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Legend Of Zelda: Dragon Roost Requiem Part 1 (MF)
by Ranier Rilke

Medli watched several of the younger Ritos playing on one of the grassy flats
of Dragon Roost. They'd made a circlet of flowers for her and in spite of
their loudness generally behaved themselves under her supervision. The
afternoon was growing late and she knew she'd have to bring this last group
of young ones inside soon. None-the-less, she was distracted after her warm,
brown eyes caught sight of a sail on the south-west horizon, and she began to
daydream about Link.

It had been a full five years since the Outset Island hero awakened her to
her destiny, and she subsequently aided him in sealing away the evil power
that threatened to overtake the world. Since that time, Link had joined with
Tetra and her "pirate" group as they swept the seas, pacifying regions where
Ganondorf's minions still held sway. The hero came intermittently to Dragon
Roost to keep in touch with the Ritos and confer with their demigod, Valoo.

Link matured considerably in the meantime. Much more well-spoken and
accepting of his role to protect a still changing world, he retained an
innocent altruism and sense of honor which would not permit him to leave
the helpless behind or forget old friends. In addition, Link's stature
more appropriately matched his outlook; taller and more muscle toned, he
was still quick to smile and had a boyish face which let him get away with
his occasional mischief.

Removing her flower circlet, Medli was aware of her own changes as well.
Attending to oracular duties with Valoo and caring for the children of
on-duty mail carriers grounded her some and gave her a strong sense of
purpose with the defeat of Ganondorf. However, they left her little time
for her traditional pleasures of singing and the lyre. Her body had
changed much more though. The low cut of her dress more than hinted at the
fullness of Medli's ample breasts and it was short enough to leave more
than half of her pleasing thighs exposed. She still blushed a little when
she noticed men admiring the distinctly feminine lines of her body.

Watching the young Rito's, she glanced often toward the approaching ship
which bore Tetra's colors. Medli sighed, hoping Link was onboard so she
could see him again. She'd liked him more as friends when they were younger,
but his long absences gave her time to think about all they'd done for each
other. Before she knew what happened, she realized she'd fallen for the
Outset Islander. Allowing herself a fantasy or two helped for a while but
in the end only solidified her feelings and made her melancholy about the
possibilities a relationship.

The pirate ship pulled into the Rito Bay in languid fashion, and the crew
disembarked. Link's feet, in high-strapped sandals, hit the warm sands
after his men unloaded supplies and drew lots for cleaning and repairing
the vessel. He'd steered to Dragon Roost instead of returning to Windfall
to meet with Tetra. She can wait a few days, the hero thought. After all,
she wasn't the one who'd taken the new crewmembers to break them in chasing
the rear of a koboblin flotilla.

Catching sight of the "pirate" crew, Medli hurried her young charges inside
to see Link and his men enter the main hall of the Rito compound. She watched
as he exchanged greetings with the aging chieftain and Prince Komali.

"Welcome back to Dragon Roost, Link," the prince said shaking the hero's

"If we had known you were coming, we would have set up another celebration
for you," the chieftain added.

"That won't be necessary," Link said. "My crew is tired and is just looking
for a friendly harbor."

"Then, you do not intend to speak with His Holiness, Valoo?" asked the

"No, I'd prefer to keep this a low-key visit. I do not wish to disturb Valoo
this time. If the seas are good, there'll be other days more worthy of your
feasts and honors. Your gracious hospitality will be more than enough for

"Then you shall have it," Komali said with a confident nod. He proceeded to
command several of his retainers to provide food and accommodations for Link
and his sea-weary travelers.

As the Rito's leapt to action, Link's keen eyes caught sight of Medli's
shapely silhouette on one of the upper tiers. She smiled and waved; Link
returned the favor before starting his way up the winding stone causeway.

Medli ushered the children back into playroom. One of the Rito elders
thanked her for taking the youngsters outside before setting them to the task
of cleaning the room and themselves. Exiting the doorway-fissure, she bumped
right into Link. She nearly fell over, but the hero's hands caught her
shoulders and steadied her.

"I'm sorry, Medli. Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, Link. Sorry, I get clumsy sometimes." She smiled a little and
brushed back long stands of her auburn hair.

"Well, that's good news. It would be unfortunate if you'd come through so
much unscathed only to be seriously injured by me in your own home."

At his sly grin, she clasped her hands together behind her back and rocked
on her toes. "I heard you weren't going to see His Holiness, Valoo."

Link shook his head. "I don't want to wear out my welcome with him. We both
know what happens when Valoo becomes irate." He paused long enough to notice
a light slouch in her posture. "That doesn't mean, though, that I don't want
to see you."

