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that, characters, fictional entities, so bugger off.

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Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events: Comfort
by Tricksterson

"How could they leave us alone?"

"They didn't want to leave us."

"But they did."

Violet could see her brother's point. Dealing with the death of their beloved
parents would have been difficult enough but they now found themselves in the
custody of Count Olaf, a man who may or may not have been a Count, and may or
may not have been their relative but was certainly both evil and insane. The
only thing that kept Violet herself from collapsing was the thought of how
much Klaus and Sunny needed her and of how much she needed them.

"We still have their love, wherever they are. And you still have me and

"How do I know that?" he asked bitterly.

There was the rub. How could she show him how much she loved him and that
she would never leave him. As was usual when she needed to concentrate on a
problem she took the ribbon she kept around her neck and tied her long brown
hair into a ponytail. And as usual, inspiration struck almost immediately.
She reached out, took him by the shoulders and pulled him to her bosom then
took one hand, tilted his head back and lowered her lips to his. Soft full
lips met firm thin ones that, to her surprise opened suddenly and let out
a tongue that pushed between her lips and into her mouth. Even more
unexpectedly she found her own lips and tongue responding.

During this a voice in her head was screaming, 'What are you *doing*!?! This
is your *brother*!' only to be answered by a calmer voice that said 'Yes,
this is my brother, whom I love more than anyone in the world and who right
now needs me more than anyone in the world.' while yet a third voice sighed
'Mmmm, that feels niiice!'

As they pulled apart Klaus' hands reached almost instinctively for the
buttons of her blouse. Her own hands came up, stopping him and folding his
hands within hers. At his hurt look she moved her head in the direction of
the watching Sunny. "Later," she mouthed, not entirely knowing what she
meant by that but sealing her promise by kissing his fingers sensuously
one by one.

After they had lain down for the night on the floor, it being more
comfortable than the miserable cot that was the only thing that passed for
a bed in the attic they had been locked in Violet lay awake on her side,
watching Klaus' back and wondering if she should keep the promise she'd made.
On the one hand even the single kiss, which no matter how she tried she
couldn't pass off to herself as "sisterly", went against everything society
said was right. On the other hand none of the Baudelaires had ever paid that
much attention to what society thought of them. Violet remembered "the talk"
she'd had with her mother only a year before when her fisrt period had come.
They had talked not just about menstruation but about the pleasures she might
one day share with a man and of the pleasures a girl could give herself. She
remembered watching with fascination as her mother had pulled down her skirts
and showed her thirteen year old daughter how to masturbate and then had
watched Violet do the same, offering advice and encouragement all the while.
That may not have been incest by the strictest definition but it had
certainly skirted close to it.

In addition she knew that breaking a promise, even an implicit one, to Klaus
would destroy something between them irreparably.

Nor could she forget how good that kiss had felt.

She wanted to feel like that again.

She wanted Klaus.

Finally she reached a compromise with herself. It wasn't a difficult one to
reach. The attic was cold and the meager coverings that were available had
gone to keep Sunny warm. So it was only natural to for her and her brother
to cuddle together for warmth. If all Klaus did was sleep within her arms
then that would be that.

* * *

But Klaus wasn't asleep at all, he'd been lying on the floor, curled in a
ball of hope and anticipation. As soon as he felt his sibling's slender arms
around his shoulders he took her hands in his and kissed first one than the
other letting his tongue flick out against her palms. He had suffered an
internal debate of his own but being both younger and male his hormones had
won out easily.

Not all the books in his parents library had been scientific texts or
classical novels. There had in fact been a sizable section that he doubted
they knew he was aware of, stories that straddled the border between romance
and pornography. These had given him an amount of carnal knowledge far beyond
that of the average twelve year old, not to mention the inspiration for his
first explorations into the realm of masturbation. It was knowledge he
planned to exploit to the hilt.

* * *

Her brother's kisses had sent an electric thrill down Violet's arms straight
to her heart and groin. As he turned around in her arms to face her she moved
her lips towards his so fast it was surprising their teeth didn't meet with
an audible "click". Nonetheless this one lasted longer than the first,
tongues and lips exploring each others mouths eagerly. Their hands also
roamed in exploration of each others backs shoulders and buttocks. When they
finally pulled apart the two siblings faces were flushed, their breath coming
in ragged gasps. This time when Klaus reached for the buttons on her blouse
Violet again stopped him but with a smile this time.

