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Little Mermaid: Ariel's Erotic Adventures Part 2 - The Judas Goat (Mf,M-dom)
by Col. Kink ([email protected])

Ariel closed her eyes and sank against the back of the tub, letting the warm,
rose-scented water work on her muscles. Reaching between her legs, she gently
pulled open her little lips and sighed as the water flowed in, soothing
somewhat the rawness. She had been raped by dozens of men in the space of an
hour, and both her little tunnels were still burning. She couldn't get the
thick, musky taste of their organs out of her mouth.

She was trying to sort out the events of the day. Falsely imprisoned for
adultery less than three weeks after her marriage, she had been raped upon
the guillotine platform and come within seconds of being decapitated before
her husband, who had been away on official business, snatched her from death.

Her joy at escaping from the blade was short-lived, though, for no sooner had
the prince rescued her than he put her on her knees and forced her to suckle
the organ of her would-be executioner. Then Eric gave her over to the
assembled crowd, allowing all the men who wished to couple with her in any
way they desired for one hour.

As she started to slide down, allowing the water to rise up to her neck, she
heard a commotion at the door to the bathing chamber. Carlotta, the chief
maid, was angrily trying to keep someone out, but was unsuccessful.

"No, no, absolutely not!" the maid wa s shouting in a fluster. "Young men
simply do NOT intrude on a lady's privacy, married or not!"

"She has no privacy," Ariel heard Eric say in a cold voice of command. The
girl opened her eyes and started to climb out of the tub, dripping wet all
over, determined to get some answers from her husband.

"It's all right, Carlotta, let him in," she yelled.

The prince brushed past the fuming maid and got a glimpse of Ariel climbing
out of the tub, lowering one slender leg over the side. For a moment, he
allowed himself to simply study her beauty: youth and fairness and a lithe
body combined in simple grace.

Ariel strode over to Eric, completely unselfconscious of her nakedness, even
though Carlotta was still standing watch at the door. The princess approached
Eric with wide, confused eyes.

"Eric ... Why? I don't understand ... why did they ... why did you let
them ..." Tears started welling up in those huge eyes.

Eric put his arms around her and gently clasped her to him. "My darling,
my dear, if I hadn't thrown you to the wolves, you would surely have been
executed. It's a long story."

* * *

That evening, in Eric's private study, Grimsby began outlining for the
princess the whole tale. The elderly councillor sat in an ornate chair of
imported rosewood near the window, puffing his pipe as the sun set over the
bay. Eric sat in a softly-lined highback chair, while Ariel, barefoot and
in her nightrobe, sat on the floor on her knees, curling up beside Eric's
legs and resting her head on his knees.

"As heir to the throne, Eric's marriage is a matter of great interest to the
Council of State," Grimsby said, lowering his pipe. "Often, royal families
attempt to arrange strategic marriages between their young men and eligible
girls of other royal families in neighboring countries, to strengthen
relations with that country. All politically arranged, of course."

Ariel nodded. Only a few months ago, when she was still a mermaid in the
depths of the sea, she and her friends had, through a misunderstanding,
mistakenly believed her father had arranged just such a marriage of

"The king and the Council had placed high hopes I would marry a young lady,
a princess or duchess, from one of several surrounding states we wish to
cement our relations with," Eric said, idly stroking a hand through Ariel's
luxurient hair. "When the word got out I had married a girl of unknown family
who had washed ashore in rags, the Council was furious."

"Does love not enter into it at all?" Ariel asked, casting her eyes down.

"It does for me," Eric said, resting his hand gently beside her head. "I
would not be dissuaded in the matter, and anyway, we married too quickly for
the Council or my father to object. Messengers didn't even reach my father
with the news until days after the wedding, in fact."

"The king was far inland on a hunting expedition with several nobles,"
Grimsby explained. "It's said he was so furious at the news he shot at
the messenger, who barely escaped with his life."

Ariel gasped, and turned to Eric, frightened. He chuckled.

