Life With Derek: A Strange Christmas Break (MF,FF,MFf,Mf,orgy,inc,oral,anal,ws,toys)
by Khenne ([email protected])

Casey McDonald was a 21 year old senior at Queens University left the bar and walked home. She had gone out after her last exam with a few friends. They had been at the bar about 4 hours. The walk home in the cold helped sober her up a little. As she passed a Chinese restaurant she realized she had not eaten since breakfast. Casey tried to focus on the menu. The owner's daughter approached
the counter. She recognized Casey from school. They had 3 classes together over the 3 1/2 years of school

Derek was away at a hockey tournament he would not be back for 3 days. Casey tried to order the food but could not talk straight. Michelle wrote down there usual order. When she paid for the food she asked Michelle if she would like to have dinner with her.

It seemed colder out as the girls walked to Casey's apt. They talked throughout dinner and decided to watch a DVD. The girls had locked eyes during dinner a few times. Casey decided it was time for the soup while looking at Michelle. The hot soup spilled down Casey's blouse.

Michelle grabbed Casey and pushed her under the shower. They ripped of Casey's blouse and bra. Casey's breast to her belly button was on fire. They ran the cold shower for 15 minutes. Michelle touched the red skin asking "does this hurt?"

Casey shook her head no and stripped out of her wet jeans.

Michelle got a large towel out and wrapped it around Casey. Casey had tears in the eyes Michelle noticed. Casey asked her "How can I ever thank you?"

Michelle told her "Like this." She kissed Casey softly and it became deep quickly. Casey broke off the kiss 15 minutes later. They both were breathing hard. Casey took Michelle to the bedroom. Michelle went down on Casey and brought her to a few orgasms.

Casey moaned "OMG, yes Derekkkkk!" during her best orgasm. Michelle heard it and her mind took off wondering. Casey went down on Michelle without thinking. Michelle moaned "Yes Daddyyyyyy!" on her best orgasm.

When Casey awoke the next morning she was holding Michelle and their legs were entangled. She sat on the side of the bed with a headache and trying to remember what happened last night.

A few minutes later Michelle woke up and joins Casey. Michelle told her "I might have said stuff last night."

Casey listened as she told her about losing her virginity to her father at 16. She lost her mother at 14 to cancer.

Michelle asked her "if she has slept with Derek". Casey told her for the last 2 years.

Casey asked "Were you ever with a girl before last night".

Michelle told her "No but I have masturbated thinking of you and Derek". Casey blushed and didn't know what to say. Michelle told her "I'm going to shower now you welcome to join me."

They both had weak knees as they left the shower 45 minutes later. They dressed quickly no words exchanged.

When they reached the door Michelle told her "Last night was a wonderful experience it will always be in my memory."

They exchanged cell numbers and tears.

* * *

Casey cleaned the house and started packing for the trip home. During the day she had flashbacks from her night with Michelle.

The next day Derek arrived home about noon. He dropped off his hockey stuff and left to take his final exam. That night she told him I'm packed and I packed your bag also. Derek made some minor changes but was overall pleased. He told her it's 9.00 let's take take a shower and go to bed early.

She ignored him and kept reading her book. He grabbed the book from Casey. He picked her up and put over his shoulder. Most times she screams his name and hits his back but not tonight. He put her down and pulled down her sweatpants and got shocked. Casey was shaved and ready for anything. "Derek I'm your whore tonight."

They climbed into the shower and Casey dropped to her knees. Casey gave great blowjobs. Derek was real close he pulled out and blew his load on her face and tits. She rubbed it into her face and tits. Casey told him "Thanks I always wanted you to do that."

They made love in the shower.

When they got to the bedroom Casey told him, "The tunnel is open for your driving pleasure".

Derek was gentle with her. She grimaced a little as he entered her. Casey became a wild woman moaning "Harder and faster Derek!"

They collapsed in each other arms and woke up and hr later than planned. He was in such a good mood he let her drive home. When they arrived home Casey told Derek "The house has weird feeling to it."

Derek took the bags upstairs. They had repainted all the rooms. He sat on his
bed and opened his nightstand drawer. He was shocked to find a large box of condoms and a note which read "We are too young to become grandparents."

He yelled for Casey to come upstairs. She read the note and told him "This is permission to sleep together."

Derek looked at his watch "We have about 2 hours".

Casey told him "Grab a package and come to my room."

He walked in as she was closing her phone. She read the message "If possible like to get together again maybe a threesome."

"I got the same package you did." Casey pushed Derek down onto the bed and mounted him.

Casey collapsed onto Derek about 20 minutes later. They made love again a short time later almost as intense.

* * *

Marti came thru the door and saw Derek and Casey in the kitchen. She ran and jumped into his arms and gave him a minute closed mouth kiss. He let her down and she jumped into Casey's arms. She got the same kiss as Derek. Marti dropped down and pulled Casey to her room. It was a typical room of a teenager.

