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Less Than Perfect: Tastes Great, Less Filling! (MFF,food,exhib,oral,anal)
by De-Manged ([email protected])

Claudia Casey was having a cup of coffee in the break room when her friend
Ramona came bustling in with an armful of packages.

"Could ya help me with these, Claude?" Ramona panted. "I'm just about to
lose this one..." Claude grabbed a few of the brown shopping bags and helped
Ramona set them on the table.

"What is all this stuff?" Claude asked, looking into a bag.

"AAh...that jerk Kipp has me doing all his specialty shopping for him
again...," Ramona sighed. "I was really hoping he'd notice these, " She
said, running her small hands over the enormous mountains of her
sweater-clad tits, "not send me on some gopher errand. I guess he only
has eyes for Lydia though." Ramona felt her anger rising. Kipp sometimes
looked right past her to gaze lovingly at Lydia, even when Ramona was
talking to him. 'Thank God I'm Bi, or these stupid men would drive me
crazy...' she thought to herself.

"He sure likes some weird snacks," Claude said as she started removing items
from a bag. "Vegan Honey? How is that possible? Chocolate Cheddar Crisps?
Dried Pomegranate? And what is....HOLY COW!" Claude gasped. The perky redhead
brought a hand to her pouty lips as with the other hand she lifted from the
bag...the largest sausage she'd ever seen!

"Haven't you ever seen one of those?," Ramona giggled. "That's called a
'Summer Sausage'. Not only are they tasty, but they're a load of fun in
other ways too!" The buxom black beauty grabbed the sausage out of her
friend's hand. "I'm sure you can imagine. Anyway, that's mine, not Kipp's."

"You mean you actually use one of those summer," the
shy redhead couldn't bring herself to say it, so she mouthed the word
'masturbate?' at Ramona as Claude felt her face turn bright red.

"Oh yeah!," Ramona laughed at Claude's shyness. "These suckas are 10 inches
long, Claude! And some are up to 2 and a half inches wide! I made sure to
get me one of those! And they feel like ...real. Better than real, really."
Ramona's eyes twinkled as she brought the sausage to her mouth and slid it
between her full red lips. She began sliding it back and forth in her mouth,
making lewd slurping sounds as she sucked on the fat summer sausage. Ramona
never broke eye contact with Claude as she slowly fellated the long
meat-stick stretching her mouth to it's fullest.

More and more of the sausage was disappearing into Ramona's drooling mouth
on every stroke. Claudia found herself unable to look away. She had never
thought about Ramona sexually before, but the way she was sucking on that
sausage made Claude's pussy began to drool. She found herself walking over
to Ramona as her friend slurped away happily. Claude took the other end of
the sausage away from Ramona and began thrusting it in and out of her
friend's face.

Ramona squealed happily around the lunchmeat stretching her jaws. She always
had hoped to get it on with Claude, now it looked as if it might happen!
Claude certainly seemed turned on enough, her eyes were half-closed and she
was breathing hard and kept licking her puffy lips. Ramona had plans for
those lips...if she could just lead the busty redhead along slowly...

Claude was in a sexual daze. She rarely felt this horny, even when she was
fantasizing about her beloved Will. Almost without thinking, she reached
her free hand around to the back of Ramona's head. Holding her firmly by her
frizzy hair, Claude began roughly shoving the sausage in and out of her
mouth. Ramona whined sexily and closed her eyes as she sucked hard on the
meaty length pistoning in and out of her mouth. She reached forward and began
unbuttoning Claude's tight green-and-white dress. Claudia didn't seem to
notice, so intent was she on shoving the summer sausage deeper and deeper
into Ramona's gripping throat.

Meanwhile, Ramona had completely unbuttoned Claude's dress and lowered it to
her feet, where she obligingly stepped out of it. Ramona then slowly sank to
her knees, pulling Claude's hands with her. Claude, suddenly feeling
constricted, freed Ramona's head and quickly undid her bra and flung it into
the corner. She then roughly grabbed her own tits and began massaging her
stiff pink nipples.

Ramona seized the opportunity to quickly remove Claude's panties. She grabbed
the end of the sausage not in her mouth and began rubbing the free end along
Claude's already wringing-wet snatch. After a few rubs, Ramona began easing
the thick end of the sausage into her friend's grasping cunt.

