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Note: Yes, the character of Stephanie is 8. But I'm not into eight year olds. So I have her as being the age of her actress, Juliana Rose Mauriello during the second season of the show, 14.

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Lazytown: Sexercise
by Tricksterson

Sportacus stood behind his new recruit, SportStephanie as she worked out, admiring her tight little ass and came to a decision. It was time to introduce her to the next level of training.

"Here, let me help you," he said, standing behind her and taking her hands in his. He proceeded to mirror her, moving her through a series of stretches, toe touches and sit-ups, all the time keeping his body pressed against hers. When they stopped her face was flushed and her skin was tingling like she'd never felt it before. She didn't know why but something told her that it wasn't just the physical exertion.

When her idol told her of his plan Stephanie asked, "What's the next level?"

"We will exercise parts of the body you don't usually use, parts you may barely be aware of," her mentor said with a smile. "But first we must go to our headquarters. This is not something we want an audience for." She smiled at the thought that he had said "our" headquarters.

Since Sportacus' headquarters was an airship that meant riding his skycycle. As they rode through the air, her arms wrapped around his trim waist, her young body pressed against his back, Stephanie once again felt aware of a combined warmth and electrical tingling rush through her body that both excited and confused her.

Once there, the hero of Lazytown ushered his apprentice past the gym that took up most of the airship's living quarters and into his small, rather spartan bedroom.

"Why here and not the gym?"

"I told you, these are special exercises. We won't be using any of the gym's equipment and the bed will be far more comfortable for what we need to do."

She shrugged and smiled at him with total trust. "Okay, if you say so," then let him lead her to sit with him on the bed.

"I told you these exercises would involve parts you normally didn't work out on?"

Stephanie nodded.

"Well the first exercise will be with our lips and tongues." He put put a large, strong hand behind her neck. "An important part of these exercises is learning to trust your body. If at any time you're not sure what to do, just listen to it and do what it wants."


"Now open you mouth."

Stephanie obeyed. She was a bit startled when the older man put his lips on hers and more so when his tongue entered her mouth but she did as he had said and listened to what her body wanted and soon her lips and tongue were pressing back at his.

It didn't seem like a normal exercise, in fact it felt like the nicest thing the young girl had ever done but when the kiss ended her heart was pounding and she was breathing harder than if she had run a mile.

"How often are we going to repeat this exercise," the pink haired lass asked, hoping that the answer would be, "Over and over and over again."

"A few times," Sportacus replied, "but a bit differently from the first time. We're going to combine it with some massage. Just mirror everything I do and you'll be fine."

As they kissed this time, hands running up and down each other's backs, fronts pressed hard against each other, Stephanie once more found a wave of heat passing through her body. This time however some of the heat stayed and concentrated itself in certain areas of her body: the tips of her small breasts, her belly and more than anything else, between her legs. Without really being aware of it she began grinding her crotch against her partner's.

This time when the kiss broke she whispered, "More." Sportacus smiled at that because it meant that now he owned her. She would let him do do anything he wanted and there was so much he wanted to do with and to her.

Aloud he said, "This has made me very warm and uncomfortable in these clothes. How about you?" When Stephanie nodded he took off first his jacket, then his shirt.

Looking at the muscles of his bare arms and chest Stephanie felt...hungry. it wasn't exactly the right word but it was the only one she could think of that came close to fitting. She wanted to taste and touch him and she wanted it desperately.

She also felt uncomfortable in her clothes so she asked, "Do you want me to take off my top too?"

In a voice much more casual than he felt he said, "If it makes you feel better. Feeling good is a central part of what these exercises are about."

What really made her feel better was his permission. As much as she wanted to kiss and be kissed, hold and be held, touch and be touched, part of her was still shy and confused.

So she compromised. She took off her jacket and main shirt but left on the thin half-tee underneath that exposed her trim little stomach and through which her hard little nipples were easily visible.

Sportacus stared for a moment at those nipples, transfixed, then smiled and said, "Now, I think, it is time to massage each others fronts as we did our backs."

By this time the young pink haired wench was eager to comply with anything her seducer suggested and happily ran her fingers and lips over his chest and abs. His own hands went from stroking her belly, which fluttered under his touch, to push her half-shirt up around her neck and shoulders and then to stroke and pinch her sweet little A-cup tits.

"Mmmm," she groaned, last inhibitions thrown out the metaphorical window and took her hands away from him just long enough to pull her top over her head and drop it by the bed. The his mouth descended on one of her breasts while his tongue tickled the nipple.

"Oh! OH!," she yelped joyously, throwing her head back as he pressed her down onto the bed.

