Lord Of The Rings: Enter The Dragoness! Part 7 (ff,FF,BDSM,voy)
by Vicki O'Danner ([email protected]) and Tyval ([email protected])

Love grows amid the chaos of war. In the refuge of Hem's Deep can the Ladies
of Light stop 10,000 Uruk Hai?
_ _ _

Erkenbrand had left nearly 1000 infintry at Helm's Deep. But many of them
were older men or young untested recruits. With the force King Theoden had
brought they were now 2000, enough to fully man the walls (though thinly).
Scouts from Erkenbrand were reporting nearly 10,000 Uruk Hai advancing
across the Ford of Isen. Despite the long odds there was still some

The walls of Helm's Deep were high and thick, the gate was thick oak banded
with iron and guarded with towers on either side. The civilians were well
protected deep inside a labyrinth of caves with many hidden emergency exit.
Vast storehouses full of food and arms were also available. Many caves had
deep pools of fresh water. Other caves had pools of black oil that could be
heated and poured on the enemy.

Even Shi seemed to really like the defensive positions as they were showed
around. King Theoden smiled as he was cheered as he walked along the
battlements. A force of 300 elves from Lorien led by Haldir and another 100
elves from Mirkwood led by Legolas arrived to tremendous cheers.

"In days of old, elves and men fought together," Haldir called up, "We have
not forgotten the friendship of men and elves. I regret only that we could
not spare more of us."

"You are forgiven and more," Theoden said, "Let it be known forevermore in
Rohan, if we survive the darkness, that the elves are true allies and friends
of Rohan and shall always be welcome in our lands."

Haldir bowed slightly then all elven eyes grew wide as King Theoden was
joined by Shi, Galadriel, and Arwen.

"My Queen," Haldir said as he knealt.

The other elves were also kneeling as Galadriel knew that she had to make a
decision. There was no regret, she had made her choice.

"Arise noble Haldir," Galadriel said, "I am queen no longer. I have abdicated
my position for all time."

"Milady," Haldir wanted to say so more, to ask the questions that all of his
followers now had.

With the addition of 400 elven warriors the defenders of Helm's Deep felt
almost cocky. Lorelei greeted her brother Legolas just inside the gates.

"I am most pleased to see you again sister," Legolas smiled, "Though how you
came to be here I cannot fathom."

"It's a long story, but I shall tell you of it one day," Lorelei laughed.

The only person who wasn't happy about the defenses of the Hornburg was Jenny
James. Jenny knew that something should be done at the dike, but there wasn't
enough men to defend the dike and the walls even with the elf reinforcements.

Then there was the rampway leading up to the gate. It was wide and straight,
perfect for horsemen, but it would also be perfect for an assault with
battering rams. If only they had added a curve into it the gate would have
been 100 times better protected as an enemy could not gather up the speed
and power needed for such an assault. She also had noted a very vulnerable
spot in the walls. A culvert from the well of the outer court that lay in
almost a blind spot between the Hornburg and the Deeping wall.

There was no way that Helm's Deep could withstand a well planned attack if
Saruman had taken any time to study his warplans. From the way everyone
talked Saruman was no fool. Once counted among the great there was no doubt
in Jenny's mind that he had a good battle plan in place that even Orcs could

But Jenny knew ways of fighting that Saruman could never dream of! She had
grown up during the most terrible war her world had yet seen. Jenny's had
studied the tactics of both north and south, a style of fighting thousands
of years more advanced than what Saruman, King Theoden, Haldir, or even the
dark lord Sauron himself could envision.

Jenny looked at the gap in the dike, an idea already forming. This spawned
even more ideas. Captain Hama was off duty helping his 16 year old son with
his own armor. Like his father the boy was tall, fair haired and long limbed.
When he filled out he would be a formidable looking soldier. If he lived that

"Captain Hama," Jenny said, "I would like a more detailed tour of the caves
and storerooms if you have time."

"Ah, you are the one the other women of your company were laughing at, though
I know not why," Hama smiled, "I am off duty, but I am not as familiar as
some are. My son however is stationed here and could give you a much better
tour than I can. What about it Kirth?"

"I would be honored to show the great lady around," Kirth blushed, a bit of
a crush had already hit the boy.

A bell chimed. A pretty big one too from the tone. A lantern flashed in
Jenny's brain.

"Could you show me the bell, and any others you might have first," Jenny
said, with deliberate heaving bosom, of which she had ample.