Medli blinked and cocked her head to one side. "You... you want to spend some
time with me later? Just me?"

"Is that so hard to believe?"

She blushed then regained her composure and shrugged. "It's not that, but...
never mind. I'd love to see you later, if you're still up to it."

"Let me get my men settled in first, if you please. It's not that I don't
trust Komali, but you know how he sometimes overdoes things."

"He's just trying to prepare for the role set for him."

The Outset Islander shrugged; Rito fatalism sometimes wore on him. "He'll do
fine. You've taught him to be responsible and respect the traditions of your
ancestors if nothing else."

"Thank you." She hadn't expected a compliment such as that.

"So, after I get my men in order then?" he asked with a boyish smile.

"I'll be up on the grassy flat that faces the south bay," Medli replied.

"I won't be long," Link said before heading back down the ramp.

The Rito girl smiled and waved good-bye. She took her time returning outside
and even looked in to make sure the youngster were behaving themselves under
the elder's supervision.

She sat on the edge of the flat absently plucking blades of grass and letting
the warm northerly wind carry them away as she let go. The sun crouched low
in the west turning the seas from blue to yellow to orange. Listening to the
wind on the mountainside, she envisioned the notes to an old song one of the
elders taught her long ago, Someone-or-other's Lullaby. She hummed the little
she could recall.

"Maybe it would sound better on your lyre?"

With a start, Medli turned to find Link standing near her. She gave him a
mock grimace as he sat down beside her. "It's supposed to be played on an
ocarina," she responded in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Is that so?"

"Besides, I haven't had time to practice with my lyre much."

"That is certainly a shame. How about singing? Please tell me you still keep
up with that."

Medli shook her head.

The hero sighed. "You should reconsider that decision. You sing beautifully."

"Thank you," she said, hoping the sunset's red light would hide her blush.

"What keeps you so preoccupied?"

"The chieftain is getting older. He consults with His Holiness, Valoo, more
often now, and of course I have to go with him."

Link nodded at the explanation, and the two of them were quiet for several
minutes as the sun fell away in the west. The nearly full moon rose, chasing
its pale reflection across blue-black waters. The pious Rito was enjoying
the cool wind blowing on her legs and through her long, auburn hair when she
noticed dark shapes out in the sea. "Oh, Link, look." She pointed toward a
spot some distance out from bay.

Straining his eyes, the Outset Islander could make out pairs of sleek, dark
shapes jumping in the water.

"They're dolphins," Medli said in a wistful way. "They come by Dragon Roost
every so often. Rito's say dolphins are a sign of good luck."

"Do they always travel in couples?"

"I don't know. The only other time I've seen them was the night before you
came to Dragon Roost for the first time. That's how I held out hope even when
it seemed like His Holiness, Valoo, had become angry, and our enemies were
growing in strength."

Link smiled a little and gave her a suspicious look.

"You came then, and it seemed like every time I was losing my direction or we
needed help, you would come again. You've really been good to me and all the
Ritos." After speaking, Medli leaned close and gave the hero a quick kiss on
the cheek before she even knew what she was doing.

"Thanks, but that wasn't necessary, you know? I didn't do any of that because
I was looking for fortune and glory."

"I understand, Link, but I don't think you realize how important you are to
everyone here... how important you are to me." She shifted closer, placing
her hand on top of his.

Link looked into her eyes for several moments then pulled Medli's face closer
and kissed her. The Rito sighed into the kiss as her lips parted slightly
accepting Link's tongue as it slipped into her mouth. She squeezed his hand
and rubbed her own tongue against his for several heavy breaths before she
pulled away.

"I'm sorry if I'm coming on kind of strong," she said looking down.

"Don't worry about it." Link was enthralled at her sudden display. He'd
always thought fondly of her, and they'd flirted from time to time. But her
vulnerable confession aroused him as much as her attractive hips and breasts
had the first time he noticed them. "You haven't done anything wrong. You're
important to me too, Medli, which is why I don't want to hurt you. There's
still a lot I have to do, and I can't be here with you nearly as often as
either of us would like. So, I'll understand if you don't want us to be so

"No, that's not what I want at all," she said. "I know you can't always be
here, but you're here right now and maybe that's enough." She squeezed his
hand again. "Don't go. Stay with me tonight."

Link breathed deep, catching the cinnamon scent of the pious Rito's hair.
"Are you sure you want me to?"

"I'm positive," she breathed.

Still holding Link's hand, Medli stood. She led him inside the compound and
up a flight of stone steps to a heavy wooden door. After closing the door
with her free hand, she was pulled into the Outset Islander's arms, and her
eyes closed during the deep tongue kiss that followed.

