Lending Tree (MF,MMF,FF)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

A woman is on the phone to her husband. "Yes, dear, they are here."

Four people are sitting in the living room watching the fifth person on his
knees licking her pussy. His tongue is workng over her clit as he finger
fucks her pussy. She hangs up and opens her legs wide. The guy begins to fuck

She look over sees the other people taking thier clothes off. A woman banker
pulls a strap-on out of her bag. Looking at a guy she takes him. She has him
over a chair as she is licking his ass. With two fingers she opens his ass
and she then begins to fuck him. Meanwhile the woman has another cock in her
mouth. The two men fuck her.

After she cums over and over again she sends the guys out, one walking funny.

In the bedroom she is getting fucked by the lady banker when her husband
walks in. "Is he the one?" the female banker asks.

At Lending Tree - when banks compete... you win out every time.


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