"Of-of course," Kirth fumbled.

There were 4 large bells and several smaller ones. Jenny smiled as she looked
them over. Jenny had her back to the boy at the moment and undid the first
few buttons of her shirt.

"Tell me, are there any fireworks stored anywhere," Jenny purred showing

"Ummm, yes ma'am, yes ma'am," Kirth stammered, "F-f-follow me."

On their way to that cave Jenny saw someting out of the corner of her eye.

"What's in there?" Jenny asked.

"Nothing useful," Kirth said, "That's just where some musical instruments
are stored."

Jenny went into the room and was delighted that she had seen what she thought
she had. Two long instruments that slightly resembled xylophones except made
of metal and all the tubes were the same lengh. Each tube had a small opening
at the top of one end, one end was open, the other closed. Jenny smiled
again. She could use these too.

Helm's Deep used some signal rockets, and Jenny saw a good supply of
fireworks and twice as much powder as she had brought with her. With a good
supply of powder this would allow her up to do all the crazy things she was
imigining. Jenny next asked about nails. There was a great store of them as
well. As Vicki toured the makeshift quarters she saw lots of younger boys
playing with lead marbles, and many with toy soldiers. Picking one up she
was pleased that they were made of lead as well.

Vicki took note of the caves that had oil. Some was already being collected
and heated, but Jenny had an idea of how to use the oil better thanks to her
travels in Texas. Some of the other Ladies of Light were also wandering
around the caves, although not with the same purpose as Jenny. Jenny saw
Emitalia playing jacks with some little girls, impressing them with her
ability to grab them so quickly. The litte girls squeelled in delght as
Emitalia showed off her quick hands. This gave Jenny another idea.

"Lady Emitalia," Jenny said, "Your people, they use someting like these don't

"Ah yes," Emitalia smiled, "Tetsui bishi, little use against the iron boots
the Uruk hai wear though."

'Unless they're not wearing them,' Jenny thought as she smelled bacon being
cooked. The last element in her mad plans clicked as she left Kirth standing
there and ran to where King Theoden, Shi, Galadriel, and the other leaders
were meeting. Jenny got lost, twice, fortunately she ran into Yasmina who
showed her where the right exit was.

"But what's the rush?" Yasmina asked, "I'm sure that Shi has things well in

"No, if we stay here like it is we'll all die," Jenny said, she was only
slightly winded after running a mile in cowboy boots.

"Okay, I'll help you," Yasmina smiled, thinking that Jenny was cracked.

The door was guarded by 2 big soldiers with spears. They smiled as they knew
these 2 women were part of the group that had revitalized their king. But as
Yasmina and Jenny approached they crossed their spears in front of the door.

"The king is in an important meeting," the guard said, "He cannot be

"I'm sure he will speak to you later," the second guard said, "Or perhaps
you wish to speak with your leaders who are also with him. They will also be
able to talk with you later."

"I have to see the king," Jenny said, "Helm's Deep is a death trap and we've
all walked right into it!"

"No army has ever taken the Hornburg," the first guard laughed.

"Orcs are cowards," the second guard also was amused, "This new breed of
Saruman's will break too. They have no heart."

"Look, I've seen these things," Jenny said, "They are slow and stupid without
a leader. Your Lord Eomer killed 300 of them and lost only 3 of his own men.
But that was in open ground on horseback. They don't have to be smart for a
full frontal assault wth overwelming numbers."

"Let them come," the first guard sneered.

"They will break on the walls," the second guard agreed.

"Yasmina, my weapons only kill, I beg you to hold them off," Jenny said.

"Oh, you are going to owe me big time for this," Yasmina smiled as she quick
drew her twin scimitars, slicing both guards spears in half.

The guards drew their swords, but Yasmina quickly forced them back. Yasmina
laughed as her steel seemed to be alive. 'Whoa,' Jenny thought, 'If she was
serious they'd be dead a dozen times each by now.' Jenny forced her way into
the room with a loud thud as the doors banged against the walls.

At a round table in the center of the room, some sitting, others standing,
were King Theoden, Shi Lung, Galadriel, Arwen, Captain Hama, Gambling the
Old, and others.

"Jenny! What is the meaning of this?" Shi demanded.

"Young lady, this is a strategic counsel," Theoden said, "Milady's Shi,
Galadriel, and Arwen are representing you."

