NOTE: This story deals with themes of rape, snuff, torture, bondage, public
sex, forced fellatio and underage girls. If this material offends you, do
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Little Mermaid: Ariel's Erotic Adventures Part 1 - Condemned
by Col. Kink ([email protected])

Light suddenly streamed into the dark, cold cell where a naked girl lay

Ariel looked up and saw the silhouette of a man in the doorway. Tall,
broad-shouldered and muscular, his face hidden behind a leather hood. She
panicked and struggled against the ropes that bound her hands behind her,
but they were too securely fastened, as were the ropes around her ankles.

After a miserable night of half-sleep and nightmares in that horrible hotbox,
she had heard the murmur of crowds all morning, a murmur punctuated by
occasional outbursts of applause and cheers.

The big, hairy, smelly brute strode in, towering over the slender little
red haired teenager. She tried to scream behind her gag, but the sound was
muffled. She little understood what was going on.

She kicked her bound legs and wriggled wildly as he grabbed her by her long
hair and began dragging her across the cold stones to the door.

As he dragged her from the lockhouse, pain stabbing through her scalp and
tears rolling from her eyes, she could barely make out the booted feet and
stockinged legs of a huge crowd. Hundreds of voices were screaming "Whore!"
and "Butcher the bitch!"

It was only a few short steps from the lockhouse to the town square, where
the new device from France that made execution a cleaner affair than the old
chopping block had been set up. Another executioner was dragging a struggling
brunette, naked, gagged and bound as was Ariel, up the steps to her death.

The man who would have the honor of decapitating the pretty little princess
pulled Ariel upright roughly, holding her up to face the guillotine while, at
the same time, groping roughly at her breasts. Ariel felt horribly dirty, and
could feel that horrible thing in his pants pressing against her leg.

"Watch this, bitch," he whispered into Ariel's ear as he squeezed her left
breast painfully, pin ching the nipple and twisting it. "She's getting the
same thing you are. She was a slut like you; her husband caught her in the
arms of a sailor, rutting like a cat in heat. This is what we do to
cuckolders, whore."

Ariel clinched her eyes shut, trying to hold back tears as he wrenched at one
breast, then the other.

"OPEN YOUR EYES, CUNT!" he grunted, twisting sharply at one her nipples.
Her muffled cry seeped out past her gag, but she obeyed. Through
tear-stained eyes, she watched as the brunette was thrown belly-down onto
the guillotine's mounting board. The girl fought as her executioner grabbed
her head and wrestled it into position, then broke down and began to cry
and simper as the stock was lowered into place, holding her neck steadfastly.

Ariel, still not understanding what was happening, watched in horror as the
hooded man on the platform kicked the girl's legs apart, then lowered his
trousers. That thing the human men had, the huge organ between their legs,
was especially large on this man, with veins bulging all around. He opened
the brunette's nether lips, then began ramming the thing in and out of her
little tunnel very roughly, causing her to jerk and wriggle. Before long,
Ariel could see droplets of blood dripping from the girl's tangle of pubic

She tried to turn away, but the horrible hooded man grabbed Ariel by the chin
and forced her head around. "It's the law," he said in low, gravelly voice.
"Every condemned prisoner has to be publicly humiliated on the platform for
all to see. We get to rape them all - even the men," he snickered. Ariel felt
his fingers brushing the little tuft of hair below her belly, and she wanted
to throw up. He stank horribly.

Then, as he thrust into the girl's vagina and the poor wench wriggled harder
than ever, the executioner reached out, pulled the lever, and rammed her even
harder as the blade dropped. There was a brief sound of metal shearing flesh,
the thunk of the blade striking wood, and the girl's body went slack. Her
executioner continued raping he r body even as someone held up her head by
the hair for all to see, bringing a rousing cheer from the crowds.

Ariel's panic mounted. They were going to kill her! She jerked even harder,
but it was no good. The hooded man was too strong, and he threw her over his

"Your turn, slut," he growled.

The crowd was excited. Redheads were rare among their people, and it was
well-known she had been the prince's woman. No, not even woman; she was a
mere 16, a girl, normally too young to face the guillotine. She was given
the unique honor, though, because less than three weeks after her marriage,
her husband's counselor, Sir Grimsby, had caught her in the royal quarters
copulating with a guard. The guard had already been executed, and Ariel was
about to be made a public example.

She cried until her eyes burned as she was lowered onto the binding board.
As her head was locked into the stocks, she thought, Eric, oh Eric, how could
you let this happen to me?

Her husband had been away for a week without her on royal business. The
guard had pinned her to the bed, forcing her to open her legs and violating
her even as she screamed for help. When Grimsby walked in and saw what was
happening, he called other guards to subdue and carry away her attacker -
and to throw a shocked Ariel into a dungeon cell.

It was the law. Even though she had been raped, even though she had been
found crying and screaming and bleeding on her own bed as a soldier pried
her legs open and violated her most private parts, she was considered
guilty of adultery. The law said a married woman coupling with a man not
her husband was an adulterer, whether willing or not. Because she was the
prince's wife it was worse, because now she could never bear his heir;
there would always be the question of whether it was really his own child.

So death it was.

