Notes: This story is based on the MMORPG (online roleplaying game) Lineage2:
The Chaotic Chronicles which I have been playing for a couple of months now -
my current character is a Lvl 26 Elven Knight as of Oct 2004 if you're
interested in such stuff :P

Lineage II - The Chaotic Chronicles: An Elf's First Journey (mF)
by ErosTrek - [email protected]

The young elf hesitated at the bridge.

Before him two guards glanced at each other and smirked. They'd seen this a
thousand times before. An elf, still just a kid, about to leave the relative
safety of the Mother Tree and the protection of Nerupa to venture out into
the wider world of Aden where untold dangers and menaces lurked. Most of the
elves found the courage to cross the bridge, others spent some time in the
immediate area before going forth, a few broke and ran screaming back to the
Elven Village.

This elf however seemed to have found the courage for he took a step forward
on the yellow paving stones of the bridge, firmly gripped his Forest Bow in
one hand, raised it in the air and cried, "I am Valandil, elven fighter, and
I will complete my quest! Heyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

The guards shook their head in quiet amusement.

"Young one, don't shout so loud, you'll only awaken the interest of the Sukar
Wererats on the other side. You do know they eat Elven flesh?"

Valandil's pale skin became even whiter. Yes, he'd been told about the
Wererats. All young elves were. That they were the ones responsible for
spreading plague around the Elven Village, that they were the elves mortal
enemies ... but he'd also been told that they'd been vanquished centuries
ago. Now here this guard was saying they could be on the other side of this
bridge. He shivered involuntarily but still he kept walking forward. His
feet touched the dirt on the other side of the bridge. He'd made it! He was
no longer under the protection of Nerupa, the Treants or the Pixies, he was
on his own in the Neutral Zone!

Resolutely he squared his shoulders, took a deep breath and set off at a fast
pace to the south-west, towards the town of Gludio. A mighty river flowed to
his right, nothing like the small streams that fed into Lake Iris. The grass
looked different, a darker green and less thick on the ground that it was
around his home. Even the birds in the trees sang out and called to each
other differently. He'd have to get used to a lot of new things now, but that
was why this quest was given to all young elves who had reached a certain
level of their training. He could have stayed home hunting orcs, goblins,
spore fungi and dryads but then he'd remain an elven fighter for a long, long
time. Even venturing down into the abandoned Elven Fortress, taken over by
undead creatures and otherworldly spirits had become relatively easy for him.
No, he had to reach Gludio and talk to Master Sorius who would advise him on
how to become an Elven Knight.

Suddenly he was knocked off his feet with a glancing blow to his shoulder.
Luckily his armor protected him and he rolled with the fall, springing
lithely to his feet, his Forest Bow at the ready. A giant spider stood before
him, all eight legs splayed apart, it's wicked fangs and mandibles working up
a froth as they sensed food closeby. It's multi-faceted eyes looked at him
with an evil he hadn't experienced before. It was a different kind of spider
to the ones he'd hunted before. Unlike the crimson, hook or pincers, which
were of a reddish-brown hue, this beast was of a green and yellow color and
certainly looked more dangerous. His training kicked in and an arrow swished
through the air from his bow. The spider screamed and whistled in pain as his
shot found its mark, but it didn't die. Valandil jumped back and shot another
arrow and another and another ... would it ever die? His next arrow however
plunged in whatever vital organ still worked in the spider and it crashed to
the ground dead, but not before slashing a deep gash in his arm, carving
through his leather gloves as if they weren't there.

Valandil shouted out in pain as he quickly took out a bandage and tied it
around his bleeding wrist. He shook his head. He was beginning to have some
doubts about his preparedness to travel in the Neutral Zone. Already he'd
been caught by surprise and he'd taken forever to kill the first monster
he'd encountered and he was already wounded. However, heading back to the
Elven Village was not possible. Such shame and embarrassment would be too
much for him to endure. No, he would not turn back, whatever happened.

Grimly he ran, this time keeping his senses alert, his eyes scanning the
horizon for any danger. He did see a few creatures that until then he'd only
read about, moonstone beasts, ratmen, gora werewolfs and a lycanthrope or
two, but these were too far away from him to notice his presence and he
preferred to keep it that way. Maybe one day, he'd hunt a few of those, to
see how his strength matched theirs, but not now.

