Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring - A Rivendell Farewell
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

The beautiful Elven woman glided through the paths of Rivendell, her passage
barely disturbing the leaves strewn across the paving. Her white skin and
long black hair was illuminated by the pale moonlight shining down through
the treetops. She stopped halfway across a stone bridge to look out over a
gurgling stream that fed into a river that swept off a cliff in a majestic
waterfall, one of many that surrounded the Elven city.

Arwen Evenstar smiled. This was so beautiful, yet like all good things, this
too was coming to an end. Today the Fellowship had been formed, that unlikely
group of hobbits, men, an elf, a dwarf and a wizard. The doubts of Elrond,
her father, must have rubbed off on her because she too thought it unlikely
they would succeed in their impossible mission, to destroy the One Ring.
Then her thoughts turned to her lover, Aragorn, who was one of those who had
volunteered to be part of the Fellowship. He wanted her to give up her love
for him and go with the other Elven-folk who were leaving Middle Earth across
the Great Sea where they would be out of Sauron's reach. She had refused of
course, but dark thoughts clouded her mind. Elrond had already made it quite
clear that he expected her to leave and forget about the short-lived man she
had fallen in love with. She was sure he would try again and again to
convince her by bringing up her immortality.

Arwen had continued walking without aim and unknowingly her feet had taken
the usual path back to her home, stopping just outside an outhouse where
Frodo Baggins and his hobbit companions had been placed after they had been
rescued from the Ring Wraiths. Frodo had taken weeks to recover from his
wound and she had taken care of him daily nursing him back to strength.
Though it was late and the hobbits would be asleep, it wouldn't be a bad
thing to check on him. The fever might have returned after his exertion at
the council meeting especially if any of the lingering poison of the Ring
Wraith's blade had been reinvigorated when Gandalf spoke in the evil tongue
of Mordor.

Frodo was sleeping on the large bed while two of his hobbit companions slept
on a rug on the floor in the corner of the room. The fourth one was nowhere
to be seen. Arwen knelt by the side of the bed and watched Frodo's face as
he slept. His dreams were troubled she saw, as he twitched and turned. She
placed a hand on his forehead. No, the fever hadn't returned and Frodo seemed
to relax at her touch and his lips turned up in a smile. The elf smiled too
because she'd spotted something beneath the light bed cover that seemed
unlikely for a halfling. But no, it was actually there, making quite a tent
pole. Curious and unable to resist, Arwen slowly pulled down the cover off
Frodo and placed her hand on his crotch. Yes! A massive erection for a
hobbit. Arwen licked her lips. She looked around guiltily, but the other
hobbits were still fast asleep. Her heart beat rapidly as she decided what
to do. Unbuttoning the hobbit's pants was an easy task for her long fingers
and in a moment his hardon had popped out and was standing straight up amidst
a bush of pubic hair. The penis looked childlike to Arwen's eyes, naturally
since it belonged to a person who was barely four foot tall. Her fingers
trembled in midair as she paused while reaching for it - was this the right
thing to do? What would her father say if he ever discovered what she'd
done? - but damn it Frodo was soooo cute and his penis looked like such a
juicy treat right now as it overpowered Arwen's inhibitions just as the Ring
was slowly overpowering Frodo.

The hobbit shivered as her cold fingers closed around his stiff cock but he
remained fast asleep, though no doubt he was dreaming of some young, female
hobbit he'd deflowered behind some hedge back at the Shire. Arwen grinned,
her misgivings forgotten, a decision taken. Young halfling, she thought, this
is going to be your first time with an elf so I hope you enjoy it. Slowly, so
as not to startle him awake, yet enough to arouse him further, she began to
pull the foreskin off his tiny glans until the purple head was bared. Leaning
over him, her breasts pressing against his side, she parted her lips slightly
and sucked the tip of his penis into her mouth. Lovingly, she licked around
the head until it was glistening wet all over. Frodo moaned. She stopped and
looked up at his face. No, he hadn't woken, though his hips were moving
slowly in an up and down motion. Arwen smiled again. This confirmed her
previous thought that he was having a very vivid wet dream. The elf lowered
her mouth again on the hobbit's penis, just closing her lovely lips around it
and letting the rising and falling motion do the rest.

