As the journey begins Shi Lung and the Ladies of Light undergo their first
challenges. As the clouds of war gather, can love survive? And who is the
mysterious 15th member?

Lord of the Rings: Enter the Dragoness! Part 4 (no sex)
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected]) and Tyval ([email protected])

For 10 days the Ladies of Light rode west from Dracul. Urchin continued her
training with Willow, Emitalia, Tara, and Shi herself. The child, now clad
in green and brown like a ranger, looked very differant from the half starved
waif from just a little over a month previous. Urchin was developing womanly
assets as well as feminine muscle.

Urchin was showing quite a talent for thowing the otomahawk and could score
a bullseye or killing hit on a makeshift target every time. Her skill with
the sword was much slower, but Emitalia was very patient.

"Defensively, she's doing very well," Emitalia told Shi, "She is nimble and
extemely hard to hit, it takes close to my best to do so. As for offense,
well, she has always been the mouse, it is hard to adjust to being a cat.
She'll be okay if we ever see combat and she gets a few Orc kills. We just
have to make sure she doesn't get in over her head."

The Iron Hills were just off to the west and north now. Beyond them was
Mirkwood, familiar territory for the elves. They had travelled swiftly and
hard, passing few people. The Ladies of Light then turned south, soon coming
to a stretch of woodlands that didn't appear on any of their maps.

"I thought I was familiar with this area," Arwen said, "Lorelei, this is
closer to your home, have you been here before?"

"Sorry, I'm afraid I've spent most of my life cooped up in towers reading
musty old books," Lorelei grinned, but it was more like a grimace, "Some elf
I am. We're supposed to be supreme in the woods, but I wouldn't know an oak
from an elm without the acorns."

Several of the women giggled. It was true. Despite being elves Lorelei, and
to a lesser degree Galadriel, were the worst riders and the least used to the
rough life of the road. The 2 of them were the first to go to sleep and the
last to rise. But being elves they didn't complain. Even Urchin fared better.
Used to living in rough conditions and healthier than she had ever been,
Urchin was more help around the camp than the wizardly women.

"I could take my swan form and fly over it," Serena said, "Do a little

"That's not nessecary," Galadiel smiled, "I know where we are and who lives
here. We are in no danger. Come, they are waiting for us."

"Sometimes you can be quite annoying grandmother," Arwen laughed.

Everyone joined in the laugh. Galadriel then urged her horse forward to the
front with Shi Lung. The 2 women nodded and rode slightly ahead, meaning that
they wanted to talk in private.

"So, you mean to do it?" Galadriel asked.

"Yes, before we go any further I want everyone to know where we stand. And
what we're fighting for," Shi answered.

"This will be a good time I think," Galadriel said, "Those that we are about
to meet are the finest witnesses we could have."

With no more to say on the subject Galadriel and Shi slowed until the others
caught up with them. The 2 women were becomming close friends. Cautiously the
Ladies of Light entered the forest. A mile into the woods Galadriel signalled
for a halt and dismount.

"Leave your weapons here, they will not be needed," Galadriel said, "There is
no need to hobble the horses, they will not stray."

The company complied as they strapped their weapons to their horses. Up ahead
was a clearing that seemed especially bright. Once they entered the clearing
all eyes bugged out, and all mouths dropped open, save Galadriel who smiled.
They were surrounded on 3 sides by a wide semi-circle of dozens of Unicorns.

Even Arwen had never seen these magnificent creatures in the flesh before.
For truly magnificent they were. Each one looked taller, stronger, and more
beautiful than the next. The most powerful and beautiful of them all, the
Herd Stallion, Ageon, stepped forward and bowed graciously to Galadriel, who
returned the bow.

'We bid you welcome Queen of the Elves,' Ageon spoke in the minds of all the
women, since his race had no spoken language.

"I am queen no longer Lord Ageon," Galadriel said, "I have abdicated my
position and left my husband."

'The crown matters not milady,' Ageon replied, 'All creatures of Middle Earth
owe you more than ever they could repay. It was you who saved our race and
gave us this beautiful forest. For the love you have shown to all creatures
great and small, not just the Unicorns, always shall you be Queen in our

"I fear that this visit shall imperil you," Galadriel said, again bowing,
"We have possession of the one ring, and we seek to destroy it or die in the

'We fear Sauron not milady,' Ageon replied, 'We alone, of all creatures of
Middle Earth, are immune from Sauron's dark magic. Only through Orcs or other
minions can he strike at us. Those we can't outfight we can outrun, those we
can't outrun we can outthink. But come, tonight you can rest here. We will
protect you. We have prepared a special feast for you. On the morrow we shall
bear you to Rohan! It should take us about 3 days to get there.'