"Let me." As her fingers slowly undid the buttons his lips followed them,
kissing her neck and upper chest. Finally she slid her top off. Klaus' head
pulled back, looking curiously at what was revealed. Instead of a bra like
most girls, his sister had a length of white cloth wrapped around and around
her breasts, keeping them flat.

"When I started growing breasts, she replied to his look, with more than a
trace of bitterness, "they became the only part of me that boys would pay
attention to, no matter how smart I was. So Mother and I came up with this."
While she was talking she'd been unwrapping herself slowly in an unconcious
striptease and indeed, once she was done Klaus' eyes instantly focused on
her small round orbs and the large pink-brown nipples that topped them. His
hands inevitably followed his eyes, first rubbing the flats of his hands
over them, then molding and shaping them. Finally his fingers rolled and
pinched his sister's protruding nipples, bringing soft moans from her.

Not to be outdone Violet followed suit, pulling off his jacket, shirt and
undershirt, then pulling back to look at what her handiwork had revealed.
Her eyes roamed in delight over his smooth skin and the hints of muscle
just beginning to emerge from his boyish physique. She leaned forward and
took one of his nipples in her mouth, sucking on it which brought a gasp
of pleasure from him. Reluctantly he pulled her mouth off him so he could
give the same attention to her breasts, sucking and licking at them.

"Mmmm," she moaned as her hands drifted playfully down her brother's chest
and belly then stopped to undo his belt and pull his pants and boxers down
past his hips so she could see his penis. She'd never seen one before, not
even in pictures so she didn't know if, at just under six inches, it was
large or small, but it certainly *seemed* adequate. She reached out and
touched it, wondering how something could feel so hard and so soft at the
same time, like an iron bar covered with satin. Her first tentative strokes
became firmer with the guidance of Klaus' own hand. Klaus hands then went
to her skirts pulling them down and off her her legs.

Up to this point they had been lying side by side in their explorations of
each other's bodies but now Klaus gently pushed his sister onto her back. He
then proceeded to pull off her panties. Or that was his intent. Klaus found,
not for the last time, that theory is no substitute for experience as he got
tangled up in his pantlegs, causing him to tumble to the floor and Violet to
break out in giggles. Ignoring his embarassed, glare she slowly pulled the
panties down her long, slender legs and then helped him remove the remainder
of his clothes. She then pressed him to the floor, laying the full length of
her body down on his, enjoying the feel of his hard rod against her stomach,
then kissing her way down his chest and belly. She started to skip over his
penis then felt his hands in her hair, pressing her face down towards his
cock. She looked at him sceptically.

"You want me to...?"

"Pleeease!" he begged. With some reluctance she lowered her head and gave
the tip a kiss. Finding the smell and taste of his dick and precum not
nearly as bad as she had thought it would be she sent her mouth lower,
finally encompassing it all and licking and sucking away steadily.

"Yes, oh yes!" Klaus moaned, reaching into his photographic memory to find a
way to repay her for the pleasure she was giving him.

"Move...legs...over my face.

Wondering what he was up to, she obeyed, straddling his face with her long
pale legs.

He sniffed deeply at her crotch and said, "Lower it" and her snatch soon was
impaled on his stretched out tongue which sent a bolt of white heat through
her body. Soon, they had synched into an enthusiastic if slightly clumsy
sixty-nine which ended in a bucking, heaving mutual climax with Klaus fingers
digging into his sister, firm young ass and Violet's fingers clawing at his

But Klaus was far from finished. After a single deep, recovering breath, he
crawled around to face his sister and kissed her deeply once more, mingling
their fluids together. Passionate in thier incest the two siblings playfully
carressed each other as they licked each others faces clean. Soon Klaus was
erect again and this time when he rolled his sister onto their discarded
clothes and gently spread her legs there were no mishaps.

"Fuck me, Klaus," Violet whispered, both shocking and exciting him with her
language. As he thrust ionto her, her face twisted in pain but it receded
with every thrust and soon she was clutching savagely at him with arms and
legs, trying to pull him ever deeper into her love tunnel. Indeed if Count
Olaf and his minions had not been engaged in a drunken orgy of their own
below much trouble might have ensued.

"Oh...oh...yes...good...ohfuck...fuck me beautiful brother...fuck me! Love
it! Love you! Oh Goddd!" she screamed as she came. She felt his hot cum
shooting through her and knew she should be worried about a baby but
couldn't bring herself to care.

* * *

Unknown to both of them Sunny had been watching the whole thing. Too young
to understand, much less be aroused, all she knew was that the people she
loved had shared something intense and wonderful. With that, she decided,
as the two young lovers fell asleep in a tangle of limbs, she was content.


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