It was just a matter of minutes before the bucking got harder and faster,
then quite unexpectedly Frodo Baggins came in Arwen's mouth, surprising her
with the amount of cum that had been churned out of those tiny balls. Her
startled squeal before she finally swallowed the Hobbit's fresh seed awoke
one of the other sleeping halflings.

* * *

"Merry! Merry! Wake up! Look at this" Pippin Took whispered to his sleeping
friend, Merry Brandybuck. Pippin had been dreaming of food, something which
he did often. He had a plate loaded with rashers of bacon, crispy yet juicy,
just as he liked them when suddenly he heard a squeal. Looking back down at
his plate, his bacon had disappeared to be replaced by a pig that was doing
the squealing ... he woked up with the fright. Oh what a horrible dream, he
thought as he looked around the dark room to get his bearings ... then he
froze. What was that by Frodo's bed? Was that some creature about to attack
his friend? He was about to shout a warning when a beam of moonlight played
across the bed and he recognised the beautiful elf called Arwen. He relaxed.
She'd been visiting Frodo daily while he had been sick, so seeing her next
to him again was quite normal for Pippin. What wasn't normal though, Pippin
realised, was what she was doing to him this time, as he realised that his
eyes weren't deceiving him and that the daughter of Elrond, Lord of
Rivendell, was giving Frodo what some of the younger and less well mannered
Shire-folk called a blowjob!

"What do you want? Is it time for first breakfast?" a sleepy Merry grumpily
asked him.

"No, no, look at the bed. See what Arwen is doing to Frodo."

Merry looked and his eyes grew big and round as any thought of sleep left
them suddenly.

The two young hobbits looked at each other and grinned. Together they got up
and padded over to the side of the bed next to Arwen, their hairy, bare feet
making no sound on the wooden floor. They watched closely as Arwen continued
to lick the remaining cum off Frodo's penis before she buttoned his pants up
again with some difficulty as he was still rock hard. She got up and turned
to leave only to come face to face (well, more like face to stomach
considering that both Merry and Pippin's curly heads reached only to her
navel) with the two grinning Shire-folk.

"Oh!" was all Arwen said as the two hobbits exchanged naughty glances.

"Lady Arwen, me and my friend Merry here were thinking that what you just did
doesn't quite seem right" Pippin began.

"Not that elves shouldn't ... ehm ... mingle with other races mind you"
continued Merry "but it isn't as if Frodo gave his assent or anything."

"For all we know you might be suffering from some disease that might infect
his .. his .. thing there and all of the Shire will say that Frodo Baggins
has been sleeping around which wouldn't be true at all." added Pippin.

"Yes, we'd better go and tell Gandalf to come quick and make sure he's ok.
After all we can't have his balls turning blue with red splotches while we're
halfway to Mordor now can we?" Merry said.

They would probably have continued like this until first light if Arwen
hadn't sighed, her shoulders sagging slightly, and stopped them by raising
a hand.

"Ok, ok, what do you want from me?"

Merry and Pippin looked at each other knowing that they had won, but still
not having worked up enough courage. Finally, after much hemming and hawing,
"We want you to do to us what you just did to Frodo." Pippin said.

At first Arwen was about to refuse, but from the looks on the hobbit's faces
she was sure they'd really go through with their threat to tell Gandalf what
she'd done, and she feared him more than she feared her father.

"Get on the bed and take of your pants" she whispered in her sultry voice.

"Oh Merry, did you really hear what she just said?"

"Yes Pippin! She really is going to do it!"

"You just wait till we tell all our friends at the Shire this story over a
pint of cider. They won't believe us!"

"Of course they won't. An elf and two hobbits? Come on, you're kidding,
they'll say. Another of the tall tales of Pippin and Merry."

Arwen tapped her foot on the floor as if to remind them of her prescence.
"I'll be leaving if you don't want me." she said half wishing that they'd
really say yes, but their mischievous looks confirmed her fears that she'd
be having to go through with this. In no time at all, their little argument
interrupted, they jumped up on the huge bed - which could easily hold several
more hobbits - after having got rid of their pants. They waited expectantly,
their grins getting wider and wider, while their exposed cocks grew harder
and harder, as Arwen reluctantly got up on the bed with them.

She knelt between their bodies, parallel to them, her head on a level with
their groins. With each hand she grabbed Pippin's and Merry's cocks and as
she had done to Frodo before, she began to jack them off. In this position
she could turn her head left or right and be able to suck off a halfling
penis, which she proceeded to do starting with Pippin.

