Story codes: MF, oral, anal, fist, scat, ws, cons

Little Britain: Call Her Bubbles, Darling
by Stephen Mills

"Excuse me? Excuse me? Mrs De Vere?" I asked, as I forcefully knocked on the
door to the private tanning room here at the health club/spa. It was a place
I had been working at for nearly 4 years now, and still I had never seen a
woman as vain, sure and full of herself as Mrs De Vere was; she seemed to
think she was somehow gods gift to men, but she must have been at least in
her mid fifties; her skin was beginning to sag, she wasn't particularly
attractive, and most of all she was morbidly obese. Everyone around here
knew about her; how she seduced countless men who worked here, (myself NOT
included), and how she never actually paid for any of her treatments. She
always made up a phoney excuse, and by the next minute was rampantly rogering
the member of staff assigned to confront her. I wouldn't fall into that trap.
How could I?

"Mrs De Vere, please!" I yelled this time. There was no response. I was about
to unlock the door myself, and surely walk in and see a sight that would scar
me for life, when there came a reply; "yes, dear?"

I heard her walk over to the door, she spoke; "It's open, darling, do come

I slowly turned the door-knob, and the door creaked open. Mrs De Vere was
standing, thank god, wearing a white towel, just big enough to cover her
enormous, bulbous body. Her fat thighs and ankles were still showing though,
as well as the layers of fat hanging off her arms. It was also impossible
to tell where her neck stopped and her chest began. I looked at her for a
moment, before recomposing myself, and getting to the matter at hand.

"Mrs De Veres..."

"Call me Bubbles, darling, everyone does."

"Mrs De Vere..."

"'Bubbles', sweetie, 'Bubbles'" she replied emphatically.

"Fine, Bubbles. I need to speak with you about these." I held up the clump of
papers I had in my hand, and she looked at them, confused.

"Mrs De Vere, you have not paid for a single treatment at this clinic since
you started coming here; body wax; 50 - unpaid, manicure; 30 - unpaid..."
I could have kept on going if she hadn't have cut me off.

"Tell me, Mr...?"

"Johnson" I replied.

"Mr Johnson. Have you a lady friend? You know a wife or such?"

"I have a girlfriend." I replied calmly, though I was getting very

"Oh, really? And what on earth would she think if she knew you were
fraternising with a beautiful woman such as me?" I nearly laughed my arse off
right then and there.

"Well, I certainly wouldn't call it THAT, Mrs De Vere."

"Tell me, Mr Johnson, do you want me? Sexually, I mean. You know I could be
yours if you want me. I have seen the way you look over your shoulder at me -
at my bottom when I come out of the sauna."

I was stunned. I looked down to the ground.

As I looked up again, before I could even attempt a reply, she was standing
stark naked in front of me, towel dropped to the ground. I cannot describe
her to you, at least without making you physically sick. It made me want to
vomit - at least initially. Her arms were now by her sides, blubbery and
rubbery, the cracks in her skin all over her body could be seen easily. Her
neck was still buried under a thick, sweaty roll of fat, her breasts hung
down almost as far as her belly button (which I struggled to make out), and
they were of course crinkled, extremely saggy, and flat and droopy, her
nipples surprisingly small and red. Her legs were the fattest part of her
(next to her stomach), as her thighs wobbled and the fat round her ankles
almost covered her small feet. Her vagina was a barely noticeable slit
between the two trunks she had for thighs. I could just make out her vaginal
lips, engulfed by a mound of thin grey pubic hairs that were as dense as
forest. The layers of fat covering her torso were endless and looked like

But, as I tell you now; I found her somehow very alluring and seductive. I
honestly cannot explain; it was as though a hypnotic state had overcome me,
I was captivated by her; entranced. At first I found her repulsive and
degrading. Now, for some sick, perverted reason, I found that I DID want
her, just as she had said. I needed her body, and she could tell, looking
me up and down in my uniform.

"Well, darling, shall we?" She walked slowly over to me. She reached a flabby
arm out, and pulled my face forward down onto her right breast, specifically,
her nipple. I cannot describe next how I felt; it was an ineffable
experience, one that could never be shared. Her nipple was moist and round,
and as I nuzzled it with my nose, I felt my penis become very hard. I opened
my mouth, and began to bite and chew on it, as she held me firmly in place,
her moans of pleasure arousing me even more.

