Little Giants: Becky And Junior In Love (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])

A girl's life could be very frustrating. These were the very thoughts of an
elderly woman who sat on her front porch, sitting next to her significant
other, a dignified older man. They are watching their grandchildren play
outside. The older woman smiled. Her mind drifted back to the awkward time
they, life could be full of surprise...Just ask Becky O'Shea also
known as Ice Box.

Forty Years Before...

Becky "Ice Box" O'Shea was the daughter of Danny O'Shea, a car mechanic in
the city of Urbania in Ohio. Ever since she was quite young, Becky discovered
that she was different from the other girls. She was very athletic. She
excelled at sports. She was just as good and sometimes better than most of
the male athletes. She loved to play ball with her dad and her mom. One day,
her life changed forever. Her mother decided to leave them. She was finding
herself, at least that's what she told them.

Becky was just a kid back then. She didn't understand that her mother had
other interests. Her father took care of her. The departure of her mother
really affected Becky. She put all of her energies into school and sports.
She liked to play soccer and baseball but she really loved football.
Unfortunately, the town's rules were rigid, particularly against a girl
playing football. Back in the 1970s, a law was passed called Title IX.
Basically, it stood to allow equal opportunity for women in academics and
education. Football teams were exempt from Title IX. Becky O'Shea could
never join the school's football team. Many girls were doing great out
there in sports. Some women competed against men in high school and college
wrestling teams. Recently, in Oklahoma, a girl who was on an all-male
wrestling team won the state championship in her weight category. Pretty
impressive, huh? The Women's National Basketball Association was doing
great, although it was much younger and less famous than the NBA. Becky was
the kind of girl that many guys would like. She loved to watch and play
football. She loved action movies. She hated wearing dresses or makeup.
Also, she hated chick flicks. Becky O'Shea had been one of the guys her
whole life.

One day, everything in Becky's life changed. She decided to try out for her
uncle's football team. Kevin O'Shea, big brother of Danny O'Shea was a former
star athlete. He was now coaching a local football team. Unfortunately, he
wouldn't allow Becky to join even though she was really strong, fast and knew
a lot about the game of football. So, Becky and her father looked for young
people to join their football team. They were gonna face Kevin O'Shea's
football team. Kevin O'Shea was a great coach. Danny didn't know anything
about football. First, there was Junior Floyd, a tall, handsome young guy
whom Becky took a liking to. There were others, such as Jake Berman, Rudy
Zolteck, Tad Simpson and Timmy Moore. They were basically a bunch of geeky
kids trying to make it out there. Becky was a damn good football player. So
was Junior Floyd. They had become friends while practicing together. Junior
was a good-looking guy. He was also really cool. Becky developed a crush on
him. Unfortunately, another girl had her eyes on Junior. It was none other
than Becky's cousin, Priscilla O'Shea, daughter of Kevin O'Shea and Karen
O'Shea. Junior seemed to like Priscilla. Becky was frustrated and a bit
jealous. She was just a young girl discovering certain things about the
relations between men and women. Junior liked hanging out with Becky. He
liked hanging out with her. When it came down to who he'd rather kiss, or
go out with, he seemed to prefer Priscilla. Why? Because Priscilla was so
pretty and oh-so girly.... While Becky was...not.

Becky was the kind of girl who'd clean up her daddy's garage in overalls,
fix the cars in there and then go to a classy party wearing the same clothes.
Guys liked chicks who were into sports. They didn't necessarily want to date
them. Becky was crushed. She didn't want to see Junior with Priscilla. There
were many sides to Becky which people didn't seem to know about. To most
people she was just Ice Box, the strongest chick on the block and the
toughest player on the team. People often forgot that she was a genuine girl
with genuinely feminine feelings. She had crushes on boys and everything. She
liked to be treated like an equal. Just as she deserved to. She was NOT a
guy! People sometimes forgot that distinction. Oh, well. Becky had a crush on
Junior. He didn't seem to be interested in dating tomboys. Nah, he preferred
that airhead cheerleader, Priscilla O'Shea. Becky loved football but nowhere
near as much as she loved Junior Floyd. She wanted him badly. Although she'd
never tell anyone this, she often fantasized and daydreamed about him. Once,
she even kissed her pillow and pretended that it was him. People do strange,
sometimes stupid things for love. A certain Urbanian tomboy was no exception.
Becky did the unthinkable: Thinking that Junior would like her more if she
was more feminine, she dropped out of the football team and became a
cheerleader. This plan was inspired by her uncle, the nefarious Kevin O'Shea,
who coached the opposing team and wanted the Little Giants to lose one of
their star players.

Kevin O'Shea's already well-trained football team had recruited a new player.
A rather strong, harsh and brutal kid named Spike. The day came for the
Little Giants to face their foes, Kevin O'Shea's team. Danny and his Little
Giants played to the best of their abilities but the opposing team mowed them
down. Spike was harsh and brutal. Becky O'Shea watched unhappily from the
sidelines as her friends and teammates were losing to Kevin O'Shea's team.
She didn't know what to do and regretted quitting the team. The guys needed
her. She was the heart of the team. Her beloved Junior Floyd did the best
that he could but he was one good player in a team of average Joes minus
their super-Jane facing a team of brutal and well-trained football players.
Spike, the leader of coach Kevin O'Shea's team targeted Junior Floyd, the
only hope the Little Giants had of winning the match since Becky left.

Becky watched, helplessly, as Spike slammed into Junior with the strength
and speed of a bull. Junior gasped and collapsed on the ground. He lay
still. Becky's scream of anger and pain could be heard throughout the
football stadium as her beloved Junior lay there, wounded, broken and
battered by the brutish Spike. Spike walked nonchalantly back to his team
and was congratulated by his fellow brutes. Even Spike's coach, Kevin
O'Shea was astonished by the young man's brutality. He also did not approve.
Becky O'Shea dropped her cheerleader's pom poms and returned to the side of
the Little Giants. The Little Giants cheered. Ice Box had returned!!!

