Little Mermaid: Disney Girls Sex Slave Auction Part 3
by Hamster

Malibu, California...

Edgar had gone to the Auction in France and been amazed at what he had seen
there. Like a fisherman's prize a beautiful slave hung upside down from a
wooden frame. She was a mermaid, a real mermaid. She had hung from the frame
by her tail, exactly like a prize fish. Her arms were buckled to her side by
a series of straps and her pert naked breasts were hanging on display for
all. The regal, beautiful sea princess was now a slave, a sexual pet. Edgar
knew that he had to have her. So he had bid a record 2 million dollars. He
knew that his kinky bisexual girlfriend would love the mermaid too. They were
delivering her through a special private courier and Edgar soon learned that
the song was true waiting was the hardest part. Late one evening a week later
a truck arrived at his Malibu home.

A large southern man in an orange shirt with the stars and bars across it
knocked on his door. He had a clipboard that he surveyed before answering the

"Yessirie there bubba, I got a delivery for one mermaid." The man spit some
chewing tobacco.

"Yes could you bring her around back?" Asked Edgar.

"Sure ‘nuff bubba." The redneck said.

The man and a partner opened the truck and inside was a crate lined with
plastic and filled with water and inclosing Ariel inside. The two men
lifted the crate and carried it along the path to the gate that led to
Edgar's backyard. The men were led to Edgar's swimming pool which was
filled with Salt water. The man opened one side of the crate and then
slid Ariel into the pool. Ariel hit the water with a splash and began to
swim around. Edgar tipped them and then turned to his Mermaid.

Edgar paced nervously in front of his indoor pool. The beautiful red-haired
mermaid was everything he hoped for and everything he wanted. Edgar stripped
off his cloths and climbed in the pool leaning on the side of the shallow
end. He watched his pet gliding just beneath the glassy surface of the pool.
Ariel glided over to Edgar and smiled up at him from beneath the surface.
Much to his surprise the Mermaid began licking and kissing his prick. He
was aware that they had given her drugs to keep her in a constant state of
arousal. Edgar felt waves of pleasure course through his body. She wrapped
her lips around his cock and sucked with as much pressure as she could. Her
head bobbed up and down against his penis taking it in as far as the base.
He could feel his cock all the way inside her tight throat. Grabbing her by
the hair he throat fucked her till he came spewing his sperm down her mouth,
which she swallowed. Then she simply swam away.


Edgar's girlfriend had finally come back from her trip to Miami. Tanya was a
sexy woman with long black hair and a killer ass. She was of mixed heritage,
her mom was latina and her dad was half black. She looked very exotic. He
knew she was into three ways and he was sure she was going to enjoy this. He
had Tanya blind folded and in a black two-piece bikini. He led her to the
pool. The Mermaid was gliding around in her pool and she seemed just as
surprised to see Tanya, as Tanya was to see her.

"Tanya this is my pet Mermaid, Ariel" Edgar said.

"Oh my god, where did you..." Tanya began to ask.

"Don't worry about that just get in the water with her, trust me she's
amazing." Edgar assured her.

Tanya just stared in shock. "This isn't a surprise it's a freaking miracle.
Wow she's a sexy thing isn't she?"

"Yeah and she gives the best oral." Edgar assured her.

"Really?" Asked Tanya. "Let's just see about that."

Tanya was excited by all of this and she began to strip out of her cloths
and was soon stark naked. She stepped into the pool and leaned up against
the side just as her boyfriend had done. Tanya spread her legs and Ariel
swam to her gracefully. Ariel grabbed Tanya's hip and then placed her mouth
over Tanya's cunt. Ariel's tongue raked the woman's pussy and Tanya was soon
moaning and clutching her tits in pleasure.

"FUCK, YES!! Do it fishy, good fishy eat that pussy!" Tanya screamed.

Edgar really loved to hear Tanya talk that way. Edgar watched happily as the
mermaid ate out his girlfriend until she came. Once Tanya's orgasm subsided
Edgar tossed the Mermaid a sardine as a reward.

Edgar joined them in the pool he bent Tanya over the edge and spread her
sexy butt cheeks. He stuck his cock in her tight hole and then pushed his way
into her. He fucked her ass as hard as he could slamming into her as hard as
humanly possible.

"Fuck! Fuck! FUCK ME HARD MOTHER FUCKER!!!" she cried.

He re-doubled his efforts at slamming into her until he shot his load into
her ass. Next She crawled out of the pool and onto the deck laying face

"Come on Ariel, lick her ass out." Ordered Edgar.

Ariel crawled out of the pool on her hands and tail and then spread Tanya's
cheeks. Ariel dutifully began to lick the cum from Tanya's ass. Edgar laid
down on top of Ariel. He rubbed his cock against her tail and enjoyed the
feel of the scales rubbing against his penis. It didn't take long before he
was cumming again and splattering his white cum all over hr green tail.
_ _ _

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