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Las Vegas: Sam's Dog Days (F-best,dog)
by Pleasestandby404 ([email protected])

Sam Marquez was having a REALLY bad day. No, scratch that, a REALLY bad week. Ever since Delinda took "Maternity" leave, and now Piper took some personal time off with Mike to "examine" where there relationship was going. All of it was a load of shit she thought to herself as she took the elevator back to her suite at the Montecito Hotel.

"Like Delinda really needs the time off. The lucky bitch has her flat abs back already and a boost in her cup size. Piper and Mike have such a messed up relationship and yet it works, and now they want to dissect it and see how it works." She said to herself as she rode the elevator up to her floor. She wasn't really mad at her friends; she was just pissed that they left such incompetent morons to do their jobs while they were gone. The assholes they had left to fill in had cost her 3 whales already. As much as she hated to admit it Sam was REALLY missing her friends.

"Well I guess you'll never leave me will you Reggie?" she said as she entered her suite and her 3 year old rottweiler ran up to her and almost bowled her over. "REGGIE DOWN!" Yelled Sam at the huge dog. "Jesus you weigh more than I do now." At 5 feet 3 inches Sam was in incredible shape and only weighed a miniscule 95 pounds but it was VERY well proportioned with a tight firm ass and perky 34C tits. Meanwhile Reggie had blown up into a powerful 115-pound rottweiler that loved his owner fiercely. Smelling and witnessing her in such an agitated state made him even more affectionate than Sam was normally used to.

"Damn it Reggie! Stay down!" Sam tried to get out before the huge dog jumped up and knocked her onto her perfect ass. Lying there stunned for a second was all the opportunity Reggie needed to start licking his master's face trying to let her know that he cared.

"MMMPHHHTT!" was all the protest Sam was able to get out while Reggie continually licked her face. Then it happened. While she was trying to yell out another protest the dog's hot tongue slipped all the way into her mouth. It felt like it could reach her damn tonsils! It had to be a good seven inches at least if it was able to get that far in her mouth, and she would know. While Sam was pondering the length of the dog tongue that now occupied her mouth Reggie's weight had shifted enough to allow her to push the huge dog off of her even though it took all her strength.

"God Damn it Reggie!" Sam yelled at the dog as she made her way to the bathroom to wash her face off after getting a dog saliva facial. Not to mention the fact that now her clothes were covered in dog hair. "Fuck now I have to shower," Sam thought as she made her way through her Suite. Sam loved her suite almost as much as she loved Reggie, although to everyone but her close friends it appeared she hated the dog. It had a masterful view of Las Vegas, a very nice closet, a huge LCD TV, and best of all a huge bathroom with a very large walk-in shower that could easily accommodate 4 or 5 people, as the sexual minx Sam knew all to well. As she made her way towards the shower stripping off her tight shirt and even tighter jeans she looked back to see Reggie licking his toenail caps. Cooper had made her put them on him after he had caused some extensive damage to the very expensive furniture in the room. Sam quietly thanked Cooper in her head as he had probably just saved her wardrobe from being torn after her and Reggie's little tussle. As her mind drifted and she started the hot shower she failed to notice that the door to the bathroom was wide open.

Seeing as how it was just she in the room, and after her little kidnapping incident Sam had come to hate enclosed spaces and had the door to her walk-in shower removed. Regardless she still loved hot showers and the bathroom was quickly filled with a thick steam. As her mind wandered even further away onto thoughts about her crappy day and how happy she would be when this was all over, she failed to hear the faint steps indicating that Reggie had come to see her again, and that he had picked up an intriguing scent. Her thoughts wandering even further away as she recalled a particularly hot night her and the last guy she brought up her had had in this shower, causing her hands to begin playing with her shaved pussy. She heard a faint click that was the door closing to the bathroom and dismissed it as a draft closing the door as her hands continued their ministrations on her now soaked pussy. The real cause of the draft slowly getting closer to the scent he was searching for.

Her legs slightly parted and stroking her pussy at a leisurely pace Sam's only warning of what was about to happen was Reggie's snout poking into her ass.

"REGGIE! GET OUhhhhhh" was all she was able to get out before her mind blanked as Reggie's massive tongue leapt out and quickly darted between her parted legs. Stroking across her pussy and ass from her clit all the way to her asshole. It happened a second time as Reggie now wanting to taste more stroked again from her clit to her asshole with his massive tongue. That's when her legs gave out, already wobbly from the first stroke of his massive tongue, they failed to support her as her body registered the immense pleasure of the second lashing. "FUCK!" Sam managed to yell as she dropped to her hands and knees in the steaming hot shower, water pouring over her body. This gave Reggie much better access, as he immediately kept licking this new found sweetness relishing in the taste.

Sam's mind was lost in a tornado of pleasure. Random thoughts swirling through her head as Reggie continued to lash out at her now dripping cunt. "I have to stop this! It's insane to let my dog do this to me...but it feels so fucking GOOD!" Her mind was made up at that point, just as the huge dog tongue snaked it's way into her glistening slit.

Reggie had found the source of the musty smell and was now busy trying to get all the sweet juice he could from this hole. He just kept hearing two sounds from his master and she wasn't scolding him so he just kept at it. Then his master reached back and parted the hole with her hands making it easier for him to get his tongue at the juices. Something primal in him kicked in and he started to get hard just as the hole squirted juice all over his tongue.

