Authors Notes: The following is my parody of 1986 Jim Henson fantasy movie
"Labyrinth" starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. If you’re a fan of
this movie, you’ll notice that I've made some drastic changes to the plot,
the characters and dialogue. Let's face it; the only thing really sexy about
this cute movie is Jennifer Connelly. I've used as reference both the movie
script and the original script written by that famous Monty Python alumnus,
Terry Jones. Enjoy.

Labyrinth: Labia-rinth Part 1 - The Key (MF,F-mast,oral,bukkake,reluc)
by Blueshadow

It is a tranquil setting that we find ourselves, warm and inviting with
the late afternoon sun washing over us with a pink glow. Between the water
of an idyllic gently flowing river and a line of lush fruit trees is a
flower-strewn glade upon which a young woman, little more than a girl,
enters rushing toward the water. She is dressed in a flowing white dress
that swirls around her in the breeze. The pink light burnishes her coal
black hair and causes a gold circlet she wears upon it to glow. She is
breathtaking, a vision of innocence and grace. She stops to pick a flower
and then turns suddenly as if she has heard something.

"Is it you?" she says while taking a few hurried steps and then stopping,
she smiles shyly, "Your Highness!" The Girl curtsies deeply and then looks
up through lowered lashes, the shy smile still dancing on her lips.

We look to see who she is paying homage to, then we see an old warn Victorian
teddy bear; crown made of cardboard and gold tinfoil perched on a head, one
ear poking through.

The girl rises slowly, then looks boldly at her prince, "Do not be swayed by
my pleasure at the sight of you, my lord. For though my father, the Duke, has
promised you my hand, I cannot consent to be yours until the evil that stalks
our land from highest hill to deepest dale is..."

Suddenly the Girl stops speaking, a look of stunned confusion on her face
"... from highest hill to deepest dale..." her pretty brow furrows in
concentration and then, "Damn!" She burrows one hand into the deep sleeve
of her gown and pulls out an old warn hard-cover book. She rifles through
the pages.

Then a big sheepdog who was her only audience thinks the play is over and
it's time to have the kind of fun he and his mistress enjoyed. He lunges
happily towards the girl knocking her over.

Beneath the gown which flips up as the girl lands on her cutie little plump
bum is a pair of old worn jeans and running shoes. At once the dog puts his
big head between her legs and licks.

"Get off me, you monster!!" she cries out, not wishing anyone to see her
secret, and tugs his head away. The dog, thinking that it's some kind of a
game grabs the book out of her hand and runs away with it, hoping to be
chased. The girl doesn't follow, she just sits up and pulls the grass out
of her tangled hair and sighs with frustration. The dog comes back over to
Sarah, its tail wagging hopefully.

"If you value your mangy life, Merlin, you'll hand it over." she warns.

The animal obediently drops the book just as the clock tower in the distance
began to chime.

The girl leaps to her feet. "Oh no, Merlin! It's 7 o'clock. We're really
late! Why does everything have to happen to me!!!?" Merlin prances around her
happily as she rushes to the bench to snatched it up her teddy. "It's all
your fault, you miserable mutt!!" She hikes up her dress and runs into the
trees. Merlin whimpers and tags along behind her.

The girl comes bursting through the trees and runs down a hill toward the
street; down which an enormous steel mill sat on the other side of the river.
It is plan to see that the light isn't pink any more but sort of dull and
hazy, and the idyllic glade is bare suburban park, and this is just an
ordinary day in a very ordinary place. And the girl a very ordinary, girl.

* * *

The girl runs up a path to an old, rambling house. She makes a beeline
towards the front door, Merlin hot on her heels, she almost makes it but an
older woman appears.

"Sarah, where have you been?!!!"

"I'm sorry." Sarah says.

The woman gives her a stern glare, "Well, just don't stand there in the

"All right, come on Merlin..."

"Not the dog!" the woman warns pointing her finger at the animal.

"Mother, but it's raining!?" she implored, her bear under her arm and still
holding her homemade dress up out of the pooling water.

"The garage!"

"Go Merlin, into the garage." Sarah sadly commands. The whinny dog lops away.

Sarah bursts her way past her mother abruptly stops and changes to an
elegantly graceful walk toward the stairs.

"You were supposed to be home an hour ago to sit with your grandma! Don't we
at least deserve an explanation?"

Sarah stops and leans over the railing. She speaks with a melodramatic

"The Queen, I've been... meandering. Dither me not about explanations." With
that she turns and heads for her room.