Marti was nervous and Casey told her "Just tell me already."

"Casey would you and Derek made love to me."

Casey was shocked by this request. Derek came into the room and the request was repeated.

Derek looked at Marti and told her "Sure tonight when you go to bed".

That night Casey was in the room with Marti. She said "I kissed Dimi a few times".

Casey looked at her and kissed her for 2 minutes. "Nora taught me how to kiss."
Casey was impressed that her mother was willing to teach Marti. "Was Derek your first boy?"

Casey blushed and said yes. "He was very gentle and will be with you."

They walked to Derek's room Marti stripped in 30 seconds.

Casey and Derek both got naked and put Marti in the middle. They both kissed and touched her to her first orgasm.

It was about an hour later Marti was telling Derek "Fuck me harder and faster."

She passed out after 4 hours and getting laid 3 times. Marti awoke the next morning with the glow.

Chapter 2

Casey and Derek had gotten up early had breakfast and went to the mall. They both had gotten there shopping done in one day. As they entered the house what they saw shocked them. Marti was giving Edward a blowjob on the couch. Lizzie was making out with George on the steps. They looked at each other like are we in the twilight zone.

Edward moaned "Here is comes arrggg!" He shot 4 squirts into her mouth, which she swallowed.

Nora came out of the kitchen and looked around. She gave both of them an open mouth kiss. "George dinner is ready warming in the over."

"Lizzie set the table Marti brush your teeth after dinner."

"Derek and Casey will spend the night with me."

"Take the packages upstairs and meet me in my bedroom."

Derek walked into her room as she was removing her bra. He snuck up behind her and cupped her breast. "You looked hot kissing Nora."

She pulled her tee shirt down slowly and gave him a quick kiss. "Now your going to fulfill your fantasy 2 girls at the same time."

They got downstairs and Nora was standing there nude with heels on. They both gave her the once over she was shaved and had a belly ring. They stripped quickly and walked over to Nora. "Casey on your back with them spread."

She looked at him "You are going to make me scream."

Nora kissed and licked her daughter for a few minutes.

Derek entered Nora and quickly got into a rhythm. Casey screamed "Yes, Michelle shit I'm cumming."

Nora reached a mutual orgasm with Derek. They collapsed onto the bed. When they recovered Nora. "Who is Michelle".

"I cheated on you Derek it just happened," She told them the story.

Nora watched Casey and Derek make love. All the fights, yelling, teasing and pranks led to this.

When they mutual orgasm was reached she swore she saw the fireworks and lighting fill the room.

Derek passed out a few minutes later. They put on robes and had dinner "How often do you reach mutual orgasm."

Casey smirked at her mom, "About 80 % of the time" We have been together for 2 years now. I am very much in love with him."

Nora hugged Casey and whisper to her "You have my blessing."

Casey made love to her mother who came harder than ever before.

Nora told her "We should have done this year ago."

Casey watched Derek fucked her mother. She moaned Derek's name like Casey did during her orgasm." Derek your father cant me scream like

Casey bedded George the next night they went at it hot and heavy.

George moaned "I'm not going to last much longer."

Casey in a little girl's voice "Fill me up daddyyyy!"

George later fucked her anally.

He called her slut, bitch, tramp which excited Casey like never before.

Lizzie slept with her sister and Derek on Christmas Eve. Marti fucked her father that night. Edward was taught things by Nora. Nora gave her daughters sex toys on Christmas. They exchanged gifts after breakfast.

Derek was nervous about asking Casey to marry him. He knew she would accept. He didn't know how the family would react. He waited until everyone was looking at their gifts. Derek knelt in front of Casey and told her, "Casey I have been in love with you since we meet 6 years ago. You have made me a better person. Would you do me the honor of becoming Mrs Derek Venturi?"

He pulled out the box and opened it. Casey put out her hand and he slipped on the ring. All the girls had tears running down there face. When the congratulations ended he carried her bridal style to her bedroom. They were not seen till dinner.

Casey spent the night with George and Nora. She was double teamed that night. The New Year's party they had was legendary. The booze loosened up the Venturi
men to try a dildo anally. The McDonald women were given golden showers. Derek had set up video cameras to record the night. Marti got licked by the McDonald woman while blowing her father and brothers. Derek photographed Lizzie and Nora who did nudes for him. Lizzie had a pitcher of beer pored over her. Nora had a champagne bottle pored over her. Marti drank water and soda until she pissed herself. Derek and Edward fucked Marti together. She passed out from her orgasm. Derek slept with Lizzie that night. Casey slept with George. Nora spent the night with Edward.

The next morning they had breakfast together. There was no talk about what had happen over the past few weeks.


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