He'd been running for several hours now and the sun was going down. Valandil
got out his world map, a prized possession he'd received from Nerupa herself
and checked his path. Yes, he was following the correct trail, yet he still
seemed to be a long way away from his destination. On the map it had seemed
such a small distance when he'd studied it from the comfort of his home in
the Elven Village. He looked around. Maybe it was time to find a good place
to rest for the night. In the morning his wounds would be healed and with the
sun high in the sky he could confront all perils, but now in the twilight
each little chitter and cry seemed to be magnified a thousand times.

He sat with his back against a tree, his bow on the ground but with his hand
still curled around it. Closing his eyes, he slept fitfully, wide awake at
every strange sound he heard.

* * *

The moon was high in the sky, casting it's silver glow on the ground when
something crashed through the grove where Valandil had found refuge. He was
awake in an instant, up on his feet with his first arrow notched before his
eyes had full opened. What confronted him made his inside turn to jelly and
it took all his willpower not to quake at the knees. It was an Ol Mahum
Deserter, though how one had made it's way so far north from the Ol Mahum
Camp was beyond his understanding. This wasn't supposed to happen, he
couldn't confront this beast in it's mismatched yet effective armor. His
weapons weren't strong enough yet, nor did he have all the skills which his
elder brothers had said were needed to slay this beast. What should he do?
To his back was the river. Should he jump in and try to escape that way?
No, that was a folly. The currents were strong here and elves weren't good
swimmers. He'd be swept away and drown. To his sides were trees, he might
just make it past them but the beast was too close now. His only way was to
fight, there was no escaping it. He could feel its foul breath on his skin
as it growled at him, it's beady eyes recognizing easy prey.

Valandil shouted a war cry and sent an arrow flying through the air. It
struck the Ol Mahum Deserter's breastplate, right were the heart was, a
perfect shot, one which would have earned him the praise of his elders. A
useless one though, for the arrow glanced off the tempered steel armor,
flying off into the trees, serving only to enrage the beast. It charged at
him, feet stomping the ground, big claws on its paws aiming for his face.
He pulled out his gladius from its sheath while slinging the bow across his
back in the same movement. For a close-in fight it was his best weapon,
though he doubted it would be more effective than his bow against the

There was nothing to do beyond jump in and hack and slash and parry and
thrust - for now he managed to avoid all of the creature's attacks and
deliver a few good solid blows which served to stun the creature momentarily.
It was in this short breathing space that he concentrated his mana and
chanted the incantation under his breath that served to call up the magical
energy for a power strike, a blow from his sword that would deal double the
damage that his muscles could cause. It succeeded and the Ol Mahum Deserter
staggered, its armor sporting a new, deep gash in the side, along the ribs.
Scarlet blood seeped through. Valandil shouted in elation and leaped forward
attacking the creature with a new energy, driving it back one step at a time,
as it tried to parry his blows but only succeeded in receiving deep wounds
to its arms.

Suddenly the creature lowered its head in a desperate attempt to save its
life. It charged into Valandil's raining blows and butted him with it's
spiked helm. The elf hadn't been expecting such a move and the spikes ripped
through his light armor, piercing his chest. Stunned he fell down to the
ground and scrabbled backwards, feeling his life energy leaving him. His
limbs felt weak and useless. His gladius fell from his cold fingers and he
shut his eyes, waiting for the beast to rip out his throat with its fangs.
He shuddered one final time and fell into unconsciousness in a pool of his
own blood.

* * *

"Unamen" a voice said over him and he regained consciousness. A sudden surge
of energy passed through his body as his health was restored and rejuvenated
magically. A part of his mind knew he was being cured by a magical spell,
elemental heal, one quite well known by the elves who took the path of a mage
rather than that of a fighter, but the word used to cast was different, very
different. Another elf would have said, "Yattsareya netzik ... harann!",
definitely not "Unamen". His eyes opened in shock and he looked up at his
savior with a mix of fear and disgust mixed with gratefulness.

It was a Dark Elf. A race which, millennia ago, had broken away from the
Elves, preferring to dabble in the black arts of magic and fight like
assassins instead of pure warriors and archers. He'd been warned about them,
time and time again. They were dangerous, not to be trusted. They would stab
you in the back while sleeping to steal your belongings or sell you out to
the orcs ....