* * *

Like most Elven items, Arwen's robe had a magical property. Under normal
circumstances it seemed to be made of a dark blue velvet. However, if it's
wearer was in a state of sexual arousal and if it was hit by beams of
moonlight the thick material would suddenly become completely translucent,
almost as if it had become a transparent silk robe.

Just as Samwise Gamgee returned from his midnight hunt for food in the Elven
larders, the moon appeared from behind the clouds and illuminated Frodo's
bedroom through the large open windows. Obviously, Arwen was at a heightened
state of arousal as she continued to deep throat and jack off Pippin and
Merry, so the dark blue mound on Frodo's bed that had appeared to Samwise as
some beast devouring his friend, suddenly shone with moonlight and he could
see a curvaceous ass and thighs, directly from behind. Much to his amazement
he could even make out a pink slit, slightly parted labia that were like an
invitation to him. He gasped. There was a woman, an Elven woman, practically
naked, on Frodo's bed and from the sucking and gurgling noises he could
imagine what she was doing.

"Frodo!" he cried in astonishment.

"Sssssshhhh! Be quiet or you'll wake him and spoil all the fun."

"Merry is that you?" Sam said surprised that the voice came from Frodo's bed.

"Of course it's me and there's ... ohhhhhh ..." Arwen had chosen that
particular moment to suck the hobbit's little balls into her mouth and poke
at them playfully with her tongue, "... ahhh, oh that's so good .." then he
managed to end his sentence, "... there's Pippin here too. Come and join in
the fun!"

"But .. but .. this isn't right .." he said somewhat lamely.

"I don't care if it's right or wrong" Pippin said "but either join us or
shut up. I want to enjoy the feel of her hot mouth on my cock without your

"Yes, Samwise Gamgee, do join in. Come and take me from behind ... I'm so
dripping wet right now that I really need a hard cock inside me" Arwen told
the amazed hobbit while switching from one cock to the other.

Sam was in shock. Of course language such as this was to be expected from
Tooks and Brandybucks but not from an elf ... and that the elf was Lady Arwen
in person made it all the more incredible! She surely must be under some sort
of evil spell ... maybe Pippin and Merry had stolen some potion from Gandalf
just as they'd stolen and set off his fireworks that night long ago in the
Shire at Bilbo Baggin's birthday party. He should go to Gandalf's room and
tell him about this .. this insanity ...

"Come on Sam, I need you so badly" the elf purred even more sultrily and she
shook her ass ever so gently, while spreading her knees further apart so that
her slit opened up even more glistening wetly in the pale moonlight.

His jaw slack, his knees trembling and his cock forming a huge tent in his
trousers, Sam moved forward one slow step at a time, towards the bed, his
eyes locked on that pink slit that seemed to be calling to him. Though his
conscience was trying to tell him something about a certain Rose Cotton, a
female hobbit he'd been sort of dating back at the Shire, he ignored it.
Undoing his pants, he climbed up on top of the bed directly behind Arwen's
sweet ass. In the position she was in, her cunt was at the right height for
a hobbit. Surprised that she had a robe on which he hadn't seen till he
touched her supposedly bare skin, he lifted up the long skirt until the
semi-invisible material was bunched up around her waist.

Steadying himself, Sam closed his eyes and pushed his cock into the
beckoning warmth of her pussy. It slid into the wetness easily enough,
maybe too easily. His hobbit cock was too small for Arwen. It was like
a finger going in and out of her and she barely felt it. Sam tried his
best to pleasure her, but hobbits were not built in the right way for
such a thing. Tiring of fucking her hard till he was pouring with sweat
without eliciting even the smallest of moans, Sam pulled out of her.

"I'm .. I'm sorry Lady Evenstar" he mumbled.

Arwen looked back over her shoulder, tossing her long black hair. "Don't
worry. Even the smallest person can make a difference. You should try putting
your little prick into my other hole which should be just about the right
size for you" she giggled mischievously.