"Look, I know you're going to think I'm crazy," Jenny said, "But the only way
we're going to win this fight is if I am given total control."

"What?" Theoden said, "Milady Shi, you need to control your followers."

"Jenny," Shi sighed, "This isn't the time. Is that Yasmina out there?"

"Look, just give me a few minutes," Jenny said, "First, flip a coin."

"I'll humor her sir," Hama smiled throwing a coin into the air.

Jenny drew and shot the thrown coin right through the center, hating to waste
the bullit, but she had to show them. King Theoden and his men were stunned,
and even the Ladies had never realized just how good Jenny was. While she had
their attention she turned and shot at an empty suit of armor, drilling it
right through the heart.

"That's why you have to listen to me," Jenny smiled, "King Theoden, I come
from far in the future. The weapons where I come from are so far advanced
that they would seem almost magical. Gatling guns that can fire 500 bullits
a minute, cannons that can knock down these walls with a single shot, ships
made of iron that are powered by steam. Shi, I told you that in my world we
freed the slaves, what I didn't tell you was that it took a war to do it. A
war that lasted 4 years and cost 600,000 soldiers lives."

"What? How could that be?" Shi asked, numbers like that were staggering.

"There were many forts stronger than this that fell," Jenny continued, "My
father was an engineer for the Union army, the side that fought to free the
slaves, before and later he was a blacksmith. I know some tricks that will
even the odds, but you all have to do what I say."

"I, I don't..." Shi stammered.

"She was chosen for a purpose," Galadriel said, "Perhaps this was the

"Can I stop now?" Yasmina called from the door.

The 2 guards were so tired they could barely stand while Yasmina seemed as
fresh as ever. Jenny had to suppress a laugh.

"If your plans don't work I don't see where we could be any worse off,"
Theoden chuckled as he looked at the armor and held the coin.

* * *

Hours later there were many who thought Jenny really was cracked. Jenny had
had the well drained and filled completely with oil. Instead of having the
oil heated in large pots by the gate, Jenny had them filled with heated bacon
grease, all that could be found. Jenny had ordered all jacks confiscated, the
ends to be sharpened. Women and girls did that task freeing up men for other
jobs. Once they were all collected Jenny had them taken up to the towers as

All toy soldier were melted and poured into small molds to make pellit's then
added to all the marbles she could find. Broken glass and nails were also
collected. The gap in Helm's dike was widened and made to look more inviting.
Jenny wanted them to gather there. No one knew why she buried all the barrels
of powder she had brought with her there.

In front of the Deeping wall Jenny placed the bells open ends towards the
dike. The four big bells were in the center and were flanked by 6 smaller
ones on each side, then down to four more smaller ones Jenny said could be
like one-pounders.

"This will be as dangerous for the ones using them as it will be for the
enemy," Jenny said, "These bells were never designed to be cannons, hopefully
using homemade cannister they'll stay together. I figure we have enough
powder for 4 or 5 shots if all of them don't blow up."

Jenny then loaded pellit's and powder into the xylophones, a fuse connected
each tube. These she placed at either end of the ramp leading to the gates.

"Poor mans gatling gun," Jenny smiled, "Too bad we'll only get one shot out
of each of these."

Jenny then turned her attention to the signal rockets. Modifying spear racks
she used her last few pounds of lead, sewing needles, whatever she could
find. Shrapnel rockets.

"These will probably be more of a nuicence," Jenny said, "But if we fire them
into the enemy we will kill a few. But it may slow them down a few minutes. A
few extra minutes may be enough for Erkenbrand or Eomer to show up."

These Jenny set up in the inner ring. Everything was in place and none too
soon as the Uruk hai were spotted by outriders not 10 miles away from the
dike. Jenny remembered the disasterous 'Crater battle of Petersburg' and
almost as an afterthought added 200 archers to stand behind where she had
placed the bell/cannons. If she managed to create such a crater, and the
Orcs were stupid enough to charge into it, it would be a duck shoot.

"Hey, you okay?" Yasmina asked, coming up behind her.

"Nothing a good back rub wouldn't cure," Jenny smiled at her.

"Rough day," Yasmina smiled, "But it'll be a worse night."

"I'm hoping it will be a worse night for them Yasmina," Jenny gave a weak
smile, "I've never fought a war. Not a real one anyway. So many people are
going to die here tonight, our side as well as theirs. Sherman was right,
'War is hell'."