"Yes, dear, that's it. Wrap your mouth round it."

I was now already in a fit of ecstasy, and immediately put one hand down
between her legs, grabbing hold of her hairy snatch hard. She moaned loudly,
as I worked two fingers in and out of the gaping mound. It was not long
before my fingers were lubricated, as her sweating juices poured out of her
slit. I moved my mouth round her nipple, before pulling off it, and kissing
her droopy tit, lifting it up, I felt underneath it, and licked the sweat
off. My fingers were covered in a sweet smelling, sticky translucent goo. I
lifted my head from her tit, pulled my hand up to my face, and rubbed it all
over, including my mouth. I then rubbed it all over her face, before we
embraced in a passionate, kinky kiss, swapping her bodily fluids, while my
tongue plumbed deep down her throat. Her mouth was fairly well salivated,
and her fat, swollen red lips were engorging mine. I tried to speak, but
found it impossible to do so. Both our mouths were interlocked hard. My hand
found its way back down between her legs, this time onto her revealed,
swollen, pink and fatty clitoris. I worked one finger up and down it as she
sighed deeply, still kissing me. Saliva was now dripping from both our open
mouths, and I used my tongue to lick if from her face. Her clitoris was
turning a reddish colour now, and becoming quite wet. With another finger I
pierced her vagina once more, finding now that my index finger slid in with
utter ease. With my one remaining hand, my lips moving all across Bubbles'
face, I felt around the back of her, at a place I had not yet seen, and ran
my hand across both her arse cheeks. They were huge, absolutely massive,
chunky and rippled. Squeezing each one at a time, my nails digging into the
flesh, I then put all four of my fingers inside her arse. It felt warm and
slightly moist, though still a little dry and rough. Our mouths still
exploring each other, my fingers went deeper and deeper inside her anus,
until I reached her rectum, and felt a sort of pressure on my fingers, she
broke the kiss, breathless, and through her head back with pleasure at this,
as I licked her exposed vagina-like neck (now seen for the first time). I
made sure to keep some kind of eye contact during this whole time. My fingers
probed the very crevices of her deep, wide anus. I could tell it had seen
some action. After shoving as far as I could, I pulled them out, still
massaging her snatch and clit. My fingers were fairly dry, but covered in a
lightish brown faecal matter. I held them up to my face, and put a finger in
my mouth, tasting her foul innards. The shit scraped off my tongue harshly.
She put her head forward again, and stuck one of my fingers in her mouth,
licking off and sucking on her own shit.

"This gives me an idea." I said.

Within the next minute or so, I was lying naked, face up on the floor, and
Bubbles was standing directly over my face. Her moon-like arse staring at
me, anticipating, she looked down at me with a smutty look before gently
squatting down like a dog, just above my head.

"OK" I told her.

Putting her head up, looking to the ceiling, she made a groaning noise,
closing her eyes and biting down hard on her lower lip. Nothing happened.
She tried again, and slowly, out of her anus, I could see something coming.

"That"s it, baby."

She groaned again, pushing as hard as she could, before finally it came out,
and landed on my face, my nose, mouth and lips. Splattered across my face,
her thick, sloppy brown shit lay on me. Smelling and tasting foul, disgusting
and sweet and syrupy simultaneously, there were about three sausage sized
lumps straddled across my face, along with a thinner brown liquid. Looking up
through my shit covered eyes; I saw the rest of it still splattered across
her arse cheeks. I used my tongue to lick and swallow the thin brown juice
that was on and around my lips and mouth, before using fingers to scrape it
quickly off the rest of my face before it dried up completely. It tasted
slightly nutty as well. There were bits of other things in it, little lumps
and balls of things; sometimes I had to chew them quite hard. As for the
lumps, I picked each one up, smothering some of it on my face, and the rest
on my body, before placing each one in my mouth, chewing the thick, foul
smelling shit, and swallowing. I kept one of them though, for use with
Bubbles herself. This may sound sick and twisted, but to me it was the very
essence of physical love.