.... yet here this Dark Elf had saved his life.

He gulped, looking at her with wide eyes. At her. He realized it was a
female. Definitely a female. More female than he'd ever seen though the
female elves around Elven Village were very pleasing to the eyes in their
short skirts and tight tops. Yet, this Dark Elf was naked compared to that:
a tight mini-corset that pushed up her large and firm breasts, barely hiding
the obviously stiff nipples and the barest wisp of a thong strung about her
hips and down between her legs. She also wore armored gauntlets that went up
to her elbows and a garter belt held up hard leather stockings that provided
protection to her legs. Her bare skin - lots of it was showing - glowed a
bluish grey in the moonlight though he knew his eyes weren't deceiving him
for that was the true Dark Elves skin color. Her silver hair shone as
moonbeams hit it and her eyes glimmered. She smiled. At him. His heart
almost stopped beating again.

"I .. I .. am .. Valandil, of the House of Nerupa" he stammered.

She spoke with a voice that made him shiver, though with excitement and
arousal not fright. The timbre was soft yet sultry, musical yet sexy ...
"Yes, I guessed as much" she said, "I am Seona of the Flamewing clan. You
must be very lucky that I came across your little fight while on my way
back to my village."

Then Valandil remembered. "The Deserter" he cried, "where is it? Did it
leave? It's dangerous and may come back to finish us off, we have to ...."
his words trailed off as she laughed at the look of terror on his face.

"Your Mahum Deserter is there if you want to search its body for any adena
or precious items it might be carrying" she nodded to behind the tree he'd
been sleeping under. Indeed it was there, its lifeless corpse looking
almost comical now that it wasn't attacking him.

"Did you kill it?" he asked in awe.

She nodded. "A weak creature, a simple spell took the final toll on its the
little lifeforce you left it with." She smiled at him again and he felt a
warmth arise in his body, "You were doing good until the final moments when
you thought victory was yours and you let your guard down. It took that
opportunity and charged you. If I hadn't intervened you'd be just as dead
as it is now." Seona walked up to the creature and poked it with the tip of
her leather boots, holding her head sideways for her sensitive ears to pick
up the tinkle of adena coins. There was none and she shrugged. These
creatures just didn't carry much precious items around.

"You mean you were watching the fight the whole time?" Valandil gasped, "Why
didn't you help me before?"

"Because, my valiant yet untrained elf, you have to learn from your errors
not watch other people fighting for you."

"Oh!" Valandil said glumly realizing the truth of what she said.

"Anyway, there's nothing that my spells of healing cannot cure, at least
nothing that the creatures in this part of Aden can cause. Now, I must be on
my way, Valandil, my clan awaits me." She turned and began to stride away,
her bare buttocks and the thong disappearing down the crack of her ass making
the elf gasp in awe.

"Wait .. wait .." he shouted after her as he ran to catch up.

She stopped and looked over her shoulder. "What is it?"

"I .. I .. can I .. I mean .. can I walk some of the way with you?"

"Scared huh?" she laughed, "or is it something else...?"

Valandil blushed. He looked at the ground and poked at a clump of grass with
the toe of his boot.

"Yes, scared but also ..." he paused not knowing how to put his feelings into
words, "I've never seen anyone like you ..."

"You mean a Dark Elf?" she asked grinning.

He nodded and blushed a brighter red, "That and someone of your beauty and

"...and?" she urged.

"... and sexiness" he finally blurted, wishing the ground would open up and
swallow him he was so embarrassed.

She laughed out loud but not at him, only at the way he'd said it. She'd
known males of several races, human, orc ... even dwarf ... to look at her
with lust in their eyes and make an offer to bed her ... but elves? No,
they wouldn't even look at a Dark Elf and when they did it was with anger
and hate in their eyes. Yet here was this young one making so brazen a
statement. Maybe she could help him a bit more, maybe do something which
she hadn't done for a long while, something that would help the two races
come together again millennia in the future. Seona turned around and faced
him then reached out and touched his face, tracing her finger along the
ridge of his long ears. She could feel him shudder under her touch and her
grin grew wider.