"I've never been in a real war either," Yasmina said, "Jenny, can we go
somewhere, private?"

"Are you being a nasty girl?" Jenny smiled at the Rabian beauty.

"Maybe," Yasmina teased, "Maybe I need a good spanking."

The 2 women looked deep in each others eyes. Taking each others hand they
headed into the caverns. Most of the other Ladies were on the wall, but
Willow and Urchin were saying goodbye.

"I wish you didn't have to go," Urchin said, a tear in her eye.

"I'll be okay, I'll be behind those things Jenny is rigging up," Willow
smiled as she picked up an extra quiver of arrows.

"I know that what's about to happen is going to be terrible, but I wish I was
going with you instead of having to hide down here," Urchin pouted.

"Now Urchin," Willow said, "You know that you are too important to our quest.
And I'm willing to bet that before this mission is done you'll see more
fighting than you'll want to."

Willow looked deep into the innocent pools of Urchin's eyes. Willow smiled at
her and dropped the weapons she was carrying.

"You know, I think we might have time for lesson 2," Willow smiled at her.

Urchin practiclly flew into Willow's arms. Kissing deeply the 2 girls fumbled
for each others clothes.

"Don't think this is working," Willow laughed stepping back, "Here, I'll
undress you first."

Urchin giggled and nodded. Willow kissed Urchin, then pulled the girls top
over her head. Just 2 months ago Urchin had never worn nor needed a 'breast
strap', now she was much more developed. Willow undid the strings in front,
leaned over and kissed each nipple as they were freed. Urchin's nipples were
instantly erect as Willow lightly tongued them.

Willow sat Urchin down and removed the soft boots that Shi had given her.
What Willow did next surprised the girl as Willow licked up and down the
soles of Urchin's feet, then took the girls toes into her mouth and sucked

"Oh my," Urchin gasped, "I didn't know that could feel good too."

Willow smiled as she leaned forward and unbuckled the girls belt. She then
pulled the girls pants down and off. Smiling Willow planted gentle kisses all
the way up Urchin's leg. Coming to the girls panties Willow took them in her
teeth and pulled them down.

"That was the most fun way of getting naked I've ever seen," Urchin giggled.

"It gets better," Willow said as she took her top off and dropped her pants.

Undoing a string, Willow removed her breech cloth, reveiling her own nearly
hairless (shaved) mound. Kneeling the 2 girls kissed deeply. Willow then laid
Urchin back gently, still kissing her.

"Lesson 2, how to give pleasure with your mouth," Willow purred.

Willow kissed down the girls neck, then lightly licked the girls nipples.
Taking each one in her mouth Willow alternated between gentle sucking and
licking. Urchin moaned in pleasure. Urchin had never known just how sensative
her nipples were, now she was close to orgasm just from Willow's lips and
tongue. Willow could sense that Urchin was close. Using her teeth for the
tiniest of bites Willow sent the girl over the edge.

"Aaaaahhhhhh," Urchin moaned.

But Willow continued to lick, suck, and gently bite the girls nipples for a
few more minutes. Willow then traced her tongue down Urchin's body. Pausing
at her belly button she traced her tongue around it, and then stabbed it
inside, before resuming her downward trail.

"Willow," Urchin moaned.

Willow skipped over Urchins clit, and spead the girls legs wide open. Willow
blew gently on the girls pussy causing her to shudder, then ran her tongue up
Urchin's slit. Urchin gasped as she almost came again. Willow then licked up
and down Urchin's pussy causing Urchin to cum.

"Oooooooooo!" Urchin cried out.

Willow sucked and licked Urchin's pussy, bringing her to several more small
cums, then rubing the girls clit with her finger to stimulate it and expose
it from it's hood, Willow licked and gently bit Urchin's clit sending Urchin
thrashing in her biggest orgasm yet.

"Aaaaaaaaiiiiiieeeeee!" Urchin screamed out," Oh Willow, Willow! Aaaaaaaaa!"

Willow kissed Urchin deeply, tongue's intertwinning as Urchin tasted her own
sweet pussy on her lovers lips. Urchin lay panting for several moments.
Willow smiled down at her, fingers toying with Urchin's breasts.

"That's lesson 2," Willow smiled.

"Oh Willow," Urchin panted, "Can I, can I lick you now?"

"I'll show you something even better," Willow smiled, "We can lick each

"Wow," Urchin was amazed, "We can do that?"