Sam's eyes lit up and he smiled. Of course, how could he not have thought
about that! Again he stood up against her ass and with the tip of his cock
sliding down her ass crack he located the small pink pucker that was her
asshole. The sphincter was already slightly open and it widened easily as
he pushed his penis, all 4 inches of it, slowly but steadily until it was
completely inside the tunnel. Ahhh! Now that was tight! Wonderful! The
walls of her poop chute gripped his cock like a tight glove as he stroked
it in and out of her. Finally Arwen arched her back and sighed loudly as
he came inside her. Though it hadn't taken him long, Samwise was very
satisfied with himself. For hobbits a minute was a long time. He pulled
his cock free and knelt down behind her and watched with delight as his
cum bubbled and frothed out of her anus, dripping down onto her pussy lips
then onto the bed sheets. Sam loved creampies!

Amazingly, even after all this time Pippin and Merry hadn't cum yet. They
were quite red in the face though and their hands were gripping the bed
covers like vises. Minutes ago they had been trading jokes about who was
going to come first in Arwen's sexy mouth, now it felt more like an
endurance competition and none of the two hobbits wanted to waste their
seed first because it would mean that the glorious blowjob and handjob the
elf was giving them would be over.

Arwen chuckled when she realised what was going on and kept on blowing
them at the same pace, letting them have their bit of pleasure, knowing
the dangerous journey they were going on tomorrow could lead them to their
deaths. Behind her she could feel the fourth hobbit begin to explore her
pussy with his short, stubby fingers now that he had already satisfied
himself. Whatever he was doing it felt good and much to her surprise it
was getting better ... "Oh yeah" she had cried suddenly as she felt
something big and hard penetrate her deeply right up to her g-spot. What
the ...? She looked over her shoulder again and the grinning face of
Samwise Gamgee looked back at her ...

... his entire arm up to his elbow in her vagina!! Sam had been bored and
had begun to playfully tease Arwen's soaking wet pussy, rubbing her hard
clit and sliding several of his fingers in and out of her well lubricated
hole. A thought suddenly struck him, a very nasty thought ... three fingers
became four, and it was still quite loose, his thumb joined his fingers and
with barely an effort his arm was disappearing obscenely into her cunt. He
knew he was doing something that felt good to Arwen when she gasped with
pleasure and looked back around at him.

He wriggled his fingers around inside her and this made Arwen cry out again.
She also pushed her butt back towards him as if inviting him to go deeper,
which he did, pulling out again, then back in, until his hand was like a
monstrous cock reaming Arwen Evenstar's hot cunt.

"Hey Sam, what are you doing to her? She's not even blowing us anymore" one
very annoyed Pippin said and indeed Arwen's eyes were closed as beads of
sweat appeared on her forehead and she bit at her lower lip as Sam fisted

"Oh .. I'm sorry .. Pippin .. Merry" Arwen said in between stifled gasps
as she resumed her sucking of the two hobbit's dicks but with way less
intensity than before. This interruption though must have had some effect
on the hobbits because first Merry suddenly blew his load just as Arwen's
fingers circled his cock, a long streamer of cum spraying up onto her
cheek. Then it was Pippin's turn but his cream coated Arwen's tongue and
she guzzled it down hungrily. Exhausted, both hobbits lay there enjoying
the sight of Arwen's tits bouncing back and forth above them in the
translucent dress as Sam continued fisting the elf with newly discovered

Now it was Arwen's turn to grab the bed sheets and use all her willpower not
to cry out loud as she finally came. Her body shuddered several times in
ecstasy then she flopped down on the bed between Merry and Pippin, her breath
coming in ragged gasps. Sam pulled his soaking wet hand out of her cunt and
the scent of her juices on it was so overpowering that he felt himself grow
so hard again, that he used that very same hand to jack himself off and cum
again, squirting his love juice over her luscious ass.

Frodo was still asleep when she left, blissfully unaware of the orgy that
had gone on around him. Pippin, Merry and Sam agreed to keep their little
adventure a secret. After all, the ring bearer would have lots more to
worry about tomorrow.

* * *

Having given the hobbits enough pleasure to last them a year, Arwen strolled
down the paths trying to quiet her mind. She still felt aroused - no matter
how hard poor Sam had tried, he wasn't physically built in the right way to
completely satisfy an elf's cravings. Though his fisting - she felt herself
become wet again at the very thought - had been fantastic, she still longed
for a good old cock in her cunt. In the distance she heard laughter, a deep
throaty laugh and an elvish giggle. She headed in that direction.