"Oooh..." Claude purred, whipping her long red hair back and forth with
passion as Ramona slowly slid the almost three-inch thick meatstick home.
further and further it slid in, until there was just enough sticking out so
that Ramona could grip it in her hand. Leaving it sticking obscenely out of
Claude's red-furred cooze, Ramona quickly shucked off her clothes, revealing
a short yet awesomely stacked body. Sticking out her tongue, Ramona leant
toward Claude and began licking her red and throbbing clit, and restarting
her fucking motions with the sausage.

Claude cried out in pure lust as she felt her clit being expertly nibbled.
The sausage was bigger than anything she'd ever had in her before, and she
loved the feeling as Ramona repeatedly slammed it into the opening of her
womb. It was in so deep! Claude felt herself growing faint with orgasmic
rushes as Ramona never let up her assault on Claude's yearning pussy. If
anything, Ramona was speeding up the thrusts of the fat summer sausage as
it speared into the redhead's deepest recesses.

Claudia was fast approaching climax when Ramona spied something on the table
and had a wicked idea. Still keeping up her rhythmic thrusting with the
sausage, Ramona licked her way under Claude's pussy and knelt behind her.
Ramona grabbed the jar of honey from the table and squeezed out a generous
amount between Claude's firm asscheeks.

"What's (gulp) that?" Claude asked, barely able to speak with the intensity
of her feelings as she hovered at the peak. Ramona didn't answer, but picked
up the speed of her sausage thrusting as she rubbed the honey into Claude's
silky buns with her free hand. She began rubbing the honey all along Claude's
extremely tight, puckered asshole, smirking when she saw it contract

"Uh, Ramona, Uh, ooh, I..." Claude attempted to protest. She'd never put
anything in her ass, and she wasn't sure if she wanted to try now...but she
was so faint with pleasure she couldn't get the words out. "Um, ooh, yeah,
don't," was about all she could muster...then she felt Ramona's tongue
penetrate her asshole! "WOO! oh, my, God, oh, Ramona, please, unh, no.."
the sexy redhead panted, her enormous boobs vibrating with sexual tension.
Claude finally gave up and decided just to go with the feelings, grabbing
her boobs again and rapidly twisting the large nips. She squeezed her eyes
shut and reveled in the sensations of the beautiful black babe's tongue up
her most secret place.

Suddenly, Claude felt her knees buckle. She fell down on all fours, unable
to stand under the sexual onslaught she was receiving. Ramona followed her
friend down, never losing her grip on the sausage as she thrust it in and
out of Claude's slurping pussy. She plastered her face to Claude's rear end,
driving her honey-coated tongue as far up her friend's rectum as she could.
Ramona plunged her tongue in and out, fluttering the tip as she did. This
finally drove Claude into her orgasm.

"Unnnnh!" Claudia cried, wrenching at Ramona's hands and pulling the sausage
free from her spasming cunt. Ramona dipped her hands in some more honey and
began groping Claude's tits instead, sliding her slick fingers all over the
large and creamy mounds. Roughly pawing her huge tits, Ramona never ceased
her tonguing of Claude's ass, guiding her through the peaks of her cum. They
were both so lost in their individual passions that neither of them heard
the break room door open...

"Hey, I just came up to borrow some honey..." it was Owen, the weird and
geeky guy who kept hanging around their office, even though he didn't even
work on that floor. "Shitfire! What's going on here? I knew it was all
happening on this floor, but I never believed..."

Ramona removed her tongue from Claude's twitching anus long enough to say,
"Either join us or leave, but don't just stand there, you little creep."

Owen didn't need to be asked twice. He quickly removed his clothes, revealing
a hard and pulsing erection.

"Ooh," Claude said softly, "Bring that over here, Owen. That looks good
enough to eat." She eyed his dick hungrily and licked her full lips. "And
take off those glasses, you might get 'em steamed up!"

"No thanks," Owen replied, "I wanna see those juicy lips of yours in full
detail as they service my manhood." Claude had to suppress a laugh at Owen's
geeky arrogance as he strode over to where she was kneeling on the floor.
Her smile soon faded though, when Owen grabbed a thick handful of her
luscious red hair and jammed his impressive tool down her throat.