"Here, let me show you, lay back," Willow said as she straddled the girl's
face then went into a full 69 position.

"Now, just use your mouth the way you think I will like it, the way I'll be
doing to you," Willow smiled.

"It's so pretty," Urchin coo'ed, "Is this what I really look like."

"A tiny bit smaller since your'e an elf and you are smaller than I am
anyway," Willow said, "But yes, you look so tasty. And you already are
juiced up which makes your pussy taste even better."

With her more experianced mouth Willow began licking the elf girls pussy
again, eagerly lappng up her pussy juice. Urchin had never eaten pussy
before, but soon proved herself an apt student, giving as well as she got.
Sobbing and crying out in each others pussys both women came, and then
again. In temporary exhaustion they lay side by side, kissing each other.

"That was incredible," Urchin gasped.

"I love you Urchin," Willow said kissing her, "You are so beautiful."

Urchi's heart melted at being called beautiful. She was so in love with
Willow that 2 inches was too far away. For a long time the girls lay in each
others arms. Perhaps 30 minutes passed when they heard footsteps. Shrugging
off their stupor they dressed quickly. The footsteps grew louder. Willow and
Urchin hugged the wall as 2 differant pairs of feet could now be discerned.
They relaxed as they recognized the voices.

"I think we're alone," Jenny said spreading out a pair of thick soft

"I wish we could have found a dungeon," Yasmina said.

"You are so naughty," Jenny giggled.

"Guess you'll have to punish me," Yasmina laughed coming out of her clothes.

Hidden in the next cave Urchin's eyes grew wide. Willow smiled at her and
squeezed her hand reassuringly.

"I want you to watch this," Willow whispered, "This will give you some idea
on why we like bdsm."

Yasmina and Jenny were kissing each other hard. Yasmina was already nude,
Jenny had only removed her shirt so far. Yasmina cupped Jenny's large
breasts, rubbing them lightly. Jenny ran her hands up and down Yasmina's

"Mmmmmmmmm," both women moaned as they kissed.

"I have handcuffs you naughty girl," Jenny smiled, pulling them off of her
gun belt.

"But I brought the whips," Yasmina grinned.

"Oh, I love the whip," Jenny dropped her gun belt and undid her pants belt.

Yasmina helped Jenny out of her boots. Taking each foot Yasmina licked up and
down Jenny's soles, then licked and sucked Jenny's toes. Yasmina helped Jenny
take off her pants. Yasmina was pleased that Jenny was shaved bare just as
she was. Kneeling between her legs Yasmina gave a single lick up Jenny's

"You look so delicious," Yasmina purred.

"So do you," Jenny smiled at her.

The 2 women kissed again, Jenny was on her back, Yasmina slid her body over
hers. Yasmina kissed down to Jenny's tits, licking all around the nipple,
then taking the nipple into her mouth and sucking. With teeth and tongue
Yasmina worked on Jenny's tits, going from one to the other. Jennny stroked
Yasmina's hair.

"Oh yea," Jenny moaned.

Yasmina ran her hand up and down Jenny's pussy, which was growing very wet.
Yasmina then slapped Jenny's pussy, then again, and twice more.

"Yes! Yes!" Jenny cried out in a small cum," Please Yasmina, my pussy is bad,
it needs to be punished!"

"And what about these," Yasmina smiled, pulling and twisting Jenny's nipples.

"My tits are bad, they need to be whipped," Jenny grinned.

Yasmina flipped the unresisting Jenny over and ran her hands up and down
Jenn's firm ass.

"Ummmmm," Yasmina purred, "Your ass needs to be tenderized too."

"I think you need to be whipped too," Jenny smiled.

"I hope so," Yasmina grinned, kissing each of Jenny's buttocks.

Jenny rolled over and they kissed again. Jenny put her hands behind her back
so that Yasmina could cuff her wrists. Yasmina then took the rope belt she
had on her pants, tied it to the cuffs, then ran it across each of Jenny's
shoulders, forcing Jenny's arms up high behind her. Yasmina then ran it
tightly under Jenny's tits and tied it behind her back.

"Bad girl, lick my feet," Yasmina ordered, offering a shapely foot to Jenny.

Jenny eagerly kissed the offered foot, running her tongue around and between
the tasty toes. Yasmina pushed her back gently, Jenny was now on her knees
with her back arched way back, thrusting her large titties forward. Jenny's
tits were an inviting target, Yasmina couldn't resist as she picked up a
light flogger.

