasionally. But now....

'The little slut. The little fucking slut,' he thought. She'd get hers
tonight. And he'd get his, whether she wanted to give it up or not. But for
now he was happy to undo his pants and jerked off to his children making

* * *

As Will jumped in Holly pushed away from the wall, backstroking across the
small rockpool, not so inadvertantly giving her brother a full length view of
her body, her tiny tits, erect nipples, her nearly hairless crotch. He swam
after her, quickly catching her in the pool's confined space. She soon found
herself pressed between the wall of the pool and her brother's body and
hungrily pressed back enjoying the feel of his muscles against her, one
six-inch muscle in particular which was pushing hard against the softness of
her belly. She slowly moved up and down in the water, rubbing against it and
bringing a soft groan from Will. He took her in his arms and pulled her to
him for a long slow kiss. At first only their lips were involved but soon she
felt his tongue pushing for entry and happily opened her mouth to let it in.

"I want you in me," she said, gasping for breath as they broke off.

"You mean my cock?" She blushed but niodded then put her hand under the water
to grab hold of the item in question.

"Ow! Not so tight. That's better, now move your hand up and down. Oh yeah,
that's good. Now put it between your legs, yeah, right there." He paused, his
cock poised at his sister's pussylips.

"You know what we're doing, right?" Holly nodded.

"You know what people would think, don't you?" She nodded again.

"Do you care?" She shook her head vigorously. She knew that they'd probably
never get home and for the first time she was happy about it.

"Me either." With that he pushed into his sister. One problem that didn't
occur was her hymen. Over two years of being chased by dinosaurs and Sleestak
had torn that away some time ago. The tightness of her vagina was another
matter. It took two tries and her guiding him in by hand before he finally
slid in. They braced their arms on the rim of the pool and he planted his
feet firmly to keep from floating away as he thrust into her. Her legs
drifted up to wrap around his hips.

It was all well worth the effort. Nothing either of them had ever experienced
even came close to the level of sensation both were experiencing as he
pounded away inside her.

"Ohyeahyeahyeah!" Holly enthused. "So goodgoodgooooood!" Her voice got higher
pitched with every word finally ending in an inarticulate squeak as her mouth
dropped open and her eyes rolled up into her head. For a few seconds the
bright young girl turned literally into a drooling idiot as her mind was
overwhelmed by waves of pleasure greater than she'd ever *imagined*, much
less experienced.

As he came inside his sister Will's legs started to give way and it was all
he could do to keep them both from drowning. Pulling out of Holly he heaved
her still semiconcious body up onto the rocky cave floor, the effort almost
causing him to go under himself. Then he slowly pulled himself out and lay
exhausted next to his new lover.

After about a minute he felt soft kisses on his eyelids and a soft, supple
body laying itself on top of his. He opened his eyes to see his sister's
smiling face. She was barely able to talk but had no doubts about what she

"More! Want more!"

"Yes." But as he ran his hands up and down her back he saw her wincing. He
realized that being pressed against the rough rock wall of the pool while he
fucked her had bruised and scraped her delicate skin. Maybe he shouldn't...

"It's okay," Holly said, seeming to read his mind. "I want to. I reeeally
want to."

"We could do it with you on top."

"We can do it like that?" While physically as much of a virgin as his sister,
Will had, like most adolescent boys, indulged in sexual speculation with his
friends and even had a small stash of skin mags under his bed so he, unlike
Holly, had at least some theoretical knowledge to rely on.

"First though you need to get me hard again and here's how I want you to do

"Anything you want," replied his sister, trembling like a junkie looking for
her next fix. Following Will's instructions she kissed her way down his body
then licked at his penis, tentatively at first, then with more confidence.

"How's it taste?"

"Not bad. Kind of salty."

Will grinned. "Well, Dad's always saying we need to get more salt in our

Holly grinned back. "I guess I better eat it all up then," and proceeded to
lick and suck him to a full erection then straddled him and lowered herself
smoothly onto his member.

* * *

Rick Marshall finally came while watching his daughter go down on his son,
desire and jealousy warrin within him. A dark, angry part of him wanted to
run out, beat Will senseless, throw Holly to the ground and rape her oon the
spot but sanity, of a sort, prevailed. Tonight. Then he'd have her. If the
little whore let him fine. If she wouldn't then he'd have her anyway.

* * *

As it turned out she was more than happy to let him. At the tender age of
thirteen Holly Marshall had become an orgasm addict. She and Will had kept
up a facade of normality through the day as had, unknown to them, their
father when all any of them had really wanted to do was fuck like bunnies.
Will and Holly couldn't keep from sneaking longing looks at each other, nor
could Rick and Holly although each thought the other ignorant of their
attentions. In truth Holly felt a little like she was betraying her brother
but couldn't keep from thinking about what her father would look like naked
or how his hands and penis would feel on and in her.

Holly, her head filled with mingled fantasies of her male relatives had not
slept well. She had finally given up and had one hand playing with her
nipples and the other rubbing at her slit when she heard the curtain to her
room pushed roughly aside.

"Will?" she said hopefully. Fingers were nice enough but what she really
needed was cock.

"No, it's not Will," came her father's sneering voice. Looking closer she
saw that not only was it her father but that he was naked. She could also
see that his dick was bigger than Will's by a good two inches and thicker
as well. She wondered if he had eaten some of the berries but decided that
it didn't matter. He was here and naked and *that* was all that mattered.

"You want me Daddy?" she cooed as she spread her legs invitingly.

Rick Marshall was thrown back by this. He'd expected, and to a certain extent
looked forward to, to have to force himself on his daughter. In any case the
prospect of his years of sexual frustration being ended propelled him onto
her body, pinning her to the rough matress of grass she used as a bed. He
kissed her roughly, pushing his tongue past her lips and teeth as he also
pushed two fingers into her already wet twat. He was surprised to find her
response not only willing but welcoming. As he broke the kiss he caught her
lower lip between his teeth, pulling it through them slowly while sucking
hard on it knowing the bruise, the mark of ownership, it would leave.

"You *are* a little slut, aren't you?" he snarled while continuing to probe
her love canal with his fingers.

"Is a slut...unh...a girl who likes to fuck?"


"As she can?"


" many men as she...yessss...cannnn?"


"Then I'm a slut. *Your slut Daddy! I want your big hard cock in my tight
little pussy! NOWWWWW!"

He quickly obliged her, shoving so hard into her vagina that she felt like
it was being turned inside out.

"Yes, Daddy, yes! Hurt me and make me like it! Yess Daddy, YESSSSS!"

"I'm going to come in you. I'm going to make you pregnant!"

"Yes daddy! Give me your baby Daddy. Fill my tummmmmeeeee!"

And indeed, in a few weeks, after Holly had, with some carefully negotiated
two-on-one blowjobs and a couple of threesomes, made peace between the two
Marshall men, it became evident that the Land of the Lost would have a new
inhabitant, although it was impossible by then to tell who the father was.


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