Live! With Regis And Kelly (MFF,MMF,FF,oral,exhib,celeb)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Kelly Rippa enters the studio. She walks by Regis's dressing room. She stops
and listens. "OHH! GIVE IT TO ME, BIG DADDY!" his wife Joy speaks out. "YES,

Kelly starts to rub her own pussy. She leans against the door. She cums as
she licks her fingers. Out comes a young lady, her face stil glazed over.

Kelly smiles, for her face has been like that many times. She knows why they
cal him BIG DADDY.

She gets ready for the show. The show starts. They go through the normal
monologue. Joy, his wife, soon joins them. They have a special surprise for
him. Joy is sending him to a famous club for a complete body work out.

They join Regis as he gets his body massage. Joy rubs oil all over him. Soon
she is naked she lays a top rubbing her breasts around his back. Kelly is
soon naked and she joins Joy. Regis just smiles.

Joy then spreads his legs and finds his big cock. She licks it and begins
sucking his balls. Kelly is laying on top and she begins licking his asshole.
Her tongue working it`s way into his ass. Then Joy puts two fingers in his
ass. They continue to fuck his ass till he shoots a load of cum.

After a commerical break Gillman in a segment Man On The Street is walking up
and down the side walk asking people what they would do for money. He finds a
lady and asks if she would show her breasts for a hundred dollars. She looks
around raises her shirt.

"Nice!" he said looking at her 36B's. He gives her the money.

He walks on to find a couple and shows them some money. He asks the lady if
she would suck her guy off. They find a place, she drops to her knees and
takes out his cock. She begins to suck and lick it.

Gillman gets hard and she's soon doing two cocks. She holds them together and
Gillman's is a little longer, but she does a very good job. He soon shoots
his load all over her face and gives them the money before sending it back to
the studio.

The show ends and Regis leaves with his wife. Kelly is in her dressing room
when a knock comes.

"This is the lady who won."

Kelly winked. She was in her robe and she sat next to the lady. "You're the
lucky winner."

Kelly opened her robe she was naked. She held the lady's face and gave her
a kiss. The lady told Kelly she had never been with a nother woman. Kelly
was unbuttoning her blouse, "We'll take care of that!" Kelly took her breast
began to lick her nipples. Her hands were taking off her pants. Soon the
lady was naked.

Kelly was on her knees sucking the woman's pussy and her clit was like a
small cock.

"OOOOOHHHHH GGGOOODDD!!!!!" the wonam said as Kelly sucked her clit. Kelly
drank all of the juice that came out and her face was glazed. She kissed the

They laid on the couch and she attacked Kelly's pussy. Kelly wiggled all
over. She soon felt a finger in her ass hole. The woman's tongue was inside
with her finger working Kelly's ass. They soon were in sixty-nine. They
showered together and she left.

Mark and the Kids arrived and thus another day on the show was over as she
kissed him.


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