"What's that all about?" A middle-aged man says entering the hall from
another room.

"When will that girl of yours grow up? She's 18 years old for Christ sakes
and she still acts like a child!"

Sarah had stopped at the top of the stares to hear her stepmother's harsh
words to her Father. Outraged she turns in her doorway and dramatically
sweeps into her room. She slams the door and leans against it sliding down
on her bum.

There is sound of foot falls coming up the stare and light tapping on the
door, "Sarah, that's no way to talk to your mother!"

Sarah mumbles to herself, "She's not my mother! My mother is dead!" Sarah
takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. She can hear footsteps turn and
walk away, her father unwilling to continue the argument.

Sarah kicks off her running shoes and with practiced gesture Sarah removes
her jeans while leaving her gown in place. She pulls back the skirt revealing
her long smooth shapely legs which she looks at them in the large floor
length mirror across the room.

Playing with herself was Sarah's favourite way to relax and block out the
life she had with her horrid overbearing stepmother. Since she wasn't allowed
to have a boy around, this too became her only outlet for getting off.

She pulled the gown higher until she could see her white lace panties. The
mire sight of them cause her to become excited, her fat nipples get fully
erect and hard poking their way out from the gowns bodice that held in her
big plumb breasts.

She feels her vagina moisten; she parted her legs and lifts her knees to open
herself to her own caresses. She slowly lifts her hand and slips it under her
panties, moving a finger down between her lips from the very top of her
cleft, down the length of her clit, over and around its little head, and down
her entrance.

With her wrist she pulls the top of her panties open so she could she the
little patch of black hair she kept trimmed. She ran her hand through it and
marvelled at its softness. She cooed softly at the feeling of her fingers in
her small, lightly curled hairs. Her natural scent gently wafted up to her

Her tight, pink flesh, which gave off her sweet scent, had never been touched
by anyone, save her. Therefore her maidenhead was still intact. She had felt
it, exploring herself. The wall was there, always slick with her wetness, but
always giving way to her fingers and not breaking.

She slides two fingers inside herself a little and moves them around, pulling
and stretching her labia, growing in moisture becoming slippery to the touch.
She slips them out and put a fingertip on each side of her clitoris, barely
touching it then moves up and down with them, ether side of the shaft, taking
care not to touch the little head that's now fully out from under its hood.
She varies the position of her fingers, the pressure and speed with which she
stroke her clit. She uses a finger to push the hood back to expose more of
the shaft rubbing harder and harder then... there was a loud knock on the


Sarah opens her eyes with a start, "Yes, Madame!" She hollers back, her hand
still in her panties.

"And don't "Yes Madame" me!" she yells back.

Sarah is now furiously masturbating now, trying to get off before she knows
she will be pulled away.

"Is she all right? Sounds like she's weeping in there." Her father's voice
sounds from the other side of the door.

"Of course she's all right! She's just playing the spoiled little girl
again...I left the Bernstein's' number on the kitchen table... you still
have to give Grandma her you hear me!"

Sarah snarls and pulled out her hand, there was no way she was going to cum
now, "Yes I hear you!" She yells back.

There is a sound of mumbling on the other side of the door then foot steps
leading away. Sarah waits until she hears the front door slam before getting
up to go see to her grandma.

* * *

Sarah loved her grandma dearly, but since a stroke left her a voiceless
cripple, she wasn't much company just sitting there staring out her bedroom
window holding the same old book she always held and never let go; some old
storybook she had as a girl called the Labia-rith.

* * *

As Sarah walked into the room with a tray of pills, she noticed that grandma
had dropped her book. Putting down the tray, he picks it up to hand it back
to her when a small piece of paper fell out from the pages. Reaching down
again she couldn't help but read the handwritten message on it: Seek the
golden chest in which the thing of delight resides. And with it, open the
gate to the Labia-rith.

"The golden chest?" Sarah says to grandma causing a slight smile to from
on her weathered face. "Could that the chest in the attic?" The smile on
grandma's face gets bigger. Sarah smiles back, replaces the piece of paper
and returns the book to the old lady.

Sometime later, Sarah was wandering around the house bored to tears when
she remembers the piece of paper. At once, she grabs a candelabrum from
the mantel and heads for the attic. There in a corner, buried under some
old boxes of clothes, was a chest of wood and brass. She was always
curious about the chest as a girl, but she was told to stay out of it for
it belonged to grandma. But now she just had to see what was in it.

