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Legend Of Zelda: Innuendo By Lamplight (MF)
by Ranier Rilke

Ingo stared down the path from Lon Lon, his ranch. Plucking his mustache and
considering the change in fortune Ganondorf's rise to power had brought him,
it took him a moment to realize the creaking of the winch had ceased. The
gate of twisted, black iron still lay half open.

He spun around. The lovely young lady had stopped to catch her breath before
continuing to pull the gate winch-the ropes of the pulley were thicker than
her arms. Long orange hair hung over her face.

"Malon, you lazy girl, do you want us all to be killed?" Ingo screeched. The
eastern sky was already dark as his greed. "Hurry and close the gate before
the breathless dead come out." Casting a fearful glance over his shoulder,
Ingo noticed a tall silhouette winding up the hill trail toward the ranch. It
approached and became visible as a living young man, Hyrulian by the looks of
him, Ingo thought, though he wore a strange, green tunic.

The stranger stopped short of the gate. "I seek sanctuary for the night."

"Who are you, and where do you come from? I am a friend of Lord Ganondorf,
mind you," the rancher said noticing the youth's sword.

"I'm just a traveler." After a pause he added, "I am journeying from the

"The north?" Ingo repeated. The man didn't look like the refuse from
Kakariko; the only other place to the north he knew of was Ganondorf's
castle. Could this be an emissary from the new lord of Hyrule?

"I can pay," the stranger said, producing a pouch the clinked with the sound
of gems.

The sky was growing darker. "Help my worthless servant close the gate, and
you can stay for a price," he bargained.

Without a word, the young man crossed the threshold and moved to the winch,
replacing the tired Malon. Though he was lean, the youth managed to work
the gate mechanism with a steady motion-his fierce, blue eyes stared
indifferently before him as he worked. The gate closed with an iron groan.

"Good work, my boy. My servant could learn a thing or two about hard work
from you. What did you say your name was again?"

"I didn't." He looked around before saying, "I don't want to inconvenience
you, so I'll sleep in the stable tonight."

"Of course, I'll have Malon lay out some blankets for you once she's seen to
my supper." He clapped his hands at the girl. "Off with you, now."

She gave the stranger a curious look before heading to the main house.

"Are you out on business that bring you out this far?" Ingo asked.

"I seek one of the shadow folk."

The rancher tapped the side of his nose. "Ah, I see." They had troubled
Lord Ganondorf for years, skulking at the edges of the forest, attacking his
minions, and withholding and ancient, unnamed treasure he long desired. It
looked as someone had been sent to track them down.

"I appreciate your... magnanimity in permitting me stay the night."

"You'll have to put up with my servant. She lodges in the stable so she can
start working as soon as she wakes. Her father's debt to me is substantial."

"Truly, you must be a shrewd businessman."

"Well, I worked hard for everything I have," Ingo said without a hint of
modesty. A silence came between them which the wealthy rancher soon found
uncomfortable. "If you'll excuse me, sir, I'll take my supper now."

"Take no mind of me," the young Hyrulian replied.

Ingo watched the stranger go to the stable before turning to his own house.

* * *

Glad he'd made Navi wait for him outside the ranch, Link lit several of the
bronze lamps hanging in the stable. The steeds Ganondorf would requisition
were kept in here, the others remained outside. Epona was among them. He was
counting on the horse's friendship, for Hyrule had become a dangerous place
in the years he was absent. Being able to move quickly-especially across the
fields-would be invaluable to him.

The situation at Lon Lon disturbed the hero of time. However, he needed to
stay in Ingo's confidence until securing Epona's release. Approaching the low
bed which was obviously Malon's, Link winced as he stroked the thin, blue
sheet. Seven years had not diminished his fondness for her.

Feet crunching on gravel alerted his keen ears, and he pulled away as Malon
entered the stable with several blankets under one arm and a bowl in the
other hand. "I brought you something to eat," she said handing him soup.