Looking through the wooden window frames of the room from which the
merrymaking could be heard, she could see young Legolas, the elf chosen as
part of the Fellowship as well as the short, solidly built dwarf, Gimli.
Several large wooden pitchers of sour berry ale were strewn across a table
and it was obvious that both elf and dwarf had emptied most of them. Arwen
smiled. Elves and dwarfs didn't usually fraternize in this way, but sour
berry ale had a habit of helping along even the most unusual friendships,
especially due to its high alcohol content.

"So we were there, me and my cousin Balin, surrounded by a hundred orcs"
Gimli's gutteral voice spoke loudly as he gesticulated wildly, "and before
you could even say "mithril" we had killed them all, their black orcish
blood dripping from our axes!"

"Surely you jest, Master Dwarf. Just ten minutes ago you said you and your
cousin were surrounded by only fifty orcs" Legolas pointed out.

"Arrrrgghhh ... but they were big orcs" Gimli replied as he grabbed another
pitcher and downed its contents in one gulp.

Legolas' eyes glinted. "Would you like to see something ... interesting?"
Without waiting for Gimli to answer, Legolas opened a wooden chest and from
beneath some clothing he pulled out a sheaf of parchments bound together in
book form with string. He cleared the table of pitchers by pushing them aside
onto the floor and spread the parchments out in front of the dwarf.

"Oh this looks like very interesting reading" Gimli said as he squinted down
at the pictures and words written in the Elvish tongue. He pointed at a large
script that ran across the first page, "What does that say?"

"Translated into the common tongue, it reads, 'PlayElf'", Legolas told him.

Outside Arwen's pointy ears twitched and began to become a dark shade of red.

Inside the elf and dwarf pored over the parchments passing lewd comments on
the pictures - painstakingly hand drawn with great detail by elven artists -
of naked elven females in various erotic poses as well as other elves
pictured as they copulated in several positions that looked very hard to

"By the great halls of Moria!" Gimli suddenly exclaimed "look at this. I
would never have imagined that a woman can take so many men at the same time
and in the same holes together!"

Legolas looked at the picture that had shocked Gimli and a bit of drool
formed at the corner of his mouth. "Only an Elven woman of great sluttiness
can do this. How I wish I would meet such a hot one and have some time alone
with her!"

Gimli squinted closer at the parchment then his eyes opened wide. "Laddie,
then your wish may already have come true and you do not know that it has for
I recognise the woman in this drawing!"

Outside, Arwen's ears burnt a bright red with embarrassment and she was
rooted to the spot as she continued to eavesdrop.

"What? Who is she?" Legolas asked wondering what his dwarven friend was
talking about.

"Look! Look closely at her face ... can't you recognise her too? Those high
cheekbones, those eyes, that long black hair, and especially those full red
lips ..." Gimli looked between the image and Legolas' face.

Legolas' eyes narrowed, then he stood straight up and exclaimed, "No! It
cannot be!"

"Yes, yes, it is Elrond's daughter. It is obviously her, how can't you
recognise her? Look at those full, yet perky breasts. Those sinuous hips.
It is her, I tell you!"

Legolas grabbed one of his daggers from its sheath and placed the tip below
Gimli's chin, piercing through his, long, knotted beard. "Do not insult
Arwen Evenstar with such talk you foolish dwarf. Are you not living in her
household? How dare you speak like that after she has shown you hospitality.
Lady Arwen would never do such a thing! Now beg for forgiveness before I
shorten you by a foot!"

"I will do no such thing, elf! I stand by my words. It is not my problem if
you cannot believe she has performed such perverted acts as depicted on this
parchment." Gimli had grabbed his axe, which had been sitting next to him,
since a dwarf never leaves his great weapon far from him.

The Fellowship of the Ring would have come to a disastrous and murderous end
before it had even left Rivendell had Arwen not chosen that moment to push
open the wooden door and walk in, stepping between the dwarf and elf glaring
at each other, each about to cleave the other asunder.

Legolas gasped, then stepped back and bowed, "My lady! How long have you been
outside? How much have you heard?"

"I heard enough."

"My Lady, I have defended your honor. The dwarf has insulted you and I will
not leave until he has apologised to you."

Arwen put a hand on Legolas' shoulder and smiled at him. "Though I thank you
for having defended me Legolas, there is no need for the Master Dwarf to
apologise. He has not wronged me in anyway, for yes, I have indeed posed for

"What!?" Legolas took another step back in amazement.