"Maybe we should take off the rest of our clothes?" Sportacus said with a sly smile. He was already kicking off his boots. Brain numbed with sensation all Stephanie could do was nod and let him pull off her own boots, then her pants, leaving her wearing only a pair of soaking wet pink panties.

The lithe hero stood up and removed his own pants and briefs, revealing an impressive and fiercely erect member, causing his young protege's jaw to drop. Sportacus smirked at her awed and slightly fearful expression. He was tempted to put that open mouth to good use right now but the nervousness showing on her face made him decide to keep on his original track so instead he knelt in front
of the young girls legs, which still hung over the edge of the bed and gently spread them apart. Propped up on her elbows she watched him curiously.

"More massaging?" she asked hopefully because she had really enjoyed the ones so far.

"Of a sort, but better." He began by stroking the inside of her thighs, starting just above her knees and ending just below her panties.

"Lift your hips please," he asked and peeled the panties down and off her legs, noticing as he did so that, from the few hairs growing on her crotch, that her carpet, such as it was, did indeed match her drapes, although it was a deeper, redder, almost fuschia shade. He put his face close to her vulva and inhaled the sweet, slutty musk of her pussy.

He'd known, almost as soon as he met her, that underneath her cheerful, sunny exterior, Stephanie had the should of a slut. For over a year he'd watched her young body ripen and cultivated her trust, driven half crazy by the way she was always flashing her ass and panties and now he was on the verge of popping her hot little cherry.

But first he worked his middle finger into her already wet slit and began thrusting it into her while also spreading her labia and licking away. Soon his tongue flicked over her clit, causing her to arch her back and scream.


Sportacus was happy to oblige because he knew that every lick, every suck, every nibble to her pleasure core and every thrust of his finger, made her more and more his enraptured and willing slave. She came again, little fists pounding the mattress, howling a wordless shriek.

When he raised his face, dripping with girl-juice from between her legs she begged, in a pitiful croak, "Please...don't stop.... More...want...more."

"And you'll get it," he promised. "In fact the next stage will feel even better."

"Really?" she asked in a tone that indicted that this was impossible.

"Well, as good," he admitted. "Maybe better. It depends. but first we have to complete this part and it's your turn to work on me."

"What do I have to do?"

He stood up, reached down and, with a grin, pulled her sweat covered body first to a sitting, then a standing position. He pulled her in for a kiss and when it was done put his hands on her shoulders and gently pushed Stephanie down to her knees. Her hands, which had been clutching his back, slid down it and wound up gripping his rock hard ass. Sportacus looked down and saw, with satisfaction,
that his new toy's mouth was perfectly aligned with his rigid cock.

"Excellent," he said. "Now open your mouth and put my member inside."

For the first time Stephanie showed a bit of doubt. "Your...really?"

"Yes," Sportacus replied with a patience he didn't feel. But at this point it would be the height of foolishness to scare her off.

"Okay," she said closed her mouth on about a quarter of his dick. He felt her tongue licking it's head and closed his eyes.

"Oh...that's very good. Now suck...Oh yes, just like that! Now move your head down. No, keep sucking while you move. No teeth. Good girl, yes!" His hands moved to either side of her head and guided it up and down the length of his cock, gently at first, then more forcefully. She never got down more than seven of his eight inches but for a first try he thought she did very well and told her so after pulling her off him. He would have liked to continue but it wasn't her mouth he planned to come in.

"And now," he said, stroking Stephanie's face and hair fondly, then lifting his student to her feet, "the final exercise." they kissed once more, long and slow, hands exploring each others bodies, then he went to the night stand and took out a condom.

"This is the only part that needs safety equipment," he explained, and showed her how to put it on him then said, "Now lie down and spread your legs."

She obeyed and he got between them. After another, quicker, kiss he entered her. As he suspected there was no hymen to get in his way. He had figured that an active, athletic girl like her would have long since wrecked it.

"Ohhh!" she moaned. "What are you doing?"

"I'm fucking you. Do you like it?"

"Yes! Ohhhyessss! Please! Fuck me morrre!"

"Instinctively the young girl's arms and legs reached out to draw her adult lover deeper into her and to keep him there. Her fingers dug desperately into his back and her slender lower limbs wrapped around his hips. She clutched him harder, drawing blood, and he sped up his thrusts as orgasm came ever closer for both of them. When it finally arrived they both threw their heads back, mouths
open in wordless howls of animal passion, souls and bodies becoming as one in mindless pleasure.

When she could talk again, the nymphet whispered into her seducer's ear, "Anything. Anything you want."

"I Know. I own you now," he replied in a matter of fact tone.

"Yes. You do. And I'm glad."


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