"Mmmllf!" Claude exclaimed as Owen gave her no time to adjust, just slammed
his prick in and out of her drooling mouth, causing saliva to fly out on
every in thrust. Meanwhile, Ramona had stopped her loving tonguing of
Claude's curvy ass, and had retrieved the summer sausage. After rubbing it
all over her tits, then in a pool of honey, Ramona then began teasing the
still tight entrance to Claude's ass with the sausage tip. Claudia might've
complained, only it was so difficult with a huge horny prick shoving
mercilessly in and out of your mouth...

"Oh yeah, suck it bitch!" Owen exclaimed as he drove Claude's mouth up and
down his throbbing length. "I always wanted to do this, every time I see
your mouth I can't-help-but-think-of-my-dick-in-it!," each of his words
punctuated with a hard thrust down Claude's gripping throat. Her tongue
pushed at the underside of his cock, trying to make some room for itself.
Owen thought that felt great. In fact, this was one of the best blowjobs
of his life. The idea of forcing this redheaded slut to suck him really
turned him on. She gazed up at him with her big doe eyes, encouraging to
use her mouth in any way he wanted to satisfy himself.

Before Claude could react, Ramona took advantage of her preoccupation with
Owen's dick and shoved the summer sausage hard up Claude's ass. Having
already been prepped by Ramona's loving tongue, Claude actually shuddered
with joy as the long sausage entered her rectum. She squeezed her ass
muscles as Ramona slowly slid the sausage in and out, gripping the meatstick
lovingly. She felt herself starting to come again...

Claudia closed her eyes and started to suck hard on Owen's cock. Owen moaned,
loosening his grip on her hair as he felt her mouth start to come alive. He
stopped shoving his hips forward and just stood there and let Claude work
her oral magic. She started pistoning her head up and down his large cock,
sucking hard as her red hair swished back and forth in time with her sucking.
She held onto his thighs with both hands as she jammed her face onto his cock
again and again. Claude worked diligently on his throbbing cock, and she
began to feel it swell up even larger in her mouth. Owen was going to cum,
and Claude found herself craving every drop of his juice.

Claude began sucking much harder, eager for Owen's cum. Ramona, seeing this,
sped up her own strokes with the sausage into Claude's gripping ass. For
tense, minutes, all that could be heard in the break room was the slurping
of Claudia's mouth and the squishing of the sausage between her buns.

Owen was the first to cum. He groaned and grabbed Claude's ears, thrusting
deeply into her gullet as the sperm erupted from his twitching prick. Claude
began swallowing hard as Owen shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into her
waiting throat. She hummed happily around the spasming member in her mouth,
puckering her cheeks as she lovingly nursed every drop out of him.

Just as she was getting the last few drops out of Owen's softening tool,
Claude felt her pussy pulse with her second orgasm of the day. She gurgled
around Owen's dick, her hips rocking uncontrollably up and down as she came
hard. Claudia's ass contracted, gripping the sausage so tightly that it was
pulled out of Ramona's hands. She grabbed it again and pulled it out of
Claude's ass hard and fast, the sudden sensation driving the helpless
redhead into yet another orgasm. Owen and Ramona watched her with amusement
as Claudia writhed on the honey-covered floor, oblivious to them and
everything else as her orgasms consumed her...


Claudia caught Ramona going by her desk. Both women were now redressed, and
looked as if nothing had happened.

"Did you get all that honey off of the floor?" Claude asked her (now much
closer) friend.

The sexy black bombshell just laughed, jiggling her impressive rack. "I made
Owen clean it up, he should have to do something for that treat you gave him.
Besides, he shouldn't be up here all the time. But at least I saved this!"
Ramona exclaimed, pulling the now tissue-wrapped sausage from her purse.

Claude blushed with embarrassment when she saw her old 'friend' the summer
sausage. Just then, Kipp walked up.

"Thanks for getting my special food items, Ramona," he said, not noticing
the look that passed between the two women. "But you forgot the honey! I
guess if you want something done right, you've got to..."

"Do it yourself!" both said in unison, laughing as Kipp walked away
scratching his head...



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