"Hrrrmmmppphh. Told you so, laddie" Gimli smirked. "You may see for miles in
the distance, but my eyes have been honed to look for detail in the darkest

"But .. but .. surely, that cannot be you .." Legolas fumbled for words as
he looked between Arwen and the pictures that supposedly depicted her with
several male elves over, below and around her.

Arwen blushed for a second, then looked Legolas in the eyes, "Yes it is me.
Though I would be glad if this didn't reach the ears of my father. You two
do know how to keep a secret?"

"Yes, yes My Lady, my lips are sealed. I however cannot say the same for the

Gimli shook his great axe at Legolas. "Young fool, do you not know that we
dwarves will never speak even when tortured by Sauron's minions? Of course I
will keep your secret, Lady Arwen."

Arwen smiled, "Then ..." It was just at that moment that the clouds that had
once again passed in front of the moon parted and moonlight shone down into
the room passing over Arwen's magical dress. It seemed to disappear right
before Legolas and Gimli's eyes giving them a full frontal view of Arwen's

"Arggghh" grunted Gimli as his sour berry ale loosened tongue said "I told
you the lass has full yet perky breasts! And by Moria! She is clean shaven
even between her legs! Have I ever told you that dwarven woman have beards!
Beards! Yet here before me stands such beauty without any hair ... oh .."

Gimli had stopped in midsentence because Legolas once again had raised his
dagger and poked Gimli with it.

Arwen raised her hands again. "Boys, please stop it. Legolas put down your
sword. Gimli put down that axe. There is no need to fight over this when we
can come to a much more pleasureable agreement for everyone involved."

As the dwarf and elf obeyed her command, she reached around behind her neck
and undid the top part of her corset. The entire dress, still partially
transparent as the moonbeams played over it, fell to the floor leaving her
completely naked before their stunned faces. It was priceless, Arwen thought,
as she put a hand on Legolas' cheek and another on Gimli's solid shoulder.
They were obviously both on a high brought about by that ale, as well as
quite aroused by the erotic images they had been looking at. Now that they
had her standing before them in the nude, they seemed to be frozen in stone
like trolls exposed to sunlight.

"Come on" she urged them "what else do you need? An official invitation from
my father?"

Legolas looked at Gimli, who looked back at him. Then their mouths turned
into feral grins and they each grabbed one of Arwen's arms and carried her
bodily into the next room and tossed her on the bed. She grinned up at them,
"I'm all yours!" she cried jubilantly knowing that these two would be quite
satisfying for her when compared to the halflings efforts.

Gimli roared with excitement as he pulled off his chain mail, then his
leather armor, then his underdress, then his ...

Legolas was already naked and straddling Arwen's hips as he held his elven
cock with both hands and traced the tip of it over her flat stomach, then
down over her crotch where he teased her hard clit out of its sheath. Arwen
smiled up at him and whispered his name and he took this to mean that she
was ready for him. He pulled apart her labia with one hand and with the
other guided his stiff rod into her surprisingly wet cunt. Legolas grunted
as he rammed his cock into her and she moaned in return.

"Damn elves are so quick about everything" grumbled Gimli as he watched the
lithe Legolas pound away at the beautiful Arwen while he was still taking
off his several layers of clothes. He continued mumbling till he was naked,
though from a distance one wouldn't have noticed since he had so much body
hair sprouting from all over his body. The bed creaked dangerously from his
weight when he climbed up on it, but Arwen beckoned at him to move over
closer to her. Finally he was kneeling next to her face and she grabbed his
short yet very thick cock, pulling back his foreskin to unveil his almost
shovel shaped glans. She put her mouth around it, though its diameter was so
wide that it was a tight fit and Arwen could barely breathe, though she
valiantly began to deep throat Gimli. The dwarf in turn grabbed a handful of
her breasts in his rough hands and began to knead the soft, white flesh and
pull on the small pink nipples till they had grown big and hard.

After a while Arwen instructed them to switch positions and she was soon
suckling on Legolas' delicate elven cock, while Gimli was stretching her
cunt to its limit with his massive cock. This time she had no reason to
stiffle her moans and her cries of ecstasy could be heard throughout half
of Rivendell much to the amusement of the elves she woke who immediately
recognised the sound of her voice, having one time or the other succumbed
to her sexual proposals. Probably only Elrond still thought of her as his
"innocent little girl".