"Don't worry," he said. "Even with this nasty business that cropped up in the
last few days, he's calmed down and said he looks forward to meeting his new

She was relieved. She wanted very much for Eric's family, whom she had not
met yet, to like her, and surely he would explain to them that the situation
surrounding the alleged "adultery" was a mistake.

"Why was I almost killed?" she asked. "Why did all those people want me to

Eric shifted in his seat, clearly uncomfortable. Grimsby stammered for a

"Well, my dear ... in some ways, ah, our laws are a bit ... quaint. You
see, a married woman who has sex with a man not her husband is guilty of

"But that guard raped me!" Ariel protested. "He held me down and did it to
me even while I was shouting for help!"

Eric closed his eyes. "Darling, I'm afraid that the law makes no exception
for rape. The law is centuries old and our ever-so-righteous Council of State
sees fit to leave it so."

Ariel was confused. "But your father's the king. He could ..."

"He can do nothing without the consent of the Council," Eric grumbled. "I
wouldn't be surprised if the Council had bribed the guard to do what he did."

"Why?" she asked. "Why would they want to hurt me?"

"My dear," Grimsby said softly, "It is our belief the Council didn't merely
want to hurt you ... they wanted to kill you."

Ariel's mouth hung open in shock. She clutched Eric's leg, and he put his
hand on her shoulder in reassurance. "Don't worry, dear. You've nothing to

"You were an embarassment to our foreign relations, in the view of leading
Councilmen," Grimsby explained. "The story of your being a mermaid princess
rescued by our crown prince was viewed by the Council, frankly, as an
outlandish attempt at covering up the 'fact' the prince had fallen in love
with a lowly commoner of no important family. If they could implicate you
in a capital crime - such as adultery and cuckolding the heir apparent -
then they could use our own laws to have you executed, freeing Eric to marry
someone more politcally suitable."

Ariel heard Eric curse under his breath. "The cowards waited until I had
left the city to meet my father upon the road to explain the situation of my
marriage to him. They hoped I wouldn't find out what had happened until it
was too late."

Grimsby refilled his pipe from a small leather purse. "If I were not so
frail, my dear, perhaps I could have dispatched the detestable guard when
I saw him molesting you. As it was, I was forced to call other guards to
assist, and there were too many witnesses to deny it ever happened."

"You owe Grim much," Eric said. "When he realized what was happening, he sent
our most trusted messenger on the speediest horse to find me and bring me
back before ..." His voice trailed away.

"I was forced to carry through with the strict letter of the law, my dear,"
Grimsby said softly. "That is why you were imprisoned and scheduled for
execution. You were tried and convicted while you were in your jail cell.
Had I tried to s top the proceedings, I would have been arrested myself for
impeding justice, and would not have been able to help you."

Eric took a glass of wine from the stand beside his chair. "If I was not able
to return in time, then Grimsby had another messenger standing by to rush in,
announcing that the king had ordered the execution stayed until he arrived to
personally supervise such an important matter. I assure you, my father would
have issued such an order quickly ... and after the fact, very quietly, to
help cover Grimsby's subterfuge." He took a sip from the glass, then put it

Ariel turned and smiled at Eric's elderly companion, who blushed a bit.

"However, there was the matter of keeping you alive," Grimsby said. "The
law called for your execution. While the king has the authority to commute
sentences, there was the real risk of a popular uprising if he was seen as
playing favorites or interfering with the civil justice system."

"That's when I came up with the idea of slavery," Eric told her. "The people
will think I am giving you a punishment worse than death; lifelong public
humiliation. They will see it as my revenge against you for embarassing me.
At the same time, since we are no longer legally married, I am technically
free to marry someone else, thus keeping the Council at bay - hopefully."

A concern rose in Ariel's mind, and she pulled herself to her knees, looking
Eric in the eyes. "Would you? - Marry someone else, that is?"

He laughed again. "No, my dear, not so long as you are alive, and may that
be a hundred years!" He picked her up under her arms, pulled her up onto his
lap, and held her close. This felt good, she thought, snuggling close to him.

Grimby grunted thoughtfully in his corner.

"If we can ever find the evidence we need to show the Council of State's hand
in all this, then they can be exposed and the little 'slavery' charade can
end," he said. "Until then, for her own good, I think the princess should
start learning her part."

