Life With Derek (gg,ff,mff,bmail)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Lizzie was laying on her bed. Her shorts and panties were bunched around
her knees and she had a pair of fingers in her young snatch. Her eyes were
completely closed, so she didn't even notice when her big sister, Casey
opened the door quietly. Casey stopped cold, she had no idea that her little
sister was already masturbating and she was a little shocked by the sight.
She slumped down to her and watched Lizzie through the cracked door.

"Mmm, mmm yes...oh...yes...Sarah..." Lizzie moaned as she diddled herself.

This surprized Casey, to say the least, her sister was thinking about a girl
while she was masturbating. As she thought about it she realized that she
should not have been so surprised. She was a tomboy and had rarely shown
interest in boys. She stared at her masturbating sister, transfixed. She
decided she better leave before Lizzie saw her. Casey determined that she
would be as supportive as humanly possible. Casey quietly shut the door and
left so that Lizzie wouldn't know she was spying.

Casey got in her own bed and thought about what she had just seen.
Who was this girl that her little sister was using as inspiration for
self-gratification. Casey's mind drifted to her best friend Emily. She
imagined herself kissing her, touching her. Casey felt a tingle. She
forced the thoughts from her mind and went to sleep.

As usual the next day Casey ended up in her guidance councilor, Paul's,
office to discuss the matter.

"Well, Casey how do you feel about your little sister having an alternative
sexual orientation?" Paul asked.

"Honestly it doesn't bother me but I'm worried that she is going to have
difficulties with other small-minded individuals who are not as accepting."
Said Casey.

"In that case maybe you should let her know that you love her and support
her." Said Paul.

"Well I was planning on doing that anyways." Said Casey.

" was there something else you wanted to talk to me about?" Paul
asked. Casey paused for a long time. "Go ahead Casey, you know you can tell
me anything that you want."

"Well Paul, I think I'm having feeling of sexual attraction to another girl
too. I know I'm attracted to boys, but I couldn't help fantasizing about...
some other girl." Casey explained.

"Casey that's all very natural. Don't worry. If these feelings persist you
may want to consider exploring them." Said Paul. Casey was blissfully unaware
that hidden from view, beneath his desk, Paul was rubbing his swollen hard
on. The idea of Casey with another girl excited him greatly. He added that to
the list of Casey fantasies he enjoyed privately. "And make sure that you
give me all of the details."


Casey knocked on Lizzie's door and closed it behind her as she stepped into
the room.

"Hi Lizzie." Said Casey.

"Oh hi Casey, what's up?" Asked Lizzie.

Casey sat at the edge of the bed close to her sister.

"What's up Casey?" Asked Lizzie.

"Lizzie I want to talk to you about something." Said Casey

"OK?" Lizzie was worried, this was starting to sound serious.

"Lizzie, the other day I came by your room and when I looked in you were
masturbating." Casey said.

Lizzie got up and glared at her sister angrily. "YOU WERE SPYING ON ME???"

"No Lizzie, I wasn't. I just happened to be walking by." Casey said.

"Well what's the big deal, I bet that you've played with yourself." Said

"Well that's not the point." Casey said.

"What IS the point then?" Asked Lizzie.

"While you were masturbating you called out a girl's name." Said Casey.

Lizzie stopped and stared. Her face turned a bright crimson.

"I...I...the..." Lizzie stammered.

"Lizzie, it's OK." Said Casey. "You don't have to be afraid to tell me that
you like girls. In fact, I think I'm into girls a little too."

"What?" Lizzie asked, surprised.

"I'm into guys and girls." Admitted Casey who was now fully embracing her

Lizzie smiled. She was thrilled that she could now talk to her big sister
about this.

"Well there is this girl at school named Sarah. She is really, really pretty
and she is so sweet." Lizzie said.

"Tell me about her." Said Casey.

The sisters spent the rest of the night chatting about girls.

Next Day...

Casey had asked Emily to meet her at a pizza place after school.

"So Casey what was it that you wanted to talk to me about that was so
important?" asked Emily.

Casey swallowed hard, she was very nervous.

"Emily we are best friends right?" Asked Casey.

"Of course." Said Emily.

"And I can tell you anything?" Asked Casey.

"Sure." Emily replied.

"Even if you think it might be gross or weird?" asked Casey.

"Casey what is this about?" Asked Emily.

"Emily, I think I'm attracted to both girls and boys." Casey said.

"Wow Casey." Was all that Emily could manage to get out. She was really
surprised by this. But she thought about it for a minute and the idea didn't
really bother her.

"There's more." Said Casey.

"What?" Asked Emily.

"Well, I'm really into you." Said Casey.

Emily blinked and stared at Casey.

"That is huge, I had no idea." Emily said.

"If you are freaked out or anything it's OK I understand." Said Casey.

"No Casey...It's OK. I just didn't realize. The truth is, I've never thought
about it before but maybe it's something I should consider." Said Emily.

Casey was thrilled by THAT statement.

At that same time at Lizzie's friend Sarah's house...

Sarah had invited Lizzie up to her bedroom. The blonde girl wanted to
confront Lizzie and it was good that her parents weren't around.

"What's going on Sarah? What was so important that you had to talk to me
about?" Asked Lizzie.