The moon had reached its zenith and the land glowed its brightest, sparkling
in the white light as far as the eye could see on this clear night. She
motioned for Valandil to sit down and she sat next to him.

Valandil was shivering but not with the cold. He couldn't believe that this
lovely woman was actually sitting next to him. He shifted as he sat on the
ground, feeling quite uncomfortable though it had nothing to do with the
hardness of the rock he sat upon. There was a significant bulge in his pants
which no matter which way he moved, he couldn't quite find a way to relax.

Seona noticed, glancing down at his lap. She giggled. "Let me help you with
that" and before he could object or even move she had deftly undone the
straps of his gaiters and removed the armor. The string that held his pants
up was next and her long fingers were feeling their way under his clothes.

"What are you doing?" he cried as she closed her fist around the rock-hard
pillar of flesh the likes of which he'd never experienced before.

"Don't you know what this is?" she said a bit puzzled as her fist went up
and down on his member, "have you never had someone do this to you before?"

"No! No .. I .."

She giggled again. "I can't believe this. What is the Grandmaster Asterios
thinking? Not only is he sending out untrained elves but virgin ones too!"
She shook her head almost as if in dismay. "What about all the beautiful,
blonde elven girls you grew up with? Did none of them ever try to touch you
like I am touching you?"

He shook his head.

"Better yet, didn't you ever touch one of the girls? Maybe corner her under
a tree in your lovely green Mother Tree glade and jump on her, sticking your
mighty purple rod into her quivering quim?"

Valandil was blushing a bright red again and he was almost shocked speechless
by her words, "No! Never would I have done that! It would have been wrong ...
though ... I ..." he stopped almost biting his tongue.

"Continue, you were going to say something ..." her hand moved up and down
faster on his cock, her thumb sliding over the helmet, squeezing little
droplets of liquid out of the hole and coating the surface of the glans with

Valandil groaned as the Dark Elf's hand made him see stars before his eyes,
"... I had ... thoughts ... wicked thoughts ... everytime I saw one of the
female elves run about ... their beautiful long legs bare even when wearing
the most powerful armor, their skirts short and light, rising at the lightest
breeze ... their lacy white panties clinging to the curves of their firm
buttocks and entering between the lips of their ..."

Seona laughed. "Oh my, we have a pervert here, a little Elven pervert
thinking bad things about his sister Elves ..." Valandil blushed and tried
to get up, to run away from this place, to go hide in a dark cave somewhere
but Seona held him down as she continued to speak, "... just my type of Elf,
my dear Valandil."

"Really?" he said in a small voice.

"Of course" she replied in her sultry voice, "did you think we Dark Elves are
as goody-good as you? That's why most of your race hate us, because we do the
things that you just dream of doing. When I was just a young elf, barely
twenty years old I had already been taken by several hundred Dark Elfs as
well as several humans who visited our village. Ahhh, those were men ... big,
hairy men, who lasted forever inside me, pounding away at my every hole ...
must be something to do with their short lives I think. But enough about me.
Look at you. Young, strong and good looking, yet you haven't slept with a
girl. That is just wrong. And I Seona of Flamewing shall make that right, for
while I am an evil, wicked, power-hungry Dark Elf ..." she giggled at the
look on Valandil's face, "... I am kind at heart ... and besides I'm a little
horny too. Can you believe I've just traveled from Gludin to Cruma Tower
where I spent the better part of ten days constantly fighting and now almost
back to Dark Elf Village without sex? I hope you can because I definitely
can't. In fact it's so unbelievable that I'm going to correct it right away!"

Valandil gulped as Seona got up and stood over him, pushing him down roughly
to the ground. Her large breasts heaved with her every movement constrained
as they were by the tight corset. She knelt on the ground, her legs to either
side of his chest and lowered her head down to his cock. All he could see now
were the full moons of her butt cheeks separated down the center by her black
thong. He licked his lips which had suddenly gone dry as a delicious aroma
wafted up from between her legs, a scent that made him become even harder and
bigger than he was already, much to Seona's pleasure who chose that moment to
close her full, dark gray lips around his member.

She sucked away happily, noisily and wetly clamping her lips down around
the entire length of his shaft. Valandil had never experienced anything so
wonderful. He lay dazed and in ecstasy as the Dark Elf blew him. She stopped
for a moment and looked over her shoulder.

