Shi Lung leads her small force towards Mordor. They are the only hope of
defeating Sauron. But will Galadriel be forced to leave them as she
becomes the reason they are unable to travel un-noticed. And if she is
can they possibly win without their most powerful member?

Fantasy; rated NC-17 for F/F sex, BDSM, kink.

Disclaimer: Arwen and Galadriel are created by J. R. R. Tolkien and are
used without permission. The other members of the Fellowship are from me.

Lord of the Rings: Enter the Dragoness Part 3
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected]) and Tyval ([email protected])

The Lord of Dracul was not pleased with the turn the events had taken. But he
was an intelligent man and a fairly competant ruler. Losing one of his main
events was a setback, but Galadriel was right, if Sauron won there would be
no further contests, Dracul would be burned to ashes and all its people
enslaved. He himself would probably be dead because he would fight.

'Besides,' the Lord thought, 'The mens competition still has 2 days to go
and it's the bigger money draw anyway.' The Lord then sent out messengers to
everyone he could think of to rally against the Dark Lord. As the party
started to wind down, Shi saw Galadriel walk outside to the garden. Shi had
many questions and saw this as her chance to ask the Elf Queen, whose wisdom
was respected even by the dragons.

Shi hurried after her. Outside, Galadriel had left her slippers at the door
and walked barefoot on the grass. To Shi it seemed more like she was gliding
than walking, and her feet seemed not to walk on the ground but slightly
above it.

"I am about to pay tribute to the moon Shi Ki Lung," Galadriel said, not
having looked behind her once, "Or is it Lung Shi Ki? I fear I never learned
the proper way to say names from your land. Would you care to join me? If so,
you must be nude."

With that Galadriel's robes seemed to just fall off of her body. Her nude
body was pale anfd beautiful in the moonlight. Shi gasped. First at
Galadiel's unearthy beauty, but also that Galadriel knew her real name. Shi
hurridly removed her own clothes and stood at the Elf Queens side. Both
women's eyes took in the 3/4 moon.

"Your body is very beautiful," Galadriel smiled as she looked at Shi's
ripped, yet feminine physique, "Your mind is troubled though."

"Um, thank you your majesty," Shi stumbled, "You are the most beautiful
woman, uh, elf, I have ever seen."

"You are delghtful," Galadriel laughed, her laugh was like beautiful music to
anyone who heard it, "Please, I have told no one here, not even Arwen, but I
am queen no more. I have left my husband Celeborn and abdicated my throne.
Elrond knows as well, but he has told no one. Please my dear Shi Lung, call
me Galadriel. For that is all that I am, all that I wish to be."

"Lady Galadriel," Shi started, still unable to see herself as the equal of
Galadriel, "I am curious, I have many questions. About the ring. And why
Urchin now has it."

"Ah yes. I believe I can answer your questions, but first I must ask one in
return," Galadriel said as she looked at the moon, "Do you love the child? Do
you love Urchin?"

"Yes. Yes I do," Shi said as she in her turn looked at the ground, "I love
Urchin as if she were my daughter. I don't understand, I've never felt this
way. And I feel so terrible that I also want to teach her about physical
love. Love between women. Am I sick? Am I evil? How can I feel about her as
a mother and yet also want to love her as a woman?"

"It is good, it is well that your feelings for her are so strong," Galadriel
smiled as she turned to face Shi, "I felt many of those same feeling of guilt
when Arwen came to me. The elves are more free with our sexuality. I never
loved Celeborn, but I wanted a daughter. Always have I been drawn to my own
sex. Female homosexuality is quite acceptable among the elves. But I was
Queen of Lothlorien, in reality I was a slave to my position. Arwen is both
my grand-daughter and my lover, something that my people would not accept.
Only Celeborn and Elrond know my secret. Because of my station, and because
of what it would mean to my people they will keep it from them. It is for
that reason that I can understand your feelings. I believe that your love is
the key."

"I don't understand," Shi said.