"Well Lizzie, you don't really think that I didn't notice that you are always
staring at me?" Sarah said.

Confronted suddenly with this Lizzie became defensive.

"I AM NOT always staring at you." Retorted

"Yes you are Lizzie and you know what?" Said Sarah.

"What?" Asked Lizzie.

"I like it." Replied Sarah. Lizzie, confused, just stared at Sarah. "Let me
ask you something instead of just staring at my body wouldn't you like to
touch it?"

Sarah stepped over to Lizzie and planted a kiss on her. Sarah worked her
tongue into Lizzie's mouth. Lizzie returned the kiss on pure lustful
instinct. Sarah too Lizzie's hand and put it on her nicely developing
breasts. They began touching each other all over their bodies as they

"You liked that didn't you?" Asked Sarah.

"Uhh-huhh." Said Lizzie dreamily.

"Good, so did I. From now an you are my girlfriend got it?" Sarah said.

"Yeah." Replied Lizzie.

"Good now let's make it official, take off your cloths." Ordered Sarah.

"You want me to take my cloths off?" Lizzie asked.

"Of course, I want to get you off, that's what girlfriends do with each
other." Said Sarah.

Lizzie wasn't going to argue. She quickly stripped out of her cloths. They
both laid down next to each other. It didn't take too long for Sarah's
fingers to find their way into Lizzie's pussy. Lizzie's sucked her breath

"Do to me what I do to you." Said Sarah.

Lizzie quickly did as instructed. The two girls where soon fingering each
other. Lizzie writhed under her friend's touch she moaned as she enjoyed the
unparalleled pleasure of being fucked by her friend dexterous digits. Lizzie
attempted to duplicate what was being done to her but she lacked her new
girlfriend's apparent experience in these matters. Naturally Lizzie started
cumming first and Sarah was not the least bit surprised that she was a

Meanwhile back in Casey's room...

Casey was sitting on her bed next to Emily. Her hand was rubbing the other
girl's thigh while their tongues wrestled. Casey was amazed at how good
Emily tasted and at how nice it felt touch her hot body. The pleasure was
not one-sided. Emily had always thought of Casey as beautiful but now that
she was actually getting feel up that hot body. After a nice long, make out
the teens looked into each other's eyes.

"That was the best kiss that I ever had." Said Casey.

"Yeah me too." Said Emily. "Casey, do you wanna see my boobs?"

"Sure" Said Casey enthusiastically

Emily removed her sweater to expose her black bra-covered breasts.

"Little hand?" Asked Emily as she turned her back to Casey and let the other
girl unfasten her bra.

Casey put her hands on her friend's bare tits and started to massage them as
they kissed.

"AH-HAH!!!" Cried a loud voice.

Both girls jumped and sprang away from each other.


"Spying on you but that isn't important." Derek said as he came out of the
closet. "Now that I'm out of the closet it's time to deal with your whole
lesbian issue."

"I don't have a lesbian issue." Said Casey.

"So then why were you making out with another girl? Don't answer that. Let's
skip all the crap and cut straight to the blackmail. I won't tell Mom and Dad
what was going on down here IF Emily agrees to be my sex slave and service me
any time I want." Derek said.

"YES OK." Replied Emily almost instantly, she was actually more than happy to
agree to this.

Casey however stood up angrily and stormed over to Derek.

"You bastard, how could you blackmail poor Emily?" Casey said as she got in
his face.

"Hey Casey it's really ok." Emily interjected.

"Besides what are you going to do about it?" Asked Derek.

"Bastard." Said Casey as she slapped him hard.

Derek slapped her back.

They both threw themselves together and began to kiss while their hands
roamed all over each other's bodies.

"God I want your body." Said Derek.

"Then just take it." Said Casey.

"Helen Keller is the only one that didn't see that coming I think." Emily

Casey took off her sweater and Derek tore her bra off. Derek pushed Casey to
her bed and began sucking on one of her tits.

"Uhh can I join you guys?" Asked Emily.

"Yeah sure." Moaned Casey. "More the merrier."

Emily grabbed Casey's other breast with her mouth and the unzipped and
unbuttoned Casey's pink pants.

"Emily, you want to ride her mouth while I pound her pussy?" Asked Derek.

"Hell yes!" Emily replied.

It didn't take long for all three teens to end up completely naked. Sure
enough Emily was grinding her pussy into her friend's mouth while Derek was
getting ready to invade her pussy for the first time. Derek spread his
stepsister's legs and fucked her as hard as he could. Casey moaned into
Emily's pussy as her own cunt was pummeled mercilessly by her lust-crazed
brother. With each and every thrust of Derek's cock Casey's tongue lashed
away at Emily's cunt. There was a spontaneous cumfest as each of them started
cumming at the same time. It was far from over. Casey and Emily got into a
'69' position and started to eat each other out. As Derek watched this he
became pretty hard, pretty fast. Especially since Emily was making obscenely
loud slurping noises while she ate out Casey. Time to get back in the game.
Derek positioned himself behind Emily who was conveniently on top. Derek
spread her firm, nicely rounded cheeks and pushed his cock slowly into her
tight ass. Emily moaned into Casey's pussy, the vibrations drove Casey mad
with pleasure. Derek fucked her ass slowly while he thought about the
convenience of having a stepsister right inside the house that he could fuck


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