My sexual depravity was now at its height.

Bubbles sat down on my face, and kindly allowed me to scoop and chew on the
remaining solid shit that was on her cheeks, and still deep inside her.

"Yes, darling, clean me out."

After this, I told Bubbles that this kind of extremely kinky sex turned me on
intensely. Eager to please, she this time squatted straight down on top of my
face, covering my entire head with her obese arse. She let out a short fart
in my face and I breathed as deeply as I could to inhale it. Knowing that her
sitting on me was depriving me of oxygen, she groaned and moaned loudly,
desperate pleading with her anus to let loose excrement. In what must have
only been a few seconds, her rectum seemed to loosen, and she let out this
time a long, thin squirt of brown liquid, it seemed to spray rather than
flow, and went all across my face, even some in my hair. The cascade kept my
cock hard as all I could see in front of me was darkness. Some of it went in
my mouth, but most dribbled to the sides.

My tongue was like a thirsty dog, lapping and biting her walls to get
every last bit of shit that I possibly could. I felt revolted yet totally
satisfied. She now squatted down on her knees on top of me, and lay down her
body against mine, feeling my hard cock. I looked to my right, and to the now
dried and solid lump of shit that lay by me, and was careful in picking it up
as it was breaking in two. I put one end of it partially in my mouth, and she
put the other end in hers. In a kind of hardcore "Lady and the Tramp", we
both ate at it, devouring it with each bite, until our shit ridden lips met
at the end, and locked into the brown glop, our lips crashed so hard, that
the shit made a noise as it dripped from the sides of our mouths. My hungry
hands now ran all over her sagging body, bumping over her veins, and
squeezing nipples and arse. As I kissed her, the hairs on her top lip rubbed
with mine, creating friction that excited me even more. Whilst she lay there
on top of me, my mind began to wander, thinking up sick new ways to explore
our passion for one another.

"I wanna taste you again."

She now moved as quickly as she could, rubbed her body on mine, and sat with
her cunt just below my face, her thick legs behind her, and resting her arms
on the floor in front of her. She pushed further up, so her gleaming, hair
twat was just below my nose. Her pubic hairs were wet and some stuck to her
vagina, which too was red and swollen.

Now she let forth a torrent of sun yellow fluid onto my face. The warmth of
it was comforting like a golden stream of sunshine beaming generously and
sensitively on my skin. It was as a drip of happiness and content. The liquid
emanating from her cunt mixed itself with her vaginal juices upon entering my
nose, mouth and eyes. She jiggled her buttocks in the air in an obscene
non-verbal gesture as she did so, marking her enthusiasm and delight. There
was a splashing sound as some hit the floor and made little golden crowns
before forming small puddles. As the fluid entered my mouth, I could scarcely
relate to you the sensation of it, it was unlike anything ever experienced
before. I could only say it tasted slightly tangy and bitter, but at the same
time was enjoyable, greatly so. Drinking it with pleasure, some of her pubic
hairs were smothered onto my lips and face, sticking to the urine. Bubbles
leaned further forward, so that her cunt was nearly overpowering my face. The
scent from her womanhood was of a piss-stain and of come. That is the only
way to describe it. I breathed deeply in, savouring it, as the piss continued
to flow for what seemed almost a minute. Sipping as much as possible, tasting
gold from the Holy Grail, I leaned my head forward as much as possible under
the enormous weight of her, and got a taste of her piss and come stained
cunt. I then began licking with the edge of my tongue, stimulating her
genitalia with even the slightest touch, her lips quivered, retracting and
then filling out. The pissing stopped with slight drips that were swallowed
one by one.