Tossing the boxes out of the way, she bent down and opened the case. Inside
there were lots of old nick-knacks, picture albums and such, nothing that
really interested her, but buried deep down was another box. She lifted the
smaller box out, turned around to lean against the cast and placed it wooden
box between her legs.

With placing the candelabrum next to her she brushed away the dust to read
the engraved plaque on its top:

Laid on the bed with me in hand,
wondering just how much of this you could stand
To touch and trust, oh it began,
sensations of pleasure throughout you body by your own hand.
As your hands did roam over every inch and curve,
you felt sensuous and alive within every nerve.
You pushed deeper your pulse quickened in time,
for your pussy was now wet and felt so sublime.
Faster it worked to bring pleasures galore,
And then you see her watching from the door.
You felt the waves of passion so exquisitely near,
while the Goblin Queen's laughter graced your ears.
I continued to plunge waiting for orgasmic release,
she took you with her with utter ease.

"What the hell!" Sarah said out loud fumbling with the lock. Then it came
free with a burst of light hidden within that blinded her for a second. As
her vision cleared she looked down to a large crystal dildo gleaming in the

Suddenly there was a breeze that swept the attic blowing out the candles.
Then in the darkness that followed she felt someone over her. She slowly
looked up to see a woman, dressed in a black medieval gown, her massive
breasts bulging out from the tops of the bodice. Her flaming red hair and
pale skin glowed like a halo in the moonlight that streamed though the
skylight. Her eyes were a brilliant blue, which too sparkled in the silvery
light. She was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.

She looked down, "You have something that belongs to me." She said in a
voice that rang like crystal being struck.

"But... but this is grandma's?"

"No, it's mine, give it to me." At once the dildo leapt from the box and
flew to the woman's hand. "You are not worthy of this child, you are but a

Sarah rose to her feet, "Hand it back!" she warned.

"Only one who desires true pleasure deserves this, you couldn't even make
yourself cum tonight. What good is the Key of Labia-rith to you?"

"It's my grandma's... I want it!" Why Sarah wanted it, she could not
understand at first. But she had to have it, to know whatever true pleasure

"And she desired it as you do now Sarah, and she won it, but you are not
worthy to be fucked by this tool of divine pleasure."

"How did she win it?" Sarah asked unable to take her eyes from it.

Suddenly Sarah was some where else. Behind the Goblin Queen was a vast maze
and at it's centre a huge fortress.

"Ahhhh, now you have asked the right question." The Goblin Queen continued,
"She went through the maze and found the entrance to my fortress. There she
sought the Key of Labia-rith. If you are brave enough to make it through,
then you too will have the Key and know true pleasure for the rest of your
days. But you only have 13 hours to which to find the Key. Otherwise you
will stay here and join the ranks of my goblin army. Do you agree?"

Sarah knew that she must have the Key. It was her grandma's wish for her to
have it as she did. Sarah could see that now. It was her destiny. She nodes
lightly causing the Queen to suddenly disappear in a cloud of laughter
leaving Sarah standing before a high masonry wall that extended off in either

Along the wall are various ornamental bushes and a small figure of a dwarf,
his back to her, moaning, his body quivering. Sarah could tell by the
movement of his shoulder that he was jerking off into a tiny pond.

"Excuse me?" Sarah says, embarrassed.

"Ohhhh yes, excuse me!" The dwarf says as globs of cum goes shooting
off into the brackish water. Then, quite discreet, he zips himself up, turns
and sneers, "Ohhhh it's you!" he says before going over to a particularly
lush shrub where few butterfly-like creatures, flower fairies, flit around
the blooms.

"You know me?" Sarah asks, confused

"Ohhh yes, you be like all dem wee sluts after me ladies toy."

"I'm not a slut!" Sarah protested.

The dwarf merely waved her off, turned his back to her, "I've seen lots, they
always come... An' how's me pride an' joy!" the dwarf says to the bush as he
leans forward to sniff one of the magnificent blossoms. He then picks up a
spray can and goes after one of the flower fairies, spraying it, causing it
to squeal and fall to the ground.

Sarah gasps, "How could you? You monster!" she rushes to the bend down to
pick up the tiny creature only to have to fly up and dive under her gown to
bite her legs and bum. Sarah screams and furiously beat at her skirt until
she managed to bash the horrid little creature.

The Dwarf laughed wildly rolling on the ground holding his side.

"What the fuck are you laughing at?!" Sarah raged.

"You, me pret'y one... trying to help dem fairies... dem bum-bit'ers." He
continued to roll around on the ground.