Ice Box returned to the game, but not before stopping by to see Junior Floyd.
She took a long look at him. The tall, handsome blond-haired, blue-eyed boy.
He smiled at her. He was glad to see her. "Go get them, Ice Box!" he said

"Call me Becky," she had said to him. She wanted to kiss him. Yeah, a female
linebacker wanting to kiss her male Quarterback. What was the world coming
to? She settled for a quick hug, a long look, then she saluted her dad. Danny
O'Shea was glad to see his little tomboy back into the game. Becky O'Shea
blew a kiss at her dad, and another at her, um, at Junior.

When she returned to the game, she was all business. She wanted to beat the
other team. Also, she wanted Spike's head for hurting her wonderful future
boyfr--, her, um, teammate, Junior Floyd. Becky's return stirred the Little
Giants back into action. They eventually beat the other team. Kevin O'Shea
was shocked. Oh, and Becky slammed into Spike on the football field during
the game and knocked him on his sorry behind for messing up with her
man-to-be. The town of Urbania was changed by the victory of the Little
Giants. They became the town's football team, with some additional members
joining in from their former rival team. The O'Shea brothers, Danny and
Kevin, became the coaches of the town's team.

All was well that ended well, hey? Nope.

Fast forward a couple of years. Becky O'Shea enters high school. She and
Junior Floyd continue to be best friends. She is a tall, beautiful and
sturdy young woman with long black hair and pale brown eyes. She still
plays football but only with friends. She is however the captain of the
Women's Junior Varsity Wrestling Team. She has won first place at the
last USGWA or United States Girl Wrestling Association. As for Junior, he
is the MVP of the Urbania high school football team. He continues to date
Priscilla O'Shea-clones such as Barbara Landers and Eileen Miller. Becky
has her share of dates but Junior is never far from her thoughts. Life
goes on. Years pass. One day, Junior invites Becky to come over to his
house to chill. They are both high school seniors. Becky is welcomed into
the house by Junior. He looks handsome as usual. He has prepared a nice
dinner for them. Becky gladly joins him. She doesn't know what the dinner
is about...until Junior claps her hand in his, looks her in the eyes and
says the words she will never forget for as long as she lives, "Becky
O'Shea. I love you. Please be with me."

Becky is stunned. Speechless. She doesn't know what to think. Junior loves
her? She has loved him for so long. She looks at him and sees the love in
his eyes. She loves him too. After all this time, she still loves him...
Becky O'Shea embraces Junior Floyd and kisses him. "And I love you back,"
she says.

Junior looks at Becky. In her he sees the girl he loves. The one he has
recently realized has been right in front of him all along. She is pretty,
smart, strong and wonderful. Everything he wants in a woman. He wants her
quite badly. He regrets having wasted so much dating others when the right
woman has been right in front of him all along. Becky looks at Junior and
sees in him the young man she has loved ever since he first tackled her
while they were playing football together as kids. Now, both of them have
realized that they love each other and were right for each other. Becky
looks at Junior. She takes his hand in hers. "Come to bed," she says. She
knows the way around his place, having been there so many times.

"Yes, my love," Junior says.

They go to his room. The place where they wrestled and played as kids. Now,
they stand and face each other. Man to woman. Becky smiles at Junior and
shyly removes her clothing. Junior looks at her as he does the same.

The two young lovers embrace. They share a passionate kiss. They fall on the
bed. Playfully, they wrestle on the bed, play-fighting for position. Becky
finds herself right underneath Junior. He smiles at her. That cocky grin of
his is replaced by a look of love mixed with lust and wonder. Becky smiles.
They kiss. She feels his hard, muscular, naked male body on top of her. He
feels her sexy, naked, feminine form under him. His hard member presses
against her. She wants to feel him inside her. She's ached and wanted him
for so long.

Junior says breathlessly, "Oh, Becky. I want you so bad."

Becky looks at him. "This will be my first time," she says.

Junior freezes. "What?" he says. He stares at her. Becky was a pretty girl...
although a very sturdy come she'd never been with a guy before?

Becky seems to read his mind. "I was saving myself for the one I love," she
said. "You." Junior smiles and kisses her. He loves her so much right now.
"I want you inside of me." she says. "My love."

He enters her then. She feels his hard member inside her womanhood. He is
thrusting into her. She welcomes his tool inside her. He makes love to her,
hard and fast. She cries out in equal part pain and pleasure. She has never
fully given herself to a man. Now, she gives all of herself to Junior, the
one she loves. They continue to make passionate love to each other until
orgasmic delight courses through their bodies and makes them scream...

Junior Floyd wakes up in the arms of Becky O'Shea, the woman who loves him.
The one he desperately loves. He smiles at her. She smiles back. "How was
your first time?" he asks.

Becky smiles. "Great." she says, and kisses him. Junior smiles.

He has been with other girls before. Still, this is a first for him as well.
He tells her so. "This was a first for me as well," he says. Becky blinks.
Junior smiles. "My first time making love to someone I love."

Becky wraps her arms tightly around him. God, it was astonishing how much she
loved this man. "I want to be with you always." Becky says.

"You will be." Junior promises, and means it.


Junior Floyd and Becky O'Shea were married four years after their graduation
from high school. Within three years of marriage, they became the parents of
twins Michael and Richard Floyd. The twin boys were followed by a baby girl,
Rebecca Jane Floyd. Becky O'Shea Floyd coached football in Urbania until her
retirement at the age of 54. She lives in Urbania, Ohio with her children and
grandchildren to this day.

The End


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