What I had failed to notice during this time was that her arse was now
comfortably rested on my pulsing cock. And Bubbles, taking care, rocked back
and forth on my girth. Gently she swayed back and forth, whilst her red hair
flayed to and across. My hands reached up as far as possible, grabbing at
her flopping tits. Her body was now sweaty uncontrollably, a fat mound of
wet rubber. The sweet drops of liquid dripped off her tits, and mostly her
nipples onto my face, and I licked at them whenever I could do so. My hands
tweaked at her nipples, rimming her areolas with precision. Once more she
flung her head back in ecstasy, as my cock ached from being stuffed so far
up her. She now became a mirage; no longer a human body, but a mass of flesh.
My cock was as far up her now as it would go, breaching her sphincter. My
hands clawed obsessively on the two nippled pieces of meat. As she swayed
more and more and more, I felt myself reaching a climax. As my eyes closed,
I felt the warm white sticky fluid spray out of my crown and up, plunging
into her anus, invading and ravaging her insides. I had reached a point of
no return now. How could anything from now possible exceed this?

Bubbles struggled to get up off my cock, as she did so, I could see the come
dripping out of her arse, due to the slackness of it, some of it stayed in
though. She walked across to the tanning bed, and lay down on it, face up,
her sweat glistening in the afternoon sun.

"Come to me, darling."

I walked over to the bed, and admired the sight before me. There were red
marks on her breasts and general body from my groping of her. Her vagina
dampened the bed with the semen and urine. Lying flat there, my cock was a
length stretching out as far as ever, horizontally erect, strong and firm.
I knelt down, naked, and looked at her feet. They were large and bulbous,
with her toes stubby and fatty. I looked up at her face, smiled, and then
went back down again, taking each toe in my mouth one after another,
sucking, drenching them in saliva, biting seductively and chewing on them.
I wanted to eat them, swallow and digest them. She began to giggle a little,
probably because it was tickling.

"You like that baby?" I asked her.

Once finished with one foot, I moved to the other, and did the same thing.
Next, she lifted the foot, and rested it on my face, and I licked the
wrinkles on it, and ran my tongue slowly over the sole of her foot, nibbling
her ankle, and the ball of her foot. After having done the same thing with
her other foot, I stood up, and walking to the side of the bed, kissed her
still-shitty lips, before moving down to her gigantic and imposing thighs,
the largest part of her (bar her stomach). I started from her lower shins,
and licked in motions, sometimes circling her legs, rubbing veins and
occasional hairs, working up onto her knobbly knees, which caused a strange
sensation, until reaching her gorgeous thighs. They were fat and full of
purple stretch marks. I dug nails into them, and used my tongue leaving a
trail of liquid behind, like a snail. I now climbed onto the bed, and having
reached the place I was waiting for, Bubbles looked me in the eye and told
me; "Eat down there."

"Yes, sweetheart Bubbles." This was the first time I had called her by her
first name and had actually meant it, I mean sexually and emotionally.

I closed eyes, and buried my head into her heaving sack. The taste of her
tangy juices excited me intensely, maintaining my hard-on. The smell must
have been some kind of heaven sent scent. Her hairs tickled my face sexily,
and my nose was the first thing to totally penetrate her cunt. I looked up
at her one last time, to savour her look as I ate her. My nose was covered
with the thick, stinking liquid, the stench of it, now drying and becoming
encrusted was almost unbearable, making it all that much more pleasurable.
My nose scanned around, as my tongue lapped at her cunt lips, which were
sticky and pink. I licked and sucked on them, making an odd kind of a noise.
Her cunt was so large and spread, that I could only stimulate one part of
it at once. The pink thin flesh inside her cunt was also lubricated, and as
I stretched her cunt as wide open as it would possibly go, a trickle of new
liquids secreted from her womb. The skin glistened as it had before, and
became luminous in the light. My hands grabbed the bed sheets for grip, and
became damp from the juices absorbed into them. It is impossible to fully
explain, or at least reasonably explain the formation of her vagina, the
walls were thin and taut, and inside was simply a mass of flesh, red, and
pink, even purple. It was all very wet, mostly from my tongue. My face,
just like her cunt, was now very soggy indeed. The juice covered my eyes,
nose, eyebrows, eyelids, forehead, even my hair; it was even dripping
intermittently off my chin. She came within just a minute, and a flood of
liquids covered my face, even more so than before, as well as the bed
sheets. The come also trickled down her legs in a river. Even then though,
I continued, mopping the come off my face with both hands, and licking it
off the bed sheets. I felt as though I almost knew her vagina by name by
now, having become so acquired to its taste and scent. After I had licked
up as much off the sheets, my face, and her cunt and legs, I climbed on top
of her, so my cock entered her cunt.