Sam was in heaven and she never wanted to leave. This was by far the best oral sex she had ever received. The lashing never stopped or slowed down and once or twice she felt it reach INTO her pussy a good four inches and swirl back out again giving her so much pleasure she nearly passed out right there. "Jesus I love this dog" Sam thought to herself in her sex fogged mind, as she reached back and parted her pussy lips to give Reggie better access to her pussy. That's when the unthinkable happened. The dog tongue snaked into her pussy and stoked her G-spot. She felt her pussy spasm and a feeling beginning like she had to pee. "That doesn't make any sense I peed right before I got into the shower." Sam thought. Then Reggie did it again with his tongue stroking her G-spot, and she understood what was about to happen like light from above painting the way. Reggie was going to make her squirt. Her own dog was about to make her do something no man had ever accomplished, and she didn't think herself capable of. Then the floodgates opened.

"FUUUUCK!" she screamed as loud as possible as she felt a torrent of cum leave her pussy and fall to the shower floor. Most of it being lapped up by the eager dog behind her, the rest falling to the floor to mix with the streaming water down the shower drain. The massive orgasm she just experienced left her feeling drained of energy and her arms gave out on her. Leaning on her perfect tits and crouched with her ass up in the air was all the invitation Reggie needed as he recognized the position before him and the scent of an aroused female drove him to do what comes naturally, not caring that it was a human pussy before him, not a dog.

Sam Marquez felt the dog wrap her up in an embrace and thanks to her orgasm clouded mind didn't fully realize what was going on until she felt something warm and wet slap her thigh. "No fucking way!" she said out loud as she felt renewed strength flow to her arms as she tried to undo the dog's vice like grip around her waist. She struggled with him for what felt like an eternity. Her face looking between her legs she saw an outrageous red vein filled dog cock that had to be at least 10 inches. "Fuck it'll break me in half" Sam thought as she urgently struggled to get out of this situation as Reggie humped at open air for the moment, occasionally slapping his monster cock against her thigh smearing it with precum already leaking from the tip, trying to find the hole to mate with his Master. A low growl came from Reggie behind her and she froze. She had never heard him growl at her before and it shocked her for a moment. A moment that was all Reggie needed to hit his mark.

Sam screamed like she was being split in two, and she probably was. Reggie had found his mark and slammed deep into his master's pussy. The only thing Sam could think of was the searing pain in her cunt, and the fact that her dog had just started to fuck her and there was nothing she could do about it. Sam Marquez prided herself on always being in control of ANY situation and her own dog had made her squirt and was now pounding away at her pussy. Her ultra tight pussy could feel every subtle vein and throb of the dog cock inside of her as it pounded in and out of her pussy. After about a minute of the most brutal fucking she had ever experienced something started to change. Her pussy was becoming accustomed to the massive size of the dog cock raping her pussy and began to accept more inside of her. Reggie was now deeper inside her than any man had ever been, and touching parts of her that she had never felt before. And through it all it started to feel it started to feel FANTASTIC!

"MMMMM" Sam found herself moaning as the raping dog cock pounded in and out of her pussy. She had never been this wet before, and the doggy precum spurting into her pussy made it much easier for Reggie to get even deeper inside her.

"OH...MY...GOD!" She yelled as she felt Reggie bottom out at the entrance to her womb. She was stuffed full of 10 inches of dog cock in her own steam filled bathroom and she loved it. The feeling of his now wet fur against her ass and back. The stretched fullness she felt in her pussy as Reggie's cock pistons in and out of her. She was addicted, and she knew it.

"Fuck yes! Reggie pound my pussy!" She screamed at the top of her lungs as she now pushed back to meet Reggie's thrusts. "I fucking love your doggy cock! Give it to me!"

They both failed to hear the door open to the main room. A certain red haired visitor had made a surprise trip to Vegas, and was stopping in to visit an old friend.

Lost in world upon world of pleasure Sam Marquez felt Reggie go deep inside her and hold his massive cock at the entrance to her womb and she knew what was coming, but she couldn't stop, she didn't want to stop it. Reggie's knot had formed and she was now locked with the massive dog as he dumped his sperm inside her. There was no place to go except right into Sam's waiting womb. It felt to Sam like gallons of cum was being dumped into her and it was so hot and shooting so strong inside her, blasting away at the entrance to her womb, coupled with the pressure on her G-Spot from the knot sent her off like a rocket. She squirted again her pussy spasming around the massive dog cock filling her sending what seemed like a gallon of her own cum squirting around the gigantic knot. Letting loose a guttural scream she collapsed on the bathroom floor passed out from the sheer pleasure of fucking her dog.

* * *

Hearing a scream coming from the bathroom of her friend, the visiting Mary Connell rushed to the bathroom door and flung it open a rush of steam flying out the door.

"SAM!" Mary yelled into the bathroom. The haze of the steam slowly leaving out the open door allowed her to see two shapes on the bathroom floor. Thinking the worst Mary rushed towards the shapes only to see her best friend knotted with a massive rottweiler and passed out on the floor. As she approached the knot plopped out of her obviously well fucked friend and she watched what must be the biggest cock she had ever seen fall out of Sam's pussy. Followed by what appeared to be a never ending stream of doggie cum. Mary slowly backed away from the sight her crotch suddenly feeling very damp, and she knew it wasn't from all the steam in the shower room.

Reggie turned toward this new person as his cock fell out of his master. His animal urges only mildly taken care of. His ultra sensitive nose catching a whiff of a familiar scent as he started towards this intruder...

To be continued...?


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