Pulling part, Link looked over Medli's bedroom. A single, open window let
moonlight deluge the room, giving everything a blue hue and silver outline.
The lyre was mounted above the dresser and shimmered. As he was pulled toward
the low bed, his shin hit the tall, narrow trunk situated at the foot of her
bed. He heard Medli giggle as he re-centered the quilt folded neatly on top
of the chest.

When she was certain Link's eyes had turned their full attention back on her,
Medli began to disrobe. Reaching back, she untied the string of her dress at
the base of her neck. She let the dress slip off her shoulders then her hips,
keenly aware of Link's eyes taking in the full curve of her breasts with
their small nipples. Her white, silky panties quickly joined her dress on the
rug. Medli's hair contrasted pleasantly with the pale shade of her body, and
the curves of her hips and ample breasts were complimented by a smooth belly
and round butt. She blushed as the hero inspected her and the way the
moonlight played along the lines of her nubile body.

Seeing Medli was finished, Link took a breath and followed her lead. He
pulled his blue and white tunics off over his head. He was reaching to undo
his belt when the pious Rito girl stepped forward.

"Touch me first," she whispered.

Giving a boyish smile, Link's hands brushed her stomach then trailed up to
her bosom. Her breasts were each more than a handful, and he squeeze them
tenderly. She shivered a little and inhaled sharply when his thumbs rubbed
her erect nipples.

When Link removed his hands, the Rito girl undid the hero's belt and lowered
herself onto her knees. He watched the top of her head while she took off his
sandals. After unbuttoning the trousers, Medli pulled them down. Her eyes
went wide when Link's phallus was freed and nearly hit her in the face. Her
arousal and astonishment oscillated when she realized it wasn't fully erect.
She brushed its length with her hands, and it responded by swelling a little
more. Her fingers stroked and played upon its length and even fondled his

The pious Rito remembered a stray letter she'd sorted once from a Windfall
woman who explained methods on arousing a man. At the time, she'd been
embarrassed and felt guilty about reading the letter. Now, she was glad to
have a technique to use.

Cupping her own breasts, Medli slid Link's penis between them and began
massaging the length of his shaft with them. His stiffening cock felt strange
and slightly uncomfortable between her breasts, and the head remained poking
above the press of her cleavage. The Outset Islander appreciate her work,
moaning, "Mmmmm... Medli," as her tits stroked his increasingly hard member.
She kept it up for quite a while until she was sure Link's phallus had
reached its full potential. Working him up in turn aroused the Rito girl,
and she felt her vagina growing moist.

Releasing the hero's dick, Medli rose to her feet again. "Did you like that?"

He replied by pulling her close and kissing her; his tongue taking the
initiative and roaming around her sweet mouth.

Excitement increasing, Medli moaned into the kiss, and her tongue was pliable
to her lover's urging. Link pulled her closer, and she felt his cock trapped
between their stomachs. It felt white hot and hard like an iron rod. The
pious Rito let her hand roam across the slim but hard muscles of the hero's
back and arms.

Link let the kiss end, brushed back several strands of Medli's hair, and
asked, "Are you ready now?"

She nodded. "Please be gentle, though."

He had every intention of being gentle. This was Medli, the beautiful and
delicate lady he'd known for years. She wasn't one of the tough girls who
often signed on for the "pirate" crew, or one of the sultry women who barter
their bodies in the low districts of Windfall. Link would have cut off his
own hand before willfully hurting the pious Rito girl.

Medli climb onto her bed and lay on her back. Her knees were bent and legs
still together; her brown eyes enjoyed the silver accented silhouette of her
longtime friend and soon-to-be lover. There were butterflies in her stomach
as she looked over the impressive length of his manhood, but nervousness was
matched by erotic excitement.

The Outset Islander settled beside her on the bed and stroked her belly and
hips. His hands traveled up to the Rito girls knees and spread her legs
despite some unconscious resistance from her. He licked his lips at the sight
of her maidenhood, its slight dampness glistening in the moonlight. Reaching
down, he brushed her pretty clit and was rewarded with an ephemeral moan of
his name.

Positioning himself between Medli's thighs, Link took his phallus in his left
hand and guided it to her labia. She sighed as the tip of his cock rubbed
against her vagina. Her hands stroked her hero and then grabbed the edges of
her pillow on either side of her head. Swallowing hard, she bit lightly on
her bottom lip as in anticipation.

With a gentle rhythm, Link began to push his cock into the waiting Rito
pussy. He worked it with the care and attention he knew Medli deserved,
though it required immense will on his part. She was so tight, and the
pressure on the head and shaft on his manhood was delicious. He managed
to stave off his more aggressive instincts even as from below him came
high-pitched, girlish moans of "Nnnggah! Ah, ah, aaaaahhhhh!" which made
him ache to savage her depths.