"Please mistress," Jenny pleaded, "Please punish me."

"You are worthless as a footlicker," Yasmina pretended to be angry, "I will
have to train you."

Yasmina started lashing Jenny's big tits then. From her hiding place Urchin's
mouth formed an 'o' in surprise as it was obvious that Jenny was loving every

"Aaaaaa! Yes!" Jenny cried out, "Whip me! Oh yea, harder! Ooooooo! Whip me!"

"You like it, don't you? Don't you," Yasmina asked as she whipped her harder.

"Yes! Please! Aaaaiiiii," Jenny moaned, "Please mistress! Whip me! Aaaaaahhh!
Ohhh, I'm going to cum! Whip me!"

With a final cry Jenny shuddered in orgasm. Yasmina rolled her over on her
stomich, then bent Jenny forward over the rock she had sat on when she had
taken her boots off. Picking up a cat o' nine tails Yasmina started whipping
Jenny's pretty ass.

"Ohhhh! Ooooooooo!" Jenny cried as her pleasure began building again.

"Tell me what a good little whip bitch you are," Yasmina ordered.

"I'm a whip bitch," Jenny replied, "Whip me, whip me! Ooooooooo! Whip my

Jenny shuddered as she came again. Yasmina stopped for a moment as Jenny
panted in ecstasy. Kneeling down Yasmina and Jenny kissed passionately.
Yasmina then untied Jenny and the 2 women went into a furious 69, tongue's
flashing, until they orgasmed together.

"My turn," Yasmina panted as she held out her wrists for the cuffs.

But just then the horns blew, reverberating throughout the caverns. The enemy
was within a mile af Helm's Deep.

"Shit," Jenny cursed as she reached for her clothes.

"It's okay, we'll pick this up later," Yasmina smiled at her.

"If we're still alive," Jenny said.

* * *

Willow and Urchin had waited until Jenny and Yasmina were well gone before
they also dressed and went to their respectve posts. Willow had chosen to be
outside the walls with the archer volunteers Jenny had asked for. Arwen was
there, as was Kymora, and also Legolas. The first orcs appeared at the gap,
the archers picked them off.

Jenny stood by the bells, a torch in her hand, ready to light the twin,
partially buried fuses that led to her first surprise.

"Don't make it look easy," Jenny ordered.

Jenny was waiting until the gap was overloaded with the orcs. Jenny had
loaded 5 in each of the pistols in her gunbelt. Her third schofield was
tucked in front of her regular belt, her derringer was hid up her sleeze.
Up above them the walls were fully manned. The Ladies were actually
scattered in various position.

Shi stood beside King Theoden as she watched the Uruk hai, along with some
men of the south advance.

"If worse comes to worse I'll take my natural form," Shi told him, "I'll take
a lot of them with me."

"Your offer is most generous milady Shi," King Theoden said, "But a hundred
of your kind couldn't stop a horde this size. If only Eomer and Erkenbrand
can somehow arrive in time, we might yet win he day."

'Who know's,' Shi thought as the sun began to sink,' Maybe these crazy things
Jenny is planning will trim the odds a little.'

Down below the gap was now filled with fierce looking Uruks, smaller goblins
from Moria, and swarthy men of the south. Warg riders were just behind them.
They had stopped and were chanting, banging their spears on the ground,
swords clanged on shields.

"That's it you bastards," Jenny sadisticly smiled, "Come and get us."

With a loud roar the Uruk's stated to charge. None of the enemy was the
slightest bit curious as to why such a small force stayed outside of the
wall, nor why they hid behind bells with the mouths pointed at them. Nor
was their any curiousity as Jenny touched the torch she carried to 2 fuses
that ran wide to the side of the charging enemy. They were still out of
bowshot when Jenny suddenly yelled;

"Cover your ears!!" Jenny screamed to anyone who could hear her.

The explosion was like nothing that anyone there had ever experianced. There
were some that dropped to the ground with ringing ears. The elves especially
had earaches. A huge cloud of smoke had risen up as a strong east wind
carried it slowly away. No one ever knew just how many of the enemy died in
the gap of Helm's Dike, but when the smoke again revieled a now stunned
enemy, they numbered at least 1000 less.

"By the Great Spirit," Willow whispered in awe.