"The ring acts out of instinct and really has no true intelligence of it's
own," Galadriel continued, "Gollum had it for so long because Sauron had no
physical body at that time. When Sauron's body first began to reform the ring
abandoned Gollum, whose will was to week and whose soul was too twisted to be
any further use to Sauron. But the ring was found by Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo
ultimately had a strong enough will to resist the ring and passed the ring to
Frodo. Frodo's innocence protected him long enough to dispose of the ring and
keep it out of the hands of the Nazgul. But the ring wants to return to it's
master and so attracted that fish. The ring hoped that the salmon was on it's
way to the sea where it would pass right by Mordor and thus be easy to
retrieve. But the fish was actually on it's way to spawn and thus swam
hundreds of miles further away from Mordor and Sauron. The ring then sought
out 'one who knows no love' thinking that such a being would bring the ring
right to it's master."

"One who knew no love?" Shi gasped, "Urchin! Urchin has been abused by
everyone she's every known."

"But she knows the beginning of love now," Galadriel said with a slight
smile, "You love her, and you must teach her love, in all it's forms. By
knowing love she may have the strength to resist Sauron, and to destroy
the ring."

"The other women, they too love her already," Shi returned Galadriel's smile,
"Each of them is willing to protect her, and if necessary, die for her. Only
Tara knew her before tonight. Your reputation for wisdom has reached even my
lands, I see it is well deserved. Still, I have another question. Why are
women the chosen defenders? There are many male champions. Lorelei's brother
Legolas, Gimli of the Dwarves, Boramir of Gondor just to name a few."

"Women have differant desires from men," Galadriel said, "That is why fate
chose only women who love women to defend Urchin. Fame, glory, power, we do
not seek these things. Our biggest 'lust' will probably be for each other.
Have you also noted that all of us possess beauty? If we love each other, if
we desire each other, it will only strengthen our bonds to each other."

"I am truly impressed," Shi smiled shaking her head, "I wonder if I am indeed
the right choice to lead us."

"I have too little experiance in actual combat," Galadriel said, "Arwen would
do well in woodlands, Serena in marshlands, Lady Emitalia in a castle, Krista
in the northern ice and snow, and Queen Rena would do well in a jungle. There
are others that might be able to lead in certain situations, but only you
have the overall combat experiance to lead all of us. And only you have the
raw power to keep them all in line. And yes, I knew you were a dragoness even
when you hid your hair."

Shi gave out a small laugh. There was no point in even trying to pretend
anymore. The enemy probably knew it too by this point. Galadriel and Shi then
turned and dressed to rejoin the party. Shi smiled as she noticed Urchin slow
dancing with Willow. The Kota Princess was barely 18, very close in age to
Urchin and the 2 girls were bonding. Shi was happy that there was someone so
close in age to Urchin. Perhaps Willow and Urchin could become lovers later
on when Urchin was stronger.

The party finally ended as the Lord of Dracul offered them rooms for the
night in his mansion. Shi noted that while the rooms were nice the Lord
didn't make them overly fancy, proving that he didn't use his tax money
to enrich himself. Overall Shi had to admit that as a ruler he wasn't a
bad sort.

Urchin was very tired, unused to such activities. Urchin smiled contentedly
as Shi carried her to bed, stripped her completely nude, then just held her
as she fell asleep.

"I love you my little Urchin," was the last thing Urchin heard Shi say as she
cuddled against Shi's bare shapely breasts.

Urchin's dreams were no longer haunted by nightmares, but were now filled
with erotic images of touching and being touched by other women. Images of
Shi, Tara, and Willow especially filled her subconcious mind. Urchin awoke
the next morning and the first thing she saw was Shi's face staring down at
hers smiling. To one whose heart had never known joy or love Urchin's heart
was now filled with both.

* * *

Over the next week Urchin continued to grow stronger. Shi turned Urchin's
physical training over to Tara. Tara then came up with an initial plan to
help Urchin grow stronger. While all the women now fussed and fawned on
Urchin, Tara decided that initially Lady Emitalia should teach Urchin the
use of her short sword and Willow should teach Urchin in the way of throwing
and using the small axes she called otomahawks! Urchin now carried 2 along
with her short sword.

Shi and Galadriel were kept busy as they plotted stratigy and worked out the
logistics for a sneak attack on Mordor. Stealth was key. They could not hope
to win by force with their small band. But how could they possibly sneak in
when Sauron and Saruman would be watching Galadriel?