Legolas stopped fucking her mouth and lay down on the bed, then he urged
Arwen to get on top of him which she did though Gimli pulled out of her
reluctantly and only after she promised him he could stick it back in as
soon as she was in the new position. Now straddling Legolas' hips, Arwen
guided his cock into her pussy and sat herself down on it, then lay over
the elf and kissing him deeply, their tongues thrusting into each others
mouths. Then Arwen screamed in pain as Gimli, keeping her to her word,
stuck it back into her cunt so that she had two cocks, one of them huge,
nestled against each other in a wild double penetration.

"I .. I ... ugh .. didn't mean .. aaaaghh .. you could ram it .. ohhhh .. in
together" Arwen finally managed to say as tears of pain formed at the corners
of her beautiful eyes.

Gimli laughed loudly and slapped her on her a perfectly shaped ass cheek,
leaving a red welt in the shape of his open palm. "You can take it you
elven bitch! I have never experienced a wider cunt, not even in a dwarfish
whorehouse!" To emphasise his words he stuck his thick index finger into her
anus and for a second Arwen blacked out as her senses overloaded, then she
was back wide awake as she came in a massive orgasm, followed by another and
another in a seemingly endless series. Oh the ecstasy she was in ... nothing
had ever felt quite like this, not even when she'd participated in an orgy
of more than thirty other elves who had taken turns riding her hard.

Feeling her cum repeatedly blew Legolas over the edge and he spurted his
first blast of cum deep into her vagina before hurriedly pulling his cock out
of her and spilling the rest of his load up onto her stomach where it mingled
with her sweat and dripped back down onto him.

Gimli was in no hurry. He was enjoying every moment of his copulation with
the elven slut and dwarves could pace themselves, going slow but steadily for
a long, long time! Oh if only Balin was here to see him. Ha! He, Gimli son of
Gloin, fucking an elf senseless. Oh, the stories of this feat that would echo
in the caverns for ages to come! He'd love to see Balin's face as he'd
describe it to him in great and lecherous detail. He hoped Gandalf would lead
them through the mines of Moria on their way to Mordor.

Legolas was still trapped below Arwen, unable to move while she was being
pounded from the rear by the dwarf's savage thrusts. At first, hearing her
cry out like that had made Legolas want to grab his bow and send an arrow
through the idiot dwarf's thick head, but from the way Arwen was moaning
now she seemed to be enjoying it. Legolas shook his head in amazement. He
would never understand women. Who would have thought that dear, sweet Arwen
was such a wild animal when it came to sex, especially in choosing her
partners ... well, she chose one wisely he thought as he grinned to himself.

"What are you grinning about Legolas?" she whispered before smothering his
face with hot kisses of her full lips.

"No-nothing My Lady" then he added "It is just good to be here under you,
feeling your breasts against my chest, your swollen nipples pressing into
me, your warm body against mine, the two of us together ..."

"I'd never have expected you to be so poetic laddie!" Gimli interrupted
reminding Legolas that he was not alone with Arwen.

As Legolas rolled his eyes in despair, Arwen winked at him and again their
lips touched together in a passionate kiss, while the dwarf continued his
incessant reaming of Arwen's inflamed snatch.

What seemed like an hour later, after Arwen had cum several more times and
Legolas had even got it up again and double penetrated her for a second time,
Gimli seemed to be on the verge of cumming too. Arwen, getting a bit bored
with the constant sexual excitement, began to push herself back against the
untiring dwarf with a renewed vigor, and she even reached around between her
legs to grab the base of his shaft and squeeze his balls. A few minutes of
this and it finally seemed to work as Gimli grunted like a wild boar several
times before unleashing an enormous load of thick cum onto her buttocks and
the small of her back. Done, he stood up and stretched looking down at
Arwen's sexy, naked body covered in his semen. "Ah if only dwarf women were
as sexy as you My Lady Arwen" he sighed, then dressed, grabbed his axe and
lay on the floor where he was soon fast asleep, snoring loudly.

Arwen and Legolas slipped out of the room, both of them stark naked and ran
to the Pool of Stars at the far end of Rivendell where they washed each other
off in the pure, healing waters, then made passionate love again and again
until the first birds stirred in the trees as the sun began to dawn.

The day that the Fellowship would finally set out on their quest had come and
now still dressed in her magical blue velvet gown, she went to find Aragorn
to fare him well on his perilous journey, the skin of her cheeks a healthy
rosy red from her intense night of lust.


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