Ariel vainly tried to pull her head free as the executioner untied her
ankles, then kicked her legs apart. He grabbed her thighs and stretched her
so far open she screamed beneath her gag. Then came the stabbing pain.

He was pushing that horrible-looking organ of his into her. Her hole was
small, and she felt searing pain as he gripped her hips and shoved that
monster into her. She was dry and tight and she began choking on her own
sobs. The crowd was shouting and cheering the executioner on, urging him
to hurt her more.

The wretched thing seemed to grow larger and harder, and was slick now;
Ariel felt the executioner rubbing fingers along her back, using her own
sweat to lubricate her rape.

"Oh, you're sweet," he groaned, thrusting and thrusting and stretching her
with every move. "Very sweet. You're not the first I've done and won' be the
last, but by God you're nice and tight. Wonder if you'll be this tight for
long after you die ..."

Ariel wished for it to be over. Drop the blade, she thought, do what you like
to my body when I'm dead, just end it, please.

It wouldn't end, though.

Even as the executioner laughed and reached for the lever, even as the crowd
roared, even as a drop of blood began rolling out of her vagina where she had
started to tear - a sound of "HALT!" pierced the air.

The assemblage gasped, and the executioner hastily pulled out of the little
princess and drew his hand back from the lever that would end her life. The
voice had been that of Prince Eric, her husband.

The prince hurriedly ran up the steps, tossing his cloak aside. Pushing the
executioner to one side, he grabbed the keys and unlocked the stocks. Ariel's
large eyes met his as he pulled her out of the stocks, though he left her
arms as they were, tightly bound behind her back. As he pulled her out onto
the platform, he hurriedly whispered to her, "I only just got word an hour
ago what was happening as I was returning to the castle. Be silent and do as
I say."

She didn't understand the need for secrecy, but she nodded.

Eric picked her up gently in his arms, turning to face the executioner, who
had dropped to one knee in supplication, head bowed and pants fastened.

"Rise, good man," he told the executioner. "I hold you blameless. You were
but doing your duty and following the law."

The grateful executioner rose.

The prince, cradling his frightened young wife in his arms, asked the man,
"Did you expend yourself?"

The executioner shook his head.

"Are you still hard with desire?" the prince asked.

A bit hesitantly, the executioner nodded.

Then, to her surprise, Eric gently lowered her to her knees in front of the
man who would have decapitated her moments before. "Then you may finish what
you started," the prince said. "Lower your pants and she will satisfy you."

Ariel jerked her head up and around to stare at her husband in disbelief,
but all she got was a stone face and cold eyes. He untied her cloth gag, but
before she could say a word in protest, the prince himself gripped her head
and turned her to face the executioner. Before she could make a sound, her
own husband forced her head forward onto the ugly stick of flesh that minutes
ago had violated her.

She almost choked as the executioner rammed the thing against the back of her
throat. Only her fear of what her strangely-acting husband would do kept her
from biting down. Eric held her head immobile while the hooded man raped her

"When he comes, swallow it, slut," Eric growled. Ariel was surprised. He had
never spoken to her that way before!

Finally, after a couple of minutes, she felt the thick discharge of the man's
cock on her tongue. Dutifully, as he pulled out from between her lips, she
swallowed. The crowd, which had been dismayed that she had not been beheaded,
raised a somewhat more muted cheer as the executioner's flagging penis came
into view.

The prince grabbed Ariel by the hair, holding on to her long tresses like a
leash as he turned to face the assembled merchants, workers and housewives.

"My good people," he began. "I have only within the last hour become aware of
the adultery of my new wife." At this, Ariel opened her mouth to protest, but
a gentle tug on her hair reminded her of Eric's admonition to remain

"I have spared her the execution she deserves for cuckolding the royal
household only because she is young and beautiful and has a sweet body," he
proclaimed. "She may serve me well yet. But know now that with the consent
of the Church and by royal decree, in which case I may speak for my father,
the king, that this faithless one is no longer my wife. As a criminal, she
is sentenced by my word to serve me and my household as a slave until the
end of her days."

Ariel couldn't believe what she was hearing. What was going on?

He picked her up in his arms again. She looked at him with pleading in his
eyes, but he remained expressionless as he descended the steps to walk into
the crowd.

Laying her down in the dirt in front of the guillotine, he held up his hands
as the crowd gathered around for a better look at the naked beauty.

"She seems to enjoy tasting the pleasures of men other than her husband," he
snarled. "Therefore, it seems fitting that we should accommodate her. For one
hour, every man here who wishes to use her body in any way may do so, only
remembering not to cause her lasting harm, as she is royal property."

The words hit Ariel like a blow to the heart. As she looked around, she saw
dozens of men crushing forward, lowering their pants. Turning in a panic to
her husband, she saw him mounting the steps to watch the proceedings from
the platform.

The prince heard her desperate cry of "ERIC! WHY ..." before her bare flesh
was buried beneath a sea of male bodies. As he watched a mass of peasantry
raping his wife in every orifice, he felt his manhood hardening. As he
reached into his pants and began stroking his shaft, he was surprised to
find the sight of the struggling little girl being penetrated by two and
three men strangely exciting. Wild new thoughts came into his head.



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