"This is frustrating," Galadriel said, "My visions clearly show that I must
join in this quest, but how can we possibly succeed if Sauron is watching us
simply because I am with you? Without me he would no more pay attention to
our band than he would a flea."

"There must be a solution," Shi said, "What about this unknown woman you have
seen in your visions? Does she have any special powers?"

"I have seen little save that she wears 2 small clubs and a large knife and
is dressed very strangely," Galadriel closed her eyes and concentrated on the
vision she had seen, "The 2 clubs, she holds them backwards, there appears to
be a trigger, sort of like a crossbow. The clubs spit fire and thunder, and
death. Quicker than a bow. That's all I see."

"Hmmmmm. No help there," Shi thought aloud.

Shi looked at the map in front of her. There was a bright light shining on
the area around Rohan that made a few features harder to read. Annoyed she
looked up and saw a mirror that was reflecting light. She also saw
Galadriel's reflection.

"That's it!," Shi cried out, "I think I've come up with an idea!"

Galadriel looked at Shi puzzled.

"Okay, stay with me here," Shi said, "I have some experiance with magic, as
well as disguise. This city has more than a few elves, especially since not
everyone has left from the tournament. I am also sure that among them are a
few from Lothlorian. We find one who did well in the tournament, use make-up
to disguise her as you, use a little magic to disguise her aura, dress her
in your robes and send her on her way. We tell her only that it is important
and that she is doing a great service for Lothlorian to keep her from asking
too many questions. You then dress and act as her. If all goes well Sauron
and Saruman will believe that you have given up on finding the ring bearer.
You then would just seem to be another recruit."

"I can see that I was right to name you as leader," Galadriel smiled, "Your
ability to think quickly really may be your most important."

At that time Kymora entered the room with some tea.

"Nice mirror," Kymora said as she set the tray down, "You know, the amazons
have been experimenting with mirrors as a signalling device."

Lanterns flashed in the heads of Shi and Galadriel. Using amazon codes as a
base they set up a relay system for alerting still more settlements to the
coming conflct. Elrond and Galadriel managed to make an unobserved mystic
conferance with several other prominant leaders. Using the mirrors the
leaders spread the word about Sauron's growing threat.

All across Middle Earth others were doing likewise. Sauron and Saruman both
switched their eyes away from Galadriel as Shi's plan went into motion.
Believing that Galadriel was returning to Lorien they now turned their
attention as forces gathered against them far sooner than they expected.

Nor was it simply the elves, men and dwarves. The centaurs were joined
against them, as were the amazons. Then came other surprises. The dragons,
who previously had cared little for the affairs of others were banding
against Sauron. And not just the 'good dragons' such as the gold, silver,
and bronze, but even the 'evil dragons' such as the black and red were
attacking Orc positions. The dragons had made their choice. They would not
bow to anyone! Not even Sauron!

The reclusive giants were coming down from their mountains to join the fight
against Mordor, and even a few surprises, like the Rock Trolls, who were
pissed at the Orcs for enslaving their cousins, the Cave Trolls. From Nippon,
Chin, Merica, Rabia armies were gathering as the word was spread by magic and
mirrors. While these armies were far, far off, and possibly couldn't reach
Mordor in time to make a differance, their presence disturbed the Dark Lord.

During the night, 3 days after the council, Shi and the newly christened
'Ladies of Light' snuck out of Dracul. Their destination, Mordor! Land of
death and despair! Nine days away from Dracul, the Nazgul stopped. The ring
was moving again. This time it was coming right where they wanted it to.
Towards them!

The End - Chapter 3
_ _ _

Brief note on Shi Lung's name. For those who have written me about it. While
some have pointed out that the word Shi is Japanese for death, as in the
Crusade comics character, it is also one of 4 spellings I have found in the
Chinese language for lion. The others are shih, shi zi, and shr zi. My intent
has always been for Shi Lung, full name Shi Ki Lung, or Lung Shi Ki (both
are proper, depends on region), to show how brave Shi is. Thus, her name
translates to Lion Spirited Dragon, or Dragon with Lion Spirit! Not only does
she have the courage of a dragon, but its added to that of a lion, making her
double brave and noble.

Kisses, Vicki


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