Half of his dick had inched its way into Medli when she gave a particularly
loud shout and moaned, "Oh, Link, stop a moment-Ah!-Please stop!"

He ceased immediately and-leaving as much of his cock in her as he had worked
in-the hero reared back.

The pillow was gripped tight in Medli's hands. Her head was turned to her
left; her left eye closed tight, the right was only half open-with the dew
of a single, unshed tear-looking at Link with apprehension and arousal. The
Rito's abundant breasts, with their erect nipples, heaved up and down in
accord with her heavy breathing. Her thighs quivered slightly. "Ah! Link, I
don't want you to stop, but-ah-could you just kiss me again?"

With his boyish smile, the Outset Islander leaned close to her, brushed back
several stray strands of her hair, took the pious Rito's face in his hands
and gave her a fierce kiss. His tongue pushed and cradled Medli's, and she
continued to moan around their dancing tongues. Link's hands rubbed her hips
and belly which made her squirm a little. After she sucked on his tongue, the
hero pulled away from the kiss and met the Rito girl's gaze. "You're all
right? I'm not hurting you, am I?"

"Not really," she moaned, "but it was getting to be too much at that moment.
I'm fine now."

Link reared back, and got ready to negotiate the remaining half of his
phallus into Medli.

"And Link," she said.


"Thank you for stopping when I asked," she cooed.

The hero ran his hands over her collarbone and down to her breasts. Taking
one in each hand, he squeezed and massaged Medli's tits, sometimes brushing
her sensitive nipples or taking one between his index and forefinger and
pinching it lightly which always resulted in an acute scream of his name.
Such vocalizations he found stimulating, but moderated the action as he knew
the pinching hurt a little.

Medli felt her vaginal walls moistening even more as Link's hands moved away
from the affectionate manipulation of her full bosom. She watched her lover's
head bend down again, and he began to kiss and lick her right breast.
"Nnnaahh! Yes," she moaned as the hero ran his tongue in a clockwise motion
around her receptive nipple. Then she felt a strange but fantastic sensation,
and she craned her head to see what he was doing. The pious Rito found Link
was sucking on her tit and simultaneously shrieked an unintelligible appeal
for him to continue which he did for several more minutes. He slowed his
suckling and allowed her to recover her breath; he knew she needed it.

With his boyish smile and resumed his rhythmic penetration. Taking Medli's
right hand, the Outset Islander guided it down to her moist maidenhood, and
through tactile instruction, had her rub and tease her own clit.

Now more engaged in self stimulation, the pious Rito's vagina became wetter
and, when she wasn't moaning, "Ah! Yes! You're so-ah!-so good!" she was
chewing lightly on her bottom lip or biting her pillow.

With both of them working her up into a sexual frenzy, Medli's pussy gave
more, and Link sank the whole of his manhood into her faster than he'd
anticipated. He pushed it in to the hilt and grunted her name while she gave
another cry composed entirely of vowels. Wrapping his arms around the Rito
beauty, Link lowered himself onto Medli and increased his pace to a firm,
constant penetration. Kissing and licking her neck, the hero could hear her
panting and moans of "Nnnaaahhh! I want-ah!-I want you so much!" as they
worked their way up her throat to pass over her lips. Likewise, he couldn't
believe how tight she was. His cock head in particular seemed to be squeezed
constantly by the honeyed walls of Medli's vagina.

The press of her lover's body on top of her excited the pious Rito which was
added to the appeal of his constant licking and nibbling of her throat. For
a while, she was only aware of intense pleasure as Link's phallus pushed into
her innermost, sacrosanct space. Then, she began to notice the responses of
her body to the sexual satisfaction her lover lavished on her. Her hands
clenched and unclenched almost independent of her wishes: the right was
buried in her hero's flaxen hair, the left balled up sheets in white
knuckles. Medli's luscious breasts were pressed hard between herself and
Link, and his rocking upper body worked her sensitive nipple mercilessly.
Next, she noticed how her body subconsciously bucked her hips and squeezed
her thighs around her lover in almost musical time to his penetrations. As
she came more to herself, the charming Rito noticed growing warmth in the
button of her clit. Link's manhood still felt hot inside her, but the slow,
building burn in her own sex could not be denied.