"But that's almost 800 miles," Krista said amazed, "No hor-uh equine could do

"Um, and another stupid question from the peanut gallery," Tara said,
"According to every story I've ever heard about Unicorns, they can only
stand being around virgins. Um, most of us have never been with a man,
but techniclly there isn't a single virgin among us."

Tara's question produced a little nervous laughter from many of the other
women. If he had been human Ageon would have laughed too.

'As to the first question,' Ageon began, 'Unicorns can run 3 times faster
than our distant descendants. Oh yes, did you not know that all horses were
descended from Unicorns who were magiclly stripped/robbed of their horns.
Indeed, the very word 'horse' comes from the term 'horn less'. But I digress.
Our bodies process fuel far more efficiently so that we do not tire easily.
We can run day and night if we have prepared ourselves for such an effort.
We do some minor trading with Lorien and stockpiled some 'lembas'. That
should allow us to make this trek with ease.'

"It's terrible that someone would steal your horns," Urchin innocently spoke
up, "Why woud someone do such a mean thing?"

'Your question answers the one posed by your friend,' Ageon continued,
'Unicorn horns are very powerful. Many spells and potions can be made from
them. Long, long ago, when Galadriel was no older than you child, the
Unicorn were hunted for their horns. The atrocities were many. After having
their horn removed, most captive Unicorns were crossbred to produce a more
domesticated, less intelligent breed to serve as a mere beast of burden. It
was Galadriel who saved our race. Already powerful, even by the standards of
her own kind, she created this forest for us as a last refuge and taught us
how to use the magic of our horns so that we need never again fear evil
magic. For that alone we would set aside any phobia. Which is what our
aversion to non virgins is.'

All eyes looked at Galadriel with even more awe than they normally had. Truly
she was the most pure and noble person in all of Middle Earth.

* * *

The feast consisted of a light red wine, nuts, berries, and many kinds of
exotic edible plants, that satisfied even the carnivorous tastes of Shi,
Mara, Willow, and Queen Rena. As the women sat and laid back contented in
a circle, Shi stood up and walked into the center and motioned for Urchin
to join her.

"My friends," Shi started, "We are at war. A war unlike any other. Everyone
must choose sides in this war, there is no neutrality anywhere. All of you
have chosen to undertake a dangerous mission, a mission to determine the
fate of all who wish to live free. I want all of you to know what we are
fighting for. I do take now, in front of all of you, and also witnessed by
the Unicorns, Urchin, to be my lawful daughter if she will have me."

"I do! I do!" Urchin shouted as she turned and looked at Shi with eyes
brimming with tears of joy.

"I am fighting, not just for Middle Earth, but for my daughter," Shi
continued, "This is the last chance. Any of you that wish to turn back from
this quest, do so now. You will go with honor for having been a part of this
excellent company. For my part, I go with my daughter to the end, even if
nothing but death awaits me."

With one heart all the women rose and stood beside Shi. There was no longer
any doubt, they would all go to the end. Urchin's heart was so full she
couldn't stand, but Shi hugged her and gently stroked her hair, kissing her
tears away.

* * *

It was much later when Urchin woke up. Dawn was still a couple of hours
away. Safe in the forest of the Unicorns there was no need to set a guard
this night. Urchin sat up, no longer sleepy. Shi was only inches away from
her as always. Urchin thought her so beautiful. To formally adopt her as
her daughter was so special that Urchin felt her heart as huge lump in her

Looking around Urchin saw everyone else was asleep. Then she noticed that
Galadriel was missing. Curious, Urchin stood and caught a glimpse of gossamer
white off to the left. Urchin was more than a litte in awe of the legendary
queen. Even moreso after the tale Ageon had told. Urchin had to admit that
she was afraid of her, but yet it was a fear tinged with love. So powerful,
and yet so wise.

Urchin walked a short distance away from the camp. Galadriel was staring
up at the sky, wonder and yet sadness on her face.

'It will soon be over little one,' Galadriel spoke in her mind, 'Not today,
or next week, perhaps not for many years yet to come, but my time, and the
time of the elves is finished.'

"I don't understand," Urchin said.

"You don't have to little one," Galadriel spoke, a sad smile on her face,
"You have elf blood, but you are not immortal as I am. I am old, even by the
standards of my people, but I feel more alive now than I have in millenia.
To think that it must soon end, for good or ill saddens me."

"Mistress Galadriel," Urchin started.

"Please little Urchin," Galadriel smiled and pecked Urchin on the forehead,
"I am just Galadriel."

