Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina of Time: Enter Zelda (Mg,inc,exhib)

"Yes, yes!" the King of Hyrule called out, noticing his daughter appear in
the doorway of his great hall. "Come here, Zelda!"

The princess of his kingdom, a young girl at the tender age of eight, came
striding gracefully down the carpeted passage, beaming broadly at the
excitement of being called before her father. "What do you want, daddy?"
she asked angelically, bounding jubilantly back and forth on her heels.

"Actually, I'm a bit worried about you, my dear." the monarch said in a
suddenly serious tone. "You've been hanging out with that Kokiri boy a lot
lately. I need to make sure he's not doing anything improper with you, so
if you'll please take off your panties and pull your skirt up..."

"But..." Zelda whispered, her cheeks flaring brightly. "I'll be naked...
they'll see my privates!" She glanced around worriedly, noticing the many
guards around her. None of the, though, seemed to care about seeing a
bashful kid revealing her vagina, even though some in the land would pay
a golden rupee to see the princess unclothed.

"Oh, there's no shame in letting anyone see something so beautiful!" the
King replied, his tone obviously out of place for someone supposed to watch
and protect their offspring. "Now, just slide them off quick..."

Zelda began undressing before he could finish, mortified, but not knowing
what else to do. Her pink slippers came off in a flash, showing a
determination to get this over with as quickly as possible. With agile
movements, the princess managed to pull the violet tabard over her head
without disrupting her carefully folded headgear. Then, after pausing a
moment to draw enough courage to continue, she slipped her hands underneath
the fluffy pink dress and pulled down her underwear before hiking the hem
up past her waist.

Her pussy was on glorious display at last, quivering somewhat in the cool
air. Zelda felt as if she'd rather let the dark man Ganon see her like this
instead of someone so familiar, but still her father imposed.

"Come closer, please..." His Majesty commanded, beckoning her with a quaking
voice. "Let me get a good look."

"Daddy, I'm embarrassed!" she with strong chagrin, walking slowly until he
grabbed her bare legs and effortlessly hoisted her up on his lap. Zelda let
out a yelp of astonishment, but nothing else.

"Don't be!" the aging ruler said comfortingly, looking directly at her big,
blue eyes for the first time. "There's nothing wrong with listening to your
father!" Still a little unsure, Zelda tried not to watch as he pulled her
robe up again, but curiosity forced a peek anyway.

"Perfectly pure." he remarked impressedly. "Not a hair to be found, you're
just as fresh as when you were born! And..." he paused, extending two fingers
to spread her fat lips apart, forcing a surprised gasp from the exposed
child. "Still intact as well. You must be so proud to finally be old enough!"

"Old enough for what?" she asked quizzically, bouncing up momentarily as her
sire shifted in his chair.

"To succeed your late mother as my Queen!" the doddering figure announced
happily, not noticing his little girl's lack of excitement. "We merely need
to consummate in order to make the bond complete."

"Come... soon?" Zelda asked innocently, sensually juxtaposition the words.
"What does that mean?"

"Well..." the jubilant sovereign began, his smile growing wide as possible.
"It means I have to put THIS..." he made a swipe of his hand, and a large
fleshy rod emerged from his lap. "Into THAT!" With another flick, he pointed
his penis towards her tiny slit, nearly erupting all over her unused crack
on the spot

"But I'm too small!" the diminutive youngster pointed out, spreading her legs
unconsciously to prove it. "You'll never be able to put that inside me!" The
bulging head did indeed dwarf her kiddy hole, but it did not appear to
concern the royal male one bit.

"Worry not, my child!" His Highness said, cheerfully irresponsible. He lifted
her small frame easily, positioning his baby's unbloomed flower over the
spike protruding from his crotch. "You should feel honored, darling. Very few
daughters get to be loved by their fathers this way!"

"Ow!" cried Zelda, shuddering naively as the shaft began to penetrate her
virginity. "It hurts, daddy! Stop it, please!" Remarkably, she remained
holding the garment to her waist, so everything happening could still be
seen by both lovers.

"I... can't..." lamented her father, unable to stop himself from banging his
own kid. "You're so warm and tight, the best I've ever had!"

"Please, take it out, it's splitting me open!" she begged piteously,
squinching cutely as her hymen was taken away. "I promise I won't tell
anyone... if you just stop!"

"Nonsense!" interrupted the King, finally seeing to his daughter's weeping.
"You just need to be stretched a little, that's all. I was supposed to do
this as soon as Hyrule was in danger of being without an heir, but I think
forcing myself upon you at six years old would have been selfish. Just put
your hands on my shoulders, and push down as hard as you can."

"Okay..." the impaled princess reluctantly responded, grimacing as she
complied. "I'll try."