At that time, the Outset Islander-straining himself so sweat dripped from him
onto her-felt Medli's pussy tighten even more around the length of his cock
before returning to its usual soft, tight feel. None-the-less, the action was
enough to drive Link's longing higher. Raking his teeth down the soft flesh
of her neck, the hero decided he wanted to see the reactions of her
attractive, Rito body. Planting a hand on either side of Medli, Link pushed
himself up, so he hovered above her. Then, he increased his pace, plunging
slightly harder.

Her lovers shift went unnoticed for several beats. Then, Medli cracked her
right eye open again. Her vision was a bit blurry from the tears she was
holding back, but her brown eye cleared enough for her to see the change.
With her right hand now clutching at Link's right shoulder, she brought up
her left to mop up saliva leaking from the corner of her lips. She proceeded
to stick her middle and ring fingers into her mouth, sucking on them in a
vain attempt to stifle her high-pitched moans of "Oh, my Goddess! Oh, my
Goddess!" The gorgeous Rito even timed her sucking with her hero's thrusts.
However, her fingers didn't last long as a stopper, and her left hand took
up the task of clenching the corner of the pillow near her head. Also, her
clit continued to burn, sending tendrils of electric pleasure sparking
through her body.

Link, meanwhile, was enjoying the scene he wanted to see. Poised above her
and plunging his dick into Medli's warm tightness, the Outset Islander
watched her pious breasts bounce dramatically-heaving up and down in accord
with his vigorous thrusts. Her erect, pink nipples seemed to trace ovals in
the blue-silver light of her room. His boyish grin returned as he watched,
but the increasing tightness of her vagina made him occasionally grunt
Medli's name.

Enjoying every moment of the lovemaking, the pious Rito yelped as Link
plunged into her again and again which aided in the animated bouncing of her
ample breasts. The pressure of her hero's cock inside her fueled the searing
pleasure rolling out from her clit. She could feel the contours of her vagina
gripping his penis as it pumped into her non-stop. Her thighs continued to
urge him on with pleasant squeezes while she returned to biting the pillow
to lessen the noise of her screams.

His passion mounting, Link lowered himself back onto Medli. His hands toyed
along her belly before taking to pulling on her bucking hips for pleasure and
leverage. He increased his pace yet again, aching to satisfy and be satisfied
by the attractive Rito's pussy. Demanding fulfillment, the hero slid his
hands around Medli's hips and squeezed her ass. He firmly kneaded her ass
cheeks, and the pious Rito approved with girlish screams of "Oh, yes! Just
like that. Oh, oh, ooooohhhhhh!" while he licked her neck. The cinnamon scent
of her hair was strong as the Outset Islander took gasping breaths to fuel
his excitement.

Medli almost couldn't stand the pleasure any more. Bliss pumped from the
button of her clit and circulated through her veins. Link's toying with her
ass had brought her to the threshold of rapture. She shuddered and had a
strange sensation, and then her clit exploded in ecstasy. Her legs wrapped
tight around her lover as her sanctified maidenhood closed impossibly tight
around his shaft. Arching her back and digging her fingertips into her hero's
shoulders, Medli threw back her head and gave an incoherent scream as her
orgasm shook her entire body.

When the honeyed walls of Medli's vagina constricted and stroked his phallus,
Link swore he felt his testicles tighten a split second before he came. His
trapped manhood pumped twelve jets of hot, white cum into the pious Rito's
most sacred place. He gave a long groan of her name as he climaxed. When the
luscious Rito had settled down some, he was free to withdraw his softening
penis which was slick with the dew of Medli's sex.

Link reared back, sat on his knees, and looked over Medli. Much of her auburn
hair was splayed out wildly from the frequent tossing of her head. Her left
forearm rested on her brow. Her brown eyes were only half open and still
moist, though a single tear managed to escape from the far corner of each
eye, leaving a wet trail that sparked silver in the moonlight. The Rito
girl's open mouth drew deep, constant breaths which made her lovely breasts
with their small, pink nipples heave. Thighs still spread, her drenched labia
was still visible. There, between her bent knees, Link took in the beauty of
Medli's body: sexually exhausted, the cool blues of the darkness coloring her
pale body save where the moonlight illuminated her supple lines and curves,
and looking for all the world link a goddess.

Reaching behind, the hero grabbed the quilt from the top of the trunk. He
drew it over them both as he lay down and embraced the exquisite Rito girl.

Situating herself in her lover's arms, Medli whispered, "Link?"


"You promised you'd stay the night with me, remember?"

"I have no intention of leaving."

"Thank you," the pious Rito said before the sleep settled into her tired

Link looked over Medli again and kissed her forehead after caressing her
hips. He settled himself, and sleep soon came to claim him as well.

A distance off the southern coast of Dragon Roost Isle, pairs of dolphins
danced in the blue-black waters below an ivory moon.


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