"Galadriel," Urchin nervously started again, "I am just a little thief, you
are a great lady. Everyone knows of your power and kindness. You should have
the ring."

Urchin took off the necklace with the ring and held it out to Galadriel.
Galadriel's hand trembled as she tentavely reached out for it.

"You offer it to me freely," Galadriel spoke, her voice tremblng slightly,
"I cannot deny that my heart has always desired this."

Galadriel then seemed to grow taller, her voice deeper as she jerked her hand
away. Arms spread wide as light and dark seemd to flash around her.

"Instead of a Dark Lord you would have a Queen! Not dark, but beautiful
and terrible as the dawn! As treacherous as the sea! Stronger than the
foundations of the Earth! All will love me and despar!," Galadriel then
began returning to normal.

The light faded as the effort wore off.

"I passed the test. When this is over I shall go into the west and diminish
and remain Galadriel," Galadriel sadly said as she had been given ultimate
power, and rejected it in favor of love.

Urchin hugged her as she somehow knew that Galadriel had fought her own
personal war; and won!

* * *

Three days later 14 Unicorns left the Ladies of Light at the border of Rohan.
Even Shi was exhausted from the non stop ride.

'We must leave you here and return swiftly to our own land.' Ageon's son Avar
mind spoke to them, 'The Nazgul have been outsmarted and outran, but they
were close when we set out. You have perhaps, only a 5 day lead on them. But
Rohan is a land of many horses, you should be able to find some and stay
ahead of them.'

'I thank you Avar, and your sire,' Galadriel mind spoke with the gallant
young Unicorn, 'You have made our journey swifter. Know that you have the
thanks of all of us.'

"Goodbye Avar," Urchin said kissing the Unicorn's muzzle.

There were many other tearful farewells between the women and the Unicorns.
Weapons were then checked as the Unicorns swiftly rode back towards their

"Okay ladies," Shi called out, "I know we're all tired, but we haven't had a
single inventory of our weaponry. I need to know who has what so that I can
plan what we need to do in a fight."

Galadriel was the only one without any kind of weapon. Shi had her trick
staff. Arwen had a bow with 20 arrows, a sword, and a dirk. Urchin of course,
carried 2 throwing otomahawks and the short sword Shi had gotten her. Tara
was a walking arsenal. She had 10 slim daggers on each wrist, 10 on each
ankle, 25 regular throwing knives on a belt, and a bandolier of 50 more.

Willow also had a bow and 20 arrows, along with 4 of the throwing otomahawks,
a hand otomahawk and a small shield. Yasmina carried twin scimitars, with 2
back-up dirks. Emitalia was weighted down as she was the only one mostly in
armor. Emitalia carried katana, wakazashi, tanto, and the long odd shaped
horse bow. She only carried 10 arrows. Krista wore a chain mail shirt and
helmet. She was also weighed down somewhat with spear, morningstar, bow, 20
arrows, shield, and sword.

Queen Rena carried a large quiver on her back containing 5 javelins. In her
hands were the full sized Zuni shield and the short stabbing Zuni spear.
Serena was also armed with a bow, but carried 25 arrows on her back with
another 15 on her hip. Serena had a sword on her other hip. Mara travelled
light. The jungle girl carried only a large knife on her hip and a slightly
smaller one on her ankle.

Lorelei also travelled light as she carried only a staff. Kymora was well
armed with staff, twin batons, sword, bow, and 15 arrows. They had plenty of
food and water at the moment, but all the rest of their equipment would have
to be left behind except for blanket each.

"Damn, I hate to throw my armor away," Emitlia said, "It was a gift from my
father. But even I know that I can't travel on foot wearing it."

"I'm sorry Emi," Shi said as she started dividing up what few supplies they
coud carry, "Those of us that aren't carrying as much will have to carry more
of the supplies, but the armor has to go. We have to traval light until we
can aquire some horses. Oh sure, I could carry everyone and everything in my
'other' form, but we need to keep a low profile."

"A dragon definately would draw attention to us," Kymora agreed.

"If we can manage it we need to avoid the enemy," Arwen said, "Our only hope
is in stealth."

Emitalia and Krista reluctantly stripped out of their armor. Willow decided
that her small wooden shield, good for fighting against flint tipped weapons
in Merica, was pretty useless here in the east and discarded it as well.

* * *

Three hours of walking later Shi called a halt. They were all tired, except
for Arwen. Shi called a halt under a small sparse stand of trees in this tall
grass praire.

"We need to push on," Arwen said.

"No, I think we need a rest," Shi disagreed.