That was a feeling shared by many. The orcs regained their bloodlust however.
Spurred on by the Uruk hai the lesser goblins and southern men charged. Jenny
had gotten a crater, but not one deep enough to use. The archers fired,
dropping several orcs as Jenny gave the signal to the men who had voluntered
to ignate her makeshift artillery.

"Steady, steady, let them get real close," Jenny said as she held her crews

Archers from the walls now joined in as the ones behind Jenny fired into the
horde. Jenny held her fire, 3 of her men went down to be replaced by others.
The exposed archers were also taking losses, at least 20 were down, dead or
wounded, as the enemy got to 50 feet, then 25, then 15.

"Fire!!" Jenny yelled as she touched the center one off.

The line of orcs and men disintegrated under the jury rigged cannister of
glass, nails, and lead from the homemade cannons.

"Reload, quicky, quickly," Jenny yelled.

One of the big bells was cracked and useless. Two of the medium sized ones
had exploded, killing 4 of her own men, and all 4 of the small 'one pounders'
had split open after the first shot. Consolidating the powder and makeshift
shot, Jenny furiously tried to get her crews to load faster. The enemy forces
had been stunned again, but to a lesser degree.

Jenny's archer cover was going down too. Almost half of her 100 archers were
dead or wounded. Willow had taken a small cut in her arm, and Arwen had a
small cut on her cheek. Neither wound was serious enough for them to retire.
The enemy came on again.

"Fire! Give 'em the cannister boys!" Jenny cried out to cheers from the wall.

Again the crude cannons roared. The orc line wavered, but this time didn't
break. Jenny emptied both of her pistols as she tred to help buy time for
one more shot. Pulling her extra pistol she emptied it as well. The archers
emptied their quivers. Legolas was especially effective as he pulled an
arrow, shoved it in one orcs brain via his eye, then notched it and fired
impaling 2 orcs with one arrow, drew another and shot a southerner in the
span of 3 seconds. The cannons roared again and the orcs reeled back, as
dozens more of them were blown into small pieces.

Only one of the big bells and 2 of the medium ones were still useable. Jenny
managed to reload all 3 of her pistols.

"Pull back," Jenny ordered as the orcs were reforming, "Save the bells and
shot if you can, but if not, leave them!"

Jenny only had 5 men of the 25 volunteers of the gun crews left and 20
archers, still able to fight as she rushed them towards the ramp. Two more
of her men died trying to lug the big bell. It was lost, but the 2 medium
ones were saved. Jenny had grabbed another torch as she and a few others
made a stand at the base of the ramp. A swarm of southerners rushed towards
her as she lit the xylophones.

In rapid fire the tubes shot forth a deadly hail of lead. Nearly 200 of
the men of Harad died in an instant. Racing up the ramp before they were
overtaken Arwen stumbled and fell, an arrow in her calf. Jenn stopped and
quickly emtied both pistols into the oncoming horde. Unwilling to leave
their friend Willow and Kymora also stopped and stood in front of Arwen.

Willow threw 2 of her otomahawks kiling 2 more orcs. Jenny had no tme to
reach for her third pistol so she pulled out her derringer and shot an Uruk
point blank in the face. Kymora sliced one orcs throat, blocked a strike
aimed at Willow and gutted the goblin. In seconds they would have died. But
then Captain Hama, leading 20 men (along with Yasmina, Emitalia, Krista,
and Queen Rena) charged downwards and drove the enemy back. Gathering Arwen
up, Willow and Kymora carried her inside the gates as Jenny covered them,
again emptying her third pistol, and her derriger twice.

The ground was littered with the dead of the enemy. But orcs were not the
only ones to die there at the gate to Helm's Deep. Captain Hama would not
retreat until all those that could made it to safety. Twenty orcs fell
before they dragged him down. On the wall King Theoden led a salute to his
fallen standard bearer.

The gates clanged shut behind her as Jenny sank to the ground exhausted. Shi
came up to her.

"I have never seen war like that," Shi shivered, "Your world, your time, if
those were but crude replica's of the weapons your people possess, then, I
have no words to express my fear."

Many now looked at Jenny in awe. She had unleashed hell upon the enemy. The
mighty horde of Saruman had suffered tremedous caualties compared to the
relatively few they had lost so far. Jenny was given water as she rested now
with Willow, Kymora, and Arwen. Legolas was already back on the wall. He had
escapd unscathed and with more than 40 kills.

"Show-off," Lorelei said to him.

