Lord Of The Rings: Eowyn And Aragorn (MF)
by Staibhan ([email protected])

It was twilight at the camp, the refugees from Rohan still marching wearily
towards Helm's Deep. The mood was somber, but hopeful. Their king had come
out of his seemingly endless thrall to the advisor Wormtongue, and was
leading them to safety. The sight of their leader in full armor, healthy
again, gave them courage.

Eowyn, the niece of the King of Rohan, walked among the tents of her people,
smiling at the children, speaking to the mothers as they held their loved
ones. Theoden might be their king, but she was the soul of Rohan. They
loved her with all their hearts, and she knew it. It was honestly a bit
embarrassing how much they fussed over her at times, but she took it all
with a stoic face.

She also knew they worried about her. She had no suitors. When Theoden was
under the thrall of Saruman, no men from other countries would dare to visit,
because they were frightened of her father's mood. Not that the lack of men
in her life bothered her, but it did get lonely. It wasn't as if she could
just find a man. she was third in line for the throne. And so, late at
nights, she would feel the ache between her legs and in her heart, and weep

Until this man, this ranger, this Aragorn came and freed her uncle. He
instantly fascinated her. He was so handsome and so rugged. not like the
sycophants who lived at court in Gondor, or the diplomats who treated with
royalty. He could have been a Rohirrim, such was his presence.

Aragorn's tent was situated close to hers, and she glanced at it for a
moment, biting her lip. She wanted to go to him, talk to him, and hold him.
But she was afraid. For the first time, she was actually scared of a man.
The ranger did something to her, something she couldn't define. But she
needed to face him. Eowyn took a deep breath and walked over to his tent.

"Aragorn, my lord."

There was silence for a few seconds, then she heard his deep voice respond.
"Come in, my lady."

She parted the tent flap and stepped inside. Her breath caught. He was
shirtless, writing something down on a piece of paper. His broad chest
gleamed in the light of the torches that kept his tent lit. She could
feel her heart quicken as she stared at this beautiful man.

"Lady Eowyn, can I help you?" She started and looked at him. He was smiling
at her quizzically, and she realized she had been staring. Her face flushed
and she coughed. "My Lord Aragorn, I apologize. I had just stopped by to
talk, but if you are busy."

"No, of course not." Aragorn stood and motioned to a chair opposite of his.
"Please, have a seat. Would you like some wine?"

"No, thank you my lord."

Aragorn simply smiled and sat back down as she placed herself in the chair
across from him. Now that she was there, she had no idea what to do or say.
She simply could not help but think about his arms enveloping her in a warm

"My Lord Aragorn. I am simply here to speak to you about Helm's Deep and
it's defenses."

Aragorn didn't say anything for a moment. Then he smiled gently. "My lady
Eowyn, you do not need to dissemble for me. We are allies and I would like us
to be friends. Tell me the truth. why are you here?"

She closed her eyes. He could see right through her, his dark eyes could
pierce her soul. "My lo-. Aragorn, I'm so sorry. I must confess, you have
captivated me. And I cannot remove the image of you from my head, as much
as I try, as inappropriate as it is. I do not know why I came tonight." She
felt her eyes began to tear up. Then, his gentle hand brushed her cheek. He
had knelt in front of her.

"Eowyn, do not be sorry. Please, do not let tears mar your fair face."

She smiled and brushed her eyes. "Of course. I know you are in love with an
elfmaid, but I had to confess this to you, or I would die from keeping it

Aragorn let his eyes fall at her mention of Arwen, and he spoke softly. "Yes,
I do love Arwen, daughter of Elrond. But she is no longer of this world. She
has taken a boat away from Middle Earth, away from me."

Eowyn felt her breath catch in her throat. "I... I am sorry to hear that my

The ranger raised his head and looked into her eyes. "Call me Aragorn. And
you do not have to be sorry."

Eowyn kissed him. She did not mean to. But he was there, his face inches from
hers. His eyes were so soft and warm, his presence so tantalizing. She had to
do it. Their lips pressed together and she moaned softly. After what seemed
like forever, but was only a few seconds, she pulled away. Aragorn opened his
eyes and stared at her, expressionless. For a moment, she thought he would
turn away and tell her to leave. But then she could see something new. His
eyes were smoldering.

Aragorn took her hands. "My lady. are you sure you want this?"