Arwen looked at Lorelei, Urchin, and her grandmother. The others were all
warriors, a brief rest would be all that most of them needed.

"Your'e right," Arwen nodded, "I'll stand guard."

A few miles away, a raiding party of 50 Uruk Hai found their hidden discarded
equipment. They were some of Sauraman's, as the bore the mark of the white
hand, and had not been particullarly looking for them. But Emitalia's armor
meant wealth, and the Uruk's could smell women. The chance to loot and rape
was strong as they followed the obvious trail that the weary women had failed
to conceal.

* * *

Texas; 1876: There were 20 of them. Comanche. That meant no mercy for
surrender. Especially for a woman. But Jenny James was no helpless school
marm. Jenny had 8 notches in her custom Schofield Smith & Wesson .45's and
had racked up some 30 bandito's and almost that many Indian's
in her 24 years of life.

Most women couldn't handle a .45, choosing a .32 or .38, but Jenny's father
had been a blacksmith and so Jenny's wrist and forearm strength had been
honed by long hours helping out in his shop. When 3 pistolero's led by a
former klansman killed her father and mother, Jenny had taken matters into
her own hands when the local sheriff wanted to rape her and do nothing about
the outlaws.

Jenny shot the sheriff during the attempted rape, then tracked down and
killed all the outlaw gang. Always a tomboy, the experince turned her into
a 100% lesbian. Jenny had loved the new Schofield pistol, but hated that the
ammo wouldn't interchange with the far more common 'peacemaker' ammunition.
A special order with Smith & Wesson modified that.

Jenny had never really been formerly charged with killing the sheriff, or
anyone else she had killed, always in self defense or defending others, but
a woman who used a gun was rare in the west. Jenny had to make a living by
bounty hunting, being a town marshall, and various other means. It had been
bounty hunting that had her in her current jam.

Johnny 'Spades' was a woman killer and gambler. He had cut up or shot 6
women in 4 differant towns. Jenny was well armed. She carried 2 Schofields
on her, a third in her saddlebags along with a 2 shot .38 derringer. She
had 24 bullits in her belt, 5 in each pistol, and 100 in a bandolier across
her right shoulder. In addition she had 5 boxes of ammo with 50 rounds each,
a small box of 20 in .38 for her derringer. A loaded Winchester 73 was in
her saddle sheath.

Jenny found Johnny 'Spades'. What was left of him after the Comanche were
through with him anyway. Jenny mentally kicked herself now for dismounting
to see if it had been Johnny. The bullit that killed her horse seemed to
come out of nowhere. Jenny was fortunate that there was lots of cover, but
she had to make a quick choice, her saddlebags or her rifle. Choosing the
extra ammunition Jenny ran for her life as a dozen bullits barely missed
her and one got her canteen.

Being smart in the ways of the west, Jenny had managed to reach safety and
even save some of her water. But after wasting 5 bullits she realized that
the Comanche were staying out of pistol range. 'Bastards, probably waiting
for me to run out of bullits,' Jenny thought.

There wasn't much chance of that, but there was no shade, and only what
little food and water she had had left. They could wait her out. One of them
could speak English and started shouting out how they were going to rape her
anyway so she might as well give up. They could tell she was a woman since
she had lost her hat, her long blonde hair flowing as she ran. Jenny had no
intention of shooting herself unless she had to, but that was alwas an

"Give up little white girl," the young brave called, "Being a squaw better
than dying!"

"Squaw this," Jenny called out as the young brave had foolishly stepped into

A single bullit right to the heart and it was now 19-1. Still a whole lot
more than Jenny wanted to face. Then the air in front of her shimmered and
warped. It looked t Jenny as if a hole had appeared ou of thin air as she
could see an image of a prairie on the other side. It was like looking into
some bizarre painting. But the hole gt bigger until it was big enough for
Jenny to squeeze through. Grabbing her saddlebags, figuring that it couldn't
get any worse, Jenny leaped into the hole that immediately closed behind

Jenny didn't know how long the seeming 'fall' lasted. All she knew was that
when she again felt solid ground she was face down in grass. There was some
kind of fight going on. Jenny couldn't really tell what was ging on. Then
she heard a scream. A scream of a child. Looking up she saw what looked like
a monster lifting a huge sword over a teenage girls head.

It was a no-brainer. Jenny blew the monsters brains out.

End of Chapter 4

* * *

Sorry it's been awhile. My fault not Tyval's. For the record, he did 40% of
chapter 1, 50% of chapter 2, 40% of chapter 3, and 50% of this chapter. I
hope we can get the next chapter out quicker now that we have the cast all
together. And hopefully get to some sex.


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