"Oh, yes, honey, I like it in there."

I leaned and kissed her, smearing come and saliva on her face. She wiped some
off with a finger and offered it me; I licked it, and then did the same for
her. It was amazing the amount of come that she had inside of her. But,
considering she was a woman of ample build, I guess it wasn"t too unusual.

My cock, hard as rock, was now probing, searching further inside her womb,
lubed as much as possible. I began shafting her in and out, as the sweat ran
down her breasts, and onto her cunt. I kept eye contact, as did she. My cock
was forcing its way into her, and her quiet yelps of pain caused me to thrust
even deeper inside of her, causing her a maximum amount of pain. Her flesh
inevitably wobbled and shook while I pounded her. I took hold of her fat hips
to steady myself, and my fingers quickly sank into her moist flesh. I pumped
and pumped, harder and harder. My hands moving from her hips to her breasts
again, groping them and lifting them up from her chest, then dropping them
back down again. Leaning over I could just run the tip of my tongue down her
cleavage, the sweat tasting salty and bitter on my tongue; her flesh was
surprisingly cold. A shattering thought suddenly crossed my mind.

"Bubbles, baby, I don"t have any contraception!"

"Oh, never mind, darling, I am sure we need not worry about that!"

I suppose she was right. A woman of her age couldn"t possible be fertile
anymore. My rhythm of fucking her continued uninterrupted once again. The bed
started to shake and creak as I went harder and faster, I feared that it may
break entirely under the force of our animal passion, forcing all my length
into her, and using all my might to penetrate as far as humanly possibly,
reaching the very bounds of her womb, hoping to touch her G-Spot. I was
determined to give her orgasm.

Surely enough, within just a few minutes, she began to lie still and calm
as she anticipated the storm about to erupt. Then, from a state of almost
sedation, she let out an almighty roar, one that could have shattered
windows, as I came inside of her, and gave her the biggest orgasm I had
ever thought possible. I could sense my semen flowing into her moist womb,
but what I had not expected was that she too would come. It flowed past my
cock, and dribbled slowly in thin strips down her thighs and onto the bed.
It was a clear liquid that was absorbed almost immediately by the linen.

She lay for a few seconds, before suggesting a new plan of action. Her mind,
astonishingly for a woman of her physical stature and frailty, was still
solidly on fucking.

"Darling, do be a darling. I have never experienced a man, taking me up the -
well, you know - behind."

Of course I knew exactly what she meant. Of course she herself would never be
so crude as to ask me straight out to fuck her up her fat arse. But I knew
what she wanted. And that was all that mattered.

I told her she needed to turn over, so I could properly penetrate her, but
she knew that if she did so, the bed may break completely. So instead, she
suggested she stay lying where she was, and I lift her legs onto my
shoulders, and insert myself into her that way, while she still was facing
up. Using my strength, I just managed to lift her chunky thighs, resting her
feet on my shoulders, kissing them as I did so, toe nibbling. I aimed my cock
at her arse, and slid it in, the feeling was gravely and rough, probably from
our perverse shit eating together. I pushed further in, touching her shit,
and pounded her for all she was worth, her tits flapping and bouncing from
the vibration. I held her thighs to steady myself, and carried on pounding
her ample arse. I then used one hand to stick a finger into her anus, whilst
my cock was still inside, scraping skid marks off her arse, and sucking them
off my finger. My cock was desperate to come in her, but I paused for a
moment and held back. This time I put my hand fully into her arse, fisting
her as far up as I could go, her groaning was pleasure and pain together. I
pulled it out after ramming it hard, and rubbed it on my face and my tongue.
My cock exploded in a splash of hot white come. It shot straight up her arse.
At the same time, I pulled out, and some of it darted onto her chest and
face. I pulled my cock out, and licked the come off her tits and face. I laid
her legs down back onto the bed.

Her torso was now covered with stinking sweat that beaded off her, dots of
blood from when I had grabbed her flesh in ecstasy, a mixture of semen and
vaginal secretion, and finally of course, brown slashes of shit across her
body. Needless to say, she looked stunning.