"It's not bragging if you can back it up little sister," Legolas smiled at

Horns and loud shouts filled the air as the forces of the white hand
attacked in full force. A large ominous looking battering ram, forged in the
pits of Isengard advanced along with hundreds of ladders and grappling hooks.
Protected by a shield wall, and overhead by more shields, and with the face
of a monstrous wolf it steadily advanced. But instead of hot oil and rocks,
Shi, following Jenny's instructions, poured the hot bacon grease on the ramp
before they made it to the gate.

Thinking that the defenders were out of oil, and that they had missed, loud
raucous laughter filled the air as the grease flowed down the ramp. The
laughter was short lived as the Uruk's found themselves slipping and sliding,
unable to advance. The ram fell and cushed a few of them. All the way down
many slid, easy pickings for archers in the towers.

Another coating of the grease and the Uruk's were completely stymied. With
no assault on the gate men were freed up to repel the assault on the Deeping
wall. As Jenny predicted, the servents of the white hand removed their iron
boots in hopes of charging up the ramp. Jenny had gotten her wind back but
Shi and Theoden were leading the defense now, and doing it well.

The Uruk's finally managed to regain their battering ram and on bare feet
tried to charge up again. That was when Shi released the bag after bag of
sharpened jacks. Howling in pain and frustration, dozens of orcs were easy
targets. Assault after assault broke on the walls of Helm's Deep.

"If this keeps up much longer we shall outnumber them," King Theoden said
during a lull two hours after midnight.

Lorelei had cast a minor healng spell on Arwen. Little sign remained of her
wound. After a short nap, and some lembas, Jenny, Kymora, and Willow were
back at the wall. There was one more ace to play, and it was Mara's sharp
eyes that spotted it.

"There," Mara pointed it out to Shi," They are trying to sneak a group into
position for a quick run to the culvert. Some spiky looking thing with a fuse
like what Jenny used."

"Everyone back from the culvert, make it look tempting, then when it blows,
make as if to fall back," Shi said.

The next part was King Theoden's idea. Mounting every man he could he planned
to counterattack. Over half of the men and elves fell back from the walls. At
a signal the followers of Saruman launched another assault. This time the
defenders seemed to give way, then came a roar as the fires or Orthanc blew a
huge hole into the wall.

Like a river held long by a dam, black oil poured from the gap, drenching
dozens and surrounding hundreds. At that moment a silver horn blew, a dozen
flaming arrows flew. The screams and stench of burning orc was something that
none there would ever forget. It was nearly an hour later when the flames
died down. Despite hideous losses the forces of Saruman had still not yielded
up the field.

As the first streamers of light filled the eastern sky a silver horn rang
again. King Theoden, with 900 mounted, and another 900 still fit to fight on
foot attacked the lines with a 75' long gold dragon flying overhead. This was
too much for the decimated Uruk hai, goblins, and remaining men. They broke
and ran. Right into Erkenbrand with 1000 infintry coming in from the north,
and Lord Eomer with 1000 Riders from the west. With King Theoden charging
from the east, and sheer cliffs on the south, the retreat became a rout, then
a massacre.

The men who surrendered were spared, the orcs fought to the last.

* * *

Not all the heroes lived in that final desperate battle. Noble Haldir killed
many, but fell saving the life of Erkenbrand. Gambling the Old also fought
valiantly when he and 2 others had been cut off by the few remaining Warg
riders. Gambling killed three of the beasts, including the one that killed

Many were the brave deeds done that day, by men known and unknown. As he
looked out from the top of Helm's Dike, King Theoden marvelled at the victory
when Lord Eomer approached and bowed.

"My lord, it is good to see you," Eomer sincerely said.

"Arise loyal Eomer, sisters son," Theoden then shouted to everyone, "Behold!
From fire and battle Rohan is victorious! The Mark is again united! And be it
known that the Ladies of Light are knights of Rohan and forever friends as
long as Rohan shall exist! Lord Eomer, I now name you son and heir. You knew
your duty when darkness lay about me. Loyal is your heart, and I woud have
you as king after me."

Eomer wept, and knealt, kissing Theoden's hand. Wild cheers had broken out
many times from the king's speech. Down below Shi had gathered the Ladies
together, including the returning Serena.

"This isn't over yet," Shi said," I want Saruman himself. Oh, and Jenny,
remind me to never get you pissed off at me."

The other ladies laughed.

end of chapter 7


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