"That's a good girl." her dad replied, pushing down on her thighs while
watching the violated orifice continue to swallow his cock. "Almost there..."
he announced, seeing her protruding clit start to touch his hilt.

"Unnnngh..." Zelda cried loudly, feeling her inner walls rippling defiantly
against the invader. "It's hard... I feel so full!" By the time she was done
grimacing, though, her cunny had at last reached Papa's lap. "I did it!" she
shouted exuberantly, looking down at her obscenely filled genitals. "You're
all the way in!"

"Of course I am, sweetie!" her father replied, leaning forward to give his
exultant progeny a sordid kiss on the lips. "Now, we must do it again!"

"No, daddy, please!" she suddenly exclaimed, hugging him tightly even though
his prick was still lodged in her belly. "Not again, it's too big!"

"I'm sorry..." the King went on, not paying any attention as he lifted her
up before slamming all sixty pounds back on onto his tool. "You're just too
young for me to resist! I must continue until you're oozing my white cream!"

"Aaaaahhhhh!" Zelda moaned, aware of how much easier it was not that her
father had irrevocably rammed her young pussy open well before its time. "It
still smarts..." she whined while forcibly riding her older partner. "But now
I'm starting to tingle..."

"That's just the beginning!" her debaucherous lover declared, continuing to
slam into his daughter with wild thrusts. "Soon you'll have an orgasm, and
your uterus will open up to let my sperm impregnate you!"

"We're going to have a BABY?" the pint-sized female swooned, starting to push
up and down so her vagina could stimulate the pistoning dick faster.

"I hope so!" Hyrule's majesty stated gaily, helpless to but stare at his
child's bare slit as it moved up and down his affectionate pole.

"Ooohh, I can't wait!" cooed the immature female, delirious at the prospect
of making a new life even at such a tender age. "Do it now! Make me have
an... orgasm... so I can get pregnant!"

"But honey..." stuttered the elder monarch. "I wanted to take my time and
really enjoy watching you bounce in my lap!"

"No..." protested Zelda, now the only one making any effort to fuck. "I'm
starting to feel good now... please... I'll let you see me take showers,
I'll touch myself like the maids do when they think I'm not looking, I'll
even let you put your thing in me whenever you want! Just please... put a
baby in me!"

His Highness didn't have the heart to tell his beautiful girl that her
reproductive organs were far too undeveloped to nurture a child, but that
didn't stop him from making sure her first time ended in the most enjoyable
of feelings.

"Nothing would make me happier..." he panted. "Than if you let me have sex
with you anytime I wanted." Zelda glowed timidly as he praised the simple
gift between her legs, feeling something amazing begin to churn in her loins.

"Something's happening..." she rasped. "I feel all good down there!"

"That means you're about to come, sweetheart!" the rapturous male yelled
back. "It will be the most fantastic feeling ever! Keep going, daddy's going
to fill you up soon!"

Zelda let out a high-pitched squeal as her first climax sent shivers of
pleasure up and down her young frame. Her father, too, let out a grunt of
excitement before pouring thick loads of semen into his daughter's warm
vice, ecstatic beyond the realm of language to be the first one to do so.

"Eeeeeeeee!" she shouted at the top of her lungs, riding his forbidden pole
with boundless energy. "It feels so good! I never want to stop!"

The pair continued coupling for a length period of time, even the stoic
sentinels of Hyrule beginning to turn their heads as the eight-year-old
princess drove her cunny up and down her dad's manhood through multiple,
explosive orgasms. At last, when the majestic piston could no longer
support Zelda's weight, the two finally ceased to rock back and forth,
the spent child nestling in her His Majesty's arms and finally letting
her dress down to cover the evidence of their incestuous affair.

"Nothing..." the King said at least, his ragged breath spilling over onto
his progeny. "Could ever be so right."

"Thank you, daddy!" his exhausted princess said graciously, hugging her
father and once again sharing in the merging of lips that only lovers enjoy.
"It was the most amazing thing I've ever done!"

"I know, Zelda." he replied, massaging her neglected butt. "And the best
part is, we can do this any time from now on!"

"Oooh..." she groaned, clenching her sphincter at the thought. "I'm feeling
all funny just imagining it." After a moment's delay, she rose up for a
final time, gasping in awe as her nubile folds snapped shut the moment she
dismounted, sealing the intimate crime in her womb.

"Promise me..." she plead, rubbing her cum-streaked vagina on her dad's gown.
"If I didn't make a baby... we can do this again?"

"Oh, my precious!" the King swooned, taking her cheeks in his hands. "I'll
still make love to you, even when we've had ten children together!"

The next kiss they shared was utterly passionate, and even Zelda cared no
longer about the witnesses to her taboo deflowering.

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