I lay by the side of her, and licked certain parts of her body, the shit, the
sweat and blood. The tastes mingled on my tongue. Although her vagina tasted
sublime to me, in honesty, it was her enormous arse that attracted me most.
Having fucked her arse to ruins, I decided I would try something else

I helped her steadily turn over so that her arse stuck up in the air. It took
a few minutes due to her enormous weight, but when it was done, I had the
best view in the world. I sat on my knees, and lowered my head, licking each
of her cheeks. They rubbed on my tongue, and my elation at the sight of her
crack strengthened my resolve to do what I was about to do next. After
adequately salivating over her plum cheeks, I put the middle finger of my
right hand into her anus. I explored as far as I could reach, touching her
sphincter and arousing her greatly. I pulled out and sucked hard on my
finger; come and shit.

My tongue plummeted into her arse, chewing on shit and biting the flesh. To
my surprise, she put her arm back, and grabbing hold of my hair, pushed my
head deeper into her, so that I was almost engulfed. I was lost inside of
her, in a warm, comfy place. I didn"t want to leave. My tongue flapped around
and smacked the sides of her arse in a random pattern. I used my hands to pry
open her arse cheeks as far as I could, almost to the point that I was
ripping the flesh. I was unable to satisfy myself enough with her anus. I
wanted to go in and come out of the other end of her. I squeezed her cheeks
closed on my head and tickled her sphincter with my tongue. Her screams of
delight encouraged me even more so than previously. Her fingers were tearing
at my hair, but it was something I hardly even noticed at the time. Her arse
still tasted of faecal matter. No matter how much I cleaned it with my tongue
I could still taste it; and I liked it.

She must have sensed what I wanted her to do, and let out a gust of wind that
rushed past my hair, blowing it, and past my face. It smelt of shit. "How was
that, sweets?" She asked me hopefully. "That was great, baby." I told her,
muffled by my head being so far up her arse. I pulled my head out, and sat on
the bed. I too was now sweating profusely.

I moved up to her shoulders, and kissed them. Next I lifted the flab of her
arms up, and pulling up each arm, licked and sucked on her sweating armpits.
There were small thin hairs coursing out of them, which I put in my teeth and
tugged on. Once more the taste of the sweat stung my tongue like a wasp.

"May you now allow me to please you?" She asked.

"Yes, of course, Bubbles. I want you to suck my prick."

Bubbles got up, and sat, legs on the bed. "God, you're beautiful" I told her,
she blushed.

Bubbles crawled slowly over to me, and bent her head forward. I scrunched her
hair in my hands, and she grabbed my cock with both hands. Contrary to what I
expected, she did not put it in her mouth, but began to slowly work my cock,
rubbing it slow and gently up and down. I closed my eyes briefly, before
opening them again; I wanted to witness this act. Her firm grip was
advantageous to her masturbating me. She did it with shocking force and
ferocity. Even touching my balls every so often, plumping them up. The
pre-come liquid soon began to seep out like sap, and at that point, her
pleasuring me picked up rapid speed and soon I sprayed on her neck and face.

She looked up at me, the semen spread on her nose, cheeks, and dripping from
her chin. I licked it off her.

I was still ready for more satisfaction. So Bubbles kindly went down on me
once more, the semen dribbling down from the top of my cock, she licked it
off the sides, and then gorged herself on my cock. She worked it long and
hard, holding onto it with her left hand, and stimulating her clit with her
right hand, which began to trickle liquid and which turned bright red. Her
warm red lips moved up and down. My penis was ready to come again, and I
warned her so. She slid her mouth to the top of my cock, and licked and
sucked the tip of it, even softly nibbling it, which caused me great pain.
Then she once more stuffed my whole length into her greedy mouth and sucked
and sucked and sucked on it, until once more, my hands on her head, I came,
with less force this time, but no less pleasure. Bubbles swallowed it.

"I think we need to clean. We need to take a shower." She said.

Nothing could have sounded better to me at all.