Link thanked her and sat on a wooden stool. Before eating any, he asked, "Do
you want any?"

"Oh, thank you, but I'm not hungry," she lied. Her blue eyes looked to the
sheathed sword the studied the stranger. He'd removed his odd hat revealing
his long, disheveled, golden locks.

He felt her gaze upon him.

"I didn't mean to stare, but we don't get many travelers here anymore." She
paused then added, "And you seem familiar."

While she looked away, Link took the opportunity to study her. The dirty,
white dress pulled tight across Malon's full breasts and hips, and her hair
looked even more orange in this light. "Everyone looks the same after they've
been in the wild for a few days," he rationalized.

"Maybe." Malon settled on the straw covered floor across from him. "Who are
you, though? Where are you from?"

"Just a wanderer who has seen many places. It would be wrong of me, a guest
here, to sit here and complain about my troubles. Let it suffice to say I'd
heard of Lon Lon; people speak well of its horses, and of your care for them,
even in the Lost Woods."

Her eyes grew bright. "You've been to the Lost Woods?"

Link nodded.

"I once knew someone from there," Malon said wistfully. "That boy with the
fairy; if only I could see him again. He saved my father once, and I never
repaid him properly. I pine for him now, at least to put things right at the
ranch as I know he would do, if not to just see him once more. Now, there is
only work here without laughter and all my horses are led away to ends I do
not know." She sighed, the chuckled, "Listen to me chatter about myself. What
about you? Surely, you didn't just spring out of a tree in the woods?"

"You're an inquisitive girl. To be honest, I've out of Hyrule for many years
now. I've spent some time helping who I may in the north. Gorons and Zoras
have had my service, and I think I should soon return there. After some time
on Death Mountain, I went east into the Lost Woods looking for the shadow
folk. There's one among them who has advice for me, or so I'm told. I saw
none of them in the forest, though I did meet some of those fairy people
living near a great, dead tree. However, I did not stay long among them; I'm
not fit for their company." He gave his story a ring of truth.

Talon's daughter sighed again in sadness.

Link's heart went out to her, but guile fought back his emotions.

"Did you meet my friend among them? His name is Link."

"There was no one by that name living among the fairy people. Though, I saw
a little house where they say he dwelt for a time. There was a bottle there,
with the name of your ranch etched into the glass."

She gave a little laugh, but there was no humor in it. "My father gave him
that bottle. It was a reward for helping me once. I wonder if I'll never see
him again."

"Don't bear such a burden in your heart. It would not please him if he knew
you mourned so. It could be that he is with the fairy people elsewhere,
working to undo the terrible times which have come over this land. Were you
such good friends, then surely it troubles him as well to not come to your
aid. Perhaps the goddesses have given him a heavy fate which leads him to
farther corners, though he longs in his heart to return to this ranch atop
the green hill."

"If only everything you say were true then, you'd always have my thanks and
affection. I'd make sure that anyone who met you would call you the best
bearer of news in Hyrule." Malon slid closer to the guest so her collarbone
was nearly touching his knees. "Link was much more than my friend. He was
kind and just and wise beyond his years, though I did not know it so well at
the time, and I long for him. Sometimes, I think he might only have been a

The lanterns flickered, and there was only the sound of breathing for many

"I'm sorry," Malon said rising, "I've too much troubled you with my
concerns." She grabbed the blanket she had laid on the bed. "These are heavy
enough to keep off the chill, I think."

Link rose as well. "Anything will be better than sleeping in ditches during
the day and fighting my way through the risen dead at night, but I'm used to
such rough living. You should use those blankets tonight; I think it's a
luxury you're seldom afforded."

"You're very generous to be so thoughtful of me, just as my friend always

Their gazes locked. "You have such stunning, blue eyes," she said.

"Yours are much lovelier, though," Link replied.