"Yes, Grim, quite right," Eric said. As Ariel nuzzled up close to him, he
reached down and started pulling her nightrobe up her body.

"Eric, what ... " she started to ask, but he silenced her with a hard stare.

"You must now obey me in every instance and in every particular," he said.
"From this moment on, you must be totally shameless." He began tugging her
nightrobe over her beautiful little breasts.

"Yes, Eric," she said, her voice partly muffled by the cloth.

"That's another thing," he said, tossing her nightrobe to one side. "From
now on, you must address me as 'master' or 'sir.' Even in private. Best to
go ahead and get used to it." He began touching and playing with one of her
breasts with one hand, parting her legs with the other.

"Yes, sir," she said meekly, hoping the sound of it pleased him. It did. She
felt his fingersprying open her little tunnel under the lips, then jamming
in, two, then three fingers into its depths. She caught her breath and could
feel that strange moistness starting to form.

He shifted her around so that she was sitting astride his legs, facing him.
Ariel was beautiful. Slim, petite, rust red hair falling free in waves about
her torso, a fine animal in need of training, he thought. She closed her eyes
and started to heave her breasts as his fingers found the little nobbin of
flesh that controlled a girl's passion.

"Not yet for you, my dear," he said. Grimsby watched in silence, inhaling on
his pipe. "Undo my breeches. Now."

She reached in front of her and undid his pants as ordered. She could see his
huge organ straining to free itself from his clothing.

"Take it in your hand. Stroke it," he said. He leaned back and closed his
eyes as Ariel, rather gingerly, cupped it in one hand and started gently
pumping along its shaft. She still found it hard to believe such an exposed
part of the body wasn't very delicate.

"Faster, bitch," he groaned. Ariel had no idea what a "bitch" was, but she
figured it must be a term of love if he wanted her to do this more. She
worked faster, and could feel the thing lengthening and firming up in her
hand. How large it was, and how hard!

Soon, he was very hard indeed, and he ceased groaning and took her hands by
the wrists. He could feel her juices starting to soak through his pants legs.
"Clasp your hands behind your neck," he ordered, and Ariel, feeling a thrill
come over her, did so, assuming a very subservient position.

He grasped her by the waist, lifted her gently, then lowered her onto his
cock. She closed her eyes and gasped as the head of his organ forced its way
into her tiny hole. She remembered her wedding night, and how difficult a fit
it had been then.

As Eric lited her up and drove her down, up and down, up and down, as she
gyrated her own hips trying to drive the thing deeper, he kept in mind the
sight of dozens of villagers raping his little child-bride in every opening,
and he began driving her onto his shaft even harder.

Her juices began flooding down his cock and dampening his crotch hair.

"Not quite yet," he whispered to her, lifting her off his still-erect but
much slicker member. Allowing his pants to drop away, he lowered her to her
knees and spread his legs open.

"Clasp your hands behind the small of your back," he ordered, and Ariel
dropped her arms from her neck and caught her hands behind herself. She
thought she knew what was coming.

He caught the back of her head with his hand, and guided her face to the wet
tip of his penis.

"Put your tongue out, slave," he said. "Lick it. Taste your own juices. Kiss
it and worship me."

Closing her eyes, she extended her tongue and touched the tip of the thing,
the little opening. She felt i 0ts moistness and knew this was her own fluid.
She was tasting her own excitement. She flicked her tongue around the head
and started on the soft underside of the shaft.

Suddenly, Ariel felt her head being shoved forward. She was taking it in
her mouth now, almost choking as it nudged the back of her throat. She kept
licking as she had been ordered, but she was having trouble fighting back
the instinct to swallow.

"No teeth," Eric moaned, "don't let the teeth touch it ... that's it, girl,
keep those lips moist," he moaned.

As the crown prince of the kingdom was pleasured by a beautiful, naked
teen-aged girl, subservient, on her knees and suckling his organ in her mouth
in front of a witness, a thought occurred to Eric.

"Grimsby ... get the whips."



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