"Enough... you, you whatever your name is!" Sarah yelled picking herself up,
"I have to get to the Fortress of the Goblin Queen. Will you help me get
through the Labia-rith?"

"The name is Hoggle." He says through a fit of laughter.

"Hoggle then, will you show me the way into the maze?"

His amusement suddenly stopped, "Well, yes but you have to do something for
me first."

"And what will that be?" Sarah says frustrated, standing with her hands on
her curvy hips.

"Suck me pickle!" He ventures, leaning up and stroking his crotch.

"But... but I've never..."

"Make no difference to me, do it or don't... you choose."

"I...I, ah fuck.!" She drops to her knees before him as he furiously undoes
his trousers and pulls out all his of meat, as long as Sarah's forearm and
about as thick, letting in flop on his diminutive leg.

Sarah jumps back at the sight of the massive uncut monster. She tries to talk
him out of it, as he slowly jerks himself off. She slaps the dirt with her
hands out of utter frustration then grabs the monster by the shaft and leans

Hoggle gasps the girls head tightly as she pulls back the heavy foreskin to
reveal the huge purple mushroom head. The tip of her tongue probes his dewy
hole then slides over its' smooth musky surface. Her lips kiss, and slowly
engulf his head. Her jaw strains to take even that much. But she forces more
in, her lips pushing back the foreskin even more. Her hand slides down his
shaft, feeding him deeper into her mouth. He breathes a deep breath and

With the other hand, she reaches down and pulls up her gown and reaches
in and under her panties, finding her clit already hard, despite her
displeasure, poking out past its hood.

"Ohhhh... ooohh, yes. And you've never sucked a pickle? Ohhh what a lie! Ohhh
suck me pickle!" The dwarf moaned.

Sarah's mouth begins a move on him deeper, her lips mapping every vein and
wrinkle in his skin. Slow, strong, sucking motions draw him in, until she
had nearly half of the breast in her mouth. With her jaw relaxed, she starts
bobbing on the meat fast and hard, causing Hoggle to grunt loudly.

Reaching his bulbous head, her tongue circles and flicks just under the rim
then returning to plunging for another journey down his throbbing staff. This
surprised her how much it excited her. And, according to Hoggle, how good she
was at it. Maybe it was this place, or maybe it was always within her.

Her own hand roamed over pussy. The silken flesh between her legs was warm
and wet to the touch. Her fingers made small, lazy circles against her cleft,
massaging the swollen folds so moist with her arousal. She could feel the
tension growing within her, the tingling sensation coursing through her clit.
Her skin felt like it was on fire and she rubbed herself faster, a soft moan
escaping her full mouth she ran the tip of her finger up and down the length
of her slit, sometimes going inside, other times just caressing the lips of
her cunt. She could hover on the edge of oblivion for hours touching herself
like this but she found herself so turned on, that the pressure building up
in her belly, sought release, the sense of urgency growing as she rubbed
herself harder...faster...vigorously up and down.

Her lips surround the head of his thick cock, suckling the tip. Then, she
releases her hold letting him fall free and rest along her face, so her
tongue could travel down the underside of his aching member, before
continuing to his ever tightening balls. Gently suctioning one, then the
other, into her mouth, savouring each, as her tongue swirls and tickles
through the ridged furrows.

Hoggle's moans grow louder and deeper until he suddenly stops and grabs her
by the head. He rams his cock into her mouth, the head slamming against the
back of her throat. Sarah was so excited, that she didn't miss a beat. She
slammed the hog down her throat, sucking as hard as she could. Hoggle
releasing her head and relaxed as he continued to watch her as she pulls
out, cheeks, sunken from the suction of drawing out his flavour, then
slamming back, her mouth opening wide to engulfs him again, swallowing his

Passionately, she lets out muffled moans, which grow louder as her hand
slides faster and faster under her panties.

"Ohhhhh Shite!" He spouts with a growl, knowing that he can't hold out much
longer. Her pace and intensity increases with each journey up and down his
thick shaft. Hoggle's hands move over her head, as her lips start pumping
his dick further into her throat. Sarah can feel his organ throbbing with
his impending explosion. His cock hardening like stone, the head swelling,
and his balls tightening to half their normal size.

Sarah too was going off. Her pussy spasmed around her fingers and then, she
let go. Along with Hoggle who shoots his load of hot, sticky cum deep down
her throat. The flood was so massive that she had to pull away to breath.
Blast after blast from deep within his balls, caught her in the face. She
tried to move away, but Hoggle held her head. So helpless, she just smiled
and enjoyed the warm splashes that coated her face.

To be continued...


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