"Hey" she wagged her butt to grab his attention and she succeeded, "you know
you can do a bit more than just lie there. Use your fingers or better yet
your tongue" with that she turned again to his shaft where a fat, delicious
drop of pre-cum had formed just waiting to be sucked up and swallowed.

The young elf tried to figure out exactly what Seona had meant ... fingers?
tongue? where did he have to use them? Then he noticed that the thong had
somehow slipped aside from her butt crack and there was something dark and
inviting lying exposed. His fingers reached out without conscious thought
and he touched her warm skin. They soon encountered wetness and he realized
that it was the source of the wonderful scent he'd been smelling. Something
within him suddenly growled, something that elves usually kept well hidden
inside of them. He had a feral look in his blue eyes as he grabbed her thighs
and pulled her body further up on him until his face was level with her butt.
Then he squeezed each butt cheek so hard that Seona moaned through a mouthful
of his cock. His long tongue flicked out and tasted her pussy juice, licking
it up from her labia as they slowly spread apart, revealing the inner
pinkness. Her taste made him go wild and his tongue moved so rapidly that he
almost worked up a froth in her cunt.

Seona stopped sucking on his dick for a moment and lay still gasping for
breath as the young elf tongued her. Even with his inexperience he was doing
it quite well, very well to tell the truth, so well that if she didn't stop
him he'd actually make her cum before she wanted to. She let him penetrate
her deeply with his tongue for several more strokes then as he flicked it at
her clit, unconsciously knowing that this was the right thing to do, she
rolled sideways getting off his body.

"No, please" he moaned, "don't go away, not now!"

"Don't worry, Valandil, I'm not leaving you, I am just moving to a different
position, one that will please you more. You want me to please you,

"Yes, yes!" he cried as she crouched over him, this time facing him. She
leant forward and grabbed his cock her long nails raking over it for a
moment. Then she was stuffing it into her wet slit and lowering herself
down on him.

Both elves moaned in mutual pleasure as the unusually big cock slid into the
tight, warm tunnel. Then Seona was bouncing up and down on him lightly while
he reached up to grab her tits. He undid the corset and her globes of flesh
popped free of their constraints and bounced up and down to the Dark Elf's
motion. Valandil squeezed them gently in his fingers, finding the hard
nipples, tweaking and pulling at the dark buds.

Their cries of excitement had brought forth many creatures of the night who
stood or crouched at some distance from the copulating couple, their yellow
eyes glinting in the moonlight. They didn't come any closer though, because
unknown to Valandil, the Dark Elf had cast a Charm spell which calmed the
monsters and made them feel they didn't want to attack. At the moment
Valandil really didn't care about anything else except for the hot woman
that was fucking him. His first ever fuck! And with a Dark Elf, no least,
one who knew more about sex than most of the Elven girls at Elven village

Then clear thought was impossible for the young elf as Seona gyrated her
hips in just a certain way on his cock, her vaginal muscles clenching and
unclenching in such a manner that he could do nothing but explode! As she
felt his seed begin to rush up his cock, she climbed off him and lay her
head on his thighs. The cum spurted out and splashed on her face and lips.
She licked up the thick rivulets of elf-juice then closed her lips around
the extra-sensitive glans making Valandil cry out and involuntarily buck
his hips against her face, forcing her to deep throat him, something which
she hadn't quite expected but which she went along with gamely and quite

Finally he was completely spent and he lay back in a half-daze. Seona licked
her lips clean, wiping the cum off her face and then licking it up off her

"That was great, for an Elf" she said grinning.

Then she lay next to him while he slept, his hand squeezing one of her
luscious butt cheeks, his face nestled cozily between her heaving breasts.

It was morning when he awoke, she having kept him safe all night. It was then
that Valandil decided to forget his quest for now and postpone his meeting
Master Sorius at Gludio and instead they ran together to the Dark Elf Village
where he and Seona had a few more instructive and very wild sex sessions. It
wasn't quite the training that Nerupa or GrandMaster Asterios had in mind for
Valandil when they'd sent him out of Elven Village, but it definitely was
worth it from Valandil's point of view.

* * *

The adventures of the Elf Valandil and his sexual romps throughout the land
of Aden may continue if I get enough feedback *wink, nudge* :P


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