"I had a strange dream the other night," Malon said. "There was a dark
dragon which swooped down upon the ranch and burnt much of it to the ground.
Everything was in ashes for what seemed like an eternity. Then, a single
flower sprouted from the ruin, and its leaves were golden triangles; it was
like no plant I'd ever seen. Do you think it means anything?"

"Dreams are hard to unravel, and do not always tell what will come to pass.
The Gorons say dreams come from a place deep in the mountains and pass
through a narrow gate of thorny ivory, and those dreams that are cut by it
have no truth in them. Though, I do not think yours was one of them even if
I cannot tell what your dream means."

"As I said, it was strange. It made me think of earlier days, though. I hope
I always remember those happy times with my father and Epona and Link and the
sweet scent of the east wind."

"Those days will come back again."

They stood close. Link raised his hand and caressed the side of her face.
Trembling slightly, Malon leaned forward and met his lips. She felt his hands
on her hips-pulling her farther into his embrace-at the same time he felt her
tongue slip into his mouth.

With his kisses moving down to her throat, Malon gasped, "Don't let go of
me." She hiked up the hem of her dress and Link's hand immediately slipped
under it to caress her thigh and hips. Both his hands move to her butt and
squeezed it-she sighed into the next kiss.

After helping her out of her dress and undergarments, he laid Malon back on
her bed. Her small, pink nipples were fully erect or her pert breasts. Link
squeezed them then pinched the nipples a little before lowering himself to
suck on them. She moaned at his advances, spreading her legs to let him
situate himself between them. Her hands clawed at his back. He only paused
sucking on her tits to let his shirts slip over his head. Eventually, Link
worked his way down from her breasts-which bounced slightly when she
moaned-across her exquisite stomach to her already damp vagina.
None-the-less, his tongue slipped into it.

Malon shuddered. "Oh, by the goddesses," she cried out while her fingers
curled in his hair and dug into his scalp. The color of his hair reminded her
of the gain stocked in the silo. Her calves clenched spasmodically while his
tongue lapped at the walls of her sex and clit.

Drawing back, Link looked her over. Malon's breasts heaved with her deep
breaths and there was a little gleam in her navel where a drop of his saliva
still held after he'd tongue-kissed it. Though his reasons were vague, the
sight excited him. Stroking the full length of his member, Link asked, "Are
you ready, Malon?"

She nodded her head and gripped the blankets. As his cock head pushed in she
moaned, "Oh, my. Oh, my. Ooooohhhhh!" almost in time to his penetration.
Soon, his whole phallus thrust into her, and Malon wrapped her arms around

Link gave a grunt as he sank all the way into her. She was tight, even more
so than he expected. He could feel Malon's pussy yielding enough to his
plunges, but the walls seemed to tense up around his shaft, gripping it as
though it would not let him pull out. He found a suitable rhythm and his
hands slipped back to her tits pawing them and teasing them even as they
bounced beneath him.

Every time he pinched and twisted one of her sensitive nipples, Malon cried
out unintelligibly. She would toss her head, whipping her orange hair around
as she enjoyed the feel of him thrusting into her again and again while
playing with her luscious breasts. From time to time, she would moan the
words "Don't let go. Please, don't let go," while she clutched at his butt
and hips, urging him with every push.

Hands slipping from her bosom to her ribs then her back, Link pressed Talon's
daughter harder again him. Despite being held almost crushingly close, her
breasts still jiggled, and she arched her back to be held nearer. She ground
her body into him as much as she could. Malon's vagina continued its clenched
grip on his dick making him increase his pace. He nibbled on her earlobe
making her pant and press her thighs harder against him.

Malon felt her clit yearning for release. It burned like an ember in her sex
as she felt her lover constantly plunge into her. "Don't stop," she gasped,
"I want you. I need you. Hold me forever. Just don't stop." Her hands crept
up and clawed at his back while she bucked her hips and licked him.