She nodded, not trusting herself to speak. Then he kissed her, forcefully.
His tongue slid into her mouth and she felt herself pulled against his hard
chest. She let herself melt into him, giving herself to his embrace. Their
tongues danced together as his hands slid down her back and gripped her

The ranger broke off the kiss and pulled her towards the table. Pushing the
papers and maps off, he lifted her as if she weighed nothing and placed her
on the solid wood. Eowyn was nervous, but excited. she had no experience,
and he obviously knew what he was doing. Aragorn kissed her again, and slid
his hands across her back, to the buttons on her dress. One by one, she felt
them go until they were all undone. Without a word, she pulled the dress off
over her shoulders, exposing her breasts to him. She felt heat creep into her
face as the realization this was the first time a man had seen them hit her.
Aragorn did not seem embarrassed at all. He grinned lightly and took her
nipples in his gentle fingers. She gasped out loud as he begin to pinch them
softly, pulling at them as they grew stiff and hard.

His breath was hot, his mouth hovering over her right nipple. His tongue
flicked out and brushed the tip of it. Aragorn smiled and latched onto her
breast with his mouth, gently sucking. She closed her eyes and groaned
loudly. The heat between her legs was an inferno now, aching with longing.
Aragorn continued to suckle on her breasts, alternating back and forth,
paying equal attention to both. She grasped his black hair and squeezed as
he nipped at her nipples lightly, his teeth just barely grazing the stiff

Just when she thought she couldn't stand it anymore, he lifted his head and
grinned. She smiled back and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him.
Her breasts pressed against his chest, their nipples brushing each other.
She could feel a hardness on his waist, and the moistness between her legs

Aragorn began to unlace his breeches, when Eowyn took his fingers and pulled
him away.

"Let me," she whispered. He nodded and the young lady knelt in front of him.
Her fingers pulled at the laces, and finally she began to tug his breeches

His hard cock sprung free and she took a deep breath at the sight of it. It
was long and thick, the shaft pulsing with his heartbeat. She took it in her
hand and she could hear him groan slightly as her grip tightened. She smiled
and stood up, keeping his hard shaft in her delicate grip. Aragorn smirked
and grabbed her dress, at her waist, and pulled down. She stepped out of the
forgotten garment and stood in front of him. They drank the sight of each
other in, each of them as aroused as they had ever been.

Aragorn took the first move, taking her hand and pulling her to the bed he
had set up in the corner of his tent. He laid her down, sliding one finger
down between her legs, brushing the lips of her pussy ever so gently. Her
breath quickened as she felt his finger rub there. Then he pushed her thighs
apart and set his cock between her legs, the head resting on her opening.

"Are you ready?" he whispered to her, and she nodded. As a shieldmaiden of
Rohan, her maidenhead had been broken long ago by the constant riding of
horses, and she knew she wouldn't need to worry about that. But he was so

Aragorn pressed the head of his cock against her pussy and slowly thrust
forward. Eowyn shut her eyes tightly as he began to fill her. It was so
intense, so wonderful it was all she could do not to cry out in ecstacy.
Inch by inch, he pushed farther into her. Wanting to feel all of him, she
wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled. As she did so, she heard him
cry out, she felt him, buried inside of her and it was as if the world had
stopped. With every increasing vigor and power, he slowly began to move his
hips back and forth, then faster and faster. Their flesh slapped together
as he pounded her and she encouraged him to move quicker, harder, stronger.
Her nails left deep scratches in his back as he fucked her hard. They both
were crying out silently. She felt complete with him inside of her.

Aragorn began to moan louder and his cock began to harden even more inside
of her. As if by instinct, she felt herself rising to a peak and when he
cried out, so did she. She felt his cum shoot deep into her pussy, and she
tightened her grip on his cock, pulling him as far inside of her as possible
as he drained his seed into her. He was gasping for breath as their coupling
slowed, and she slid her hand behind his neck and pulled him down to kiss
him. He did not remove himself from her, just sank down into her, both of
their bodies resting from the ferocious fucking.

Eowyn wrapped her arms around him as he laid to the side. Neither of them
said anything. They simply held each other, and she knew that no matter what
happened, there was a part of him that belonged to her and her alone. And
that was enough with a man like Aragorn. Eyes closed, they slept together,
the promise of war forgotten for the night.


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