Within just a few minutes, I had the shower in the room on, spraying hot
water, fast and straight, like a proud, magnificent penis on display,
endlessly spouting come from its crown.

Bubbles and I stepped into the shower, and I picked up the soap. As the water
bounced off her body, and trickled down from her chin onto her breasts, and
then dripping from her nipples onto her stomach, I placed the soap on her
shoulders and began to scrub, the lather formed quickly, and was just as
quickly removed by the spraying water. The white soapy liquid looked like
semen as it dribbled down her chest.

Bubbles took hold of my cock with one hand, and with her other hand, began
rubbing her clit. She began pulling me off, hard. I moved my soapy hands onto
her tits, and massaged the soap gently into them as she made her clit run
with a thin white fluid. I told her to lift up her arms, having done so; I
washed her sweating pits, rubbing the soap hard, abrasive against her rough

As she made me come, I moved the soap down across her chest, onto her
stomach, rubbing at the flabby skin, then down past her belly button, and
onto her soaking snatch. I looked her in the eyes as my hand vertically moved
up and down the mound of wet hair and fleshy pouch. Her eyes fluttered, and
her face turned red. My fingers probed inside of her with great ease, the
soap dropped out of my hand, and my wet soapy fingers slid in and out of her
as though she had been lubed up. As I was doing this, my remaining hand went
round her back, and I stuck it up into her slack arse. It was warm. It did
not take long for her to come, coming and coming all over my fingers. I
hungrily licked the juices off once more.

She looked down, and just past her belly noticed that the soap was on the
floor. She instinctively turned around, and knelt over to pick it up, as she
did so, I also knelt down, and placed my head directly in front of her arse.
I ran a wet tongue over her cheeks, as the water splashed and dripped off
them. Bubbles had got hold of the soap, and passed it to me between her legs.
I held the soap, looking at her anus, and stuffed the soap inside her bottom.
I rotated my hand so the soap reached every crevice of her arse. Then I got
another idea.

"I want you to shit on me, baby." I told her.

"Already, dear?" She asked me.

I nodded my head, and she began to wretch and moan as she forced excrement
out of her anus. As my hand, still holding the soap, was inside of her, I
felt the shit ooze slowly past my hand, cover the soap, and then drip in
blobs down onto the shower floor. I pulled my hand out, and licked the shit
off the floor, before rimming her arse with my tongue, and tasting more of
her anal leakage. Then I stood up, and gave Bubbles my shit covered hand,
which she sucked and licked, nibbling the bits of it off my fingers. Her
lips were smeared with the brown glop. I licked it from her lips, before
exiting the shower abruptly.

"Where are you going, honey cakes?"

I told her I was going to get something for a little fun. I slipped on a
robe, left the room, and appeared a few minutes later, carrying a tube of
cream and a tube of honey. Getting back in the shower, I trickled both the
cream and the honey on her breasts, and rubbed some into her vagina, filling
it. I then put some in her mouth, and as she kept her mouth wide open, I
licked it out using my tongue, we then swapped the cream and honey between
our mouths numerous times, sucking it off each others tongues.

I lapped my tongue at the white cream, eating it from off her tits, as she
used her hand to squeeze them, and her nipples as I did so. I then got on my
knees, and put my head between her legs, slurping and slapping my tongue at
the cream and honey that was crammed onto and into her cunt. I got all of it
that I could, and even shoved both bottles into her arse and cunt to get her
to scream in sexual agony.

Her cunt seeped juices once more that mixed pleasantly with the cream and
honey. I also told Bubbles to piss as I ate her cunt, which she did, and the
bitter, lemony coloured liquid went straight down my throat. I bent further
down, and kissed and gently licked her toes.

She ran her hands over my taut chest, feeling my nipples and rubbing my
stomach, she even tweaked at my pubic hair, which excited me greatly.

Now that I could no longer think of any other way of pleasuring myself with
Bubbles, we both got out of the shower, still wet, and I rubbed her body down
with a towel. However I saved her arse, cunt and nipples, which I licked dry

Feeling exhausted and sexually gratified, we lay down next to each other
on the bed, our naked bodies lying side be side, holding hands. Our lust
subsided, our satisfaction acquired.

For now...


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