Feeling her excitement rising, Link strained to please her. His left hand
moved down, cupped her right ass cheek, and grabbed hard. Immediately
thereafter the drenched walls of Malon's vagina constricted impossibly
around his member; the pleasure of the pressure on the head alone was
incredible. He called out her name and climaxed-his cock pumping spurts of
cum into Talon's beautiful daughter.

Just as his passion began to subside, Malon reached her orgasm. She screamed
incoherently as her maidenhood hugged his phallus, and she felt him spill his
pleasure into her. Her muscles all tensed then relaxed, except her vagina, in
sharp, recurrent manner. Fingernails left red lines on his back while she
screamed and her toes curled in gratification. Malon slowly regained control
of herself, though her breaths were quick and deep making her tits heave; her
nipples were still erect.

Link slipped out of her, but gathered the girl against him. They lay down
together. Malon felt warm in his arms, and her hair looked ablaze in the
lurid glow from the lamps. For a long time he caressed her hips and stomach,
enticing her to sleep. When her breathing became more regular, he drew the
heavy blanket over her buried his face in the orange tangle of her hair.

* * *

Malon thought her dreams were feverish. There was flame and shadow, a sharp
ray of white light, a sound like a pan flute, and then the thunder of hooves
followed by a familiar, garish screeching. Finding herself alone in bed, she
sat up with a start that made her breasts bounce; she found she was still
naked. There was still shouting outside, so Talon's daughter wrapped her
light sheet around herself-leaving little to the imagination-and raced out
of the stable.

In the wide lane between the Lon Lon house and horse stable, Ingo was on
his knees next to the gate winch. His guest stood nearby, appearing taller,
stronger, and grim in the morning sunlight. There was a sword in his left
hand that was bright as a polished mirror and Epona stood behind him.

"Spare me! You can take anything you want: the horse, the jewels, the girl,
anything. Whatever you do, don't kill me," the greedy rancher shrieked.

"You'll not be killed by my hand," the stranger said, sheathing his sword.
"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. Your time is ending here,
and justice will come to you soon enough." He saw the girl from the corner
of his eye and approached her followed by Epona.

Brushing back windblown strands of her hair - orange as the sunrise - Malon
smiled. "I knew it was you, Link."

He gave a boyish grin, placed his hands on her hips and drew her close. "I've
put things right here as much as I can." After glancing over his shoulder at
the horse, the hero of time said, "Ingo will have no more assistance from
Ganondorf once he learns his puppet has been humiliated by his own horses."

She drew into his embrace and gave him a long kiss; her tongue slipping along

A metallic clank rang out as the gate slammed shut. After releasing the
counter-weight on the winch, Ingo dashed into his house and bolted the door.
"Think you can cheat me out of my own horses? Now you're trapped here," he
shouted. "When Lord Ganondorf's followers come, I'll be revenged and you'll
be made an example of."

Malon looked to Link, but he did not seem at all afraid.

He stroked the side of her face. "Nail boards over the doors and windows to
make sure he can't get out. And don't worry about Ganondorf's minions, they
won't be able to cross it, for Ganondorf's power will keep them out as well.
Just be sure to keep the gate shut. In brighter days, we'll tear it down."

"But if it's closed, how'll you get out?"

Link gave Epona a pat. "Your horse has chosen to help me."

She embraced him tightly. "Will I see you again?"

"I'll return for you, Malon. You've always been important to me, but I've so
much left to do. There are still so many roads left untraveled."

She realized how old Link seemed. After kissing him she said, "You can always
come back I there's anything you need."

He smiled again. "You've already given me everything I could ask for."

Climbing into the saddle, the hero of time whistled to the steed. He looked
to Malon, the lines of her attractive body made plain as the wind blew the
sheet tight against her and tossed her hair out of her blue eyes. They traded
a loving smile then Link urged Epona forward. The horse galloped down the
lane and cleared the gate with a mighty leap. Malon stood listening to the
sound of Epona's hooves pounding down the hill until they carried her lover


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